My Day at the Women's Football Clinic

[Ed: Special thanks to Katie Hying for this wonderful wrap-up of the first annual Football Women's Clinic.] From the time he set foot on campus Urban Meyer set out to assemble the best coaching staff in college football.  We’ll know more about that in the fall, but at Saturday&rsqu...
10 Jun 2012
by KH8611

Buckeye Basketball

I read in the Dispatch where the Buckeye basketball coaching staff is comfortable with the way the recent recruiting went . Well this writer believes our coaching lacks a sense of urgency that is held by Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina and others. Our team lost a huge inside presenc...
09 Jun 2012
by nltemple

Selling Penn State to Alex Anzalone

Maybe this is the work of a Nittany Lion fan. Perhaps it came from Penn State recruiting. It does appear to be a card fashioned out of the Penn State oval logo and it was re-tweeted by Anzalone himself, originally posted by an account appearing to belong to his older brother. The authenticity ...

Tragedy on the gridiron

Fellow 11warriors, it is with a heavy heart that I relay to you a personal experience from yesterday. I play for the Northwest Ohio Knights, a GLFL semi-pro team out of Toledo. Yesterday we played a benefit game with the proceeds going to ALS research (our head coach is a victim of ALS). C...
13 May 2012
by Roger

Charity Golf Outing: 11W & Nationwide Childrens

To register or sponsor, visit Eleven Warriors is committed to delivering you fresh Ohio State content while providing a community you can participate in and be proud of on a daily basis. We're also committed to paying forward, especially around Central Ohio. ...

Cleveland Mismanagement

As a long time Buckeye and Browns fan, I have been continually disappointed with the Browns lack of initiative to build a pipeline from the OSU NFL factory. It makes sense both on a financial and emotional standpoint. OSU has a track record of solid ROI concerning NFL players and Ohio is a Buckeye s...

2013 Defensive End Jonathan Allen

Hello everyone, it's Northern Virginia Buckeye (or NoVA Buckeye for short) and I'd like to go into recruiting a bit right now. 2013 DE Jon Allen (Ashburn, VA / Stone Bridge), the #1 Defensive End according to many recruiting website, has announced that he has narrowed his top choices down t...
03 May 2012
by NoVA Buckeye

UM O-Line vs. OSU D-Line

“Games are won in the trenches.” Sure, we’ve all heard this saying, and that’s fine and dandy if one team has an major advantage in one trench or the other, but what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?  In other words, what can we expect w...
24 Apr 2012
by AJBor41

OSU Offensive Line NFL Draft History Last 20 Years

With the NFL draft coming up rather quickly, I decided to look at how many Big 10 offensive linemen have been taken within the first five rounds over the past 20 years.  The numbers are not shocking.  We suck, firmly entrenched in the middle/bottom of the pack, furiously holdi...
23 Apr 2012
by bukyze

The Best of Three and Out, Blockquoted

M Man, our resident Wolverine expert, already published the definitive review of Three and Out: Rich Rodriguez and the Michigan Wolverines in the Crucible of College Football, John U. Bacon's behind-the-scenes look at Rich Rodriguez's short tenure in Ann Arbor. His review is fair...

Spring Game Attendances So Far

tOSU - 81,112 Alabama - 78,526 LSU - 33,000 Clemson - 28,000 Pitt - 4,607 lol UNC - 17,000 Boise St - 17,123 Missouri - 18,614 scUM - 25,000 South Carolina - 34,513 Auburn - 43,000 Georgia - 44,000 Texas - 46,000 Oklahoma - 20,000...
14 Apr 2012
by Buckman

Arkansas learned from Tressel's exit

Ok, this is a College Football blog so the 4 people that read this already knew about Bobby 'Admiral Moron' Petrino. Anyway, this reminds me of springtimes past when the 'Tressel Knew' Story hit the waves.  Boy oh boy, don't we remember.  But, OSU, full of resili...
14 Apr 2012
by ziplock007

Practice report, 4/14/2012

"Students in first, staff and faculty line up over here - cellphones off and put away!" No, in my years here at OSU - the one year from '97-98, or the ones starting in Winter 2009 - I have never been in the Woody Hayes Athletic Complex.  I could park there with my C permit,...
14 Apr 2012
by vidstudent

DJ Moving On

Last Friday DJ published a thought-provoking story encouraging student athletes to seize the option to go pro when opportunities to do so arise. One line in the story, regarding universities generally not caring about whether students graduate, struck a nerve and the comments subsequently turned ...

Miss. State star could transfer to OSU... This looks like it could be another Ohio State/Duke battle, ala Tony Parker. Rodney Hood --- one of the top freshman in the SEC last season for the Mississippi ...
10 Apr 2012
by Bucks43201