Michigan's new DC legally changed his name

I was racking my brain, trying to figure out where I'd seen new Michigan Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison before his days with the Baltimore Ravens. I remember him stalking the sidelines for another team at some point. Then it hit me. Years ago, when the head coach of the Texas State Armad...
19 Jan 2011
by The_Lurker

It's Official, THE Ohio State is the #1 team

On Monday, Ohio State ascended to No. 1 in the ESPN/USA Today coaches' poll.   An odd mix of mostly seniors and freshmen, the Buckeyes returned to the top spot in the nation by beating Penn State at home Saturday after Duke lost at Florida State on Wednesday.
17 Jan 2011
by Seth4Bucks

Homan Selected to Play in the Senior Bowl

Per a release from Ohio State: Mobile, AL. (Jan. 16)—Ohio State linebacker Ross Homan will represent the Buckeyes in the 2011 Under Armour Senior Bowl. Homan has officially accepted an invitation to the senior showcase event, it was announced today. He will play for the North team while...

Brady Hoke's speech

I just finished up watching Brady Hoke's introductory speech as the new head coach at Michigan.  I thought I'd share my findings with you, if you don't mind. He only spoke for six minutes before opening it up for questions.  But in those six minutes, he did the following...

Ohio State's Statement on NCAA Appeal

OSU released a statement Saturday announcing their intent to appeal the NCAA's decision to suspend five players for five games to begin next season. We've known this was coming, but the statement provides additional details: COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State has notified the NCAA that it w...

Tonight's Top Ten: Michigan's Coaching Options!

Dave: Alright folks, time for tonight's Top Ten! (musical interlude) Dave: Ok, tonight's top ten is - Top Ten Options for the UofM Football Coach! Ready? #10 - Bear Byrant's hat on Les Miles' head. Dave: So Les will call the plays and run practice, but the hat mana...
08 Jan 2011
by BucksfanXC

Under Armour Game Tonight

The UA All-American game is tonight at 7PM on ESPN. Current OSU commits QB Braxton Miller, DE Steve Miller, and LB Ryan Shazier are participating. Potential future Buckeyes at the game are DB Doran Grant, DB Jabari Gorman, ATH Darius Jennings (Won't play-injury), WR Ja'Juan Story, LB Jame...
05 Jan 2011
by Alex

Jim Tressel: BCS Ring Collector

Jim Tressel has added to his already impressive resume with the Buckeyes' heart attack inducing win in the Sugar Bowl against the Arkansas Razorbacks. After whiffing in two straight NCG games, the Sweatervest legion have come back swinging with two BCS victories over the past two years. The t...
05 Jan 2011
by Seth4Bucks

Representing: Arkansas

First posted on Inside The Shoe   Our Sugar Bowl opponent has some pretty good blogs out there, and one of the best, Arkansas Expats was kind enough to join us in answering questions about the Razorbacks. Arkansas has so many weapons on offense, and not just Mallett...

Letter to fans from JT

As you know by now, I write letters.  I wrote one to JT just to tell him I was thinking of him during this difficult time.  Apparently, so did a lot of others, so he responded to all of us with the following:   "Please excuse this informal/impersonal response to your t...
28 Dec 2010
by Pam

Answering Some Suspension Questions

  First posted on Inside The Shoe. Brady answers the 3 biggest questions about the suspensions.  Wow! That wasn't the way Buckeye nation wanted to kick off the holiday season. Unless you have been living in a cave for the past week you know that Terrelle...

Should We Thank Wisconsin?

Something came to my mind earlier today. Along with the fact that some of Ohio State's best players are going to be suspended for 5 games, and maybe the Sugar Bowl (depending on what Tressel decides), maybe Buckeye fans should be thanking, yes thanking,  Wisconsin. The tatgate has h...

Backtracking, It's an Art

We're not huge into blogger beefs, unless you're talking about that one erect turd of a site that accused of us stealing their content, but this is disingenuous at best: We’ve known about a possible investigation for the past three days, but have stayed deliberately silent on th...

Sugar Bowl MS Paint artwork

Just thought I'd share a picture I drew for the Sugar Bowl on Paint, it actually worked out great because this was the exact same picture I drew for the Rose Bowl last year, I just changed the duck to a razorback lol. Very convenient. Enjoy. I guess I have to reach 125 words so, I have a lot ...

Marcus Freeman to be Named LB Coach at KSU

I just got word from a trusted source that Marcus Freeman got the linebackers coaching job at Kent State. Freeman played at OSU from 2004-2009 and was part of a great linebacker duo along with James Laurinaitis. Freeman had a tango with the NFL as part of the Bills and texans, but had to retire p...
21 Dec 2010
by Alex

Duron Carter - The Plot Thickens

Apparently people have been bothering Duron on FaceBook for information about his plans regarding Ohio State. I just noticed a juicy morsel in my news feed from Duron: "People stop asking me questions about O state.... ask them..." Before he was dominating the nation a...
21 Dec 2010
by Roger