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Grew up watching more Jim Jackson, Mark Baker and Treg Lee than I did Ohio State football but my priorities flipped as I got a little older. Tress helped that transition along.....Urban is pouring massive amounts of fuel on the fire.

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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Tress vs Miami; Urban vs Oregon
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Ezekiel Elliott; Boom Herron
  • NFL TEAM: Denver Broncos
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 03 Feb 2016

Great catches. I've corrected both for the next update (we've already updated it a couple of times as the Composite Rankings continue to shift within the Top 10 before being finalized). Thanks for the help.

Comment 14 Dec 2015

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Can't express how excited I am to contribute - while learning and improving. The sky is the limit.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

I'm on Fanduel and almost exclusively play the 50/50 games. Pay $5, beat 1/2 of the people and win $4.75 (or something close to that). If you play enough fantasy football and pay enough attention on Sunday's then getting in the top 50% isn't that difficult. There are plenty of schmuks out there paying into the 50/50's and drafting their favorite players.

I get in the highest volume (players) 50/50 I can. Easier to beat fifty out of a hundred than five out of ten, in my experience.


Comment 12 Sep 2015

Looks like Cardale's dad is going over the playbook with him one more time this morning before game prep starts.

Comment 02 Sep 2015

True professionals, Jason and staff. Shot the FB screen cap to @11W from my @BuckeyeEdge account because I know getting it in their hands will get us fans confirmation/answers the quickest. In return they give me the "via" on their Cardale post, as seen above.

These guys do everything in their power to do it right. Always impressive.

edited to correct typo

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Bravo, 419er. I would buy this.

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Eleven scarlet stripes (including the scarlet "ELEVEN WARRIORS") to honor the site.

Eight buckeye leaves representing eight football National Championships.

DISCLAIMER: I actually like Buckeye419er's better.

Comment 08 Aug 2015

Also - I learned not long ago from Zeke's mom that the "L's" sign he's giving is his shout out back to St. Louis. Thought that was pretty cool.

If anyone has other ideas for other Buckeyes with out-of-state origins I'd love to hear them. These are fun to put together.