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Comment 17 Aug 2017

His Twitter is very pro tOSU and almost seems like he's considered himself a commit for a long time.  Doesn't make sense though with 2 RBs already committed plus Gill.  Unless he's gonna walk on. 

Comment 16 Aug 2017

I'd throw in a flex position and put Byars as that.  Pretty sure he played both RB and TE in the NFL and finished his career with over 3100 rushing and 23 TDs and over 5600 receiving and another 31 TDs. 

Also had one the most efficient passing seasons ever in '90 going 4-4 for 4 TDs.  Ha. (Threw 6 in his career).

Comment 15 Aug 2017

Was going to say that one too.

Also the National Title game vs LSU, TB put a great ball in the corner of the endzone for Robiskie and it went right through his hands which would have made the score 17-10 Buckeyes, instead we settled for a FG attempt that got blocked and taken back the other way leading to a short field, TD drive for LSU putting them up 17-10... 14 point swing in a 14 point loss.  

Comment 13 Aug 2017

No offense but there is no way you could bench 225 75+ times lol.  Even the worlds strongest men only get into the mid to high 50s.  

If you bench that 30x your max should be 435, anything over 40 your max would be 500+.  Giving that 40=500 lbs, you doing 35 more after that lol.. that would mean your max should be 745 pounds.  Unless you bench like those dudes who claim a high number but only move the bar an inch for every rep.  When I was working out (not bodybuilding style) the most reps at 225 I did was around 20 and the max I ever did was 355 without a spotter.  

Comment 13 Aug 2017

That's on my list of shows to watch.  Just finished White Collar, now checking out Ozark or whatever on Netflix.

Comment 10 Aug 2017

Still a long ways to go and lots of ranking changes that's for sure.  Hell, Jashon Cornell was rated the #1 overall player in his class as a sophomore and he dropped quite a bit by the time the final rankings came out before college.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

Yup he's healthy enough now and will only get better.  They're talking about him playing this Saturday in LA.  Doesn't even ear a knee brace or anything and by all indications has looked really good so far.

Comment 06 Aug 2017

That's true, they're still the favorite to land 3 more recruits who would be at or above UMs highest rated too and that's not including a player like Parsons or Smith (unlikely) from OH that have then high on their lists as well.  Not sure who UM has left in terms of targets.  I don't know how to calculate PSUs average player ranking if you weren't to include the kicker they're bringing in but overall points wise they'd only lose .75 if he weren't included.  Both classes will probably finish pretty close in terms of average player ranking but PSU will most likely have a (on paper) 5-7 more top-notch type of player in their class.  

Either way I don't really care, just want to see how the Bucks finish up.  Should break our average player record we set last year by a full point or so and have the #1 class so I ain't got no worries.  In just the 17-19 classes tOSU has landed 9 5*s where the rest of the big 10 has landed 6 and that's not including what will most likely be 3 more this year (Parsons, Carman and Cook) as well as 2-4 more potentially for the '19 class. UM is definitely off to their best start for recruiting in the '19 class in the Harbaugh era but it's still a long ways to go.