Individual Offensive Ratings in B1G play

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January 30, 2014 at 7:46 pm
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Individual offensive rating is points produced per 100 possessions.  The details of this calculation can be found here:

Usage rate is an estimate of the percentage of offensive possessions an individual player uses when he is on the court.

These two are related to one another, in general the more possessions that a player uses, the harder it is to be efficient with those possessions.  So if you remember Dallas Lauderdale, you will remember one of the worst looking jump shots in D1 basketball history (this is entirely opinion and should not be considered a fact).  He was however, very good at rebounding, and could dunk a basketball.  His offensive roll was to set picks, rebound and dunk.  He filled this role, didn’t step outside of it and in doing so he amassed a huge offensive rating with a very small usage rate.  The other side of that coin would be Ross this year (or Evan Turner, Jarred Sullinger and Deshaun Thomas before him).  The weight of the entire offense seems to fall on this one person when they are on the floor.  Opposing defenses know this, and game plan accordingly.
This year in the B1G there is an exclusive club.  It's players who average more than 25 minutes per game and use nearly 30% of their teams possessions when they are on the floor.

team player ort usg min/gm
IA Roy Devyn Marble 112.8 30.2 30.4
IN Yogi Ferrell 112.6 29.1 35.3
NEB Terran Petteway 108.0 32.2 32.6
OSU LaQuinton Ross 105.7 30.2 29.8

If you watch too much B1G basketball the way I do, you will have undoubtedly have heard a 3 things this season: 

  1. Aaron Craft is made up entirely of a substance that gives announcers wet dreams.
  2. Nik Stauskas, not just a shooter!
  3. Iowa has late game struggles because everybody on their offense is talented, leaving them with no go to guy.

I'm not sure what their definition of a go to guy is, but if anybody in the B1G fits that description it's Roy Devyn Marble.  Also of note, Ross fits right in with this group and as an added bonus actually has the fewest number of turnovers among these 4.
The next cut would be players who play more than 20 minutes per game, use greater than 18% of their teams possessions while they are on the floor and have an offensive rating near 120.

team player ort usg min/game
MICH Nik Stauskas 138.6 24.6  36.3
MIN  MalikSmith 136.5 22.2 23.5
IA Aaron White 134.9 19.3 30.9
WIS  Frank Kaminsky 127.5 22.9 24.4
WIS  Ben Brust 127.4 19.7 34.3
MICH Derrick Walton Jr. 126.6 18.3 26.1
MSU Gary Harris 122.1 26.0 35.7
IA   Melsahn Basabe 121.4 19.0 22.0
MIN Andre Hollins 119.9 24.4 29.6

This is the group that B1G player of the year will be selected from.  Right now that offensive rating and Michigan's win/loss record means that the award is Nik Stauskas' to lose.  In reality Aaron White and Malik Smith are both fairly close to him in terms of usage and efficiency.
And here are your Ohio State Buckeyes:

  ort usg min/game
Aaron Craft 99.2 15.3 37.4
Lenzelle Smith Jr 98.3 21.4 30.4
LaQuinton Ross 105.7 30.2 29.8
Shannon Scott 92.4 18.0 29.5
Sam Thompson 111.7 15.5 25.3
Amir Williams 110.2 16.9 23.9
Marc Loving 95.4 28.5 13.0
Trey McDonald 104.1 10.1 9.1
Amedeo Della Valle 118.4 22.9 8.9

Well . . .
Aaron Craft plays a lot of minutes. 

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