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Comment 27 Mar 2020
Still early in the rankings for all those prospects and will be hard to fully evaluate these guys for awhile with this whole virus going around. Wheaton is a stud with 10.6 100m speed. But I like the two we got.
Comment 22 Mar 2020
If Wesson leaves our main problem will be C. Unless we start Young, Town, Sueing giving us 3 guys 6'7-6'8 in the starting line up. Just saw an article on 247 saying Gaffney is gone... likely to pursue pro options overseas rather than stay and or transfer... Team should be really good though. Most likely losing Wesson bros, Gaffney and Carton... adding Sueing, Towns, Jallow and the 2 incoming freshman.
Comment 16 Mar 2020
Um and PSU fans are extremely delusional but no where close to Vols fans. They shut down big 10 QBs cause they finish with 6 or 7 wins and play the 8th/9th best team from the conference. Needed an IU choke to barely win their bowl game. tOSU was up 51-10 in Bloomington heading into the 4th qt
Comment 16 Mar 2020
If Pryor commits then it'll basically come down to the first man to commit between Edwards & Henderson? Not a bad problem to have.
Comment 16 Mar 2020

Boooom!  Another commit or two should be coming tonight and tomorrow as well.  This class may break Meyers record for overall points and or average player rating.  Was just reading how J.T. is basically a lock to tOSU as well.  (#1 5* DT from Washington)  according to the rumors from the morning boarding house.. below is the copy & paste of what was said by this Ryab fella. 

Comment 03 Mar 2020
Started to read a lot of posts on a possible Achilles injury to Master Teague... I know 11W folks don't like them rumors but most turn out true.. and this isn't my sources. Hope it's not true. If so we may have to get back on that Zach Evans train.
Comment 27 Feb 2020
Also helped me win my 5 team parlay $540 on a $50 bet. Thank youuu Terps.
Comment 26 Feb 2020
If I remember right that D had to replace 9 starters from the season before.. if only Holmes returned for his last season on O & Whitner and Youbuty on D... that could've made that team much more complete. Especially if Ginn didn't get injured after his opening house call.