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Comment 29 Nov 2020

Just turned this game on. How the hell we losing to them?   Basketball can be weird.  They beat SF who beat UVA... then got beat handily by Illinois St (ended up being 10 pt win) who we beat by 30.  

Comment 25 Nov 2020

Not a good way to close out the half after that big start.  Pretty sure these guys are picked 2nd to last in the MVC.  Should win by at least 30.  I like Sueing’s game.  He’s niceeee.  The two freshman look pretty good too

Comment 19 Nov 2020

That makes it 3 straight classes the Buckeyes will land ESPNs #1overall ranked player.  Fleming - Sawyer - Ewers.  4 out of the last 5 if you want to include Fields. Sheeesssh. 

Comment 17 Nov 2020

Day is quickly becoming my fav Buckeye HC.  Loved JT & Urban but Day seems to be a mix of both their best qualities.

*should note in my lifetime of 33 years.  Woody actually passed 2 days before I was born. 

Comment 13 Nov 2020

Either way IU ain’t going undefeated.  We’ll smash them and of some chance they cancel that game they will lose to Wisky, Purdue or Maryland.  Should’ve lost to a bad PSU team. Barely had 200 yards of O. 

Comment 10 Nov 2020

To be fair, Maryland had 7 sacks & 9 TFL against that PSU OL.    (They have 1 total sack in their other two games).