Shaker Heights High School's Coach Gibson on Donovan Munger

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December 11, 2012 at 4:45p

I received the pleasure of getting to talk to Coach Jarvis Gibson of Shaker Heights High School about Donovan Munger's commitment to Ohio State, as well as a few other topics.  Coach Gibson was gracious enough to tell me all about Munger as a person, his ability as a player, the recruiting process, his final choice, and other stars coming up through the Shaker Heights football program.

  • On Munger: "Donovan is an exceptional player.  He's even a better person and that is what I'm most proud of.  He has great character and was an instrumental leader as this football program has progressed."
  • On Munger's ability and what he brings to Ohio State: "Ohio State recruited Donovan as a defensive tackle, but he can play on the offensive line too.  He's great at both positions.  Half of his offers were for the offensive line, and the other half for defensive line.  That is pretty unheard of.  I think they are getting a very special player."
  • On what drew Munger to Ohio State: "I think there was a variety of factors that played into his choice to commit to the Buckeyes, and proximity probably played a part.  When it came down to it, I think he liked the direction the program was headed in and the coaching staff."
  • More on his choice: "I think Donovan had about 7 schools he really liked.  They were all even but I think Ohio State being on the rise and Coach Meyer coming in and doing what he did his first year had an impact on him.  That is how I saw things develop with him."
  • On if depth chart was ever a concern: "Donovan thought about it like every recruit making this kind of decision should.  Getting on the field in a timely matter is what you dream of at the college level.  He knows they have some depth across the front line, but in the end it was about trusting his abilities and playing for the program he fit in at."
  • On the Ohio State coaches Munger had the best relationships with: "Other than Coach Meyer, he talked the most with Coach Vrabel and Coach Drayton.  Coach Drayton recruits this area and he is exceptional at it.  He is well respected."
  • Shaker Heights High School also has six 2014 football players attractiving Division 1 colleges' attention.  Already holding offers are WR Odell Spencer, WR Nolan Jackson-Daniel, RB Ramses Owens, RB Greg Claytor, DE Joe Henderson, and OL Jamerez Bowens.

Ohio State landed its 19th commitment in DL Donovan Munger, and have a handful of spots left still available in the 2013 class.  Stick with us here at Eleven Warriors as we bring you the latest on who may fill those slots.

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Thanks for the update Derek.  Great read!

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Great update. I think I liked Gibson's quote about Munger playing O-line the best (we all know it, but when it's acknowledged by the HS coach, you know it's on the table) as well as his appraisal of Drayton's recruiting presence.

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Thanks for the write up Derek.  Sounds like we got a good quality young man.

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The Official DDS of 11W

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I like the idea of guys fighting for d line time and if they get squeezed out, move to o line! The aggressive mentality helps when you run the ball and need that tough couple of yards.

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It's amazing how much better Shaker has gotten at football since the city started pee-wee football. Shaker has always produced some D-I talent but not at the numbers the 2013 & '14 classes are.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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getting PT on the D-Line is going to be a battle for every young guy.  all the competition should make for a pretty nice finished product.