Ohio State - Johns Hopkins Lax Game

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February 9, 2014 at 5:33 pm

Today I had the pleasure of taking in my very first NCAA lacrosse game, featuring the good guys vs. Johns Hopkins.

Other than the pothole ridden streets of Baltimore (it's seriously worse than Cleveland), the trip from DC was pretty smooth. As I approached the JHU campus, I was reminded how popular their lax team is... parking was very hard to find. The one bonus to trying to find parking is that I got to drive through a decent amount of campus, which is very pretty and well-designed.

Homewood Stadium, known as the Yankee Stadium of lacrosse, is a pretty cool old stadium; it hosts football, soccer, field hockey, and lax. Homewood was built in 1906 but has a great combination of old charm and new amenities. I'd say there were about 1,000 fans (8,500 capacity) in attendance and about 40% of those fans were Buckeyes. Needless to say, Buckeye Nation travels well! Oh-io chants were being called out throughout the whole game.

I don't know the lines for the game but I know JHU was a pretty strong favorite over the Buckeyes. The Blue Jays are one of the best lax programs of all-time and tend to live up to the hype every year. OSU jumped out to an early lead, which Hopkins took back and held onto for most of the game. Just when I thought the game was about wrapped-up, the Bucks mounted a comeback and sent the game into OT. For those who don't know, lax OT is sudden death. It took a little over 2 OT periods to settle it, but the Blue Jays came out on top. All in all, not a bad time for my first NCAA lax game.

The Johns Hopkins fans were very nice and willing to strike up a convo with any OSU fan they saw. Hopkins fans seem very excited to be joining the B1G next year and I am going to make sure to go to games in Baltimore whenever the Bucks are in town.

Go Bucks!!!

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