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Comment 6 hours ago

I see this ending poorly. If anything Ohio State related doesn't win every ESPY its up for, there will be great gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands over some ill conceived conspiracy perpetrated by the Booyahs (RIP, Stew) against Ohio State.

Its an award they made up to promote themselves. Please please please Buckeye nation, don't be upset if\when Ohio State doesn't sweep. The Buckeyes have the only hardware that matters.

Comment 10 hours ago

Ahh yes the ol 'use the word woman as an insult' insult to boot.

Comment 10 hours ago

Very nice to have an expert in the field we all know little to nothing about. Your ability to break it down into terms a neanderthal like myself can understand is beyond appreciated. So to summarize...shoulder injuries bad. Recovery long. Miller odds good?. Yes. Indeed. I think I've got it now

Comment 10 hours ago

Ahhhh because if there is anything better than a can of diesel, its a can of diesel that was first brought up to a hot temp and then cooled off. 

Comment 11 hours ago

The notion of drinking a Budweiser is the more troubling thought. As if that wasn't bad enough, a Budweiser in a yellow can, which I have to assume is some sort of lemony\citrusy\soul stealing concoction, may keep me up at night for hours on end.

Seriously. Why?

Comment 13 hours ago

You know when you cheer for an amazing team? When a player a lot of people consider to be the best or second best ever at his position is only the 63rd best player in the school's history.

Buckeye Problems, man.

Comment 13 hours ago

I voted 1, but 2 is the right call. This year should be a title, period. Anything less, even a loss in the playoffs, is a let down for OSU. This is one of those "Only meet exceptions" type of seasons OSU fans love so much. I also forsee a pretty large exodus of great talent off of this roster so it may take a year or two to fully reload. I think this year and 2018 sound about right.

Comment 13 hours ago

Ugh. Another awful year for my beloved South Siders. Seriously, outside of Chris Sale, it has been a miserable baseball season here in Sox Land. I'm not an ardent Anti Cubs fan, so I can appreciate the exciting brand they are building but my goodness, thank you for making 20% of baseball games watchable, Chris.

Comment 13 hours ago

Well thanks Ramzy. I had my response all pretty and loaded up and you had to go and moderate it. 2.5 minutes of my life gone forever. I presume I can send an invoice to 11W Corporate HQ?

Comment 04 Jul 2015

Right around the time Charlie Strong cleans up Texas at the expense of wins, Herman should be rounding out a nice 3 year stretch at UH. I have him tabbed as Texas' next coach. Still waiting for the chips to fall to make my Petrino to Miami prediction true. Sorry dudes, I don't think Herman is coming back to Ohio.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

As soon as Tunsil knocked this dude out I was thinking "Someone's going scorched earth here".

No one bought Ole Miss' sudden rise to recruiting powerhouse in seemingly one day. Lots of smoke right now.

Comment 02 Jul 2015
Wrong. Ryan Hamby dropping that ball with 9 to go in the third quarter wasnt the reason, larger schematic problems did OSU in. If Nate Salley was .5 step faster on the other hand....
Comment 02 Jul 2015

Beat out OSU\Miami as the game with the most future NFLers. I THINK it still stands. Those teams were just loaded. That game lived up to all of the hype and may have actually exceeded it. I swear Reggie Bush jumped into the end zone from the 9 yard line. Every time I tell people about that play that hadn't seen it, he gets farther and farther away. Then that Vince Young I could watch that game 15 times in a row.

Of course it may never have happened if one Jim Tressel stuck with a QB in mid September but that is a conversation for another time....

Comment 02 Jul 2015

Not many things cooler than hearing Keith Jackson describe "the young man from Insert small town here, state".

That guy was a great listen. 

Comment 02 Jul 2015

You didn't see a lot of Brandon Saad then did you?  I guess we can agree to disagree and ultimately its a nice thing to discuss. I'm probably a little biased since he played a big role in the last two cups. I think we can agree, CBus got a hell of a player regardless.

Dano was the jewel of the trade for the Hawks and the reason Columbus was the dance partner for Saad. Once the initial shock of losing what a lot of people thought to be a core player wore off, the trade makes a lot of sense for both parties. Everyone loves draft picks but trading an actual NHL player for potential in the form of picks is better for a team set to win another cup soon. I really do like the Artem pick up.  Anisimov is going to REALLY benefit from the skill he'll be able to skate with. The Hawks liked him for a while (and apparently didn't need much more than a 'hello' to get into bed with him) and if he can solve the ever present '2nd Center' quandry the Hawks have had for years, he'll be loved in Chicago (which has a VERY good history of falling head over heels for foreign born players, weirdly).

Dubinsky's two-way game is just as good as Toews's

What? Come on man. Brandon Dubinsky is a fine player but this comment is a pretty loaded one. You nearly lost me by blasphemeing Demi-God Marian Hossa. Don't lose me all together by insulting the Captain.

As for the East, its ripe for the picking. Washington made some interesting moves, Detroit as well. I think Tampa is going to be the team to beat but they aren't worlds ahead of anyone at the moment. Columbus can make a lot of noise this year.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

Fans fell in love with Saad, largely the casual ones. I have no problem with casual fans as their new money helps teams like the Hawks. My problem is that too much value is placed on the tertiary pieces by the fans. Though entirely different players, this is the same reaction that occurred when Byfuglien was traded. Its short sighted fandom that doesn't allow appreciation of long sighted business decisions. Something Chicago isn't used to is a well run organization. The Bulls thing was the product of Michael, this Hawks thing (though anchored by great players) is a different animal.

It was assume Saad was the next big thing in Chicago, and maybe he was but signing him at his value decimates the roster and forces the loss of important tertiary pieces like Andrew Shaw, Marcus Krueger, and probably hampers the ability to sign Teuvo (the actual next big thing in Chicago) long term. Saad is the best player this dynasty has had to part with but it was all done to continue the ride. Letting him go via RFA signing would have yielded some nice picks but those don't help now.

The Casual fan says "TRADE BICKELL AND SHARP" and that needs to occur but their combined salary minus Saad's probably salary yield a -1 on the roster while only freeing up minimal cap space. It sucks man, I won't say it doesn't and I'm VERY jealous of Cbus because Saad is such a fan favorite, likeable dude. He also happens to be a great player so there's that but organizations win championships and this is the kind of move that great organizations make (on both sides). Its not often I feel both sides make out in a trade in the NHL and after the initial thought that Chicago got beat bad, I think this is a mutually beneficial deal the likes of which aren't always seen.

I'll be pulling for the Jacks. Unless they meet the Hawks in the SCF. Then I hope they mercilessly beat them into the ice.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

Yes he will be. Brandon Saad instantly becomes the best forward on the Jackets roster. They have some nice players but they are bringing him aboard and paying him as such to be number 1. He is now going to be tasked with making other players better instead of being the player that is made better by someone else. He's got a wreckless abandon toward the net and phenomenal speed and burst. His shot is also VERY solid. He has all of the tools to be great and I hope he is. Don't kid yourself, Saad is going to be expected to be the Jacks leader in a lot of metrics.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

I agree to a point. I like the idea of letting the QB be the supplementary runner. I worry that Brax, if named starter, doesn't have it in him to be a distributor the way Barrett was so efficiently. Cardale is a different animal all together because his combination of size, athleticism, and throwing ability just don't come around much. Truth be told, if I understand this offense the way I think I do, JT is the blue print, tailor made QB. Big but not huge, accurate arm, decisive, runner that is quicker than he is fast but capable of putting his back to the defense. I'd say he does nothing great and everything good while Jones and Miller are on either side of the throw\run spectrum (with proficiencies in both). Its funny, you start talking about all three and you can make a legit case for any of them. It might be the best\worst problem ever.