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Comment 23 Aug 2013

I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Roby's MOXIE!!!!!  And notice when he shoved the MI player, how far back the guy went...LOL!! 

Comment 31 Dec 2012

I appreciate the lack of a downvote.  I know it's old.  I needed some football therapy this a.m. and 11W is the perfect spot for it.  Thank you for letting me re-hash the obvious.

Comment 17 Dec 2012

As an African-American, I'm actually MORE OFFENDED that this POS seemed to just ignore the tragedy affiliated with the President's TV time vs. his language choice.  This wasn't some sort of political/campaign speech... it was paying respect to the lives of innocent victims of an obviously damaged individual.  Maybe now that this individual has some additional time on his hands, he'll turn on the news and get a clue about real life and not TwitterVerse. 

Comment 21 Oct 2012

So good to read -- let's just enjoy the ride.  After what we went through as Buckeye Nation with Tressel-Gate and then last season?  Are you kidding me?  At least this year it's fun to watch - XBrax make some crazy play or Devin with a circus catch or Carlos smashing through a line like Hulk -- getta out of here!  That is exactly what it is about!!  I'll save my depression for the first loss.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying the ride!!!!  GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 21 Oct 2012

ha ha ha ha... omg... I had stuff COMPLETELY out of order... like I said, I was on cold meds and beer... lol... thanks for clarifying stuff for me.

Comment 27 Sep 2012

I'm with you Buckeyeinexile -- have a good feeling about the game too.  BMiller is a totally different offensive player than last year's MSU game.  Had he been properly coached/utilized last year, we probably would've won.