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Comment 16 Aug 2013

HUGE get! Glad it is official!!!

That pushed us back to #2 on the 247 composite.

Comment 14 Aug 2013

Lawns, tough subject for me now. As a new home owner (well we are in it but haven't closed yet) and the owner of a .5 acre in a complex that would never let me get away with a lawn I am at a crossroads. Living in Cali, it was cool to see people just put stones in and call it a day. But being now back in Ohio, grass is "free" growing as long as you don't feel the need to overdo it.

That being said, what are some of the best tips for keeping the lawn nice so without watering it 24/7 and spraying it with crazy stuff. I could run our toilets to a staging tank and then fertilize it every week... but I have a feeling my neighbors might hate me for it... and it sounds illegal.

Also, the article noted that Americans don't use them, I know that we do, but if we don't have them then Americans will certainly not use them anyway and have no escape from getting fatter. Further, what is the authors issue with Garages? They are one of the most functional rooms of a house!?

Comment 12 Aug 2013

Roby hands down, this isn't even a contest when comes to potential. THe thing is, we have so many NFL quality guys you can still make a list and ask the question :)

Comment 05 Aug 2013

I think if boosters weren't shady, I would agree with you. But all it takes is a booster buying Braxton's rights for an absurd amount of money and recruits taking note. OSU's boosters can pay more than a Maryland's because there are more and more willing to do that. A recruit is now going to have to take into account how much boosters are willing to pay him for his likeness when making his college decision. When you allow the players to take outside money, you allow the large network of boosters to use their money and create even more of an unfair advantage.

With any of these 'pay player' ideas, there is always a clear advantage to the few schools making money on their football team. Recruits will know that if they go to certain schools, they will be ensured on getting X amount of $ from "sponsorships." What will happen is boosters will pay for just signed letter of intent recruits as spokesman for lots of businesses and paying for their likeness.

Boosters will be able to tell recruits, if you go here, you will be the face of "Bill's Used Cars and Snowglobe Emporium" which comes with a $80k a year salary. Braxton will have his face on a game and get $100k's for it, while 2* Kirby McStinkypee starts for University of Maryland because they didn't have enough money. Alabama can already pull in 2-3 top RB's a year without paying them (publicly), imagine if their boosters promised a $100k check a year for letting them use their likeness on "Uncle Jake's Possum Stew 4* Diner." They'd get the top 3 RB's in each class (if they outbid OSU or UT) instead of 3 of the top 20.

Opening up any ability to cash in on their fame will lead to clear unfair advantages for the OSU's and USC's. Is that bad? IDK, but it is certainly different. There would be no Boise States or Louisville each year, it would become a clear 10-20 team minor league type league played out o university campuses. Bad? IDK... Different? Yes!

Comment 05 Aug 2013

Agreed, that is one way to go. The issue with that is then schools with more money get the better players, creating an issue that all pro sports teams then have to deal with... parity. OSU with all its money would simply pay a player they wanted, like Stefon Diggs who chose Maryland, more than the other schools giving them a huge advantage. The NFL has to then put into place things like a player draft, giving the worst teams a better shot at better talent, salary cap, and other FA rules to make sure all participating teams have a fair advantage.

To make it fair in college, where most schools lose money in their athletic program, your starting point financially is not even a full ride scholarship so they can break even. There are a few rare schools that actually make much money off of athletics. Not that the current system allows a team like Buffalo to recruit like OSU, but it would allow OSU to even bring in the second tier guys as backups because they would get more to sit the bench at OSU than start at UofB. You end up with a hand full of super teams, UM, OSU, Bama, UT, etc... who then become a league of talent unto themselves.

Is that bad? Not really, it could be really cool, but if we want to keep college football close to what it s now you can't allow open payments. Even giving the recruit an extra $10k of spending money would eliminate 50% of D1 colleges from participating. They would have to continue to pull money from the academic side, which they already do.

Comment 05 Aug 2013

No, but I state this saying that they should not be forced to wait three years to jump to the NFL. If they want to profit from their stature, then they can join the arena football league or the CFL where there is no waiting. Why wouldn't they? Because the school is what really gives these kids the platform to be famous to begin with.

They should be able to jump after 1 year (seems like a fair waiting period) and have the choice to profit from their fame earned solely on their own merit and not the universities or stay and build a better draft status. No one is stopping the kids from joining the CFL or Arena league for a few years, they choose not to... because it is better for them in the long run. It's their choice...

Comment 05 Aug 2013

Love this quote from from the Perry article:

Personally, I'm inclined to think that there were harsh words spoken between Perry and Elliot around the time Perry climbed up to the deck of the Niagara. This was a little more serious, even, than leaving your guy open in a playground game, and you know how much screaming that generates.

Never leave your guy open in a pickup game...

Comment 04 Aug 2013

Specially since the bulk of both teams are 4 and 5 star talent, clearly showing they are at least semi meaningful. The reason for the 3 stars is always the key, Roby for example was noted to have all the physical ability in the world, but none of the technical stuff down for a given position. They rate guys like that 3 star because they aren't ready and need coaching. 

Comment 03 Aug 2013

Great move on his part. Can't find a better need for a tall man, yet a place he can make a difference without having to be the star. He needs a few years he can contribute without hurting himself. Can't find a better place to do that than Miami.

Looks like James played a huge part in getting him in.

Comment 02 Aug 2013

Toss up, currently they can just transfer kids to a full ride t open up room if things aren't going well. IMO, the 4 year scholarship should be a given unless they are booted from the school, but it should be able to be converted to a none football full ride 4 year scholarship at any point. I think that if you "don't make the team" you DON'T make the team and your scholarship should still be full ride and 4 years, but no longer a football scholarship.

This would allow the football teams to cut players with little to no impact on that individual player. The catch should be that then that player can transfer to any school of his choice without sitting out a year. I think it would make an interesting dynamic, set the recruit up for a a full ride regardless of what happens (sans getting booted from the school for legal issues as an example).

I feel if a player isn't living up to the hype, there should be cutting allowed, transfer of the 4 year scholarship to a nonathletic one, and allow a free transfer to any other school. I think it is the most fair to that player and fair to the schools.

Comment 31 Jul 2013

Please remember that logic the next time you go in and ask your Boss for a Raise. Because when they hired you, you knew what it was!!

Pure gold!