The Agony of Being A Fan

I laid across my bed and threw my head into the mattress.  I was pretty much in the same position last year at the end of Purdue game.  But yesterday, it ended differently.  Much, much differently.  Instead of the usual bad luck football that seemed to haunt our Bucks last year, ...
21 Oct 2012
by gordon38

The (Un)Official Mark May Thread

Okay guys, Mark May was complaining about the officials in the OSU game today, which got me to think: Why don't we have an official Mark May thread? Use this thread to vent all your hatred and anger towards Mark May, and post anything that can make fun of him in any way, shape, or form. If there...

A Victory in Adversity is a Meaningful Victory

I was privileged to be in the stadium for this game. The feeling in the Stadium after the pass interefernece call to extend our tying drive reminded me of the flag in the Fiesta Bowl in '03. I was completely blown away at how our team rallied to win behind the heroic play of Kenny Guiton and th...

How Well Coached Is This Team?

First, best hopes for Braxton. Nothing else matters more than avoiding serious injury for anyone. Second, I know there is wide support for 8-0. I like that more than any other alternative record at this point, but if you just ENJOY THE RIDE as another 11W blogger put it you should stop reading now,...
20 Oct 2012
by baddogmaine

Enjoy the Ride

Logging onto ElevenWarriors today after the game I expected there to be a lot of really exicted Buckeye fans out commenting.  Instead, I see forum topics about how many losses we'll have and how bad the D is etc.  To be fair, there were a lot of really happy campers out there just like...
20 Oct 2012
by btalbert25

Purdue - Will It Be More Of a Grind Than Expected?

Before the Indiana game I posted a blog asking if the Hoosiers really could win. Ignoring the "what are you, an idiot? for asking that question" kind of responses the weight of opinion was : yes, of course, on any given day a weaker team can win, but it will take a perfect storm for it to ...
19 Oct 2012
by baddogmaine

AC vs B-mill

Wondering if anybody on here has thought that Aaron Craft reminds them a little of Braxton Miller and vice versa in terms of how they go about their business in their respective sports? The main comparison that I note between the two is how cool they are under pressure.  It seems that Craft an...
18 Oct 2012
by Buckeye2005

Top 25 Upsets of the Week (Week 8)

Here’s a chance to predict your Week 8 upsets.  It’s relevant because anytime a Top 25 team loses (other than OSU) it helps OSU in the end!  Since I never want OSU to lose a game, I always root for someone in the Top 25 to bite the dust and help the OSU cause! For brevity&...

Saban to the NFL?

I've got The Herd playing on ESPNU, & according to Collin Cowherd, there's rumors of Nick Saban leaving Alabama for the NFL again. They think the Browns might actually go after him at the end of the season. To me, that would make sense since cleveland has his former RB Trent Richardson, ...

Braxton Miller Passing

I was taking a look at BM's stats on the season and just realized that his pass attempts so far this season are just about where BM finished the season last year with. 2011 PC/PA: 85/157 PCT: 54.1% Yards: 1159 TD/INT: 13/4 Sacks: 39 Efficiency: 138.4   2012 (7 games to date) PC/PA...
16 Oct 2012
by Seth4Bucks