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Comment 03 May 2017

Looking through some of the rosters the Syracuse and Vanderbilt teams look solid. The Syracuse team has a lot of guys that played key roles on some really good teams while the Vanderbilt team has something like 3 former SEC players of the year.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

I clicked on this topic thinking we were going to talk about who our middle linebacker would be next year. Shows how much I care about baseball...

Comment 11 Jan 2017

I guess you didn't read the article. He's not saying that a 3 loss team will make the playoff under the current 4 team setup. He's comparing back to the FCS playoff where a 3-loss WKU got hot at the right time and won the championship while beating a team that they lost to by 25 in the regular season.

If the playoffs expand (like most people want), this scenario could conceivable happen.

Comment 14 Dec 2016

I'm going to attempt translation:

I think he's saying he'd like to see the BIG eliminate divisions like the Big 12 does and play a more round robin format. Since we can't play everyone every year, they would set the schedule based on the previous year's standings, sort of like how the ACC/BIG Challenge in basketball does it. This way you then pick the top 2 teams in the conference to play in the championship game regardless of any division standings and you eliminate weird situations that occurred this year.

I could be completely wrong though...

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Chip Kelly suspended LeGarrette Blount for pretty much the whole season after he punched a fan storming the field when Boise State beat Oregon in week 1 of 2009. Michigan should consider a bowl ban at the very least.

Comment 06 Oct 2016

Start drinking before you get into town and don't sober up until you leave town is the best way to experience State College. In all seriousness, for parking, Id' recommend getting a parking pass for the intramural fields off someone from Craigslist. Those are the best tailgate spots. I'm not sure why everyone talks about urine and batteries because I've been the past 2 times we've played at Penn State and everyone was pretty nice. The traffic after the game is no joke though, we didn't leave the lot until 12:30 am or so at the earliest.