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Comment 2 hours ago

No skin in the game, I am not a Browns fan I just feel like their days of being the butt of jokes in the NFL are closer to the end than the beginning. 

Comment 3 hours ago

Their insistence on placing football above everything has made me want their football seasons to be as miserable as possible and I think being mired in mediocrity is perfect. They are in football purgatory with no end in sight. I dislike Penn State more than any program in the country. I know this isn't a confession thread but honestly I don't even hate Michigan. At this point I nothing them because they are so insignificant to Ohio State. I know the Game is a big deal and 'throw the records out' and all that but until they encroach upon OSU in the form of actually beating them, they will continue to get little to none of my attention.

Penn State on the other hand can go pound sand. Their people are truly the worst subset in college football.

Comment 3 hours ago

This isn't very far fetched. I like Oakland or Cleveland to make the playoffs this year as a wild card. The West is probably KC's to lose as Denver was ravaged this off season and SD is rebuilding. The AFC South is garbage after Indy (who is still probably a 9 win team this year). The East could make life hard as New England (Brady's suspension be damned) is the odds on favorite but Buffalo and the Jets can both make a push for the wild card. Assuming KC, NE, Pitt and Indy are your division winners, that leaves Cincy, Oakland, NYJ, Buffalo as your likely Wild Card possibilities. Cleveland, if RGIII can be a fraction of his pre injury self is as good as any of those teams. I think they fall a tick short but Cleveland might have to prepare itself for something they haven't seen in a competence. 

Comment 21 hours ago

Which might put Saban elsewhere...

This could go on endlessly. And honestly, I'm sure if we looked we'd find other events that altered a lot of stuff but Pryor sure looks like he was a big domino.

Comment 21 hours ago

Yep. That's a great piece.

If Pryor goes to Michigan, Rodriguez may not fail and eventually takes over Ohio State who is coached by Jim Tressel, who may never leave even after seeing his empire encroached upon by that team up North. Urban Meyer never goes to Ohio State, instead accepts any number of offers from schools that would be in the bidding war he would create with his top choice (OSU) conceivably not in the market. Penn State? Notre Dame? USC? Texas? Endless Possibilities.

If Pryor goes to Oregon, they may not lose a game in 4 years and Chip Kelley cements himself as college football's modern day dictator, thus ending SEC dominance before it truly takes root. Rodriguez fails at Michigan, Tressel never leaves OSU, Meyer again is free to go anywhere.

I know I'm over simplifying a lot and that I'm assuming Pryor wins every where he goes but I really think that at the time, with the way offenses were being played, Pryor with Rich Rod or Pryor with Kelly would have been a devastating nearly unstoppable force.

Comment 21 hours ago

Two evens fundamentally changed College Football as we know it.

West Virginia's loss to Pitt in 2007.

Terrelle Pryor's commitment to Ohio State.

Oregon, Ohio State, Michigan, West Virginia, and in my opinion the entire SEC were fundamentally altered forever.

Comment 23 hours ago

I guess not.

Honestly, its bias against the scrappy slot receiver. I hate try hard guys. Its like if someone doesn't talk about how hard they try, then they aren't trying hard and no one knows how hard they try! When someone's best attribute is the amount of heart they have, I have no place on my team for that guy because it perpetuates the myth that the more talented player has less heart than a less talented player.

Everyone also raved about his hands but they weren't that good (evident by the fact that he dropped everything thrown near him in the NFL) and he wasn't a great route runner but since he fits a certain mold its assumed he had great hands and ran clean routes when in reality, neither were really true.

I make a lot of irrational decisions about things and I am aware that this one might be the most irrational of them all because Dane is probably a pretty cool, likable guy but if I am asked to sit down and list every player I've seen in order from most favorite to most hated, the only competition Dane may actually have is Steve Bellisari.

Comment 24 hours ago

I want Michigan to be good...and not sort of good. I want them to be so good that its a legit toss up when The Game comes around. I say this because I want maximum schadenfreude when Ohio State wins because their fans know when they will get rocked and they don't suffer the same level of angst as when a good\great Michigan team falls. I want even their best teams to not be enough against Ohio State. Remember 2006. I want that feeling every year.

I hate Dane Sanzenbacher and I always will. 

Part of me will always clamor for the days of the U being the U. I'm a fan of confidence bordering on arrogance and despise the notion that people need to 'act like theyve been there'. I had a coach tell me when I played that if someone doesn't want you to show them up, they shouldn't let you show them up.

I am convinced, even now, that Urban Meyer will leave Ohio State for another job. I don't think any coach has ever done it, recently anyway, but I just can't shake this feeling that  Columbus isn't the man's last stop.

Comment 24 hours ago

Nope. Who needs to be able to high point a football or chase down an away side play if you are on time to practice.

Comment 24 hours ago

HA. Poor Jim.

You're 14-12 in 2 years and Ohio State, Michigan State, and now Michigan have all established that their thing is way bigger than your thing.

It makes sense though that an exactly mediocre coach is the head man at an exactly mediocre college football 'power house'.

Penn State being mediocre is so perfect for me. They are good enough to think they are a threat to Ohio State, but then they get reminded (often times harshly) that they are no match. Screw it, what the hell, I hope Harbaugh and Dantonio take their turns pounding PSU into the turf too.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

I don't fault the move. It is a gamble. But the Cubs sold themselves as something different all year. Its refreshing to see that they aren't. We even got the usual song and dance out of Theo "Well we care about domestic abuse and we asked around a lot" or something to that affect.

They gave up a TON for 25 or so inning out of Chapman, who is a free agent. Imagine what a team could get for an ace left hander who isn't 30 and still under club control.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

If Sarcasm was flammable, this post would need a warning about open flames.

Well played Mr. Earle.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Oh I know and its really a product of my cynical view of the world. That and the fact that the NFL somehow has escaped the serious PED issues that plague the MLB completely baffles me. If ever there was a sport where we wanted to shine the light on guys artificially growing, it would be football. 

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Its easy for people to wonder about this team because its easy to see what they lost. A quick glance at the talent (all be it unproven) on this roster should tell you all you need to know. You only get experience by getting experience so there isn't a magic potion this team can drink and all of a sudden they have game experience.

What they can do is storm into Norman and plunder it. And that will happen.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Clay Matthews....been saying it for years that he's been hot. Its strictly nothing more than my opinion but I just don't buy a guy that goes from walk on to All Pro in 5 short years.

I also don't buy an inch of what is being sold to us on JJ Watt. MAC Tight End to NFL superstar through hard work! Ok....

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Saw my fare share of this guy. Not upset he's retiring but really happy that he's able to walk away from the game.

Best of luck in whatever comes next.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

My man. I love this post so much that I want to marry it. You and I are of the same mind. I've been singing blow out since Clemson kicked their teeth in. Ohio State is going to burn Norman to the ground.