High School Football Rivalries

In a lot of places, Week 10 is "rivalry week." I was just curious to hear about some of the rivalries you all have been a part of or are familiar with. Some of the more prominent ones that many of you are aware of would be Canton McKinley vs. Massilon Washington, St. Ignatius vs. St. Edwar...
25 Oct 2012
by M tots

PSU Home Advantage is Overrated

It’s funny to me that PSU fans always look back to the 2005 OSU game to cite their great home advantage. No doubt the stadium had something to do with that win, but (though it’s hard to believe) that was SEVEN years ago. In the OSU games @ Happy Valley since then, Tod Boeckman had a care...

My Top Five Buckeye Highlights on YouTube

Last week's drive and the amazing comeback was awesome, and it's been a lot of fun comparing the drive to Holy Buckeye.  Just thinking back on Holy Buckeye and the emotions that came with that play, as well as the emotions Saturday led me to start thinking about other plays over the yea...
23 Oct 2012
by btalbert25

Is Braxton overhyped, or Rodney Dangerfield?

Braxton Miller is an exciting, electrifying quarterback. While Kenny Guiton was obviously the toast of olde Columbus town Saturday night, it is pretty clear that Miller is still the big man on campus. That said, I'm trying to decide if the young stud is a victim of his own hype, or if he d...
23 Oct 2012
by AndyVance

SMART Football Power Rankings

Introducing, the SMART Football Power Ranking! Since polls don't accurately measure how good a team is or performs, I made a ranking system based on performance. Here is the scoring system: 24 Points for a win over a BCS school 20 Points for a win over a Non AQ 1-A School 16 Points for a win...

Title Team Reunion

I wanted to see what everyone thought on the 2002 Buckeye Championship team coming back for the Michigan game, most especially, if Jim Tressel and Clarett return.  If they do come what kind of reception do you think they will receive? I hope that they cheer for them both honestly, given the fac...
22 Oct 2012
by miller2234

Favorite Buckeye Names Of All-Time?

I was watching college football over the weekend, and there are some unique names out there - there is a RB for Georgia Tech named Robert Godhigh. I'm sure you're all aware of Cincy's QB Munchie Legaux. Then there's a LB for Northwestern named Chi Chi Ariguzo, and a LB...
22 Oct 2012
by Bucks43201

Winning is never enough in Buckeye Nation, is it?

I'm convinced there is a very vocal minority among the legions of Ohio State faithful who will never be satisfied. Not just with this team, an imperfect 8-0 squad no one expected to be 8-0 anyway, but never satisfied in general. Case in point: Saturday, after my beautiful bride spared me f...
22 Oct 2012
by AndyVance

PSU Going For Broke

All the love headed the direction of PSU is a little skewed. O'Brien getting the attention he has is partly for these reasons. With four years of bowl bans and big scholarship losses upcoming they have nothing to lose. O'Brien has nothing to lose. He will be a hero in the eyes of the faithfu...
22 Oct 2012
by LouGroza

Player Health & Meyer Kickoff philosophy

As I approach 40 years old I sometimes find myself debating myself whether I should be a football fan.  Every week we see player after player go down with season ending ACL injuries and similar.  We have come to accept that these are season ending injuries and the player will get surgery a...
21 Oct 2012
by Akeem96

The Agony of Being A Fan

I laid across my bed and threw my head into the mattress.  I was pretty much in the same position last year at the end of Purdue game.  But yesterday, it ended differently.  Much, much differently.  Instead of the usual bad luck football that seemed to haunt our Bucks last year, ...
21 Oct 2012
by gordon38

The (Un)Official Mark May Thread

Okay guys, Mark May was complaining about the officials in the OSU game today, which got me to think: Why don't we have an official Mark May thread? Use this thread to vent all your hatred and anger towards Mark May, and post anything that can make fun of him in any way, shape, or form. If there...

A Victory in Adversity is a Meaningful Victory

I was privileged to be in the stadium for this game. The feeling in the Stadium after the pass interefernece call to extend our tying drive reminded me of the flag in the Fiesta Bowl in '03. I was completely blown away at how our team rallied to win behind the heroic play of Kenny Guiton and th...

How Well Coached Is This Team?

First, best hopes for Braxton. Nothing else matters more than avoiding serious injury for anyone. Second, I know there is wide support for 8-0. I like that more than any other alternative record at this point, but if you just ENJOY THE RIDE as another 11W blogger put it you should stop reading now,...
20 Oct 2012
by baddogmaine

Enjoy the Ride

Logging onto ElevenWarriors today after the game I expected there to be a lot of really exicted Buckeye fans out commenting.  Instead, I see forum topics about how many losses we'll have and how bad the D is etc.  To be fair, there were a lot of really happy campers out there just like...
20 Oct 2012
by btalbert25

Purdue - Will It Be More Of a Grind Than Expected?

Before the Indiana game I posted a blog asking if the Hoosiers really could win. Ignoring the "what are you, an idiot? for asking that question" kind of responses the weight of opinion was : yes, of course, on any given day a weaker team can win, but it will take a perfect storm for it to ...
19 Oct 2012
by baddogmaine