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Ohio State BS Zoology 96-99.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Marcus Hall giving the Stone Cold Salute to the Big House, something that I have wanted to do myself for years.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Joshua Perry - He takes time for the kids
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Lawrence Funderburke - because he didn't want to play for Bobby Knight.
  • NFL TEAM: huh? Whoever has the most Buckeyes. Carolina.
  • NBA TEAM: Cavaliers.
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Akron Zips

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Comment 22 hours ago
We didn't do anything fun, but looking back on it twenty years later I really wished we had. Any girl who would go out with someone they didn't know probably does not have very high standards.
Comment 23 hours ago
When I was at Ohio State living on Norwich I got a wrong number but I was trying to be helpful and scored a date. She was cute but in a white trash sort of way. Her name was Dana. I think she may have been a prostitute. I also don't think her name was really Dana.
Comment 07 Aug 2017
I remember in my day this happened to David Boston. He was never suspended but it was pretty well known throughout campus as being an issue. His NFL career washed out due to problems with marijuana and cocaine. Hopefully Hill learns from his mistakes and comes out better.
Comment 24 Jul 2017
Cavs should wait a couple of weeks. I am ok being patient. The team has all the cards here. We have the best player in the world and he will be in his I don't give a shit mode. I just wish I didn't spend $500 on a personalized autographed photo of my son with Kyrie at his youth basketball camp.
Comment 22 Jul 2017
This is a legal issue, so it would be helpful to have a real lawyer weigh in, but the standard for suspending a player for personal conduct is a preponderance of evidence based on what the players and owners negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement. This I different from a prosecutor looking at a case and saying there is a good chance that I can get a conviction based on evidence that would convince a jury. As an employer, we have fired and punished employees based on suspicion even though we might not have enough evidence to prove a crime. The fact that he has never been arrested or charged is one of many factors to consider.
Comment 07 Jul 2017
As an aside, between Jim Jackson, Jamaal brown, Mark Baker, Treg Lee, Perry Carter, and cj2k, they would totally beat the current buckeye team. And I know they are all over 45.
Comment 07 Jul 2017
You forgot a few: 1) Scrappy 2) High motor 3) Gamer 4) Sneaky athletic 5) Gritty 6) Winner 7) High ___ IQ 8) Good fundamentals 9) Plays the game the right way 10) Lunch pail guy 11) Heady and/or cerebral 12) Deceptive speed 13) Gym rat 14) Intangibles 15) Gets the most out of his abilities 16) Has a lot of heart 17) Grinder 18) Out-hustles 19) Someone you’d love your daughter to date 20) David Eckstein 21) Wes Welker type 22) Coach's son 23) Faster than he appears
Comment 05 Jul 2017

It's not a golden bear, it's a grizzly bear that was shot by Jimmy Crum, a long time local NBC sportscaster.

I took the SAT in UA High School when I was a high school junior and walking in and seeing the stuffed Golden Bear in the lobby and being a Nicklaus mega-fan, it was like walking into some Grand Temple.  

I am from UA, which means I am kind of an asshole. It's in our blood.