NFL draft, college stats, drafting quarterbacks

This article is from a couple years ago and is regarding different players but it makes some interesting points regarding college careers, analyzing QBs and projecting them as NFL players based on college statistics. It can certainly be applied to the likes of Braxton Miller, Teddy Bridgewater, ...
02 Jan 2014
by Killer nuts

Mack Brown is classy

This is my first blog attempt, so bear with me! Throughout the 16 yeas that Mack Brown coached at Texas, I really knew nothing about him. He was just another coach. He seemed likable so I'd root for Texas when they weren't playing the Bucks. I'm old fashioned, I think when a coach answer...
31 Dec 2013
by wpitt41

OSU Biggest Spender in College Football

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'll be interested to hear what others think about OSU's status as the biggest spender per football player at $318,898 on a five year rolling average.  I'm a little conflicted (but not too much; such is the state of CFB today across America) b...
27 Dec 2013
by ATXbucknut

About PSU

I've seen a lot of words written about BOB and PSU these last few days due to the HC's buyout reduction, impending interviews, etc.  I think BOB seems like a decent dude. He said some nice things about the Bucks when we were trapped in the undefeated/outside-looking-in ESPiN narrat...
27 Dec 2013
by BuckeyeBred

Really? Like a Box of Chocolates?

  I love Football.  And I love chocolate.   World Class chocolate. First off, no, I'm not a woman, as if that is a prerequisite for chocolate loving.  There's just something about a world class chocolate confectionery that is soothingly comfortable to me.  I...

QB Position?

Is there a reason that tOSU cannot lock down a great passing QB?  I will leave it up to the 11W members to deliberate on..I mean was not the Braxton Miller a 5 star coming out of H.S.? I mean UCF, Vanderbilt, M_ch_gn, Iowa, Purdue, TCU, Toledo , Iowa state... come on your telling me that a kid...
26 Dec 2013
by Bucks777

2014...Growing Pains?

   We will be missing Carlos that is for sure, If Braxton goes it will also be a huge loss. Sure we have great Freshman who have not seen the field and have very little experience especially in Big Game Atmosphere.  There are always Growing Pains!    I believe the first 4 g...
23 Dec 2013
by Bucks777

This Game Is Brought To You By...

Companies pay big money to have a bowl game brought to you buy by them. How well is their money being spent? I will give you 21 of the 35 bowl games, you name the sponsor for this bowl season. Have some fun and challenge somebody. Answers will be posted at the bottom. Remember, the correct answ...

Bowl Game Geography Challenge

The names and sponsors of bowl games seem to change every year. However, the locations of the games rarely change. Below you will find 15 of this year's 35 bowl games. Can you name the city in which the game is played? Some are easy, some not so easy. Good luck. Answers will be a few scrolls ...

Wrestling: Know Your Enemy: Kent State

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of 100 battles.” – The Art of War- Sun Tzu On the heels of a tough loss to Penn State, the Buckeyes continue their road trip and will wrestle for the last time for nearly a month as they take on Kent State...

How Far the Mighty

During this time of recruiting silence and riding the high of great recent commits here at The Ohio State University, perhaps this is a good time to consider the status of football in the land of that girl of questionable reputation--Ann Arbor.  It is now the elephant in the room at Schembech...
18 Dec 2013
by Jonnferrell

The Struggle with Expectations

In the wake of the excitement surrounding the recruitment of Kwon and Dixon, I think it's necessary for some of us to take some time to understand the repercussions of this excitement. I understand entirely why we get excited about highly recruited kids picking our school. In a similar...
17 Dec 2013

M. Hall "Ohio State of Mind" Shirt

I've been on 11W for close to two years now and have enjoyed this site immensely but have never thought about a blog post before, so here goes nothing... I figured a blog post would be better than clogging up the football forum with a semi-off topic post. Just got my "Ohio State o...
14 Dec 2013
by 703Buckeye

Tressel Truth Irony

CWatching this 30 for 30 and much of this is very entertains but not the way I remember it, at the time. It's funny how time changes perception. I remember the allegations against Clarret, him calling out Geiger while we were in Arizona, him already saying he should play both ways the next year,...
14 Dec 2013
by seafus26

Are the Buckeyes Chokers?

I have to listen to this claim almost constantly down here in SEC country.  "They cant win the big one!!" is the chorus. I used to smile, nod and dismiss (which I should probably continue to do) but I have become more prone to politely challenge that notion. One reason is that one ca...
14 Dec 2013
by GregB