Urban is Not Perfect... My Thoughts

Let me start this off by saying how excited I am about Urban Meyer and the new coaching staff. They should do tremendous things for years to come at Ohio State. However, over the past couple months I've become increasingly annoyed at my Buckeye brethren (don't mistake me for saying I stil...
17 Jan 2012
by JakeBuckeye

Coach Jim Tressel,

The post regarding the little four year old Bryson, his mower accident and the surprise hospital visit by Coach Tressel was touching and I believe is indicative of the moral character of this man. A somewhat similar incident occured Dec. 18, 2006. Our family was in Columbus attending the fune...
11 Jan 2012
by Curt Daily

Playoffs? No. A Tournament of Champions? Yes.

Where's the best place to measure the human factor in any sport? On the field of play, damn it! Let the press publish college football polls. But, why should its opinion determine who is the champion? This is the central issue behind the Mythical National Champion(ship). The fact that opi...
07 Jan 2012
by Hoody Wayes

SEC = Mythical

I don't hold Vince Young's 2005 MNC Longhorns in high esteem - because they were handed the crystal, by a USC team high on itself. By the same reasoning, the SEC's ongoing championship streak can be deemed fraudulent. It can be argued the SEC was USC's biggest beneficiary, bet...
06 Jan 2012
by Hoody Wayes

The Real Jim Tressel

Great story I came across. Go Bucks. You won't be able to read or hear about this story on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, or the Columbus Dispatch this week. You see there is nothing, as a fallen people, that we like better than a story of a good man who also has fallen - sad isn't it. (Be...
04 Jan 2012
by mastermiind

R.I.P. The Golden Age of Ohio State & Twitter

As was first reported on pay sites and the like then later corroborated (ironically through twitter), Urban Meyer's first act beyond forcing the players to meet at 7 AM the morning following a game and long flight back to Columbus was to forbid the Ohio State football players from using the p...
03 Jan 2012
by Luke

The B1G Decline

Someone (Bucksfan?) posted in a comment thread about how we've all been saying the B1G will be coming back soon ... for the past half decade... and it got me thinking:  It's not "cyclical" this time around and they arent coming back. The decline of B1G football is a per...

RIP, Joe Bodolai

Joe Bodolai (1949 - 2011) Former SNL writer and television producer Joe Bodolai is dead of what appears to be a suicide. He was 63 years old. He was a very witty and droll guy (his "headline" following the Casey Anthony verdict was about Florida's landmark decision to legali...


I am a frequent visitor, though I rarely post anything (feeling inadequate in the face of such erudition as permeates this site).  I thought I would take this opportunity to thank everyone at 11W for their hard work and dedication in bringing me, and the myriad of other Buckeye fans, their u...


I am just craving on more and more recruiting news. I like joel caleb, but I think that diggs and neal are better. Bummed that cyrus jones took us out of the running because someone on here predicted that we would get him. Hopeful for Dodson, Diamond and Williams. Also, how would you rank the thr...
24 Dec 2011
by Bucksnut13

The Day the Sweatervest Died: A Ballad

A little something I put together. Enjoy! A long, long time ago I can still remember how His coaching used to make me smile And I knew if we’d had our say We’d flip off the N-C- double- A And maybe he’d be coaching for awhile But February made me shiver With al...