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Comment 24 Apr 2015

Well its easy when most everyone here is wrong about everything unless they agree with me!!!!

I keed. I keed.

Sort of.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

William and Hodge were two of my favorites who don't seem to be around AS much. Hell I'm not around THAT much so I don't know if what I'm saying is even true.

Full disclosure I'm on the site every day but don't always comment like I used to. Just need a LeBron, John Simon, or Terelle Pryor thread to pop up I suppose.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

Am I the only one picturing a third grade Jim Harbaugh running around the class room with his little khakis on drinking half drunk cartons of milk while telling himself "they are laughing WITH you Jim. WITH you".

Comment 20 Apr 2015

Both bad. No greater than or less than. Great college players, awful pros. Where did I say anything about Manziel?

Comment 19 Apr 2015

What skill set? Being big? That isn't a skill set.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

If anyone anywhere thinks a completion percentage below 50 in the NFL gets you anything then I implore you to pick up another sport. The guy can not play the position in the NFL and Chip Kelly has gone from quirky NFL tinkerer to full blown football anarchist and he'll be dealt with accordingly. I'm not one to say things won't change but one thing NEVER will-to play QB you need to complete passes and do it with at least some of them occurring down field. Its a 1 year deal for a reason. He was out of football for a reason. Tim Tebow is a garbage NFL football player. I don't care how great of a guy he is. He is getting a paycheck to do something poorly and its insulting to me as a fan but at this point I want to see Chip crash and burn. This is the fastest way to do it.

Comment 12 Apr 2015

Chicago. Chicago. Chicago.

If Kane gets healthy and Crawford gets hot, Hawks should be able to dispatch Nashville with relative ease-meaning as easy as anything can be in the NHL playoffs. Like the Hawks in 6. 

Comment 06 Apr 2015
Right, Callipari is the only one who plays one and does.He is doing what everyone wants to, he is recruiting the best players. He is just better at it than his counterparts. His way will work because these kids want to go to the NBA and Call sends more there now than anyone. Oh and he'll win another title or two along the way.
Comment 06 Apr 2015

Um. Not sure where I brought up anything about the system as its currently constructed. My issue is with people acting like this one loss (in his 4th Final Four in five years) makes him a bad coach or exposes him or this Kentucky team. Building an All star team takes soul out of the game? You want to see Jon Scheyer and Kyle Singler and Sam Thompson and guys not good enough to depart for the league play basketball for four years? Knock yourself out. Give me talented teams. Its only for a year anyway in most cases and you can see another great team a year later whether its at UK or anywhere else. I prefer good basketball players, talented ones-not guys who are only still playing college ball because they CANT go pro.

But again, the larger point is the reveling in the loss of Kentucky that either somehow exposes his short comings as a coach (it doesn't) or makes this Kentucky team any less great (it doesn't).

Comment 06 Apr 2015

And forced their coach to throw his controller on the ground and say "I Quit". Andersen should have been a lifer at Wisconsin and got out because the writing was on the walls. It would always  be more of the same against Ohio State. Meyer made him run away.

Comment 06 Apr 2015

Coaches lose games. It happens. To revel in this loss is fine but I never understood why people have to hate on greatness. It would have been historical if they ran the table. They fell short to a good team but that doesn't mitigate anything Cal is doing right now. Listen to Rick Pitino talk about it guys-Cal has revolutionized college hoops. He can't win it every year, even with a team as loaded as this one. K, Izzo, Ryan, Pitino have all lost big games. Cal is consistently in the end of the tourney and is doing it by rolling over the roster each year. Any knock on him as a coach is terribly short sighted. He is getting guys that can start any where to come to a program where a lot of them won't play the minutes they would if they were to go somewhere else without the same wave of talent. He gets them to buy into a team for a year and sends them on their way to the pros. Because he can't go undefeated he is a bad coach? That's just foolish. The guy is playing chess right now and the rest of the nation is playing checkers. A loss here doesn't take anything away from what he is doing. I get that he might not be likeable-the guys at the top generally aren't. But he is to college basketball what Meyer is to college football (Meyer lost games too with immensely talented teams). Winning the NCAA tourney is hard. All you can ask for is a shot at it each year and outside of a few teams, Kentucky has that each year with Cal and they are doing it with a different roster almost every season. That isn't bad coaching. Quit being haters.

Comment 22 Mar 2015

The question is about fast food dude. Don't let a few mouse clicks get your so up in arms. You typed a lot of words in response to a question designed largely to stave off the boredom between sports seasons but you just couldn't help yourself could you?

I'd LOVE to subscribe to your news letter.

Comment 22 Mar 2015

If we're talking on the field (court, ice, etc) success, and we're talking football, I'd have a hard time not saying Griffin. Being the only two time Heisman winner sort of makes that argument for you. Talking pure athletic ability? Terrelle Pryor. Could also get the award for most improperly used athlete in the history of sports.

Comment 22 Mar 2015

So Kewpee is a hipsters Wendy's. Got it. Look man, If I'm craving Wendy's I find one. I've never heard of Kewpee and as such won't go on a pilgrimage to find one. If Wendy's is a rip off then Wendy's is good enough for me. We're talking fast food here. If I want a real deal burger-not fast food-I'll make one myself but if we're talking quick and easy, Dave Thomas' empire is where I will head.

Comment 21 Mar 2015

Worst-Skyline. How is it legal to serve garbage to people and\or why do they pay for it? I think everyone who 'likes' it knows its bad but since its a Cinci thing they have to own it like it is something they love. Skyline is seriously the worst thing in existence next to Michigan Football (a VERY close second to Michigan Football, for the record).

Best-Wendy's. Dave Thomas is a national treasure.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Beauty of March isn't it? Most fans will tell you even their most optimistic outlook for their team involves a death march to UK and that may be the case but there is still basketball to be played. OSU has been up and down all year  but has one of the best players in the nation on their side-that gives them a chance. This time of year that's all you want!

Comment 19 Mar 2015

I was a freshman when he was a senior....he was former Iowa Hawkeye, Cincinnati Bengal, and Cleveland Brown Eric Steinbach. Though he was a great offensive lineman, in high school he was a tight ends and rush end. My freshman year, myself and several other team mates from our 9-0 sophomore squad got to continue our season as practice squad players for the varsity as the playoffs began. It was a pretty big honor, first playing on the sophomore team as a freshman, then being one of 15 kids called up. The FIRST day of practice leading into the first playoff game saw my school facing a team that ran a lot of zone blitz that involved dropping dlinemen into coverage. Our coaching staff thought to counter that by working on delayed runs and draws. I was asked to face a rush at the center and drop into coverage to get the QB used to seeing that. So I did. And the offense ran a draw. I looked to my left to see where the play was, then looked to my right, Interestingly enough the sun had been blocked out. Then I remember being on the sidelines. Then I remember coaches checking on me. Finally I remember the future NFLer asking me if I was ok. Finally I broke my silence-what happened? I asked to no one in particular. At that point Mr. Steinbach was kind enough to explain that we ran a draw, he released at me, I didn't see him coming and he flattened me into the ground. He said he went to help me up but I slapped his hand away, popped back up and proceeded back to the huddle-the offensive huddle. In today's atmosphere of head trauma and the like, I understand this isn't as funny now as it was then but I can say (after being informed of most it as the rest escaped my memory) that my greatest achievement was getting leveled by a future all American and living to tell about it.

Comment 11 Mar 2015

I spent the entire game hearing texts that can be broken down by 'wave' from my best friend who admits to being a Bama bandwaggoner.

1) Bama Jumps up early-the theme of the texts involved TCU, Big Ten awfulness, Meyer's over ratedness.

2) OSU storms back-Harkens back to 'fluke' TD to Thomas at the end of the first half.

3) Jones begins running through, over and around Bama "Turnover is going to get momentum back"

4) Steve Miller's TD-"Bama wears teams out in the fourth".

5) Zeke breaks away "Oregon is going to mash you guys".

I didn't respond. He's my best friend but he's a sports idiot sometimes. I'd like to think my silence was deafening.

Comment 11 Mar 2015
This is a really good discussion for the record. Thanks for engaging. Agreed on Washington. Perhaps they gave up on it too soon? I don't know. There are short term samples of success. Tebows Broncos we're another but that was out of necessity and is a testament to the coaches willingness to adjust to available resources. Oddly enough, John fox is a more traditional head coach and he was willing to make that change because he had to. glad the Bears got him. The Jones thing is interesting but a 6'5 250 pound QB with a big arm and enough mobility to be dangerous has never not been sexy. Oddly enough the strengths that got him in the early draft discussion we're all traditional QB ttraits; prescence, progression, arm strength and accuracy. This movement will probably live and die with Kelly. Should be a fun NFL season.