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February 1, 2014 at 3:43 am

We all seem to get on to the fire Fickell or thank goodness Withers is gone wagon.  However, we really need to think about our defense since Dantonio.  It really hasn't been that great against Top Tier Teams......maybe Mark Snyder was good.  I hear all the pro-Heacock fans down voting me now, but read USC's comments about our D when we got our azz kicked in the Coliseum.  It was a dreadful day for myself(just purchased an Authentic Eddie #27 jersey that day) and wore it the Coliseum.  USC players knew exactly the way we lined up, how we played our zones, when we blitzed, and knew Tress would punt if he had an inch to go.  We have not had an elite D since with it.  We have had the players, but our coaching has since Dantonio left has been predictable and subpar.  I could go on and on about the Fiesta bowl meltdown against Texas or the last 6 minutes against USC in the shoe.......Jim Heacock was bend don't is Luke Fickell.....Withers was the guy....screw fundmentals...get the pick or the is time get back to basics....4-3.....give me some zone blitzes....some man press coverage and let our safeties play hasn't happened....when was the last time we saw a corner....shorter than 7 yards off the line scrimmage......sorry for the rant....but we haven't seen a good defense called in a long time.

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