Interview with Former Player Chris Malone

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February 3, 2014 at 1:46 pm

I had a chance to catch up with Chris Malone, a former reserve offensive lineman who played for Ohio State from 2006-2011. Contrary to the popular belief that all linemen are big dumb oafs, Chris is a big smart oaf. He is currently completing his 3rd year of medical school at Ohio University. Chris has an interest in Orthopedic Surgery, if any of you guys can help him out with a residency spot, that would be great.

When I found out that my student played football for my favorite team, it gave us a lot to talk about. Read on for some stupid questions that insider fans want to know.
Who was your favorite coach?
Tressel, he was nice to everybody, seemed like he really cared.

What do you think of Bollman?
No Comment. Sometimes we would fall asleep during positional meetings.

Did you ever call him the Walrus, because you know, he looks like one?
Nope, never.

What is wrong with the defense?
I think it is a combination of things, there is an overall lack of depth. I don't know anything about defensive scheme. When I was there all of the coaches had been working together for a while and they had a comfort level.

When you watch a football game do you watch the line play or the ball?
I find myself watching the line more, you can tell how the play is going based mostly on line play.

You have a 230 pound bowling ball for a running back and you need to get one yard on fourth down. What is your play call?
Give the ball to Hyde, go behind Mewhort and Linsley.

Did you prefer pass blocking or run blocking?
As a lineman we always liked run blocking better.

Was Fickell in over his head in 2011?
No, I think that hiring Urban Meyer was one of the worst kept secrets in sports and he was being a good company guy and agreed to keep things together for a year.

Who was your favorite teammate?
Bryant Browning.

Which defense is hardest to prepare for?
Any bowl game because we were playing teams we hadn't seen before.

Did you ever consider playing for a MAC school, maybe to get more playing time?
Yes, but I am happy with my decision.

Why did Shugarts get so many false starts?
I have no idea, but he would generally get really amped up for games.

Who was the best offensive lineman that you ever played with?
Alex Boone.

Who was the hardest guy to block?
Cam Heyward, he was always full go every practice, every snap.

What is your opinion of Kirk Herbstreit?
I like him, he looks at things from a different perspective.

How many games did you get to play in?
One game my junior year, 6 games my senior year.

Did you guys know that Bauserman would struggle?
No, we were surprised. He was sneaky athletic. "Joe Baseball" had a great jump shot when we had pickup games and he did really well in practice.

When you played Navy, did you have to do all sorts of wierd shit for the scout team?
Yeah, that was the worst.

Who gets more respect, kickers or punters?
The punters seemed to be more like normal people, but they were pretty much all well liked. Long snappers too. Everyone was jealous because they didn't have to work hard during the season.

What did your scouting report say?
Works really hard, scrappy, good teammate, excels in the classroom. Provides veteran depth for the offensive line.

What NFL team do you root for?
The Browns, but I regret the decision. I grew up in Gahanna (Columbus) but most of my teammates in college were from the Cleveland area.

What do you think of Terrelle Pryor?
I hope he has matured, he wasn't my favorite guy on the team.

Did you ever lose to TTUN?
Nope. I have 4 pairs of gold pants and 5 Big Ten Championship rings.

Would you ever sell them for tattoos?
Hell no.

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