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Grew up watching more Jim Jackson, Mark Baker and Treg Lee than I did Ohio State football but my priorities flipped as I got a little older. Tress helped that transition along.....Urban is pouring massive amounts of fuel on the fire.

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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Urban's first win over Michigan. Saw it with my entire immediate family, who I only see twice a year. Great day.
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Comment 30 May 2013

Josh Kendall from The State (South Carolina) has ruined every ounce of respect I have for media votes. Dude doesn't take the responsibility that comes with having a vote seriously (as seen every week in last year's AP football polls). No thanks.

I don't know of a group that can be trusted to be unbiased. Make the computer ranking 100% TRANSPARENT and give me a dozen of those ahead of the human vote. Humans are sketchy. Computers are just stupid. I'll take stupid.

Hell, hire R2D2. That dude can figure anything out if tasked correctly.

Comment 28 Apr 2013

Like Alabama. Oh...right.


Best of luck to the kid. Everyone deserves a 5th chance to earn a significant living after four completely free ones.

Comment 28 Apr 2013

"The reality is expansion was about a couple things, but at the top of that pyramid is finances."

We all know it to be true but it's nice to hear it bluntly and directly from the mouth of someone in a position of authority. JDADAMS01 said it above but his answers were refreshingly candid from start to finish.

I like that you asked about Twitter. Didn't realize there was someone within the administration that could 'tell him to' get back on. He probably dumped his account and secretly runs @celebrityhottub.

Nice work, Kyle.



Comment 27 Apr 2013

As a biased Denver fan I picked Montee Ball because Elway understands the importance of having a consistent back (lost three Super Bowls without one - won two with one). Ball will have every opportunity to become Manning's starting back in Denver because he's an every-down guy and Moreno can't stay healthy.

That said I'd have rather seen the Broncos take Lacy, who fell three spots later to Green Bay.

Comment 26 Apr 2013

They have a Music, Mulligan, Farrakhan, Crooks and Rudolph those are going to have to go on.

Cole Stalker's will be solid -- he's a Linebacker.

Comment 25 Apr 2013

Agreed. More of this type of commentary (and action) from recruits would be a welcome sight. That's not to say I blame them for playing hopscotch as God knows what I'd have done in their shoes at that age. This one hurts Ohio State but the unbiased side of me says good for him.