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One day I changed my icon, and the entire internet almost collapsed in on itself and destroyed the known universe. Good news is that we're all still here and can laugh about it. Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!


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Comment 1 hour ago

Oregon has its work cut out for it.  UCLA, Washington, and Stanford are all contenders, and USC still has all the talent in the world.  I picked the Ducks.

Alabama has a lot of question marks.  Their non-conference schedule doesn't matter to the media or the coaches, though.  Alabama gets the benefit of the doubt no matter what, fair or unfair (cough...unfair).

The only thing I know about that Oklahoma team is that their QB is probably the best QB in the nation.  So, in a conference that doesn't play defense, Oklahoma is again going to be pretty killer.

If I wasn't a Buckeye homer, I'd have voted for the Buckeyes.  @ Michigan State at night with a new offensive line and a defensive secondary that needs a complete 180 to shed the banner of worst all time at OSU...I don't like Ohio State's chances against what will be one of the nation's top-10 defenses.  If Ohio State loses that game, it will not make the playoffs.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

I have to echo that.  We had a strict no hazing policy in our fraternity in college.  We went round and round about what constitutes hazing, it was an endless discussion because we were always paranoid that the smallest thing could start the chapter on the wrong path.  We went so far as to question whether a ropes course at a retreat was hazing.  Things like that were still voluntary, but you can imagine how putting members high above the ground and call it a "trust" exercise could be construed by a parent or lawyer as hazing if anything bad were to happen.

But we had obscene nicknames, we would delve into our own sexual histories, things of that nature.  Of course, we didn't have anyone do anything sexually explicit.  But, vulgarity was simply part of the experience.  It's part of being human, really.  How else do you forge bonds if you aren't on a level of vulnerability, humility and openness about yourself?  That's why you join.  So, it's a constant struggle.  Some of what the band did was definitely hazing, and definitely sexual harassment.  I also thought the other stuff was insanely hilarious, creative, and typical of a college student.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

I honestly thought the headline "sexualized culture" was going to be followed by stories of cocaine-fueled orgies on the 50 yard line, sex tape rings, forced oral sex games at parties, rape, etc.  You know, things that have been known to happen at colleges.  Do we need to address college football recruiting borderline-prostitution/sexually objectifying hostess programs to which administrations turn a plausible deniability blind eye (Ohio State Football has a hostess program, ask anyone that works for the Athletic Office)? 

Some of these band stories, like some of the obscene "tricks," were certainly over the line, sure, as were the ripping off clothes of the rookies on the bus (sounds like that had been phased out).  The Trip Tic is abhorrent, but Waters actually put an end to it 2 years ago according to the report.  Those definitely constitute hazing.  But from the sound of it, the Midnight Ramp tradition doesn't sound that different than the Mirror Lake jump (which the band was not allowed to attend up until last year, mind you) (EDIT: And if any of you tried to tell me that you wouldn't march the ramp entrance naked if you got the chance, I'd call you a MF'ing liar, and ask for your Buckeye fan membership card to be handed over).  Asking rookies sexually charged questions?  That was pretty much day 1 in the dorms freshman year for me at OSU.

So, I don't know, you guys.  If you talk to anyone that was ever in their school's band, a lot of these things happen at the high school level (obscene nicknames, inappropriate words to fight songs).  Hell, my high school's band was banned from least 2 different camps while I was there, and we were a Catholic school.

The Leyland Stanford Junior University Marching Band just called us "fucking amateurs" today, btw.

Anyway, that's just my take.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Yeah, Alabama actually outgained Oklahoma...garnering over 500 yards of offense, with 2 receivers that had over 100 yards.  I don't think for a second that Alabama wasn't motivated in that football game, so I don't know what Saban is talking about.  They got beat by a better team.  McCarron threw 2 picks, and coughed up a fumble during one of his 7 sacks.

I am reminded of Ohio State's game against LSU.  OSU outgained the Tigers, but lost by 2 TDs and Boeckman was harassed the whole game.  No one questioned Ohio State's motivation, especially after taking a 10-0 lead early.  They got beat by the better team.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Conference media days are lame.  The SEC one is popular because it's an uncivilized sensationalist shit show where coaches get headlines by saying stupid crap about each other with a rootin' tootin' accent.

Plus, anything involving Jim Delaney talking about "brand capital" and "east coast synergy" is a about as exciting as a marketing meeting.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue if after every loss to an SEC team in a bowl, the Ohio State coach had said, "It was hard to get these guys up for a game that wasn't the Rose Bowl?"  Saban should be slammed for his comment.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Was at a wedding during the triple-OT thriller against NC State in 2003.  There were 20 of us huddled around a portable TV during the reception.  Missed the entire party, dance floor was empty.  The free beer was nice, though.

It's always cheaper to have a fall wedding.  But, ladies, let it be a lesson that you will get what you pay for.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

"Disregard Trolling, Acquire Currency

We enjoy friendly banter with fans of other programs. Even the fans of the cesspit located 45 miles west of Detroit. Feel free to back your school with all of the pride you're accustomed to, but know your audience. Anything that even slightly resembles a trolling attempt will lead to a quick ban and the original comment being changed to "HURR DURR", "I LIKE PONIES" or any of a number of things.

Likewise, you're encouraged to avoid feeding the trolls. If the comment is that incendiary, it will be dealt with soon, so you can save your breath."

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Sorry, Les, when I hear the word "Federation," my first thought is to "make it so."

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Common sense test?  Yeah, if you read everything on a thread as literally as you do, of course it wouldn't pass the common sense test.  Good luck finding the square mile of ND where it both doesn't smell and is fun to visit.  When you do, let me know...I'll be happy to put it on my list of destination vacations.