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July 22, 2013 at 9:14p

Let me be perfectly clear-no one is ever going to confuse any group of fans with Penn State fans. I do have to confess to my Buckeye brothers and sisters that I am a little bit disappointed in a lot of our reactions. Two years ago, when news of that ugly mess from that horrible place in Pennsylvania began coming out, the common theme in a lot of the response to the initial reports was the concern over the impact this news would have on a football season in the short term and program in the long term. I'm not equating what happened here over the last 24 hours to what happened there for decades but threads of the same reaction remain common in both scenarios. I don't know how many "Rod Smith needs to step up" or "There goes the season" comments\tweets I read before seeing something, anything, that showed some concern for an alleged assault victim. As more information comes out, the temperature of fans in scenarios like this goes from one of sheer terror that 'your' season is ruined to utter paranoia that the media is now engaged in a witch hunt to guarded optimism that things aren't all that bad. If there are any teeth to video tape rumors, I feel we will be passing into the last stage any day now. Even that has me worried. Today, I've seen more than my fair share of comments indicating hope this evidence is true so a lot of people are vindicated and a few people eat crow. What about being happy Carlos Hyde's life might not be ruined? Or that someone may not have been maliciously punched in the face by someone much bigger and stronger than themselves.

What really has me worried is the stress we all put on a football season and I can not shake at least some parallels to what we saw out of State College. Make no mistake about it-I am as passionate a Buckeye fan as any here. I bleed the same two colors you all do, but I'm not proud of the way many of us reacted. The underlying concern was for the impact these allegations would have on the 2013 season. I know this won't be a popular stance but I'm not uncomfortable being unpopular. My opinion about Urban Meyer, and potentially Ohio State Football as a whole was going to be shaped by how the organization reacted to these allegations. As much as Meyer's reaction can be seen as a fly being hit with a sledgehammer, it was the right decision. If anyone is to believe Meyer is not the guy he is portrayed to be, he had to take this stance. I applaud him for it-not because it saves a reputation-but because right now, with the information available, it is the right decision to make. If its determined Carlos Hyde isn't the perpetrator of a terrible action, then I will be the first to welcome him home with open arms and will still be proud that Urban Meyer took the stance he did. It was easy when it was Storm Klein. Despite being penciled in as a starter, he was never going to be the reason OSU won a football game. Carlos Hyde is a different animal, given the weight he was expected to carry this season-pun sort of intended.  If Carlos is indeed innocent of these accusations, I just hope we take pride in the fact that one of our beloved Buckeyes is not a man who maliciously strikes women before we breathe a sigh of relief that 'our' season might not be ruined. I don't like that our immediate reaction was to worry about the football team and season. It is not as extreme as the reaction to the East, but for my money, the similarities were there.

We are all better than that.

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Perspective is important here.  People need to ask themselves: What is really the worst case scenario?

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I'm not sure what else youd' expect about rumors we can not on firm or deny. We can't talk about what happened, we don't know what happened. What should we have talked about?

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The Carlos Hyde rumors were simply the vehicle. My bigger concern is that we are all guilty-in some way, shape, or form of the immediate, football team first mentality when met with rumors like these. Concern for possible victims took a back seat to potential bragging rights earned. Its how things start. Its how football programs get elevated above all else. Will Ohio State turn into Penn State? Probably not. But the reactions a lot of fans had today and yesterday reminds me that the seeds are there for a more extreme mindset to take root. That's my point. 

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I get what you're saying but I read a lot of comments expressing outrage and the need to kick any player off the team that hits women etc. There is large difference between defending a program that covered up the acts of a pedophile and fans looking at a depth chart. I don't believe anyone posted that if these allegations are true that Hyde shouldn't be kicked off the team because it would hurt the chance of a national title. Again I get the slippery slope thought process / just my two cents.

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I understand what you are trying to say but think the situations are completely different. Nobody from what I have seen has argued that Hyde should not be kicked off the team if he did in fact hit a woman, and most have been happy about the immediate punishments for these players actions. Are people happy this happened? Of course not. The only victim in this case is the woman in the Hyde situation, and I'm sure everyone hopes she is ok, which I am sure she will be. She doesn't really affect Ohio State, the reason we are all here. It's not like she won't recover. What allegedly happened sounds terrible, and hopefully the justice system will do its job. I just don't see the comparison to Penn St, as people didn't try to brush this under the rug or allow for this kind of thing to continue in the future. 

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The "woman in the Hyde situation is fine. She left for a "vacation" when the police wanted to talk to her about the tape.'

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Again, three of the 4 don't have a victim and we don't even know what happened with Hyde yet. I don't count the bouncer "feeling pain" as a victim here, sounds a lot like a flop. More people said "you don't hit women" than were more concerned about the football piece of things. But after 100 people say something about not hitting women, someone is going to bring up stuff about how it impacts the season. Not many comments over the past few days alarmed me. A few show how individuals can be reactive, but I didn't see anyone saying "no big deal" to the actions taken. I just don't see what you see.

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I view this as a two fold problem. Problem A is there is a lack of journalistic integrity this day in age. There is no concern with regard to being completely accurate or unbiased. Problem B is instant gratification. As a society, this lies right beside problem A, we want everything now. There is no waiting, no saving, just now. Look at our housing market, it used to be save for a home and make a purchase. Then we decided everyone should be able to own a home and I believe that is completely wrong. You want it, save for it, earn it. It shouldn't just be, if they have it so should I.
If journalist cared about being accurate and not instant gratification (all they are doing is giving the majority what they want - instant gratification) the plethora of bad information would not have been everywhere. The problem with this is the damage is done, peoples names and reps have been slung through the mudd and no apology will be given. The end result is what happened last night and today. The sky fell, A lot of bad speculation and conclusions based off rumor. People already convicted individuals prior to all the information being gathered. Terrible all around.  But I would like to thank the 11W staff for holding out and don't the right thing. 
Sorry for the rant. 

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I just have two question.
Is this Eleven Warriors? or Is this Face Book? I believe this is a web site for sporting news of all kinds and about Ohio State Sports news. I don't think there is one fan who doesn't care about the people involved on both side. It's very sad that things like this even go on, but we all have one thing in common and that's Ohio State Sports.
This forum make me feel bad that I even shared my comments.
Go Bucks!!

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I can't offer sympathy to a nameless victim. 

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Well I guess I never had any reason to worry about anything. Comments like these put my mind to rest.

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I think you might be creating false tensions that don't really exist. I think people can express concern for potential impact to our football program, kids potentially ruining their sports careers, and even concern for potential victims - all at the same time.  I think in general it might be more difficult to offer sympathies to potential victims because there haven't been any charges yet and there's rumors swirling that we might not have the full story

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Exactly. Expressing sympathy for a victim at this point in such cases is presuming to know the facts. It's better to say that justice ought to be served.

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Is it really that bad to think "Gee I hope no one got hurt" or "I hope Carlos isn't that kind of guy" before we think "Oh crap our season is ruined"? Especially considering none of us are apart of any season?
That's what I'm saying is the problem. No concern for anything but football is my problem with the reaction. An injury allegedly took place and we all went "What about our football season!?!?!". A widespread attitude of football first is what creates gods out of coaches and turns football programs into strong armers who bend academic institutions to their will. I'm not paranoid enough to think that we are going to be the next lunatic group of college football fans who place Urban and OSU football above anything over night but the reaction a lot of us had makes us no different than Penn State we all enjoy poking fun at (some (ME) more than others). Football First-that's the underlying theme and that's the problem I have with it. You start getting into that nasty Culture word that once branded can't be removed.

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Brewster: I agree with your underlying sentiments, but it goes without saying that the great majority hope that no one gets hurt and that the football players are good character guys. In reference to Buckeye football, we spend 98 percent of the time talking about the football, itself, so we might expect that pattern to apply even when news of possible player misbehavior is reported. 
Similarly, if it were reported that a future Ohio State A.D. was a compulsive gambler, we'd of course feel bad for his/her spouse, but we'd devote most of our attention to how the story (and fallout) might damage the university. We probably wouldn't preface all of our comments with, "first, we must think about how this has impacted the A.D.'s spouse and children . . ."

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Well, without the truth and facts apparent in the Hyde case, I can't show sympathy for those involved. If the lady is a true victim then I hope justice is served here, Hyde is punished severely and my heart goes out to her. I truly wish good health to all but I don't give out sympathy freely just as I don't condemn a man without the facts. It works better for me that way. Concern for her health is definitely warranted though.
Without the facts what are we left with? The known is that Hyde won't be on the team until this is resolved. I'd rather focus on possible scenarios based off fact than feign empathy based off speculation. Again, I wish the alleged victim my best and good health.

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Ooops, sorry - I merely needed to read one more comment down in this thread before making my (reduandant) comment just above. You said it much better than I did. 

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Thanks for the comment and happy to see a like mind here.

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USMC11917: I love the quote "I truly wish good health to all but I don't give out sympathy freely just as I don't condemn a man without the facts." 
Like you, supporting a group of any kind, including my beloved Buckeyes, that doesn't do the right thing has never been my thing.  That said, the only thing we know for sure at this point is that Carlos Hyde has been accused of striking a lady. 
While I have great empathy for any victim and especially so if said victim is a female, we don't know for sure that Carlos Hyde is in fact guilty or at what level.  If Hyde is guilty of striking the victim in this case, I have zero sympathy for him and believe his penalty will be firm, fast, and fair.  He'll get what he deserves.
However, Carlos Hyde is innocent until proven guilty.  As someone mentioned above, the mere fact that Carlos Hyde has yet to be charged is interesting in and of itself. 
Before we get too judgmental about the direction this is headed, let's let the system do their work and see how this plays out.  Go Bucks!

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However, Carlos Hyde is innocent until proven guilty.

but, that's not how the program works.  Hyde is suspended from the team until proven innocent (charges dropped).
My concern is the apparent lack of leadership on this team, especially with the recent issue Baugh just went through.  Maybe there was a team meeting to highlight social responsibilities, but if so, it didn't have the effect it should have had.
This group of Buckeyes has a chance to be great.  It will only happen when this group morphs into a team and a team requires leadership.  

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Hyde was  not named in the police report, nor was there a description in the police report. The reason Hyde has not been arrested and is called only a person of interest at this point.

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Police Report (Case Report #130601551-001) submitted on 7/20/13 lists Carlos Hyde as a "person of interest" on page 4 of 5.

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Glad I didn't offer sympathy to this woman before the facts were made clear. I think I would have felt more angered than I do now if I had.

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  I hope the whole truth is told soon. All this gave me heartburn and made me sick.

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Brewster: all of us are fans of the Ohio State football program; some/many of us are also alumni of the university. No question, we want the football team to represent the university in the best possible light and, I suspect, very few of us would ever condone bad and/or criminal player behavior/actions that harm other (innocent) parties, in the interest of winning more games.
On the other hand, if the football program had a perfect record of sterling behavior but went 2-10 every year, all of us would be profoundly dissatisfied and some of us would no longer be fans. Our passionate interest in Buckeye football glory, not just student decorum more generally, is what built the stadium, created the legacy, supports the athletic program including all the revenue-negative sports, etc. Winning at football and promoting a lot of good important university values go hand-in-hand. We must demand excellence on both sides of that dynamic, but it makes no sense for us to feel ashamed about why we care about these kids in the first place.   

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Let Justice be served, with a liberal sprinkling of Mercy.

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As I see your parallel, I don't see how this equates.  There were alleged victims, but I tend to like to have the legal system figure itself out before I would make any comments about how I feel about the "victims."  I definitely wouldn't compare any of this situation(s) lately with OSU to PSU in any way shape or form.  I don't see as many fans saying it's not a big deal or is being blown out of proportion as the PSU fans did (here or elsewhere).  That's what PSU fans did that made me lose my s$#t.  As far as I'm concerned, this will pass over.  OSU and any FBS program will have it's share of issues.  Believe me this won't be OSU's last negative situation.  

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It is a FACT that by Meyer's contract he must thoroughly check the backgrounds of the players he recruits and be sure that academically recruits are capable of of doing the work to graduate. If there are problems with behavior or academics they can't give the kid a scholarship. Once on campus there is a REQUIRED meeting every week educating, reminding, drilling into their heads what is allowed and what is not allowed and the consequences if rules, laws or NCAA bylaws are broken. Recruiting restrictions are MUCH more stringent now than what the were during Tressel's tenure, because of Tat Gate.
The bottom line is, you can't fix stupid.