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Comment 01 Feb 2016

This team is 127th in the country in offensive efficiency.  Moving a guy who can't shoot to the 2 guard (shooting guard) is probably not a step in the right direction.  Lyle is hitting 45% on 2’s and 26% on 3’s.  Harris is 35% on 2’s and 33% on 3’s.  You should have a maximum of one of those guys in the game at any one time (or you risk an opposing defense with two defenders available to help at any time without fear of giving up a jump shot to a good shooter).  For what it is worth Harris has an offensive rating of 95 and Lyle has one of 96 in conference games.  So Lyle’s slightly better shooting (ugh) makes up for his much higher turnover rate.

Conference play offensive ratings this year:

Harris 95

Lyle 96

KBD 103.9

Loving 93.2

Williams 123.5

Looking at those numbers and knowing that the Buckeyes problems this season are offensive, there is no way that I would play a trio of Harris, Lyle and Loving and expect things to get better.

Comment 08 Jun 2015

If you live in Minnesota you are either pale, rotund and mustachioed or are Prince, some confusion was inevitable.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

If you go charcoal I suggest a chimney starter and natural chunk charcoal.  It's lighter than briquettes, burns hotter, less offensive odor and is ready faster.  

Comment 13 Apr 2015

Jumbo Diaz should probably be kept away from the mound if you would like to win at baseball.  He does give up the lead as efficiently as possible and he is consistent.  

Comment 10 Apr 2015

You can't expect to win this many games in your final at bat.  This season has just been a little goofy so far.  5 runs on 4 hits tonight and only once all season have they had more hits than their opponent.  I'm enjoying it so far, but dark days are coming.

Comment 12 Mar 2015

This comment is just me being curious, so please don't take this personally.  Why would you give vegas more credence in football than basketball?   Relative to basketball football has fewer games, fewer possessions per game, and much higher variability in point outcomes of a given possession (also special teams plays and defensive touchdowns).  All of these lead to football models being much more difficult to construct and get meaningful results out of than basketball models.

Comment 11 Mar 2015

By that argument baseball should just go offense/defense like football.  Imagine the quality of the defense we would see if you didn't have to worry about how well that guy hits.

The stupid part is the two leagues playing with different rules.  American League teams essentially pay for an extra starting hitter, so they have higher payrolls, but they also have an advantage over National League teams when they play.

Comment 09 Mar 2015

I like those Purdue odds.  It's either Purdue or Michigan State as second best team in the B1G (Maryland was 10-0 in games decided by less than 6 points, and just barely outscored its opponents in B1G play), so I'll take twice the money for Purdue relative to MSU.  I'll be interested to see what Kenpom's log5 says about the Boilermakers.  

The odds given to OSU here are awful relative to MSU/Iowa/Maryland/Purdue.  I think they are just trying to get their money back from football season.

Comment 09 Mar 2015

I can't believe there is actually film of Craft hitting a shot.  I guess it's just there to show that if a ball is thrown randomly in the air, it could go through a circle of twice the diameter of the ball that has been suspended 10 feet off the ground 22 feet away from the ball's starting point.  A wonderful illustration of anything being possible.

Comment 05 Mar 2015

So if this position was filled by a man

Yeah, this type of position will be fertile ground for hiring high school coaches who can steer former players to the college that hires them.  This will be like quality control coaches who also get to have contact with the players.  The coach can make some comments about how he is transitioning from football responsibilities to a mentoring role, and the school can just rotate those guys through the program every 3-4 years.  

Comment 25 Feb 2015

PSU is clearly proud of it.  The PSU students used the charity work as shield to tell someone critical of their behavior (with regards to turning a blind eye to pedophiles and their enablers) that they are great people.  When Olberman took the bait (huge mistake, and a poor plan with remarkably poor execution), the baiters were ready with their pre-planned faux-outrage.  If Olberman had just left the bait tweet alone, or used a statement to the effect of "still not outraged enough about your university running a child pedophilia ring" he would have been fine.  

Comment 25 Feb 2015

I like the concept you forward here about PSU trying to repay its karmic debt.  I'm not sure that the students and alums need to do it though.  The current football coaches and administration could do some sort of marathon walk to support child abuse/sexual assault victims (this would force them to get sponsorships from the community/alumni reinforcing the idea that the current administration is anti-child sexual assault in stark contrast to the previous one).  I know those positions have been turned over since the group that enabled Sandusky was there, but I like the idea of the positions responsible doing the work.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

I can't see how they are hit and miss.  It's the same template applied across the board.  Oversized logo, slight rotation down and high gloss.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

Put Diebler in for Craft and move Russel to the point, then you could have 5 people capable of shooting a basketball on the floor at the same time!

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Can you imagine if he slips all the way down to Seattle.  Russell Wilson throwing deep balls to Devin Smith, that might be enough to make me watch every Seahawks game next season.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

When the nfl removed the big contracts from the top of round 1 they reduced the incentive for 3rd year players who would be drafted to come back to school and improve their potential draft position.