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Comment 18 hours ago


Oops, like I wrote,  I had to do that really quickly. My wife was waiting on me to post so we could leave the house. 

Put 2006 at third, above 2016, and let 2004 drop off. Although that's tough because I believe 2004 is when the tide really turned in the series. On second thought 2001 and 2004 are a tie.

Comment 19 hours ago

Yes, sour grapes.

Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Comment 19 hours ago

Brown probably would have finished as one of the all-time greats in college football had duty not called. 

Then again, he would have not made his mark in Cleveland or Cincinnati in the NFL. Definitely a fun "what if" to go down.

The other "what if" I like to ponder is what if Rockne took the Ohio State job when it was offered to him instead of staying at Notre Dame. The Irish's legacy would have been different, Brown might have been looked over at Ohio State and Rockne would not have died in the plane crash. What if indeed.

Comment 19 hours ago

A question for you based on your team regarding The Game: Can you name the player with the most career rushing yards against Ohio State?

Hint, It's one of these four players: Tim Biakabutuka, Jamie Morris, Denard Robinson and Tyrone Wheatley (players listed in ABC order).

Bonus. Can you list the players in order by most to least yards against the Buckeyes?

Comment 20 hours ago

Interesting. Questions on one question: Looking at the record from 1980 - 1989, I see 6 Michigan wins. I assume this was an oversight? 

Not an oversight. Your team won the 1980s with a 6–4 record. You can check it with my workWikipedia, or Winsipidia.

You might be thinking of the '90s when Ohio State went 2–7–1.

In addition, it is possible there are some decades where neither team has a majority of the wins (i.e., only 5 wins.)

Yes, it happened it two decades and they were the 1950s and 1930s. Of the 13 decades (if you count the one game played in the 1890s) Ohio State has won four, lost seven and tied two.

Thanks for the questions. It made me double triple check the 1980s to make sure they were correct.

Comment 20 hours ago

Yes, but Florida wasn't ranked in the top 10. I believe the Gators were either 17th or 19th when they played.

Thanks for the kind words and recognizing the time it took to research the answers. Some were easier than others. The running back question took a few hours to record and analyze.

Comment 22 Nov 2017

has anything close to that ever happened before?

My intuition is saying is saying no, but I do want to find this answer. Unfortunately, I won't have time to find it by this evening. What's funny is that I've been following this stat since the third week of the season. 

Thanks to everybody that asked a question. I'll work on finding the answers and post them sometime this evening.