reactions to espn's all access

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August 26, 2012 at 3:24 pm

I have been looking for info on reactions to the espn all-access series following tOSU. I havent found much just saw a ($)247 article about raekwon mcmillan where he states "Something special is going to happen at Ohio State real soon." I thought the series showed a very good look behind the scenes on how  meyer runs things and the level of intensity that he brings. It really showed how important coach mick is to the developement of players both physically and pshychologicly. He is so intense and positive a real in your face guy that im sure alot of recruits would love to train under. This series was obviously good for national exposure but what are HS players saying. Has anyone seen anything or has any 11w staff spoke to any recruits about this or if they plan to. Look forward to seeing what people thought of our beloved buckeyes. Just tryin to get my football fix to help make it til this weekend. Go Bucks!

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