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Comment 4 hours ago

Forget this nonsense about the edge.

Three Six Mafia's "Somebodies Gonna Get it" is the perfect song for every OSU team, this one especially.

Comment 4 hours ago

First, I'm not down voting you as I don't really believe in the practice. Not saying you are accusing me but I like to get that out in the open.

Regarding his skill set, to what are you referring? The leverage he consistently plays with? The double teams he constantly broke? The ability to flatten out at the line and make timely, meaningful contact with a QB? His ability to win battles with strength inside and quickness outside? What does he do that doesn't translate? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hit me with the 'classic tweener" line.

Comment 5 hours ago

Too high? He was the nation's best defensive player the last 2 seasons. 3 was a shock simply because of the way other guys were supposed to get picked but Joey Bosa was easily one of the top 3 players available in the draft.

Comment 9 hours ago

LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, and Stanford.

OSU slays another SEC demon.

Clemson gets beaten into submission by the Cardinal.

OSU and Stanford play a classic.

Comment 22 Aug 2016

A reminder that no matter the destination, these guys aren't signed until they actually sign something. Its why I always temper my excitement on days like today.

Comment 19 Aug 2016

National Title. Anything less for this regime is a 'let down'. That doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the season. As much as I loved the dominance of 2014, 2015 was enjoyable for different reasons but the fact is, Ohio State is one of maybe 4 programs nationally that should be expected to compete for a national title each year Meyer continues his reign. I have largely ignored the departure of talent. That isn't an issue because it is college football. This isn't a place that develops a great class then has to start over when they all depart. Alabama seemingly doesn't have to answer questions about losses, Ohio State shouldn't either. This team, though young, is loaded and once week 4 or 5 hits, you're experience excuse is gone anyway (for the record, no one in this program thinks a lack of experience means anything).

Beating Michigan is a pre requisite. The Big Ten Title is a means to an end. The end is the national title.

Comment 18 Aug 2016

It is very common to see these types of photos after games when the Buckeyes on either side get together. I am very hard pressed to find one with more talent and accomplishments than that one there. You could make a case that each of those guys are in the top 3 all time at OSU at their respective spots.For my viewing history I'm content putting Laurinitis at 1, Miller at 3 (Smith and Pryor), Bell at 2 (Doss), Simon at 3 (Smith and Bosa). Mind you I've only really been watching since 1995 or so.

Regardless, that's an OSU Mount Rushmore if ever there was one.

Comment 18 Aug 2016

Let's not sell Zaire short. He was tearing it up before he got torn up.

I'm all for winning a job you deserve, especially if your competition has a complex where they think something is owed to them. I'm not saying that is the case with Zaire but if he's mad about not being named the starter.....

Comment 18 Aug 2016

If that's how it was said then Zaire is over reacting if in fact he's salty about it. That's about as coachy of a line as you'll get so he should understand what it means, whats implied. I'd guess Kelly feels it was Zaire's to lose which brings me to my comment about expecting something. Kelly, privately, may have thought Zaire all along but if Kizer puts in better effort and plays better, then Zaire did in fact lose the gig, or at least lost being the sole owner of said gig.

Here's my prediction. This will work for a game or two and probably well. And everyone, because its ND, will rant and rave about how impossible the Irish are going to be to defend because, ZOMG TOO QBEE. They will immediately be a media darling because again, its ND. Then it will fall flat, Kizer will win the job, Zaire will be a disinterested third party and ND will sink back to mediocrity where it belongs. In week 3 we will be hearing about how can Bama's D stop this dual headed monster ND has. By week 10, we will be hearing all about the Pinstripe Bowl for the Irish.

Comment 17 Aug 2016

You also shouldn't lose your job to injury.

However if Zaire showed up and expected something and Kizer came in and balled out then sorry Malik.

Comment 17 Aug 2016

I'm just really glad Wisconsin has opened its team to allow 50 year old female softball coaches to play for them. They are truly ahead of the diversity curve.

Comment 17 Aug 2016

My take on Herman is that he will be established as the head coach at a major program long before Ohio State's job opens. I don't think Meyer will coach into his 70's but he isn't going anywhere and Herman's career has a rocket strapped to its ass. I think I'm over the whole notion that he's some sort of heir apparent at Ohio State.

Comment 16 Aug 2016

Some guys just can't play corner at this level and its not really a knock on them. No other position in football faces the kinds of athletes CB's do, and they have to do it with the rules seemingly written against them. Grant would make a fine safety.