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Comment 23 Nov 2018

Be careful if you're one of those fans who believes we don't stand a chance, even if you give good examples as to why. You'll be ridiculed right out of your thread.

Comment 12 Oct 2018


To add to the Jesse Ventura part, he's a garbage human being. He sued the late Chris Kyle's widow because Kyle talked shit about him in his book. He won the case for millions, then had it overturned in the widow Kyle's favor. Either way, he's a pile.

Comment 01 Oct 2018

I guess I will chime in, since you've made it a point to emphatically disagree with everyone, like you're all knowing. The LB's while haven't lived up to expectations, haven't played as bad as you describe. Besides Borland, They are all new starters. Borland may be slow, but he is a leader on defense..you also don't become a captain for nothing. Werner is small, but the kid makes plays. Harrison, while sometimes out of place, played great on Saturday. They made key plays when it mattered. To me, it seems we have a bend don't break defense. Look at all the yards they got on us, and they only scored 26 points. A lot of it could be coaching, or a lot could be personnel. But one thing I know is if Hilliard or Booker were better they would be out there. Booker showed last year that he just wasn't as talented as other LB's on the roster. So maybe, just maybe, enjoy the close win, trust the coaching staff who gets paid much more than you or I to do there job, because lets face it, if you knew better, you'd be the coach.

Comment 01 Oct 2018

We might have room in the PL for you. Of course there is admission fees and such. Plus, you get to clean the bathrooms afterward. Such is life.

Comment 07 Sep 2018

I stayed for every second of last years Illinois game, and I became even more soaked walking to the car, since I was intoxicated, and I didn't give a damn if the cross walks were flooded.

Comment 05 Sep 2018

They can play cupcakes all they want, but the reason they get the benefit of the doubt is because, even none cupcake games, they win. Cupcake schedule, +1 loss, made the playoff, won a title. It's damn infuriating, but until they get beat by a quality opponent, more than once, then they will get the benefit every single time. I hate it. Its maddening. But, its the current state in College Football.

Comment 04 Sep 2018

I think their biggest problem is how they isolate themselves from talent when it comes to coaching. The fans say "it has to be a Michigan man" but why? The amount of talented coaches you isolate from with that mentality is astounding. A "Michigan man" is not, and has not gotten the job done.

Comment 31 Aug 2018

He is exactly that, human. We’re all flawed in our own way. We make mistakes and that’s how we learn regardless of age. There is very little separating what happened to Meyer and what happened at Colorado last year. The only difference is it happened at The Ohio State. This will pass, the media will move on to the next  big issue in a week or so, while still taking pop shots at Ohio State along he way. Eventually, people besides us fans will stop to care because they will have heard enough, then it will be dead. Only to be brought up again 6 months from now just to test the waters to see the reaction. Such is the media driven world we live in now.