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Comment 05 Feb 2016

I can assure you, that isn't what took place with Patrick Kane-People rush to defend the athlete they think they know and cared little about the facts because their hockey enjoyment might be infringed upon. Patrick Kane was not charged with a crime, hopefully because he didn't do it because that means a woman wasn't raped. That didn't matter. What that case showed was that a real ugly side of people\fans comes out when one of their beloved gets accused of something.

As for Manziel-No I didn't. But I guess I tend to side with battered women because women who get hit don't really lie about it as much as people want to think they do. Shame on me for that. 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

EDIT- Exoneration is a strong word. I was unaware that actual word was thrown out.Regardless, I'm not crossing the threshold of whether he did it or not. I'm saying people feverishly defended Kane and slut shamed the accuser before knowing anything because bros stick up for bros. Youre apologizing for Manziel because his girlfriend is crazy and injects drama into the story. Because its her fault right?

Comment 05 Feb 2016

I'm not saying she wasn't abused, but I do think she injected some drama into the story. I also think she enables him.

You're not saying she wasn't abused but drama into the story matters how? So she was abused but somehow she's to blame for some of this.

Jesus....its Patrick Kane apologist season all over again.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

So he wins plenty of 'just another games' by taking the same approach to them as he takes for the Michigan game yet somehow that lack of making a moment larger than it is magically transforms into losses when it previously lead to wins? Come on man. What changes from treating Penn State like just another game and massacring them and treating Michigan like just another game and losing to them? Its an excuse to compensate for a lack of understanding about a particular game. Its a cop out to say "He didn't respect the rivalry". No, Michigan beat Ohio State because they were the better team that day. Whether it was bad QB performances, poor clock management, other worldly performances by otherwise average players, or anything else. Football is about execution. Passion only gets you so far.

Michigan teams picked fights with Ohio State before losing to them by 5 touchdowns. Passion and hype ends after the first hit. Then its about playing a game.

Woody Hayes treated the Michigan game like a championship and went 16-11-1. You'd think all of that passion would have lead to more than a 57% winning percentage. Jim Tressel was 9-1 because he was a better coach and almost always had a better team than the Michigan teams he played. Urban Meyer has yet to lose for largely the same reasons. To hang it on passion or the way the game is treated is just foolish.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

I love these pieces. The local classic rock station I listen to here in Chicago does daily Milestones in rock and very often the ones I hear on the radio are the ones you bring up as well. Sometimes they are obvious-you'll write up a monumental album the same way the station will honor said album, but some days like today I get two Rock tidbits. I believe today's milestone celebrated Fleetwood Mac-perhaps that was yesterday. Either way, more rock info like this is better than less. Great as always.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Well in this college football era, you'll never have to worry about losing to Michigan and winning a national title. A loss to Michigan means different things to fans. To you it means 365 days of hearing shit from Michigan fans, to me it means the end of a title run.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Yeah, to a point. He didn't finish a Buckeye because of some bad choices, but I'm sure given the option he would have been at OSU for his entire career. I really want this guy to succeed. Who doesn't love a redemption story? He's got a lot going for him. He succeeded, and was at times dominant at OSU. His trip to EKU was forced upon him. He is as talented a pass rusher as I remember seeing.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

He may but it isn't me. Do you honestly think Cooper lost to Michigan because he didn't treat it like a high holy day? Because the color blue was allowed around the Woody? Because he said "Michigan"? No. He lost those games because Michigan either had a better team, a better game plan, or better execution. Cooper's thoughts on the game had nothing to do with the outcomes.

You realize that the notion of him getting fired because of his record of Michigan actually supports my line of thinking, right? Cooper lost crushing games to Michigan when Ohio State (and Michigan) were at the height of their powers. Wins over some of Ohio State's most talented teams meant the Buckeyes were not realizing their full potential under JC-meaning they weren't winning national championships because they lost to the Wolverines. Ohio State deserves better so for that, and a slew of internal reasons, Cooper was shown the door. Don't feed me this "He only got fired because he couldn't beat Michigan" nonsense. He got fired because he couldnt bring home a title despite having a glorified NFL farm system.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Being a meatball isn't a bad thing. Since when is being passionate a bad thing? I just see the season and the pursuit of a national title as the larger, more important goal. It is necessary to beat Michigan in order to accomplish that so to that end, I want OSU to beat UM but I will never be one of those fans that thinks a 2-11 season with a win over Michigan is better than a 12-2 season with a loss to them.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

I'm 33 and have been a Buckeye fan for about 25 of those years so I remember Biakabutuka, and Woodson, vaguely remember Desmond, so I lived through the Cooper years. So your feelings of passion towards this game are based on having lived through bad times, which probably intensifies your hatred for Michigan and probably as a result their fans who made fun of Ohio State to you each and every year the Wolverines beat Ohio State. So you want Ohio State to win for that reason-so you'll have bragging rights right?

Do you know what gives you the unbeatable, trump card of bragging rights? A national championship. To me, a great season is a national title. It sounds like to you that bar is the Michigan game. Maybe that makes me a worse fan because I want Ohio State to be the supreme team in the nation, not just the rivalry. Maybe it doesn't though either....

Comment 05 Feb 2016

If they feel its the right move. I don't disagree that STLA needs a QB but they also shouldn't commit the mortal sin of taking a player to make a splash. Best teams in the league take the best player. If that player is a QB, then great. If you take a QB because he's a QB and you need a QB, then you are doomed to walk with the Houston's, Chicago's, and Cleveland's of the world. 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Yes. They were pandering too. The whole *Ichigan and push the bus past the state line stuff is pandering. Woody did it, Tressel did it, Meyer does it. Its not a bad thing, it builds attention and excitement. Coaches are as much marketers as they are X's and O's types. 

Regarding Illinois-a loss in that game is probably worse given that it would have been to such a bad team but it ultimately has the same affect on an Ohio State season as a loss to Michigan does-it ends post season contention. 

Do you know how rare it is for Ohio State to be where it is right now? We have a perfect apex of coaching, talent, and organizational support all while playing in a VERY winnable conference. There is no guarantee how long this window will be open like this so at present, the National Championship is the expectation. This is a loaded roster that gets richer each season but that can end suddenly (USC, Miami, Texas all felt it). Because of that, the Michigan game to me is a means to the ultimate goal-a national championship.

A loss to Michigan is bad because it ends the chase for that goal. That's the point I'm making. The game only has as much value as people put on it-and its value to me is simply the vehicle that takes us to play Alabama or Clemson or Florida State.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Most years, we judge our success based upon the result of that game

Ugh. This....Beating Michigan is important because a late loss in the season probably ends any sort of serious post season aspirations so that game is the most important because of that. I've never bought into the notion that a Michigan win can define a season-to a point. If OSU has a down year and spoils something for Michigan, then yes, that can define a season because you get one over on the rival who really needed a win against the Bucks. A loss to Michigan during a great year for OSU sucks because it probably costs Ohio State a shot a post season contention. (since the PlayBCS simply concerns itself with WHEN someone loses). Michigan losses don't ruin seasons because its Michigan. Michigan losses ruin seasons because late losses are killers. We all have our opinions on the subject but my expectations of Ohio State football right now in its latest golden era-goes beyond Michigan. They are simply a stop along the way to what should be expected every year for OSU. 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Thoughts? For a fan base that claims we hate Michigan as much as we do, we sure talk about them a lot. I'd say let them do their thing. Meyer's recruiting strategy is a business like, machine of an operation with proven results. I couldn't care less what the rest of the nation does.