2014 Offense

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February 6, 2014 at 5:46 pm

As we all know towards the end of the year the offense became unbearably predictable. In the two postseason games I was able to call damn near every play before the snap (screen to Philly, read option, bomb to nobody) Completely unsat for a team that did what it did for the majority of the season albeit against less than spectacular competition. My question to you is what style of offense would you like to see in 2014? I personally want them to spread the field and get the ball out quick. Give our burners some space to work and unload the box so Miller and EZE or whoever is back there can work their magic. We have too much speed coming in to stick with the conventional power run game. Of course this all circles back to the exhausting thought of Braxton being able to improve this offseason. This team should be loaded with options so there is no excuse for us to have to watch the same one dimensional offense we saw in the latter portion of the year. Given this year's failures and the amount of young guys coming in I expect a hungry team so let them eat. What say you?

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