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MEMBER SINCE   August 17, 2013

OSU grad, born in Cincinnati, now living on west coast.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2014 Season--Beating Bama & Ore for NC. Attending many OSU victories over TTUN, including in AA.
    Seeing Seattle Slew electrify the crowd down the stretch at Belmont, winning Triple Crown,
    & Hank Aaron's 3,000 hit (a scorer's gift) and 3,001 (HR) in Crosley Field, Cincinnati
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: John Havlicek (was lucky enough to meet him)
  • NFL TEAM: None due to asshat owners.
  • NBA TEAM: Muscleball? Not so much.
  • MLB TEAM: Go Giants!
  • SOCCER TEAM: USMNT, but: Offside rule, as enforced, is lame.

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Comment 18 Jan 2020

leads to delusional fans that we are a national contender

This.^  You can include almost all the folks posting negative or angry comments here in that group. One wonders if  they attended OSU, or are just bandwagon jumpers / wannabes. Trolls. Blamers. Not someone you'd want to hang with.

Comment 18 Jan 2020

Keels said OSU didn't get their normal shoot-around before the game due to the early start. That doesn't seem right, but may explain cold shooting at the start.

It appears that OSU goes as Kaleb goes, and if he gets swarmed/battered, the Buckeyes do not do well offensively. Kaleb started out slowly, had 4 turnovers and (and was 3/6 on Free Throws), and no one else took up the early slack.  

Guard play is crucial, yet OSU guards not named Duane shot 4/15 (27%) vs PSU Saturday. 

Rebounding turned out even at game's end, but OSU was out-rebounded for most of the game.

With injuries/sickness and all, the Buckeyes have had quite a bit of adversity. I'd like to see them handle it better. 

Comment 15 Jan 2020

They got their needed win.  For the most part they appeared to be having fun.  Many mistakes, but didn't notice anything that can't be fixed with more work and a good attitude.  Keep the efforts high!

Yeah, some things went better, but there are still fundamentals they need to work on: passing/receiving, blocking out/rebounding, not relaxing after a made basket, and being present. They need to be more consistent, and let go of what just happened.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

two shooting guards

Those are shooting guards?  They must be scoring with a torrid pace to earn that moniker. /s

This team has had issues with inadequate guard play for the past two seasons. If Holtmann gets good, consistent guard play in all phases of the game, these Buckeyes can compete with anyone—assuming of course, that the refs understand that the game they officiate is not indoor rugby.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

That was embarrassing play the last 5 minutes. Don't care if you have a big lead. The defense in particular. You are what you do.

Methinks they are missing the vibes from the ocean. 

And not just the hoops team: football too. They don't live near the coast, so when they get a lead, they want to take the Buckeye machine out of gear and . . . coast.

; )

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Holtmann's probably uspet about fundamentals (blocking out & rebounds, setting & using screens, turnovers) and effort, like easing up after a score.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Nebraska, despite frontcourt “weakness” leads in rebounds at the half 19-18, including 8 (EIGHT!) offensive rebounds. Holtmann must fix that. But offense better so far, with 53% FG, 50% treys (Thanks, Andre and Ahrens!) and 75% FT’s.

Gotta put together a good 2nd half to go with this 1st half (More assists than turnovers! 9-7)

Go Buckeyes!