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Comment 20 hours ago

Go here to see a video of Marshall's "wrong-way run" and his numerous life-threatening encounters. He survived a Rocky Mountain snowmobiling trip that killed one member of his party, shooting himself, surviving encephalitits, breaking his legs in a hang glider accident and more.

Jim Marshall is another Buckeye who should be in the NFL Hall of Fame. Canton is not complete without him. 

You will also find a list of the other 32 players to wear No. 76.

Comment 16 Jun 2018
C-Deck, Do you know the high school Jim Tyrer attended? My guess would be Newark or Newark Catholic. However, I have not been able to confirm. Thanks and I hope life has been treating you well.
Comment 16 Jun 2018

You are living a blessed life. As a kid, Jan White was your coach, you are a fan of the best college football team and you are also a fan of the best band. Glad to give you an upvote. 

Comment 15 Jun 2018

Go here to see the other 23 players to wear No. 78. Unfortunately, Korey Stringer wasn't the only player who wore No. 78 to experience a tragedy.

If you don't remember right tackle Daniel Porretta, take five minutes to read about his life story and watch the video of when Woody Hayes met with Porretta and his bone cancer-stricken son. Mr. Porretta was an amazing man who used his son's bone cancer to strengthen his family and his faith. 

Comment 14 Jun 2018

Not only was Chris Ward a beast and an incredible football player, but he overcame incredible odds.

His parents abandoned him by leaving him to die in a dumpster as an infant.

After his playing days, he found himself in financial difficulties. He did not wallow, instead, Ward found his way through ministry and founded the Ward International Ministries.

Other accomplishments he had at Ohio State were winning four Big Ten titles (1974-77), making Academic All-Big Ten in 1975, getting selected with the 4th overall pick of the 1978 NFL Draft by the Jets, earning a varsity letter with the Ohio State track team and earning a spot on Ohio State's All-Century Team in 2000.

Indeed, Mr. Ward is an incredible man.

Go here to read more about Ward, Francis Machinsky, Joe Staysniak, Ryan Pickett and the other 24 players to wear No. 79.

Comment 13 Jun 2018

I believe Jan White was selected by the coaches as a second team member for All-Big Ten in 1970 and did not receive first or second team from the AP.

Paul Staroba, Michigan, SE
Larry Mialik, Wisconsin, SE
Barry Pearson, Northwestern, FL

Doug Dieken, Illinois, TE
Paul Staroba, Michigan, SE

Strange as it is, Stan White was not named a 1st Team All-Big Ten selection in 1970. The Ohio State Team Guide (which can be wrong) does not have him listed as ever earning All-Big Ten.

Hard to believe considering he earned 1st Team All-American status that year.

Comment 13 Jun 2018

Jan White is a phenomenal person. My son (who was six at the time) and I were lucky enough to meet him at a game a few years ago. Mr. White took the time to talk to my son, actually picked him up and put him on his lap, let him wear his 1968 championship ring and take a picture with him. Mr. White is awesome. The world would be a better place if everyone was like Jan White as he is very sincere, genuine, fun and charismatic. The man lights up a room.

Go here to read more about Jan White, Cecil Souders, Fred Pagac, Rickey Dudley and Brian Robiskie and find a list of the other players to wear No. 80.

Comment 11 Jun 2018

Oasis – loved some of their stuff, hated the actual band.

The blasphemy, RK84. The blasphemy. 

However, I can see how the constant bickering and cockiness would steer you away. The fighting eventually led to the breakup. A shame because they cranked out some incredible songs.

The good news for me is that Noel and Liam are still writing and performing.

Comment 11 Jun 2018

Yes, Debevc as one of the Super Sophs.

His career according to the 1970 Ohio State Team Guide:

6-1, 214 (pounds)...from Geneva...has been a regular closed side end the past two a discus thrower on the Buckeye track team...set an Ohio discus record in high school...his father has a grape vineyard farm...of Slovenian decent.

Has surprising strength and quickness for his size...hobbies are hunting and fishing...scored a touchdown against Michigan State last year on a pass interception.