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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Attending the OSU-UM game in 2006 after my oldest brother got offered extra tickets to the game from OSU "because we oversold Minnesota, want 2 more tickets to Michigan instead?". I flew back. I have 4 brothers, I had to sit with the traitor but we had a ball at Hineygate and the game. Best tailgating I ever saw; total party.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: This will date me, but Kelvin Ransey.
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals but if too poopy but will switch to Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • MLB TEAM: Reds fan. Life time. Solid.
  • SOCCER TEAM: ??Let me know when games don't finish 0-1 after th

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Comment 19 May 2016

Several years ago, we're at Cedar point in the water park, and we notice a red painted coaster (the Maverick?) stalled at the top and the people had to get out  and slowly make their way down via a narrow cat walk.  I love coasters, but am terrified of heights, so I cannot imagine the horror had I been on that ride.  I forbade my kids from that ride for the day.  Two hours later, we look up and it  happened again.  It made me somewhat nauseous.

Comment 13 May 2016

Went to Wehrle 77-80.  Football team stank.  We were very good at baseball.  Later when my brother went there, it became a basketball school.  My oldest brother went the first year it opened and my youngest brother was in the last graduating class.  They're 18 years apart.

Comment 11 May 2016

So is it a shame that Dr Kervorkian wasn't more of a Browns fan? Maybe he could have "helped" another name on that poster.

Comment 11 May 2016

The movie Major League is one of the greatest comedies ever and would not have been so hilarious if all the schtick about Cleveland fans and Bob Ueckers (sp?) commentary wasn't so absolutely on spot. 

Life long Bengals and Reds fan but I felt horrible when the Indians blew it and Byner deserves better too.

Comment 10 May 2016

Mr. Khakis better buy some extra luggage.  He obviously hasn't left any time to do his laundry. 

There is no way the coaches can keep up the energy kids want to see at these camps on that schedule. I know I'd look forward to one day off and traveling every day for 24 days.  You shouldn't compare it to the circus, at least the circus set up for a few days at a time.

Comment 03 May 2016

Every time I see this (and it can't be avoided, it's everywhere) I'm thinking:

1) Confederate flag.  Not a good look


2) How much bong water did he dump on his head?  You don't turn one upside'm told so by a friend of course.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

The funniest one there was on how Ferentz is the better coach.  Why, of course he is! I can hardly type that without falling out of my chair with laughter.  Corn must be intoxicating.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

I had the landlords from hell when I lived at 106 1/2 E 14th.  No pity for the realtors from me.

The draft is a reality check.  Which is why the Heisman trophy winner went in the 2nd round and Zeke got the 4th pick.   The NFL is all business.  Connor Cook will go today, he can eat a big can of his pride. 

I just hope Tyvis gets drafted.  I'll miss his tweets and his latest Verizon ad.  The Cardale/Tyvis show was a really fun one, it will be missed.