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Comment 7 hours ago

It's just preposterous to have ever thought that a team with this many new starters would win every game.  Throw them into the best Big Ten lineup the conference has seen in years, and they were bound to have a game where nothing was clicking.

I'm not upset about this one, and I'm mentally prepared for a loss to Michigan this year.  Full confidence that Urban Meyer and this group of insanely competitive youngsters are going to rally and get better from it.  I wouldn't want to be Northwestern this week!

Comment 05 Oct 2016

An odd sentiment, and a lazy analogy.  It's not like conferences that feature unequal revenue sharing have powerhouses in every team.  Otherwise Kansas and Iowa State would be a top-5 program in the Big XII, where Oklahoma and Texas retain most conference revenue, right?  Because both would be incentivized to fill the stands, right?  Can only do that with winning football, right?

Not to mention that we don't seem to see this happening in Purdue's other sports - which would be expected if the entire Purdue campus were lazy free check-collectors.  Sure, winning football is a gold mine.  But Purdue's doing great with men's basketball right now - the 2nd largest moneymaker on a college campus.  Purdue's Women's basketball team has won the Big Ten Tournament in 9 of the last 18 years.  Their women's golf team is also pretty good.

Not to mention Purdue's science and engineering student body is one of the most competitive in the world.  I don't think the Big Ten welfare checks really affect their definition of winning.

You know what?  Fuck off, former Purdue football player, for making me defend Purdue.  Blech.

Comment 23 Sep 2016

Everyone in the country plays pretty much the same non-conference schedule.  The only time you can dog a program is if they play no one from a power-5.  But nearly everyone plays at least 1 team.  And almost no one goes undefeated.

But you're right, the SEC with 8 conference games and 1 November D-2 freebie is bullshit.

Comment 16 Sep 2016

The length of games due to commercials is starting to become a real annoyance.  But I was under the impression that there are less plays being snapped in college football due to changes in clock rules a few years ago (clock starts again once the ball is placed).  But then there's the hurry-up offense that dominates the game now, which may have introduced more plays per game, more incompletions, and more clock stoppage.

So, I'm not entirely sure what the main driving force behind the lengthening of games - but that sounds like a GREAT opportunity for the 11W double secret underground research division to write an article.

Comment 13 Aug 2016

For what it's worth - I haven't read the rest of the conversation, but I'm betting it has to do with Harbaugh vs. Meyer, and whether Meyer is going to leave for the NFL someday.  I'm willing to bet a d-bag Ohio State fan said something about Harbaugh not doing anything of substance at the NFL level.  Then Chief Justin's comment about Meyer and the "highest level" would at least make sense (no matter how stupid).  Even if what I just described wasn't the actual conversation - this dude's comments were clearly about Meyer and the NFL, making your comments about Meyer's college accomplishments a reactionary, pointless retort to an already pointless comment.

Comment 27 Jul 2016

Well, their infractions were different.  Tressel was in a legal pickle when it came to the Tat-5.  Pryor, et al., are the ones who did the pickling.

But, it was a scandal that should never have been as huge as it was.  Tressel should have gotten leeway from the NCAA given how his knowledge was given to him inappropriately by an investigating lawyer.  The Tat-5 suspensions levied by the NCAA similar to other incidents of that magnitude $ amount.  The 5 year ban from Ohio State's campus, though, was completely, 100% uncalled for.  Why does that make any sense at all?  "He's a grown man now?"  F-you, Gene.  He was a grown man when he plowed over Taylor Mayes as a sophomore.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

Easily my choice as well.  I've never gotten over that one.  Unforgivable game.

I also choose it largely because it probably wouldn't have changed the course of events.  Ohio State would still have gone on to lose to Purdue and wind up in the Rose Bowl against Oregon.  Pete Carroll would finish 7-5 instead of 8-4, and still bolt for Seattle.  The game would have done nothing to affect Tressel's eventual fate.  It might have eased the 3-year reputation of losing on a national stage at night - but that would have faded the second after USC lost to Washington the following week.  It would have done nothing for Ohio State's reputation against the SEC.

Why pick it then?  Because it would have felt REALLY good.  It was USC.  We still haven't beaten them since 1974.  We lost that game because of everything Jim Tressel's style came to represent.  And at that moment, I was pretty sick and tired of it.  Punting on 4th and 11 from USC's 36???  With Terrell Pryor???  It was indefensible, and I was ready for a change at the top to get back to winning big games with big talent.  It was the moment I turned on Tressel.  If I ever get a moment alone with him, this is the game I'm most likely to bring up saying, "2009 USC - WTF, man?!"

Comment 05 Jul 2016

Yes.   Not that there's anything wrong with that.