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Comment 17 Jul 2019
Certainly don't wish it but the best possible loss, IMO would be be a one pointer/last second fg to the deer tick state up north. Caveat to that would be that they have a great year but lose a tiebreaker, putting us in the conference championship which we win resoundingly. I'll believe any team in the west, is worth a damn when shown on the field. Losing to any of them would be hard to overcome I think.
Comment 16 Jul 2019
Grandfather used to fly single engine. I remember being in Cessna mostly and Piper. A few things I DO remember about that time, some of which may have changed over the years & are redundant to the above: - Don't know the cost of belonging to a aerosquadron but that is what he did out of Don Scott. - I don't recall a month going by without him lamenting things in relation to cost or time to put in. - There were times we had to cancel other plans riding in Wayne or boating @ Salt Fork b/c he needed hours. There was some airfield diner that we always flew into. Want to say it was about one hour out of Don Scott. Couldn't think of the name if you paid me to (plus, 20years ago so might be long gone now). Used to think that was just our spot... More a destination of convenience to keep his hours going haha. Was near the old main BSA camp I believe. - Didn't see it mentioned & is none of my business to know but if you have any health issues, may want to look at requirements with that. He ultimately gave up flying when he couldn't control his diabetes enough. It's so far in memory now but I think he was toeing a line with diabetes that would've prevented him from medical clearance? Someone with active license could maybe clear that up. Just remember that being a annual thing he would talk about & did eventually force him to stop. I can't contribute much to this topic at all but wanted to add any thoughts I had from it. As a family, those trips to the diner & Cinci for a reds game were & are amazing ones. Completely irrational but Pipers scare me to death. Flew in for a reds game, horrendously turbulent (in a small plane) & some alarm going off on descent. Only time in my life I was 100% certain I was dying haha. Like I said, irrational. I remember the first time he let me take the stick & I promptly (not being a shy one) pushed that stick in as hard as I could... Never saw him jump so fast. Still makes me laugh. We did a Chicago trip once for a Cubs game. That was AWESOME. Generally speaking, it seems to be one amazing & enjoyable hobby. One that I have fond memories experiencing. From my memory, the time devotion was quite high & the cost I heard about frequently (and that's not with him even owning the planes). Hope it all works out!
Comment 10 Jul 2019
Both Peterson & Harris were floated as names to consider. It's been so long, I cant remember the ins and outs of it. Chris was a up and comer & Walt was on the heels of Pitt doing above average. Walt being former QB/offensive coach with OSU before getting the HC @ Pitt. If memory serves from way back then, Walt's infidelity with his secretary & interpersonal coaching conflicts were starting to spread around inner football circles. He was a hot candidate for a few years but some of the behind the curtain info eliminated him from serious consideration @ tOSU, thankfully.
Comment 10 Jul 2019
My suggestion would be to go back in time a few weeks and enjoy being a MOD for topics such as: - Zach Smith - Why can't we discuss the Strauss investigation? - Zach Smith podcast - DJ Byrnes sucks - etc I know, as a mod years ago (stupid live blog chat spam days), I loved seeing topics that were immediate headaches over a simple forum topic like this! /S
Comment 10 Jul 2019
I actually forgot Glen Mason ... shutter. Thanks for the refresher! Mine would have to be Chris Peterson. There were only a few that even had his name in their mind, but there were a couple high up within administration at the time that floated him as a candidate. While he has proven to be a solid coach, I don't think it would've worked well at all.
Comment 10 Jul 2019
Don't think it would take much this year in particular. Middling performances against MState, Wisky, ND and/or a Loss to us & one other is going to be real hard to swallow. The past few years has been 'this year is the one', with no follow through. They've lost veteran coaches to competing programs, including The rival. Picked this year to win the B10. Celebrated as the savior to the program & thus far, he's been the solution to a decent/ok season & monumental disaster losses. Not completely comparable but Coop is a decent one. If they drop against us this year, I cannot fathom how he remains. New HC & revamped staff. Every year is the year to pull it out. What the hell would be the excuse next year? Edit: The above doesn't even include Harbaugh's inability to play well with others. One fact of his coaching style is that everyone gets tired of his antics. Wearing thin on people without results? Buried alive.
Comment 29 Jun 2019
Respect the opinion as it is shared by many, just don't agree/understand it. Didn't with Florida fans either. Urban isn't indebted to me. He isn't bound or obligated to do anything outside of agreed to contracts. If he chooses to return to coaching, that doesn't mean his cyst issues aren't legitimate concerns. In the same vein, if a big reason he called it quits was due to the University handling (which I do believe played a huge part), I actually THANK HIM for not publicly saying so. The impact against this university and athletic department would have been far greater. Past all that, speculation of him coaching again is going to run rampant for years to come. Don't care what ZS says, or anyone else. If he coaches again, I still thank him for his service to the university, the upgrade to the football program, the Title(s) & a great run.
Comment 27 Jun 2019
2 main ones for me. 97/98 only because, as a kid, I was fortunate enough to have intimate access to the team & all activities. For a youngin' pretty awesome. 2002, hands down. Catharsis for a lot of people who waited a long while. And just, what a ride. The improbabilities became the sure thing. The odds against the team making it to the NC & winning it are just nuts.
Comment 13 Jun 2019
Fair enough. I do wonder though how 11w will handle whatever ZS teased he has to say about Eleven Warriors. I admittedly don't follow the ins and outs of OSU football & media relations, but I assume whatever accusations he throws @ 11w will be a popcorn day here in the forums. Then again, could just be him venting about 11w handling of the ZS investigation/firing.
Comment 26 May 2019
*Looks over at Trailer Bar coaster, remembers a very peaceful week* Has been a few years & intentionally was there pre-memorial to have a quiet beach. Was exactly that, peaceful. Donated to a fundraiser, Surfers for Autism down in Florida. One of their bigger raffle prizes was a weeks stay in one of the beach houses, S. Shore Drive, which I won. I remember a dive bar, Northern Topsail I believe. One of their schticks was being allowed to write on anything. Curious to know if our drawings are still there. Things we did while there, some a bit of a drive: - Visited the turtle center - Spent a few hours on the battleship, The North Carolina - Daydrinking at the Tiki Bar, I think - Went to a wild horse sanctuary - Beach time About the only negative experience we had was also fairly funny to me. Some guy kept walking his dogs daily, not picking up any piles on his trek. Those dogs seemed to have a timer to take a crap right at our stairs. We stepped in it twice, cleaned up for him multiple times. On the 3rd day, one of our group asked him to pick up after his dogs. He didn't appreciate the suggestion. The day went on & we got rather tipsy on the beach. Everything forgotten. The next morning, I go to the window to stare at the ocean & go out to sit on the deck. My eyes are just taking in the beauty... until they focus in on the football field sized penis that had been drawn in the sand, bordered with F OSU. Never saw him again & have to imagine it was him. Regardless of it being juvenile, I got a good laugh out of it & still remain somewhat impressed at the time he had to of devoted in the middle of the night, to putting us on the 50yd line of a gigantic penile drawing.
Comment 10 Jan 2019
Wish him well. He put in time here & has a fiery demeanor. Recruiting/Coaching changes can be ugly & usually are. He's going take some flak, that he brought on himself with his stances/statements/bravado. Oh well, he'll hopefully have a very successful future with whomever he chooses.
Comment 25 Nov 2018
I'm fine with however the season ends, playoff run or not. Beat our rival handily & showed what this team is capable of. The complete obliteration of ttun was enjoyable. What satisfied me the most, and I expect plenty others, is we played spoiler to their dreams. This certainly was their season & were a lock for a playoff run. Has been a long while since we were able to not just beat them... but take away their dream season. Tasted delicious. (Edit): Sincerely, Someone who endured that exact thing too many times in the Cooper Era.
Comment 11 Nov 2018
Unfortunately, 11w is going to have to report on this in some form. It's a national sports hit within 2 hours. My plea is to just acknowledge it in a buckshot (with comments disabled), and move on. So damn tired of reading/hearing of this crap.
Comment 24 Oct 2018
I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. There really seems to be zero (and I do mean null session zero) concern on the part of the defense. It's bewildering to me. I have a solid acumen with scheme philosophy. I'm by no means a X's & O's expert though. Feeling flabbergasted, I reached out to a buddy who is coaching in the conference just to do a crazy check. His response: I don't know what the fuck they're doing. I'll take it all day long. How can there be this big of a d/c between what every.single.other.person sees & this staff. You'd think we just lost by a point to a evenly matched team.
Comment 22 Oct 2018
I do agree with you. I guess I'm lumping in execution with Discipline/Coaching. I'd love for 11w staff to be present for full practices. Should I assume we look far and away better (lightyears) in practice? Against scout team? I have to believe these issues show there as well. Should I assume the #2's/3's are that much worse to continue to allow the same undisciplined play/execution? Alarming to think about.
Comment 22 Oct 2018
Scheme & Coaching, for me, nothing else even close. Schiano is just one example. His philosophy/scheme is always aggressive. I like it, when you have the horses/discipline to do so. We don't defensively & we're past the point of meaningful progress with the defense. As long as we're continuing this scheme, we're going to get burnt, repeatedly. Trying to look at things glass half full. Just very hard to do so with the myriad of issues this team has everywhere. I don't like our chances for a playoff appearance. I'm also ok with that. With no run game, I have no desire to face a playoff team. We have a singular positive, passing. Running is a negative. Run d is negative, pass d is negative. That is no recipe for being involved in any conversation regarding championships. Side note but relevant... Bosa doesn't get injured, we win this game, fairly comfortably. It's freaky to think of his impact & just how good he is. He was good for minimum, 1 disruption per series no matter how many guys you put on him.
Comment 13 Oct 2018
I get the sentiment from the OP. It's valid & I'm certainly not going to complain about being undefeated. Still concerned as I see more similarities to a horrible exposure game like Clemson than I do a team that's about to go on a 3-0 world shattering run. '02 had a defense that was able to let the offense barely get by & come up when they had to in clutch moments. Recent Natl. Championship exploded in about the most improbable way any could imagine with a cannon arm & no team prepared to stop it (plus a line that could open some holes in run prot so we weren't solely one dimensional) Close, competitive games are one thing. Every team you face having one of their best games (especially when they are statistically, in the bottom of the pack) is quite different. Hope some light bulbs come on, the coaching staff figures out their issues & injuries don't continue. Go Bucks!