Some thoughts on the upcoming recruiting "Dead Period"

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December 14, 2012 at 5:24p

For class of 2013 prospects, there is a dead period that begins on Monday December 17th and lasts until January 3rd. During this dead period, contact is not allowed between schools and targets anywhere off campus. Coaches will no longer be permitted to stop by schools and talk to recruits and not able to go into the homes of their top targets.

What is allowed during that time period is phone communication and recruits coming onto campus. Recruits will not generally end up on campus during this timeframe because of the holidays, anyways. Contact is very limited, as it will only be one call a week, generally.

Who does this impact the most? I think James Quick and Mike Mitchell. Why? Because they are set to announce at the U.S. Army All-American Game on January 5th. If they are set to announce their choice then, they will have very minimal interaction with the staffs of their finalists until then.  Starting Monday, and until two days before the day they announce, will be a dead period. When the dead period ends, Mitchell and Quick will be in the process of traveling to San Antonio.

Mike Mitchell has recently canceled his official visit to Texas A&M for this weekend.  Coaches Luke Fickell and Mike Vrabel had the in-home visit with Mitchell this week, but Coach Meyer won't be in the Mitchell home until later on in January. Sounds like a done deal to me. Mitchell to Ohio State. Why would Coach Meyer wait and schedule the in-home visit with Mitchell for a date after he announces? Because he is confident that Mitchell will announce his intentions to sign with Ohio State.

James Quick is going through with his official visit this weekend to Louisville. Louisville is Ohio State's only competition for the services of Quick. After his official visit, he will have about 2 weeks to make up his mind on where to attend college. Now, the information on Quick is not as clear as it is on Mitchell. The reports are few and far in between on Quick. By now, the in-home visits between Quick and Meyer and staff have probably already been completed. More than likely, they took place this week. If it is the same situation as Mitchell and Meyer is waiting to meet with Quick for the in-home visit later on in January, Ohio State probably seems plenty confident in their situation with Quick as well.

My hunch is that Urban Meyer has already had his in-home visit with James Quick and his family. It probably happened this week before the Louisville official visit in hopes of sealing the deal. It had to be done with the dead period approaching, and Quick's decision being announced soon after the dead period finishes. One clear detail I have discussed with someone in regards to the recruitment of James Quick, is the choice to announce the decision at the U.S. Army All-American Game, and not before or afterwards inside his high school gymnasium. Why is that relevant? If he was picking the hometown Cardinals, I would think the ceremony would be in a more local venue, rather than a national one. 

All of Trey Johnson's in-home visits seem to have been completed and Ohio State and Florida were said to be the schools he is focused on. Florida has 3 linebackers committed already so it seems like OSU is the likely choice. With the dead period approaching, in-home visits finished, and not wanting to drag out the process, I can see Johnson making a decision soon, or waiting to make a decision during the Under Armour All-American Bowl on January 4th.

Vonn Bell has placed his recruitment in the back of his mind recently, and has yet to take an official visit or welcomed any coaches for an in-home visit. Bell's season will end after this weekend as his team plays in the state championship game. No in-home visits will be able to be made unless Bell decides to hold off on a decision, and allow his recruitment to go on into the middle to end of January. If Bell makes his college choice within a week of his season ending, not only will he not take official visits, but no in-home college visits either, which I think could be more important in the case of Ohio State.

Without an in-home or an official visit with the new staff, Tennessee would certainly be out of the race for Vonn Bell, meaning Ohio State and Alabama are the only suitors. It is hard to gauge Vonn Bell's intentions, and I would feel better about the Buckeyes if they at least had gotten an in-home visit with Bell and his family, and they still may, depending on his decision date.

I have been in disagreement with many of the experts out there that still believe Bell dons the Crimson Tide uniforms. I have felt Ohio State because of their lack of scrambling for other safeties and players in the secondary. At offensive line, when it became clear they were out of the picture for Dawson and Johnson, they issued an offer to Kenny Lacy and Jack Keeler. When it became clear they were struggling at linebacker, they tried flipping Daniel McMillan, James Hearns, and Trey Johnson, and also issued out an offer to Skai Moore. None of that type of activity has taken place in the secondary. I'm going to remain stubborn, and pick Vonn Bell to Ohio State for that reason.

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Thanks Derek. During the dead period are the coaches allowed to have contact with 2014 and 2015 recruits or are all potential recruits off limits?  Also, any word on how Urban is doing with his family contract?  Will he be vacationing during the dead period?

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That was my point exactly Derek, why would quick not make a decision in front of his home crowd

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I like your take on Bell, Derek. I've been saying this quietly to myself for quite sometime time now. The only doubt that crept into my mind was when rumors of Max Redfield started to swirl.

But considering the activity, rather lack thereof, at recruiting the safety position I believe the staff feels confident enough to pencil Vonn Bell into this class.

“Right now, Michigan is not at the pinnacle of college football, and that’s all Urban Meyer cares about...He’s been there and knows what it takes to get there.” 

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Is it every recruit that you aren't allowed to communicate with or just the ones that aren't committed?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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The commitment is only verbal so their status as committed or not really doesn't matter to the NCAA.

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Every one in class of 2013, committed or not.

Its only class of 2013 that the dead period is for as contact is already sparse and limited with class of 2014. Only allowed to contact them with in-person communication on-campus of the college.

Also, as I understand it, official and unofficial visits are not permitted during the dead period either, so I was wrong.

And the coach cant make calls to recruit, but can receive them. 

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Couple of points:
-Mitchell: mentioned this in another thread but I honestly believe Mitchell commited on his official or shortly after and Meyer told him to make it public at the AA game.
-Quick: totally agree with you and am very hopeful he'll be a Buckeye. Even though some don't want to admit it for fear of getting their hopes up, the Quick recruitment has been trending OSU's way for some time now. First, it was rumored that he was starting to favor OSU even before his official during THE GAME. Then after his official there was chatter that he may have silent verbaled. Now that he is making his choice at the AA game all signs point towards him being a Buckeye (unless UL tries to force a commitment this weekend which while unlikely coule happen). Remember all you who are saying this is Diggs 2.0: Diggs decided to make his choice in a very public place in his hometown. There is no way he would have picked Florida or OSU in front of all his peers who wanted him to stay home.
-Bell: some may call me a homer but I have been a pretty big supporter of Bell to OSU even during all this Alabama talk. It was said for months that the main competition was with Tennessee. Now it looks like Tennessee's out of it for all intents and purposes. I know people are upset that he never made it for a game, but it's not an easy trek from Georgia to Ohio, especially compared to visiting Alabama. People also tend to forget that Bell made not one but two extended trips to OSU during the summer, one of which he brought his mom along for. He is the kind of kid where he wants to get his questions answered and once he has that information he doesn't need to be wooed or swayed like som recruits do. And like Derek said, I think if Bell was indeed leaning Bama you would see Meyer put out more feelers to other safeties (especially Max Redfield which has not happened yet).

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Excellent write up Derek. Wondered about the dead period and such as well as your in-depth thoughts on the players you mentioned. Answered many questions and I agree with your individual recruit mindsets. Again, thank you for an excellent summation.

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Dead period. I call it the Dread period, the time when no grey boxes will appear on my screen.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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Technically, a kid could still call a coach and commit.

Just saying. 

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Derek I get what you are saying about OSU not going after more safeties but they did go after Conley.  I don't know if Conley becoming a Buckeye is related to Bell but I think Burrows is a safety.  Seems that they maybe could have lived with Burrows at CB for a year before he bulks up too much if Bell was on board.  The offer to Conley might not have anything to do with Bell but the timing of it leads me to believe it does.

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I know we use Urban reaching out to players at the same position as a gauge for how confident we feel about getting guy, i.e. going after more O lineman but not going after more safeties, etc. Has anybody turned this around and looked at it for the schools we're competing against? Does Alabama have offers out to multiple safeties right now? Is Charlie strong scrambling for another WR lately? Just a thought, wasn't sure if anyone had any information

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There's a post in the forum about Vonn setting an official visit.  In there someone said that Bama just had a three star safety or CB commit.  Could be telling.  Why would they allow a "lower" recruit to commit if they had confidence in Bell commiting?  It's all speculation, but could be telling.  

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Thanks Derek, insightful as always! I agree with you that Mitchell is most likely in. The quick situation is interesting bc of him announcing at the all-star game- I really felt he was all Louisville but not so sure anymore. I really hope your prediction on Bell is right, been wanting him on this squad for a long time now, his talents are rare. Adding these three guys would put this class over the top! Throw in Trey Johnson for good measure will be icing on the cake!

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I'm less optimistic on Bell. 

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They havn't created any back-up plans for Vonn Bell.

Playing devil's advocate, they may already have them committed. 

Jayme Thompson is a safety, Cam Burrows could be moved to safety, and Darron Lee could end up at safety. Gareon Conley could be a CB or he could play offense.

The commits OSU has offer a lot of versatility to really be able to shore up areas of depth with commits they already have.

However, I got to stick with my guess on Bell. 

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Are you sticking with Bell to OSU, Derik??
Please say yes.