Carlos Hyde: Where does he rank?

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January 23, 2014 at 3:37 pm

To me this is a tricky question. Where does Carlos Hyde rank among the long list of the greatest Ohio State RB's of all time? Like I need to give anyone on here a history lesson, but for the sake of arguments I am going to post some stats below anyway for comparison. Forgive me if I leave some out.
Howard Cassady: Career Total- 2,466 yards, 37 touchdowns ('55 Heisman)
Keith Byars: Career Total- 4,369 yards, 50 touchdowns
Beanie Wells: Career Total- 3,445 yards, 40 touchdowns
Eddie George: Career Total- 4,284 yards, 45 touchdowns ('95 Heisman)
Archie Griffin: Career Total- 5,589 yards, 26 touchdowns ('74-'75 Heisman)
Carlos Hyde: Career Total- 3,469 yards, 41 touchdowns
I have seen some arguments on different forums that praise Hyde, but do not include him with some of the best we have seen at Ohio State. Some say its by what you do at Ohio State that defines you, not just stats. True, however looking at Hyde's record when he broke out as a RB I believe he was one of our best. His stats show it, but most of all his heart, dedication and determination to his teammates and The Ohio State University truly shows how great he was. This is only my opinion, I am curious to hear what the rest of you have to say. As always Go Bucks!

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