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Comment 02 Jan 2015

for some reason, I'm thinking of the national signing day where Zeke was torn between us and Mizzou, and cried bc he felt like he let down his home state school while he committed to OSU, and also how we got Vonn Bell that year, somehow, from Saban.  All I could think of is that those two kids made the best decision of their lives.... right?

Comment 03 Jul 2013

doing grad school at kent--they require a combined analysis exam and algebra (group, ring, fields, linear) in August.  I took a teaching job starting in August, so I'm trying to finish over summers if I do well enough on the exams.  I am also much better in algebra-- cannot stand real analysis and measure theory.  

Good luck on yours--good to know I'm not the only one having the best summer of my life.


Comment 02 Jul 2013

I coached these kids when they came to the St. Eds camp as 5th graders.  We would play a game called "razzle dazzle" (basically ultimate frisbee with a football) and it always came down to David and Andrew throwing across the field to each other.  Everyone knew they were great athletes, it's just good to see them continue to work and get recognized.

Comment 05 May 2013

It's defensive because Howard mailed it in all year regardless of injury, and displayed awful attitude and professionalism. For some reason (assuming your from LA, because being a fan of them otherwise doesn't make sense) you are a Laker's apologist.  And it is simply not the truth (as you claim) because stating "best big man in basketball" is completely subjective and not able to be proven.  You give off an arrogant vibe in nearly all of your posts, and this all stemmed from me commenting on Marc Gasol's high level of play.  You clearly had to take exception to that, for one reason or another.  Have a great day--I'm sure you now have a plethora of opinions since you are no longer wasting time watching your favorite team in the playoffs.

Comment 04 May 2013

I guess I should have said superstar when compared to just about anyone else in the league playing his position.  With D12 playing soft the entire season, I would say Gasol and Lopez have legit cases at being the best big men in the game (with respect to Tim Duncan who can probably play til hes in his 60s)

Comment 04 May 2013

conley is very good.  bad thing is that he is playing in an era with a bunch of great point guards, so it seems that a lot of people will overlook his career (playing in a market like memphis doesn't help either).  Marc Gasol has become a superstar this past year, so I wouldn't be that surprised to see Memphis in the western finals.

Comment 21 Feb 2013

From your "About" section:


"One of the Top 10 College Football Blogs." – Sports Media Challenge

"... one of the best blogs around ..." – Smart Football

"... Eleven Warriors, which is the best Ohio State blog going ..." – Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Begin with Eleven Warriors, which is absolutely superb – it's one of the very elite college football sites." – Pre-Snap Read

"... they set themselves apart with the quality of their writing." – The Columbus Dispatch


The site is recognized for its reporting on sports (namely football).  None of these comments relate to political reports.  I am sure I am not alone in asking the site to continue with reporting on sports and minimize reporting of other issues.  

Comment 21 Feb 2013

yep, I believe separation of sports and state should be in the bill of rights also.