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Comment 29 Aug 2014

Vandy has lost 11 of its last 15 openers....most of which were at home somehow...and many were against MAC or whatever teams.  So not really.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Well, this is what Vandy does opening weekend over the last 14 years (since I misread what you wrote about it being the last 3 years...since not even that registered as an analogous stat in my drunken haze)...

2000 - L to Miami (OH) at Vandy 33-30

2001 - L to Middle Tennessee St. at Vandy 37-28

2002 - L at Georgia Tech 45-3

2003 - L to Ole Miss at Vandy 24-21

2004- L to So. Carolina at Vandy 16-3

2005 - W at Wake Forrest 24-20

2006 - L at Michigan 27-7

2007 - W over FCS Richmond at Vandy 41-17

2008 - W at Miami (OH) 34-13

2009 - W over FCS W. Carolina at Vandy 45-0

2010 - L to Northwestern at Vandy 23-21

2011 - W over FCS Elon at Vandy 45-14

2012 - L to South Carolina at Vandy 17-13

2013 - L to Ole Miss at Vandy 39-35

How does Vandy get so many home openers?

Comment 28 Aug 2014

LOL, is that really how they're framing it?  I'm going to go look up what these teams are and then post it...need more tequila in my margharita, glass, though...be back in a minute.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Washington State is by no means a mid-pack Pac-12 team.  In the last 4 years, they finished better than 1 conference win and a last place finish 1 time...last year, with 4 wins.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

New verb:  "Rutgering"  It means to completely shit the bed after looking like you know how to play football in the first few minutes.  Used to be called Spartying.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

is that Bama has been the dominant team in football the last 5 or so years.

I just got done saying that exact thing over on another thread this morning, actually! 

If there was a 4-team playoff that year, I'm sure Alabama would have made it, and they may very well would have won it.  2 of the other conference champions finished with 2 losses (Oregon and Wisconsin), and Oregon probably would have been chosen despite having lost to LSU earlier in the year and Wisconsin would have been left out.  That was a weird year.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I was counting Penn State, actually.  Penn State, Arkansas, Auburn.  Who was the 4th that finished the regular season with a winning record?  They only played 3 other bowl teams, Florida, Vandy and Miss St., and all 3 finished 6-6.  You're actually going to point to LL and Tulsa when Alabama played FCS Georgia Southern in the 2nd-to-last week of November?  Oklahoma State beat 4 teams that were ranked at the time, while Alabama only beat 3. 

So, I'm not "phrasing" anything beyond the facts.

We could go on and on and on about this, and if you stack up the resumes and block out the names, Alabama simply did not have as good of a season as Oklahoma State in all categories except for the ranking of the team that beat them...but that should have been negated by playing a tougher schedule.  And if you're still going to point to the championship game result as an indication that Alabama deserved to be there, I am going to say that the result is an indication that LSU was not only beyond overrated, but that the SEC was a joke that year and that neither SEC team should have been there.  They were beaten worse than Ohio State in 2006.  I have no doubt that Oklahoma State would have annihilated LSU that night, and they definitely deserved their chance to be there.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

It may very well be possible to have the 2 best teams in 1 division, but Alabama didn't prove that it was one of the 2 best teams that season.  They only beat 3 bowl teams that had winning records.  Oklahoma State beat 7.  In the game Alabama lost, it didn't score a touchdown and missed 3 field goals.

That game will always be one of controversy.  But I have yet to read an argument from anyone that would indicate why Alabama empirically deserved to be chosen for that championship game (the result of the game logically cannot be cited, since no one can predict the future).  Usually the only reason is the quality of the loss, but as already indicated - Oklahoma State played a tougher top-to-bottom schedule that year.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

There isn't.  Alabama is #2, and Ohio State is #5.

Schedule strength will only start to matter when it comes to the 4th playoff team.  Does a 1-loss Big XII champion deserve a playoff spot over a top-5 ranked 1-loss Alabama team that didn't win their conference (assuming LSU wins the SEC or something)?

Scenarios like this are too far off to speculate.  And arguing about schedule strength before any football is played MIGHT be the dumbest pastime in the history of sports.  But, if we're going to talk about why a team might be ranked #2 despite a weak schedule, it has to do with their reputation.  Alabama has plugged in several QBs over the last 5 years, and they've crushed virtually everyone they've played.  It simply hasn't mattered.

Frankly, Ohio State being ranked #5 even with a healthy Braxton Miller is solely based on their reputation and the reputation of Urban Meyer.  Ohio State returns zero starters from their 110th in pass defense last year, have no identity at linebacker, graduated their leading rusher, and have 4 new starters on the O-line, and new starters at WR.  Explain to me why Ohio State would be at #5 if not for their reputation or recruiting rankings?  Same goes for Alabama.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

SEC teams have been hoarding the nation's top QB talent for the better part of half a decade (going by the online recruiting rankings).  I almost posted an analysis the other day on another thread, but didn't have the time to research it all.  The short story is that they get ~10 of the 20 or so 4-stars each year (pro and dual-threat).  The only other conference that comes close is the Big XII.  The Big Ten might get 1 or 2 of the 4-stars.

So, if the SEC is starting someone new, it's likely the person they're starting was a 4-star QB coming out of high school.  The B1G might be returning starters at QB, but their starters at that position as a group are worse than some of the mid-tier conferences.

The B1G will start getting respect when they stop shitting the bed in their nonconference games and bowl games.