DISH NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!!

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August 26, 2012 at 8:59 pm

First they take off AMC, now with the season starting less than a week I find out they might be dropping the Big 10 Network! I lived in NW Ohio my whole life but moved to AZ the last few years, half the games are usually on espn or espn2 and the other half on the Big 10 Network... I know a good majority of you live in Ohio and get every game but there are alot of us that depend on the B1G Network to watch our beloved Buckeyes! We need your help, call and complain, send an email, ANYTHING! Its not only important to me but alot of Buckeye fans scattered across the country, its important for national exposure of the conference and the team, please help! I cant get out of the contract and I cant watch the game on Saturday!

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