Arizona Buckeyes

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August 27, 2012 at 8:57 am

The wife and I are possibly looking to relocate to Arizona. Always wanted to go that direction and with the third and last off to college we are ready to go. Would like to hear from fellow Buckeyes in Arizona. What do you think of the place after living there a while? We know that a couple of years at a location can be great but over time that can change. I have family out there, a cousin, and they like it but we would like some other feedback. Also if you have any suggestions or thoughts on the best places in AZ to live would be great. On the flip side, where not to be in the state. How does the weather suit you? I know the temps get high but without humidity at times seems much better than the heat and humidity of south central Ohio. I've got RA so I need the dry weather. Have considered Vegas as well and am open to any really good place to live in that area of the country. We will be taking on condo life as we are both ready to be relieved of taking care of our country property. We are young to be retired, so definitely not ready for a "retirement" community. Just ready to enjoy life after much hard work. Also have to be able to watch Buckeye football, forgot the important part. Any insight would be appreciated. Sorry if this offends anyone, as I am certain it will. If not sight appropriate please remove. Thanks for any help/info from a fellow Buckeye fanatic of 45 years.

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