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Comment 29 Aug 2015

I think all of those things you want to disregard are why people list him so high, but he definitely has some detractors as well because his stats are awful and while they don't tell the whole tale, you can't ignore them entirely.

The other piece to this is that people give him a pass because his OL has been awful.  They think he'll have a chance to show his potential if he had more time to throw.  We may get a chance to find out this year because their OL should improve at least some.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

Would be amazing, but even if it is true, there is a LOOOOOONG way to go before signing day for him.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

I don't know, but this might be Urban's greatest trick.  Neutralizing VT's best defensive strength, the secondary, by not playing a single WR all game.  

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Well had she looked back she would have finished third because she would have realized how close Infeld was.  Now a lot of stadiums have a big video screen so people often can check those to see how close someone is (kind of like in football).  Obviously you don't want to be looking back all of the time, but it doesn't hurt to know where everyone is.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Had a thread on this when it happened because the woman who passed her was Ohio's own Emily Infeld.

Also this isn't the first time it happened to Huddle.  She got passed at the 2012 USATF Cross Country championships for the win.

http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=58821#ooid=FhM3JoMzqSzkhIkqQlLU5DlvumpU1aOJ  (couldn't figure out how to embed video)

If you are going to celebrate early, do it like Ezekiel Kemboi who won his 5th straight international major championship in the Steeplechase.  This one is from the 2011 World Championships:

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Yes because they want the plays to look alike.  If he can freeze a defender because it looks like a read option and he might keep it, then he's done his job.  A number of times they made it look like a read option but there was no one left unblocked, there was no one to read.  A little hard to run a read option when there literally is no one to read because you block everyone.

The one thing I did seem to notice were some packaged plays where the read was between a power or inside zone and a bubble screen or pop pass.  I believe that might have been the call when there was that strange fumble between Cardale and Zeke against Oregon.  At first it looked like Cardale thought he should pass and then changed his mind, but Zeke had already moved onto blocking and wasn't expecting Cardale to try to stick it back in his chest.

I would love someone who has actually charted the game to weigh in, but my guess is that they ran 5-10 against Wisky, 3-5 against Bama, and 2-3 against Oregon, for a total of about 15-20.  As they realized that he really didn't have the kind of speed and quickness to pressure a defense on the outside they basically seemed to stop running it.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

Agreed, just because you stick the ball out and "look" at the DE doesn't mean it is a zone READ.  It might just be inside or outside zone, or it might be a number of other runs including a counter or trap that we frequently ran.  I watched the Oregon game again after seeing this thread and while I didn't make a chart, I noticed maybe one or two zone read plays in the whole first half.  Not even sure if it was that many.  Sometimes they left the guy unblocked just because they were running away from him not because he was being read.

Regardless of his ability to make the right read, Cardale just doesn't have the right kind of speed to pressure a defense on the option.  Go watch some of the Wisconsin or Alabama games if you want to see him floundering on the edge because he isn't a quick east-west runner.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

Tennessee fans were pissed when some Buckeye fans (and Coach Smith) implied or straight out claimed that the only reason he committed to them was because he was avoiding competition.  If he does in fact decommit and go to Florida, well maybe you should have listened...

Comment 24 Aug 2015

I once fell on the water barrier pretty hard.  Was kicking and had never approached the barrier at that speed and mistimed the jump, not jumping soon enough.  My spikes on my lead leg stuck on the barrier and I landed clear on the other side of the water pit given my momentum.  Still got up and finished second in the race with a PR.  But I think anyone who has run enough steeple races must have at least one crazy story.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

Ezekiel Kemboi has now won 5 straight World/Olympic championships so probably beating him was not likely.  But Jager should have done much better.  Not sure if the heats took something out of him or just the hard running early in the season.  Kemboi's kick is just otherworldly though, especially considering he is jumping over barriers while hammering like that.

Comment 19 Aug 2015

This is awesome.  My wife worked in this field for a while back in 2010-11.  They were studying early onset schizophrenia.  Obviously you can't biopsy someone's brain (until they are dead), but you can biopsy skin cells and grow them into neurons so that you can study how diseases like that impact cell function.  

Amazing how far it has come since she was working on it too.  Back then only one lab at Stanford could make neurons very well, but now they aren't just making neurons they are making entire brains.  Science is badass.

Comment 14 Aug 2015

As a 4* definitely a scholarship player.  And what is great is that will open up a spot for someone who needs it more.  And he was much more likely to be successful in film than in football.

Comment 14 Aug 2015

Make movies probably.  And given his connections that will be a lot more likely than making the NFL>

Comment 12 Aug 2015

Apparently NFL scouts also think our back ups would be competitive: