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Comment 01 Nov 2012

Illinois has won 7 of their last 11 in the shoe. And from 1988 - 1994 they won 6 out of 7. This makes me feel disgusting. After the 2006 game I want to crush them so hard every time. 

Comment 02 Oct 2012

It's weeks like this that make me nostalgic about being hungover, hoarse, and sore on Sunday mornings...

Comment 27 Mar 2012

I can't tell you how happy your profile picture makes me.

Comment 07 Feb 2012
Go bucks! Michigan sucks! HELP IS ON THE WAY!!
Comment 06 Jan 2012
Just a "Michigan Man" making the "Michigan Difference"....
Comment 21 Nov 2011

It seems like this team, more than any other in recent Ohio State history, has a habit of playing to the talent level of our competition. We seem to play really well against the 'good teams', and really poorly against the 'bad teams'. That being said, M*ch*gan is a 'good team', and hopefully we play that way...


Comment 17 Nov 2011
Hey I have family in marion. When visiting from Texas for Christmas at a young age we went sledding on the hill of the Harding memorial. Isn't that something interesting for everyone not from Marion?
Comment 08 Nov 2011
Greetings, jar jar! Didn't realize you were a poster in here also! Hope this season is going well for everyone.
Comment 02 Nov 2011

I was actually in the marching band for that ill fated trip to Happy Valley. It was the only time in my career there when I felt scared for my safety. 

After visiting their brand new band center we lined up to march to their version of skull session (lamely titled "Tail-Great"). Heckled and harassed the whole way there, which is fine and not out of the ordinary for an away game. After a lame excuse for a pep rally ("when I say JoePa, you say Terno!" and When I say Go, you say go!") we lined up to march in to their stadium. Unfortunately the only route we could take to get to the proper entrance of the stadium was right through the tailgating section around Beaver stadium. It was a night game and these students had probably been drinking for 2 days. Not sure whose fault it was that we had to take a path straight through the drunk tank of college students, but I can only hope it's not that way anymore.

When we would go anywhere as a unit we would march to drum cadences, which unfortunately, is a super electromagnet to drunk frat boys. We soon became nearly completely enveloped by rabid fans pushing at us, throwing things at us (batteries, blow up dolls, footballs, food,unopened beer cans, pouring beers on people, and piss bombs) and trying to steal parts of our uniforms and instruments. There were sections where we literally had to push our way through crowds that were very aggressively pushing back. 

We did make it to the stadium and tried to clean ourselves up as much as possible. Since it had been sprinkling all day we were informed that JoePa didn't want both band to march and tear up his precious field. Fine. But the Blue Band got to do their traditional pregame and we had to sit in the rainy stands and play songs to a white out crowd. Awesome. This also means that we didn't get to perform our halftime show, which included a double Script Ohio. The poor i-dotters didn't get to march their scripts, but instead we stood in the final formation and they both decided to do the strut to the top of the i, even though they were told not to. 

Throughout the game, since I was a sousaphone player and sat in the back of the group, we had to constantly guard our equipment and uniform because their fans were constantly attempting to swipe things from us. Our hats, berets, slide valves from our instruments, anything they could reach they would try and swipe. It got to the point we had to request some sort of security guards to be stationed behind us.  

That game didn't turn out the way we wanted to (uggghhh) and we decided to pack up and leave with about a minute left in the game so we wouldn't be fighting against the drunken elated happy valley crew. 

All this to say that I harbor a special pit of hatred in my soul for anything and everything that is associated with the Penn State University. 10/8/2005...May we never forget...

Comment 31 Oct 2011

When we win out this season (or even if we lose one more [PLEASE just not to scUM]) and play for the conference championship, can anyone see a scenario in which Fickell does NOT win COY? He would have done so much with (relatively) so little, I can't imagine anyone else winning it. I mean, wasn't that the reasoning that Tressell never won the B1G COY (unless I am mistaken)? Because he had so much talent that it was not surprise he won the conference?

And if Fickell does win COY, wouldn't the higher-ups have a tough time performing a nationwide coaching search to replace the COY? Just some musings...

Comment 01 Sep 2011
I was in the marching band that day. After we marched off the field and did our usual post game routine, we found ourselves under the stadium, glued to the TVs that were showing the game. When that last kick was blocked, everyone went nuts. Then we started playing M*ch*gan's fight song. Never been happier playing that song.