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One day I changed my icon, and the entire internet almost collapsed in on itself and destroyed the known universe. Good news is that we're all still here and can laugh about it. Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My friends and I getting our picture taken with Brutus Buckeye on the field after beating Michigan 14-9 in 2002 to finish 13-0 with the scoreboard in the background.
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Comment 05 Oct 2015

I'm sorry, but in a year where TCU, Baylor, Utah, and Clemson are all in the top-6...what exactly is she trying to argue?   Brand obviously means nothing for some.  Oklahoma is undefeated, has looked awesome, and is 10th right now.  Alabama has lost and is ranked 8th.  So, obviously brand means something for some teams (SEC).  But I guess the only brand that should matter are the SEC's?

Sigh.  It's hard making sense of some people's opinions on college football rankings.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

A monthly sales contest for me would never work.  Managers can throw all the gimmick promotions and sales contests they like, but the ebb and flow of most sales depends on the quarter you're in.

Don't sweat it.  As long as you're on track for that end of year number, everything else is cream cheese.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

Can't fault anyone for voting on quality of wins.  Sparty has the best win of the season so far.

On the other hand, we lost 5 turnovers to better Oregon team just 3 games ago and we still beat them 42-20.


Comment 29 Aug 2015

Dammit, you know what I just remembered?  The first touchdown USC scored in that game wasn't a touchdown.  Stafon Green's knee touched the turf before the ball crossed the plane.  Tressel didn't challenge it (something we were already noticing was a major flaw in Jim Tressel's coaching strategy, ref: 2007 Illinois game).

That's it...I'm going to go do something with my day.  This is pathetic.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

When was the last time Illinois made a good decision that was football related?  Even the way their stadium was constructed...it makes it like a hurricane force wind tunnel.  You cannot throw the ball there...and yet, you can still beat them.  Strange.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I heard some of the players talk about that on one of the Buckeye history DVDs I own.  It ended with the refs not stopping the clock...OSU had time to line up and punch the ball in the end zone...Woody claimed they got the snap off in time, but the refs said the clock ran out.  Woody tried to get the team to follow him to Sparty's locker room after the game.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

At least Michigan was good in the 90s, and you can chalk it up partly to that.  USC ended up going 8-4, losing the week immediately following their trip to Columbus at Washington - arguably the worst FBS team over the last 15 years.  Just gross.  The game was over in the 3rd quarter when Jim Tressel elected to punt on 4th down on USC's 37 yard line...with Terrelle Pryor as his QB...the same Terrelle Pryor who went head-to-head against the best safety in the country Taylor Mays in that game, and Mays still walks with a limp as a result.

It's just baffling how and why we lost that game.  If I only get 1 question to ever ask Jim Tressel, it's going to be, "2009 USC...what the fuck was wrong with you, dude?"

Ohio State still hasn't beaten USC since 1974.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Didn't Woody have to be held back in the locker room after that Sparty game, because he was going to go fight their whole team?

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Really, the Purdue loss is your biggest hang-up?  For me it was the USC game that same year.  I'll never get over that one.  The Purdue game, eh, kids mess up sometimes.   But the mistakes in the USC game were 100% on Jim Tressel and the coaches.  The same ridiculous offensive philosophy of "don't let Terrelle Pryor play football" probably led to the debacle in West Lafayette later that year, but Ohio State should have beaten that USC team by 30 points.  The coaches were afraid of USC's helmets.

Ugh...thanks for ruining my morning DJ.  Bad memories.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

My 2010 Rose Bowl shirt....I can't even find a picture of it online.  Too bad.

Comment 21 Aug 2015

LOL, only at Ohio State would they start selling beer and act like they're at the forefront of a trend.  The Big Ten is one of the last conferences to approval the selling of beer at its venues.  Extra revenue?!  Ohio Stadium has sold out for how many years?  And now they're selling tickets at tiered pricing?

Sorry, just not buying this bullshit.  Welcome to the 21st Century, Gene.  About time.

Comment 19 Aug 2015

I think it's simply because the Sooners don't get completely slammed in the media every time they lose that 1 game per year the same way Ohio State has been.  Also, their fans are not loudmouths.  They went to 4 national title games in the last 15 years, and had about as good a success record vs. the SEC as Ohio State.  The similarities between Ohio State and Oklahoma are staggering, but only one draws the ire of the SEC...and I think it's because Ohioans talk a lot more shit.

Oklahoma seems to always get the benefit of the doubt going into the season that they're the #1 team, largely because of their QBs.  They haven't been irrelevant.

Comment 16 Aug 2015

Umm...guys, I thought this was 11W, where all we do is sit around obsessing over every time someone at Michigan sneezes.  Those jerseys say Adidas.  Michigan is wearing Nike this year, more specifically Jordan.  How do we know this is real?

Don't answer that.  I don't really give enough of a shit to know the answer.

Comment 16 Aug 2015

'Many SEC fans claim that Meyer brought "what he learned in the SEC to OSU."'

What is the point of their argument?  One can then say Urban Meyer brought what he learned at Ohio State, Notre Dame, Bowling Green, and Utah to the SEC, no?  Urban Meyer won a national title in his 2nd year at Florida with a decent portion of Ron Zook's players.  Ron Zook never seemed to learn this magical SEC knowledge.  Neither did Will Muschamp.  Steve Spurrier is still trying to figure out how to win an SEC East title at SC, despite his former success in the SEC.

Oh wait.  I forgot.  Arguing with SEC fans is impossible, and a huge waste of time.

Comment 07 Aug 2015

Mark May I dealt with pretty easily - I stopped watching ESPN's college football analysis and halftime shows. Solved.  Watching that little ESPN caused me to miss the fact that Stuart Scott was dying of cancer, but I digress.  ESPN owns the SEC, and ESPN hosts 95% of all college football highlight shows, and ESPN hosts the poll reveal shows, and ESPN hosts the bowl selection shows, and ESPN owns the broadcast rights to 95% of the bowls, and it's because of ESPN that the two worst schools in the entire country (Mississippi) have top-5 football teams.

The SEC has made Vanderbilt fans think their team has a national champion every year.  The SEC has the worst average ranking in the US World News Report of all the major sports conferences, yet it spends the most money on college football coaching salaries than all other conferences - and it's not even close.  Their mass delusion is hard to stomach, and yet it's force-fed to us every damn day by ESPN...because they own the SEC.

I voted SEC...with a bullet.  They make college football unfair and not fun.