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Comment 16 Sep 2019
Still trying to be cautiously optimistic but getting increasingly difficult to not go full blown love affair for this team. The versatility on the O is pretty exciting to see. Seems like each week gameplan has varied to feature a different faucet of the offense. Oline is gel'ing on schedule Can pass Can run Can qb gallop Might be scary good.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Would I prefer the conference be strong top to bottom & not have ridiculous losses ooc? Yes. Does it bother me in relation to OSU & playoff? Not really* We're only a few years removed from going almost undefeated in post season (thanks ttun for being to punk team). I value bowl season more so than through the season as far as where the conferences stand head to head. Now, if the conference top to bottom, regressed and became sub-par? I'd have a bit of a problem then. * - My only real caveat is the potential to play a conference championship against a goober of a team. That's more of a conference alignment issue though. Nothing is positive about playing a b10 championship game against an 8 win team.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
My number 1 with all the other bases covered is the team walking away with the points (TD's) in the red zone. Nice to see a lack of struggle so far, inside the 20.
Comment 07 Sep 2019

Doesn't matter what the outcome of this game is. I'll giggle like a child if they lose... regardless, they've gone to overtime with freaking Army. It's just blatant hilarity to witness even if they win. 

I'll probably let their forums marinate (like my steak right now) & read the mayhem over on mgo tomorrow morning with my coffee.

Comment 07 Sep 2019

Aside from some confusion & panic when I realized my Hulu + LiveTV didn't have ABC (Seriously, I somehow missed this in the cord cutting process), this was a pretty fantastic game to watch. Way too early observations/excitement:

- The addage is the best growth comes from week 1 to 2. Pretty satisfying jump in this team across the board.
- Offense just has some absurd talent. Multiple ways to attack a defense & loved seeing a varied gameplan today. The ceiling is the sky with the team on O. Love it.
- Defense. Time will tell just how far the defense has come against tougher competition, but this was a great showing & should be viewed as such. Posted a freaking shutout! They have varied/disguised looks, guys are playing loose. Chase Young is gonna remember that INT drop, great game for him regardless. Tuf Borland with the opportune timing INT. Being opportune is great but it takes awareness to be so. This version may have it, which would be amazing.
- Stupid but has been a while since Ive seen a short yardage FG block, enjoyed.

P.S. - There are always things to fix. I'm sure some will point out issues. That's fine, please do. Ong thing is for sure... Regardless of the outcome, it sucks a big 'ole pile to be Michifail. We're talking about excitement for what we're seeing in a cruise control victory. They're validating why Army is such a tough opponent.
BAHAHAHAHAHA! Have a good weekend all!

Comment 25 Aug 2019
Excited for the season & to see what this team has. Don't have the expectations some do. Competing for the conference title is a given. Beating that deer tick state up north is another expectation. Past that, the depth (lack of) behind Fields & Dobbins put this team one injury away from problems.
Comment 23 Aug 2019
::::Slow Wistle:::: You've been a registered user since 2011 and never saw a dubcast? Crew needs to advertise more haha and/or plaster a few more sticky ads for it.
Comment 21 Aug 2019
As I recall, he made a great impression but was confused on the process. Coop told me they talked on the phone during his trip and Fick told him he didn't think it was going well. He asked why & Fickells response was they were only interested in him meeting more trustees & administration folks. Then they wanted him to meet boosters. He spent no time around the team/ program. Cooper laughed & let him know that was good, not bad. He was telling me about in a way that the implication, YOU DOLT was implied, lovingly. Fickell has been and always be a Buckeye for me. Him being at UC seems perfect for now. Wherever he ends up, they'll be getting a solid coach/man. Glad Urban kept him on the staff as I really think he needed it.
Comment 21 Aug 2019
I think he prefers Ohio & ultimately would love to rewrite his history here ... if his career traversed that way. He did interview for the Pitt job years ago. Cooper actually got him the interview. Didn't pan out obviously. Ironic to me. Cooper told me once, when asked about Fick - "He'll never be a head coach. Just doesn't have it." In his mind, he was too timid with his interview process @ Pitt and ran from the opportunity. Glad to see that after that experience & the awful situation of 2011, he has rebounded & seems comfortable in his own skin.
Comment 20 Aug 2019
No issue with Gene. He's one of the top AD's in the country ... no matter what missteps have happened. My time was with Gee, so have no knowledge on Drake. He doesn't seem incredibly well liked not just by the athletic side but some faculty/staff as well. Weren't there some significant resignations/departures directly in regards to Drake? Foggy recollection on that.
Comment 19 Aug 2019
Ramzy is part overlord of the eleven warriors global brand. He's taking the world over like Sam Walston. Kidding aside, M-Man was a ... interesting turd that commented here years ago & had a special love for poking @ Ramzy. Poof, he gone. He's also persona non grata over at mgoblog, which is saying something to get multiple accounts banned as a program fan. Ahhh nostalgia.
Comment 17 Aug 2019
Yikes, rest up. Watched my brother about kill himself years ago balling with friends down by the river. Ran deep for a pass, full speed. As he's turning to see the ball I think everyone was screaming at the same time to warn him (which I'm sure just sounded like nothing to him). Caught the ball and right as he turned his head forwa... WHAP BAM, ran full speed into a light pole. Broke collar bone, few ribs. Laugh now when I'm along the river area since hes ok but those injuries suck! Take it easy!