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Comment 08 Dec 2013

Everyone's riding Meyer for "predictable" playcalling but you have to look at the circumstances. Brax finished 8/21. He had number of throws to his receivers when they had single man coverage down the field. Either due to drops or deep balls fluttered just out of reach, we weren't able to convert those opportunities. And when push came to shove Urban decided to try to win the game on the ground. Which is just hard to do when you can't punish MSU for stacking the box like they did. Brax isn't an NFL QB yet (and honestly, will never be). Sparty wanted Brax to beat them with his arm and he couldn't. I don't see how this is the fault of UM's playcalling. 

And despite ALL OF THIS, our offense still averaged 6.8 yds a carry against the undisputed best Defense in the country. Scoring 24 pts on Sparty is about as good as you can hope for. You just can't let a Bollman-coached offense roll up 400 yds on you. 

I'm not even mad. I love Brax but he was a Tress recruit. Urban's spread qbs usually are some sort of huge monstrous Tebow/Cam Newton types who are less fragile and have cannon arms for the deep ball (ahem, Cardale). The offense will actually get better once he has his own recruits in place. And here's to hoping Fick is eased out next year and when we finally make it to the big stage again we won't be a one dimensional team.

It's just a relief not having to have nightmares about what Rapist Winston will do to Fick's D now. And we get to hopefully see the prideful SEC Elitists at Auburn get blown to smithereens by a truly dominant Seminole team. Maybe OSU even beats a deflated Bama in the Sugar as well (anyone remember Utah in 09?) 


POSITIVES. *sigh*.

Comment 20 Nov 2013

Kudos to you, Ramzy, for straight up sayin what all of us know but don't like to bring up: that all of this, the heart of it, all goes back to that night in Glendale in 2007. Nothing's ever been the same since. 


You guys may hate it but that will always be the enduring legacy of the second half of Tressel's tenure; 41-14 and it's lingering effects, even today. We jus have to live with it and hope the man who inflicted it can also be the one to redeem us. 


Comment 22 Jul 2013

MAN this fanbase really does have VERY LITTLE FAITH. Ya'll acting like Urban had a heart attack and Brax murdered someone in a nightclub. 

Maybe you guys haven't recognized this fact yet. Let me lay it out simply. 

THIS ISNT THE TRESSEL DAYS ANYMORE. GONE ARE THE DAYS OF finding "Jewels" in the rough and developing ex-3star guys into contributors. The downside of this was that those teams weren't as DEEP as they should have been. We're not lacking on raw personnel talent anymore. Urban recruits on a massive, INDUSTRIAL scale. When you do that, individual parts (including, and especially starters) become relatively MORE expendable than in the days where Tressel's staffs would attempt to squeeze out the most talent from relatively average talent pools (nobody has still adequately explained why the Baus was ever on the team). Also, this isn't a one man operation anymore. There are no cronies like Walrus on the squad squandering entire classes of talent in positions where we actually did recruit well. 

Notice how every year, Nick Saban loses several highly touted players to the NFL. Notice how every year, those players' individual losses are BARELY FELT if at all. Remember how everyone was like, oh how will they cope without HEISMAN WINNER MARK INGRAM? Then you realize it's an assembly line: ingram-richardson-yeldon etc. Or his secondary. Is anyone really predicting Bama's D to collapse after Dee Miliner leaves? 

Urban been recruiting in this same manner for 2 summers now. If another coach had been at the helm I'd be panicking now too. But I'm not. Because I KNOW for a fact we are more stocked with raw individual talent than at any other point in the school's history. No hyperbole.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

Chicken - egg, etc. What would you say when the next guy on the depth chart steps up and performs as comparatively well in this scheme as Roby did? Was it his raw INDIVIDUAL talent alone or did the coaching staff put him in the position TO succeed? We'll see. 


I'd wait until the games actually start and our secondary ACTUALLY gets shredded (by the mighty slate of B1G qbs we'll have to face. ROFL) before actually panicking. 


Ya'll can down vote all you want I'm going to keep my cool and go about my day and everybody can reminisce on this next year after we raise that crystal ball. Good day. 

Comment 22 Jul 2013

C'mon "the fact that the teams we would likely face up are stacked from years of great recruiting and talent stocking" REALLY? What teams in the B1G fit this description? What stud future NFL QBs leading HIGH FLYING AERIAL ATTACKS in the B1G will Torch our newly vulnerable secondary? PLEASE. 

At most we'd have to face ONE team like this, in the Championship game. 

Also, you're overvaluing how much one guy in the secondary influences an entire defense. Even in the NFL, the impact of so called "shutdown corners" has dwindled. Today its all about your coaching, schemes, and making sure everyone is disciplined and on the same page. We can still have that, Roby or not. 


Hyde was a tough player but SO expendable. If you think losing a between the tackles short yardage RB is the end of the world IDK what to tell you other than that his type is the most expendable of all offensive skill players and that we've recruited GREAT on RB talent lately, thanks to Urban. It's not like we lost a true game-changing talent like BRAX alright? 



Comment 22 Jul 2013

HOLY crap people everyone needs to CALM THE F*** DOWN. 


Ask yourself this: if news broke today that Nick Saban dismissed two players off his team, even two relatively "prominent" ones, would there be this level of panic and sky-is-falling-ness? NO. Because people (bama fans, other fans, the media) trust Saban to run his system and have pieces in place to replace the departed. Well guess what. URBAN IS THE SAME WAY. CHILL OUT. 

WE ARE FINE. As much as we all loved Hyde's BRUISING style in the end he was the most expendable of all offensive skill players: the between the tackles RB. His kind is slowly becoming obsolete, and its not like he was some sort of game-breaking BURNER. Ask yourself, if the OLine is opening up massive holes, does it really matter which 4/5 Star recruit we have toting the rock through said holes? 

Roby ... eh. If dismissed, this will hurt a bit more. But honestly, when was the last time any college defense's ability was significantly hurt or helped by ONE secondary player? Even in the NFL these days the ability of one corner to influence the game has waned (See recent grantland piece on shutdown corners dwindling). In college this is even more apparent. As long as our coaching staff remains constant (yes) I fail to see any QBs in the mighty B1G who can really exploit our slightly weaker secondary. Not exactly a murderer's row of AERIAL ASSAULTS on our schedule. 

Comment 15 May 2013

Well its a stat that measures how much you contributed towards your teams wins. And then averaged over per 48 minute increments. So yea, Wall's team going 24-25 versus 5-28 is impressive, and Wall's .134 for this year is a pretty decent number for a PG. (league avg is roughly .100). Wall was .070 last year, so improvement as well. But his team still went 24-25, essentially an average, .500 team down the stretch. Thus still not as many Total wins produced as a team like the Grizz which were well over .500 all year. That's part of why Conley's rating is higher. But it's not like anyone on a good team will always have a good WS/48 score. Jordan's rookie year the Bulls won 38 games but MJ still posted a .213, which is, in context, better than ANY kobe season save for 2006.

I've looked at lots of advanced basketball stats and IMHO this one is the best when you average it over 48 mins and compare starting minutes playing players. If you go thru the historical WS/48 scores for most all time greats, things seem pretty accurate. 

Comment 14 May 2013

You like EFF, i like WS/48. Conley's posted a .172 this year, and that's including the games the Grizz played with offensive black hole Rudy Gay. For context, .172 is higher than lawson's .141, Irving's .125, Rondo's miserable .108 and Wall's .134.

Like I said, this also takes into account the 1st half of the season when MEM had Rudy Gay and before Conley took on a greater role in the offense. (check his pre-post asg splits, & monthly increases as season went along). 

Curry and CP3 and RW did post higher ws/48 scores than him his year. I agree and I ranked them above Conley.

Deron is at .184 which is also higher but I said he plays worse Defense compared to Conley based on their DRtgs. Conley's is 100 which is ridiculously good (also a function of the team's overall defense, I know). Deron's DRtg is 109 which is ... mediocre at best. Even Curry's notoriously porous Defense on the historically leaky warriors managed a 107 DRtg this year, better than Deron's. That's why, even tho they both posted .180s in WS/48 I put Conley over Deron and Curry over both.

Yes, I'm not discounting the teams they play on, but at the least there is SOME proof he is a statistically superior defender to Deron, and to me that, plus the gap in their overall production, esp considering how Conley played better down the stretch, makes me want to choose Conley > Deron in the long run. 

As for Parker, I admit I underestimated his stats this yr. I should have flipped the order of him and Conley. But my overall point about Conley being top 5 stands

Comment 12 May 2013

To everybody saying Conley isn't a superstar/not top 5 Point guard I bring this up: HE ACTUALLY PLAYS GOOD DEFENSE. That's kind of, like, 50% of the game. OK. 

Curry, Parker, Kyrie and Deron do not play any defense of note. 

They just score more points than Conley (who plays on a team that has an incredibly slow pace) and so the average fan automatically thinks ZOMG moar PPGS = BETTER. 

RW and Rondo's reputations as defenders precedes their actual defensive abilities. Also, rondo can't shoot. A huge liability at times for the position. I'd put RW over conley, though. We see how much OKC misses him.

Rose may never be the same again; reserving judgment until I see him in action. 

Right now, top 5 PGs in nba, in order, are: CP3, RW, (Rose maybe), Curry, Conley, Parker. 

I still put Curry ahead of Conley just b/c his offensive game is so disproportionately amazing it outweighs everything else. But the man's shooting splits are a once in a generation anomaly. He had inarguably the greatest 3pt shooting season in HISTORY this past year. 

But yea, I'd take Conley over Parker, Deron, Rondo, Kyrie, Jrue, Lillard, lawson, Rubio, etc any day

Comment 21 Apr 2013

People mock his offensive play-calling and game plan (rightfully so) but he recruits and builds up fearsome defenses. I wouldn't want him at Michigan; it'd be a little too scary. 

Comment 06 Feb 2013

Not saying he doesn't have first round talent, necessarily, but a lot of times NBA teams value high 2nd round picks a lot more than Low 1st round ones, simply due to the lack of guaranteed contracts they have to dole out in these situations. 

From an NBA standpoint, Deshaun has too many question marks to take in the first round versus taking him in the 2nd, sticking him in summer league, and seeing if he performs. It's a risk/reward thing. 



Comment 04 Feb 2013

I don't get it. What's the point of this? The only reason you update the logo is for PR/publicity purposes, right? How many people who are non-alums/hardcore OSU fans would even notice this? If nobody notices it, why change it at all?! 

Even a new and flagarantly BAD "Oregon-ized" logo would be "better" in the sense that it would get Lots of press and coverage and people would at least notice it. The All exposure is good exposure argument. 

With this, ... it's just literally burning dollar bills in the parking lot. Why bother? 

Comment 25 Jan 2013

They're trying to time the filming of this so that it coincides with our upcoming 2013 Nat'l Championship run, right? 

I have no problem with that. 

Comment 23 Jan 2013

Journalistic standards, not having an agenda, being unbiased, etc etc



Gee whiz I wonder if the WWL might want us to believe something REALLY really badly. Like this kid's full-of-holes logically inconsistent story, perhaps? 


Also, the phone "records" shown to Schapp were on an excel spreadsheet (how hard is it to call AT&T & get a few monthly billing statements?). And even if we give them the greatest benefit of the doubt that Yes, Manti is really just the stupidest MFer ever to live and was truly in love with this girl he'd never met or skyped with. OK. His actions around the time of her death still don't add up. She has leukemia AFTER a near fatal car accident and you don't visit her once? She dies and you don't go to her funeral or meet her family afterwards? Please. 

Somebody wrote somewhere that his supposed reason for not attending the funeral (she would've wanted me to play) is something that you hear about in like a movie. Shit like that doesn't happen in real life. People say shit like that all the time but let me tell you. In real life, when people actually DIE we ignore all that BS. Normal people go to that funeral. They don't play in a f*cking football game that just happens to be the same time (btw, why didn't he contact one of Lennays various fake family members requesting that they hold the funeral like ONE day earlier/later?). This is sports movie bullcrap. In real life when our loved ones die we go to that f*cking funeral over a football game. 

Comment 19 Jan 2013

Honestly at this point I don't even really care what happens to Manti at this point. He's a 20 yr old kid who's either 1.) really really stupid 2.) extremely malicious or 3.) closeted gay. None of these 3 potential options matters to us, nor should it. What kind of person he is privately is none of my business and I wish him a good life just like I would any other normal human in this world. 

That said, however, I DO care to see Notre Dame the institution get f*cking exposed more and more on the national stage as the FAKE, Hypocritical, arrogant fools that they are. The more ND gets s*it on as this story progresses the more I enjoy it. 

Comment 18 Jan 2013

BUTTTTT  they only recruit kids who meet their HIGH academic standards, unlike us PLEBIAN State School stupids. 

Comment 18 Jan 2013

[EDIT: TL;DR warning. OBVIOUSLY I've been obsessed with this story and consuming anything written on the internets about it. I have no life. Blame the last semester of law school.] 


But did he not care about her to the point that, as she's on her deathbed, he doesn't even bother to do ANY of these things ONCE?

- go visit her in the hospital (what most normal people would at least try)

- see her face not just her voice (a poor substitute for the in-person hospital visit), but Skype/Facetime/Webcams exist for a reason. 

And further, after she's "dead", he can't remember what day it was. The day before Grandma? 6 hours after Grandma? 48? 3 days? 4 days? 

Your theory is certainly plausible but if he was truly being "hoaxed" until Dec 26, yet didn't truly have feelings for this girl (to the extent that the behavior I outline above occured) who he thought really died, then he comes out looking almost as sociopathic as someone who concocted the whole thing from the start for Heisman pub. He's out here telling the press she's the love of his life,  her last words were I love you, blah blah, and giving emotional speeches, but behind the scenes he can't remember what day she died on, doesn't even bother to SEE HER FACE once before she dies? And then never goes and sees her family? 

Even if he's being hoaxed and thinks shes just some poor online chick he's patronizing for the PR angle, at least make a half-way human attempt once shes close to DYING. Even the worst criminal athletes make the effort to show up at St Judes or Make A Wish once in a blue moon, in person. 


I think that's just too much to ask and if you're gonna paint Manti as that phony and fraudulent just go all in and say this was a massive, cynical PR stunt from the get-go. 


Personally I don't think a lot of the other stuff we know about him is fake. He really does seem like a decent human who is most likely incapable of the psychotic attention hungry schemes we're attributing to him. I think he purposely invented this lie with his buddy and never thought it'd spread beyond his family/close friends, certainly not to the SI cover page level. But once ND got going and he got famous, he lost control and had to keep lying more and more.

The reason he would invent such a lie- I doubt it was for Heisman reasons. He had no reason to believe that he'd be a frontrunner in January of last year. If this girl had popped up mysteriously right before or after the MSU game then maybe, but this online paper trail goes way farther back.

My best guess would have to go back to the "closeted" idea just b/c it has potential answers to most evey question. He's already thousands of miles away from his parents, and if they keep asking him about girls and dating (no offense to anyone just wanna state the facts, but genearlly Mormons marry early, and Mormon/Catholic doctrine is anti-homosexual). Knowing this, he maybe thought an online gf would be enough to keep his family back home in Hawaii appeased. And maybe it worked for a few months, but eventually they're gonna wanna meet the girl, right? And you can only have so many "missed" meetings before it gets fishy. So he had to put her in the hospital with an accident so that there's an excuse (around this time his potential male bf also had a car accident - closted ppl often tell their parents details about their significant others lives but switch the gender pronouns). Car accident works fine on the family, and to keep it going he gives her Cancer since ppl evnetually recover from accidents but cancer buys him a lot more time. However, then ND gets off to a hot start and all of a sudden he's under a spotlight, panics b/c he's terrified that one day soon his parents or school will try to arrange for an "AJ MCCARRON" moment between him and his tragically sick GF, and decides to stage a scene where she dies so that he can get out of the corner he's painted himself in. Some of the initial reports say his grandmother died a day after. So maybe he just chose a random day early in the season to "klll" her off, and then Father Time screw with him and takes Grandma the day after his GF lie. And at that point he's screwed. 





Comment 17 Jan 2013

It's not the political bias that makes it "awesome" of "tweet of the year". It's the obliviousness of Trump to congratulate a site that's so obviously known to be the opposite of/ hostile to his ... er... viewpoints. 

Like if Moore RTed World Net Daily with a "good story!" and they told him to "F*ck off". Same sort of LULZ ensue. 

Not everything is the result of political #BIAS

Comment 17 Jan 2013

Here's what I keep coming back to: the dates of the deaths. All these other facts about whether he met her face to face or her pictures looking like this or that, or not using Skype, etc. They can all be disputed if you try hard enough. But there are certain things in life normal people generally don't f*ck up. What day you married, had your kids, or lost someone super close to you. You don't forget that. Maybe when you're 60 and suffering from dementia, okay. But not a couple of weeks later. 


If you look at the portion of the Deadspin timeline regarding the week of the "deaths", you can actually see the lie forming. 

"Sept. 11-12, 2012: Te'o's grandmother dies in Hawaii. Later, Kekua dies in California. Or is it the other way around? "Te'o's girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, died Sept. 11 of complications from leukemia. His grandma, Annette Santiago, died after a long illness less than 24 hours later," according to the Sept. 22 South Bend Tribune. No, Annette dies first, according to the Oct. 12 South Bend Tribune. In fact, Lennay lives long enough to express condolences over the death of Annette:

Less than 48 hours later [after Lennay's release from the hospital], at 4 a.m. Hawaii time, Kekua sent a text to Brian and Ottilia, expressing her condolences over the passing of Ottilia's mom, Annette Santiago, just hours before.

Brian awakened three hours later, saw the text, and sent one back. There was no response. A couple of hours later, Manti called his parents, his heart in pieces.

Lennay Kekua had died."


You can see that originally the grandmother (who did actually die) died AFTER the girlfriend. However, that doesn't make for as sappy a narrative because your grandmother comforting you about the loss of your chick isn't as SEXY a story. So it gets refitted in between the SEP 22 South bend tribune story and the OCT 12. Now Lennay is dying Mere Hours After grandma, just enough for it to be MOAR tragic. But no, even that wasn't enough for The Narrative.  


"Or does Kekua die three days later (New York Post)? Four days (ESPN, CBS)?

In any case, according to Te'o's interview with Gene Wojciechowski in a segment aired during the Oct. 6 episode of College GameDay, Lennay's last words to Te'o were "I love you."


Once the story went National, her death keeps getting pushed even farther back, to make for an even more agonizing story. Now there's enough time for them to talk on the phone One Last Time (*tear*), and oh what's this? We even have a "last words" quote now. How convenient. 

So now we got a guy who said at first, his girl dies before his grandmother, then that she died ~48 hours after her, then it's 3 days and then 4 days. Look, we're not asking him to recount trivial details about his relationship with her that might have been blurred in the last days before she died. We're asking for a very BASIC piece of information that nobody ever confuses, much less confuses 3 times? In 3 differnet ways? 

Please. This is a screwup on par if he gave 3 different names answering questions as to what his gf's name was. What day the love of your life DIED ON shouldn't be something you keep on forgetting/confusing. 


Comment 17 Jan 2013

Also the death date mixup. If the love of your life who you love so very much blah blah dies, wouldn't you remember that clearly? Wouldn't you absolutely remember basic minimal facts like what day it happened on? Since you know, trauma, memory being seared, death, loss, tragedy, etc? 

The fact that he kept mixing those dates up is just beyond me.

Comment 17 Jan 2013

And he can't get the DATE OF HER DEATH straight. To me that's just the most damning and simple flashing arrow that screams he's lying. 

Throwing Every Single Other Fact aside, when your LOVER dies, you WILL remember what day she dies on.


But he apparently couldn't? Until I get an answer to this question I won't believe a thing ND says.