Glass Half-Full, Half-Empty: Week 4

We're back with Glass Half-Full, Half-Empty. This week we look at the scare in the Shoe provided by Cal and ahead to UAB - a game neither one of us really care about. However, John takes it so seriously that he trusts his prediction to a bunch of fourth graders.   Me: There is nothing wro...

High School Cheeleader With Brain Tumor/Cancer

There is a senior high school cheerleader here in my town who had a brain tumor and just went through 9+ hours of surgery yesterday.  They got the majority of it, but not all and found that she actually has a rare form of cancer.  This has been a trying time for her family and our communit...
20 Sep 2012
by Maceyko

The Campaign for Today's Drunk Hour in Columbus

So, a tweet appeared early Monday night in my feed from our beloved President Gee: Bring your Buckeye spirit to Ohio Union at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow and The Today Show might air live on campus this October! — E. Gordon Gee (@presidentgee) September 18, 2012 The link, by the wa...
19 Sep 2012
by vidstudent

What are stars in recruiting worth anyway?

Acknowledgment: This was written by IrishInOntario as a post on a free, public message board and I found it very informative. I had nothing to do with it. Enjoy! Link to original discussion
18 Sep 2012
by Buckeyeneer

Zach Yousey: Cal Visit

Columbus (OH) Harvest Prep WR Zach Yousey (6-2/190) took in the Ohio State-Cal game this past weekend. Here is the latest: Yousey currently holds six offers: Ball State, Bowling Green, Eastern Michigan, Eastern Illinois, Miami (OH), and Toledo. He is receiving interest from many Big Ten prog...
18 Sep 2012
by Alex

The Latest on Nathaniel Devers: OSU Visit

Nathaniel Devers is a 2014 Offensive Lineman of Massilon, OH that is considered to be among the best in Ohio.  Devers visited Ohio State for the UCF game and came away impressed with what he saw.  Devers is a target on the Buckeyes' board that will continue to receive heavy recruiting ...
17 Sep 2012
by Derek Young

Big Ten Football

I can't ever remember the big ten looking so bad.  I am so tired of arguing from my freinds down south about our league.  We don't have one legitimate top 10 team.  It is down right sad. I think we are getting better, but it will take some time.  Michigan is recruiting we...


After watching today i realized how valuable he really is. the thing that was missing in that puntfest of a 3rd quarter was the ability to run downhill and hit cal in the mouth. i just wanted to see dunn put in to run straight up the middle a few times just to make them respect it. we gave them no r...


I just turned on College Gameday for the first time in about 2 years. They were doing a piece on Urban and his family contract. Once they went into the Cal matchup and showed Braxton highlights the delightful folks in Knoxville break out into the SEC chant. Amazing. Do they not honestly know where t...

Dish network and BTN at it Again

went to watch the btn on dish this morning and got message that they are in discussions with BTN AND are not  providing service. Most of today's games are on local channels but the pre and post game shows are not available. BTN also has responsibility in this so we should also contact them...
15 Sep 2012
by txrtbr99

Glass Half-Full, Half-Empty: Week 3

I'm changing my game a bit. I invited my friend John - the biggest glass-half-empty fan I've ever known - to share some thoughts on where the Buckeyes stand right now... Me: Wow! What a great win over a solid opponent. The Buckeyes start out the season 2-0 with a two-score win over what cou...

College Football This Year

Hello friends and fans, I know we're only two games into the season, and a lot has to play out by the end of the year, but is there a general consensus that college football isn't that good this year? As in I don't believe there are that many good teams. Alabama is obviously sweet, and ...
13 Sep 2012
by Dougger

CFB Week 3 Picks ATS

With a record of pick percentage equivilent of the Indians, I am looking to rebound this week.  This is who I am taking this week (note: spread comes from Tuesday night): 13Virginia Tech -9 at Pitt 12:00 EPSNU Pitt is horrible.  I would take VT at 17.   Western Michigan +2.5 at Mi...
13 Sep 2012
by JDupler

Joey Duckworth Enjoys UCF Game

One of the top in-state signal callers in the 2014 class is Louisville (OH) QB Joey Duckworth. Duckworth flew under the radar until he had solid camp performances in June and at FNL. Since then interest in Duckworth has picked up. Duckworth was in attendance for the UCF game this past Saturday. We c...
10 Sep 2012
by Miles Joseph

Middletown vs Springfield Game Notes

Last Friday I took in the Middletown vs Springfield High School game.  Middletown boasts Ohio State commit Jalin Marshall and Springfield is led by Ohio State targets Thaddeus Snodgrass and Davonte James, both of whom are juniors. Middletown controlled the entire game and was able to take out ...
05 Sep 2012
by Derek Young