Glass Half Full

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January 26, 2014 at 2:17 am

The last 50 days or so has not been the best of times for Buckeye fans, but I am convinced it will get better quickly.  I will explain why I am optimistic for both the Football and Basketball programs.
Football - UFM and the rest of the Coaching staff is putting the finishing touches on a Top-5 Recruiting Class (probably Top 3) which will bring in the talent we are used to having at OSU. I also believe the Coaching Staff has been upgraded in the past few weeks.  I hated seeing Vrabel go as much as anyone but does anyone believe we are worse off at that spot with LJ Senior?  I am placing my faith in UFM about Ash being able to upgrade the Secondary and Defense. If you have any doubts about how much Better Coaching can impact a team immediately, look at OSU's Offense the past 2 years or look at our record the last 4 years: 12-1, 6-7, 12-0, 12-2......guess which year we did not have a Hall of Fame Caliber Head Coach.
Basketball - I am well into my 40s and have always loved watching OSU Basketball. I lived through the end of the Fred Taylor era, the Eldon Miller era, and Gary Wiiliams short tenure. When Randy Ayers got the job at OSU, only Northwestern and Wisconsin had a longer Big 10 Title drought than OSU. Even though this year has been a little disappointing (and difficult to watch at times), Thad Matta has the BBall program at heights that I would not have dreamed of for the first 30-plus years of my life.  He has another great recruiting class coming in next year and there will some serviceable veterans to mix with them. The Oden/Conley class got to the Final Four as Freshmen and the Sullinger/Craft class got there as Sophomores, so we know what happens when Thad brings in a great class like this one.

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