Rod Johnson possible commit?

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January 22, 2014 at 10:51 am

The decision from Roderick Johnson should be coming any time now, they are saying it's down to Ohio State and Florida State. With us picking up Brady Taylor, what are the chances Johnson commit's to tOSU? I think even with picking up Taylor, he would be a great add, as he is in the ESPN 300. I believe this would also put us over the top in the Dream 14, as it is already a great recruiting class. From what I am reading on 247sports, EPSN, and Rivals that they are predicting FSU to get him. With his surprise visit I think we have a chance. You also have to love all the FSU fans already calling his commitment, and bashing OSU and Urban Meyer...they have one good season and think they run the place..ha. I am curious to see what others think about this. Thoughts?
 FSU Comments:
"RJ, From STL, lived in cold overcast Ohio and beautiful Tally. No comparison. Shitty weather with Liar Liar Urban Meyer and team that lost to the team we kicked the stuffing out of (Clemson), Orrrrrr...state champs of the Florida, smoking hot girl capitol anddddddd undefeated National Champs that want you. HMMMM, I would wait to decide also, tough choice."
"Welcome to the Seminole Nation Roderick..........;)"

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