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Comment 15 Oct 2019
Is the purpose for playing the game to create a better atmosphere or to win the game? If the purpose is to win the game, I prefer noon games. There is something about the atmosphere of night games that too often provides an added incentive to opponents, and that's not just for the Buckeyes. As already mentioned, Penn State is 7-8 in whiteout night games. Great atmosphere, sub-.500 record. Playing the game at noon reduces these "distractions" and enhances the chance that the Buckeye talent advantage wins out IMO.
Comment 15 Oct 2019
Thanks for the info. Eighteen years is quite awhile. I'd actually like to see the Buckeyes play more quality opponents at home at noon, especially in-conference. I understand the case for night games, especially with respect to recruiting. It's very difficult for a recruit from, say, California to make a noon kickoff after playing a high school game on Friday night. But my primary concern is to maximize the probability of winning the game, and that, the OP's analysis and history shows, seems to support noon kickoffs.
Comment 15 Oct 2019
I'm a firm believer that playing nooners in Ohio Stadium increases the likelihood that the Buckeyes win. Opposing teams seem to particularly feed off the atmosphere of playing a marque game in historic Ohio Stadium. Make it purely a football game, playing the game at noon, not a spectacle, and the Buckeye talent advantage is more likely to show out. I like Wisconsin this year at noon and hope that Penn State is a noon kickoff too. The noon loss to Michigan in 2011 was in Ann Arbor. When was the last time Ohio State lost a noon game in Ohio Stadium. I'll bet it's been awhile.
Comment 14 Oct 2019
The complete turnaround in the number of big plays given up by the Buckeyes is a credit to Coach Day and the defensive coaching staff for implementing a sound defensive approach and to the players for executing the approach so well. Offense gets the attention; defense wins championships. The Buckeyes have both this year, the balance of both an excellent offense and defense. Keep the complete focus from here on every week on the next game as the most important game of the season and the sky is the limit with this team.
Comment 14 Oct 2019
I like the noon kickoff in Ohio Stadium against a higher quality opponent, as in the 48-3 beat down of Michigan State in 2017. At noon, the focus is much more likely to be on the game itself with no other "distractions." And when was the last time that the Buckeyes lost a noon game in Ohio Stadium? I'm guessing it's been awhile.
Comment 06 Oct 2019
When Penn State accomplishes something significant, I'll be more impressed by their white out. Otherwise, as far as I'm concerned, it's just a gimmick. As a traditionalist, I'd rather not see the Buckeyes do these things. Fans should be loud, actively into the game, and be the 12th man for the team, that much I agree. Wear scarlet to every game. But stick to the traditional uniforms and minimize the gimmicks. Make the opposition and their fans impressed by the team's play on the field and getting dominated and beaten soundly when they play in Ohio Stadium.
Comment 06 Oct 2019
Before the season, Coach Day specifically called out JK as needing to be a key contributor to this season. So far, behind a resurgent run blocking OL, he has responded very well. JK will have to perform as well or better for the remainder of the regular season, especially against Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan. And Master Teague will make a major contribution as well. The most important game of the season is now @Northwestern after next weeks bye. Go Bucks, demolish the Wildcats!
Comment 29 Sep 2019
Sparty at night in Ohio Stadium sets up a marque setting for MSU's Ohio players and coaches who want to make a statement to the Buckeyes. Better to play them in Columbus at noon, as in 2017, when the Buckeyes won 48-3. Buckeyes can make a statement of their own to Sparty that the Day era is a new era. Must take this game most seriously, take it to Sparty early and don't look back. Go Bucks, demolish Sparty under the lights!
Comment 29 Sep 2019
If every week the coaches, players and staff focus on the next game as the most important game of the season, the sky is the limit for the Buckeyes. Complete focus on the next game. Always. Go Bucks, demolish Sparty!
Comment 10 Jul 2019
Related to the question posed to Andrew Ellis above, any particular reason why Houston TX DT Vernon Broughton isn't included on the big board? Other DE more likely targets and/or needs? Seems to me I just read somewhere, may be related to a Birm comment, that he has real interest in Ohio State and I would assume, even with only a few spots still available in the 2020 class, that he would still be regarded as a very high target.
Comment 27 Jun 2019
Go 6-0 in the East, most especially beating PSU, MSU and UM. This makes it most likely that the Buckeyes play in, and then win, the conference championship game. Do that, and assuming at most only 1 loss during the regular season, and Ohio State makes the playoffs and then can make its run. Going 6-0 in the division is, to me, the key.
Comment 26 Jun 2019
With respect to Werner, and especially Borland, by scheme I think it relates to the sense that the defensive approach, too often, seemed to play into those players weaknesses. The scheme, and the way and timing of how they were utilized, demanded that those players, again too often, do things that were beyond their capabilities. Do that regularly and it's asking for trouble.
Comment 24 Jun 2019
The Buckeyes would be blessed to have either (or both!). But for some diversity of talent, with all the speed at WR and at H-back, it would be good to have a power back like Kendall Milton, especially in short yardage situations. My understanding is that Milton can catch the ball too. But either would be a phenomenal addition to an already very good class.
Comment 15 Jun 2019
The more that I read about Buckeye recruiting under HC Day, as in this post, the more confident I am about maintaining the high quality of recruiting at Ohio State. Eventually, recruiting may even improve to consistent equality, or dare I say better, with the likes of Alabama and Clemson, and recently Georgia. Need to make the step up to 4 or 5 5-star recruits in every class. And the 2020 Buckeye recruiting class will be fine on the defensive side of the ball. With the turnover in defensive coaching this year, it will take a little time. 2021 is already shaping up to be a very good class, with serious inroads into 2022. Quite impressed so far.
Comment 07 Jun 2019

Throwing to the TE diversifies the offense.  A diversified offense has a better chance to make the big play at a critical time, that may turn around a close game, especially on the road. And it provides an additional weapon to attack the defense, especially if the defense is overplaying in a way that opens up throwing to the TE.

No one is saying make the TE a primary part of the passing game. However, especially with a talent like Jeremy Ruckert on the team, 5-8 targets per game, particularly at opportune times during the game, helps to open up the defense. Then the running game is better and the outside receivers most likely have a little more room and time to make big plays. 

More diversity to the offense, that's all that most people who advocate a more active, passing catching role for the TE, are saying.