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Comment 09 Nov 2017

I was sitting in the Purdue alumni section for my first game. Dressed in all my buckeye gear, I was harassed all game long. After that play, the guy behind me spun me around and said, "you better win that F'n national championship". I'll never forget it.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Are you able to trust most stores, etc? I figured normally if they had a reputation for not having legit items, they wouldn't last long.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

So originally in my man cave, I wanted to have one helmet signed by each of the coaches in my lifetime. I've since moved past that and have decided to get a helmet with each head coach on it. This is my newest edition. I have a Jim Tressel so just need to get Cooper, Fickell and Meyer I want Urban on the chrome helemt since this is on the black. 
Also, this is the picture the dealer sent me to see if I was interested. So I don't have all those helmets, just this one.
And if I can help it, I'm not going to let this thread die. If a new one is started, that's fine but I enjoy this tread too much to let it die.
Comment 14 Nov 2016

So my newest piece is a 2006 poster that was released right before "The Game". Only 300 copies were released. The poster features Tippy Dye on an old style ticket stub. This was signed by Tippy and Troy Smith. The only two QBs to beat Michigan 3 years. 

Comment 12 Nov 2016

Let it be known that I am not affiliated with the seller and have no idea if some guy just did this out of his garage but there is one listed on ebay...


Comment 11 Nov 2016

Understand, Just haven't seen a new thread yet so when my product comes in(hopefully by the end of next week) I'll post it on here.

It's nothing too old but has something to do with Tippy Dye and Troy Smith which I found interesting.

Comment 10 Nov 2016

Found it funny. I was looking through websites for OSU memorabilia and came across a 1924 poster that someone was trying to get information on. The last post was from 3 years ago and I'm pretty sure I recognize the e-mail of the person that was inquiring about it. IL, did you get the poster? 

I think I have a new item coming and will share it when it comes in. 

All in all, IL, I hope you reconsider keeping this thread open. I know part of this is so you can see others stuff but I love this stuff and if you could go back through all my commenting history, this is by far my most commented on. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I appreciate it. It's just hard to find stuff that I can afford and won't get me in trouble with the wife. So my buying power isn't quite there. 

Comment 02 Nov 2016

That is correct and it appeared that Micah was in the starting 5. At least from what I was told. Was also told that the bucks did not look good against them and not to have my hopes too high this season. Still a lot of time for growth but it doesn't look good.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

But we were saying the same thing about the 2014 team. Until the team was tested and lost, we didn't know what we had. We were young as well back then. Not saying we are going to run the table and win the championship. I'm saying the season isn't over, and now is the time for some guys to step up. We are 7 games into the season instead of 2 and have built a lot of groundwork already on a young team. Does this push them the extra bit that is needed. Only time will tell.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

The one thing I remember as I left the VT game in 2014 is that we would never win with an offensive line like that...

I said to my buddy that went to the game with me. Oh, how that comment was true. We lost, our o-line was dominated, and then it all just clicked for the team. As others have said, we just need to win one game at a time now.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Just my opinion, but 0% chance this happens. JT is the TD leader at OSU for reason. I know some haven't been against great teams but he's also played amazing in games where we've needed him. 

You don't put a guy with 0 meaningful snaps in for a guy who is comfortable reading defenses, lead the team to the B1G championship game two years ago and has a w/l ratio most schools would love to have, much less QBs. I know we aren't most schools but it's just not feasible that a young QB will be better than an experienced QB when neither have any time. Again, just my opinion but I backed JT all least year as well.