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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Ken Dorsey get flung down as the football fell to the ground.

  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chuck Csuri // Mike Doss // Antoine Winfield
  • NFL TEAM: Seattle Seahawks
  • NBA TEAM: Michael Jordan
  • MLB TEAM: Indians / Yankees
  • SOCCER TEAM: Manchester City

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Comment 07 Dec 2019
"It gets even crazier when you consider 4 if those losses were suffered by Jim Tressel coached teams." RRR, definitely true. Looking back, Michigan State gave Meyer difficulty, Wisconsin for Tressel and John Cooper struggled with Illinois and a certain team that Ohio State has now defeated eight straight times. Hopeful that Day doesn't pick up a team that gives him trouble.
Comment 02 Dec 2019

You are correct, Chambers and Crowley did not play in The Game. McCall was in for seven snaps, but he is seeing the bulk of his time at WR instead of RB. In fact, he was at WR for all seven snaps on Saturday.

McCall's first play of the game was on a 3rd down at the 13:04 mark of the 4th quarter. He was a receiver when the Buckeyes went with an empty backfield. Fields did not connect with McCall on a crossing route and the Buckeyes had to punt. He then played the final six snaps of the game at receiver with Teague getting the carries at RB.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

Blue Eyed Buckeye,
One of the things I noticed in the second half was that Marcus Hooker and Jordan Fuller were being used in a two-high safety scheme. Fuller would also move up to linebacker, or the line on some plays.

To this untrained eye, it appeared that the coaching staff moved Fuller to Wade's position and used Hooker at Fuller's safety spot.

Comment 30 Nov 2019

Today, we will take a look at the five Buckeye coaches who have the best winning percentages against our rivals.

Obastcle22 and Elguapo,
This is not a subjective piece on who we think is the best coach for the game. The rankings are based on the winning percentage of each coach. For Tressel or Hayes to ranked No. 1, they would have to be undefeated in The Game. They were not and Meyer was.

All of the coaches listed above are in order of their winning percentage, not in order of their impact to the program or the series. If that was the case, yes the rankings would be different. But, those are subjective arguments and a different article all together.

Hoping that next year, Ryan Day will be listed at No. 2 on this list because he is undefeated.

Comment 29 Nov 2019

Poco Loco,
Agree that Brown's championship is worth something, but this piece is based on the coaches who have the best winning percentages in The Game. Bruce was better against That Team than Brown (.500).

Comment 29 Nov 2019

Analytical guy,
I agree that Fields it the better player. I agree that Fields' numbers are lower because he has played less snaps. However, The Edge is based only on total yards. 

Comment 28 Nov 2019

Digging deeper, Ohio State was the favored team on the road in 1961, 1957, 1945, 1939 and 1937.

A quick look at those results:

Ohio State Ranked Higher And Away
1961 No. 2 Ohio State at Michigan Ohio State 50-20
1957 No. 3 Ohio State at No. 19 Michigan Ohio State 31-14
1945 No. 7 Ohio State at No. 8 Michigan Michigan 7-3
1939 No 6 Ohio State at Michigan Michigan 21-14
1937 No. 19 Ohio State at Michigan Ohio State 21-0

The Buckeyes went 3-2 during these added years and outscored them 119-62 (24-12).

All-time, Ohio State is 11-7-1 in this scenario and has outscored them 405-341 (21-18).

Comment 28 Nov 2019

Just looking at the scenario that is taking place for this year's game, let's look at Ohio State as the higher ranked team when visiting TTUN since 1968.

Ohio State's Record Away and Higher Ranked Since 1968
2017 No. 8 Ohio State at. Michigan Ohio State 31-20
2015 No. 8 Ohio State at No. 12 Michigan Ohio State 42-13
2013 No. 3 Ohio State at Michigan Ohio State 42-41
2009 No. 9 Ohio State at Michigan Ohio State 21-10
2007 No. 7 Ohio State at No. 23 Michigan Ohio State 14-3
2005 No. 9 Ohio State at No. 17 Michigan Ohio State 25-21
2003 No. 4 Ohio State at No. 5 Michigan Michigan 35-21
1995 No. 2 Ohio State at No. 12 Michigan Michigan 31-23
1993 No. 5 Ohio State at Michigan Michigan 28-0
1979 No. 2 Ohio State at No. 13 Michigan Ohio State 18-15
1977 No. 4 Ohio State at No. 5 Michigan Michigan 14-6
1975 No. 1 Ohio State at No. 4 Michigan Ohio State 21-14
1973 No. 1 Ohio State at No. 4 Michigan Ohio State 10-10
1969 No. 1 Ohio State at No. 12 Michigan Michigan 12-24

The Buckeyes are 8-5-1 when they are the higher ranked team and playing on the road in The Game. Ohio State has won 6 straight in this scenario.

In the 14 games listed above, Ohio State has outscored That Team 286-279 with the average score being 29-28 in this scenario.

However, over the last six wins, the Buckeyes have outscored them 175-108 and the average win being 29-18.