Cincinnati Buckeyes

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August 20, 2012 at 11:02 am

Dearest Buckeyes that live in Cincinnati:
For the last few years I have been relegated to watching our Beloved Bullets either at home, or at a bar with 3,000 tvs, only 2 of which have the Buckeyes on, and are frequented by only the smattering of the Faithful. 
Does anyone have suggestions for a bar or gathering place that is devoted to the Bucks and will be full of the Scarlet and Gray Crazed? I live in the Norwood area, and would be willing to travel within the 275 loop (though I don't think I'd be welcome on the West side...I wasn't born and raised there...). 
Thanks for your suggestions! If we meet up, maybe the first round will be on me! 

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