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Comment 04 May 2017

Decent Throw. Great Read. All Pro YAC.

Yet Tebow gets all the credit. What happened a week later? I can't recall exactly but the phrases "Murdered by the Patriots"  "36% completion percentage" and "Couldn't mount an offense" keeps ringing in my head for some reason...

Comment 02 May 2017

Chicago sports talk radio has outstanding NFL coverage and typically hits a homerun with their draft coverage. One of their contributors is Hub Arkush of Pro Football Weekly and has been saying it for the last 2 months or so and doubled down on it on draft night that sources close to OU have reiterated this, that Joe Mixon is, in fact, a real piece of garbage. I'm sure the Cincy bros are ok with the pick because they continue to cheer for garbage human beings that play for their garbage franchise, but I'll side with the guy who is tapped into the NFL and has been on airwaves in Chicago for 20 something years.

Its ok if its not an acceptable source because even a video of him punching a girl isn't enough for people but again, Arkush has been a source of solid NFL information locally and nationally for years so if he says it, I typically buy it. Oh and there's a video. But its ok, bros deserve a second chance, right bros? Screw the Bengals, Mixon, and anyone that cheers for him\them.

Comment 29 Apr 2017

Or shouldn't have picked at all. Teams were told by people close to OU that his whole 'rehabilitated' thing is an act and might in fact be a legit bad human being.

But hey, was ANYONE shocked at all that the Bengals took him? 

Comment 28 Apr 2017

Probably a good player. Probably as big of a self promoting, attention grabbing douchbag as his brother too.

Screw JJ, TJ, or whatever Watt is out there. 

Comment 28 Apr 2017

I won't argue that Pace probably paid 100 bucks for something he could have gotten for 50. I think a first year GM got one over on him for an extra pick or 2 but I refuse to be anything but excited because my beloved Bears made an aggressive play to be great at the most important position in professional sports. They tried it with Jay and had mixed to bad results but this is the first time they've ever made a move like this to draft a QB. The more I hear and see about Mitch, the more I like it. Of course you want picks but I'd rather hit on the top QB available (depending on who you ask) then have a few more cracks at the second and third wave of players. Bears have a high second round pick they might be able to move, and if they get some picks back then all is forgiven. 

The working theory right now is that people were calling the Bears about #3 and Pace took that as a reason to believe people would be calling SF about #2. He knew who he wanted and aggressively moved to make sure he got him. That's the part I like. Whether Trubisky works out or not is actually kind of irrelevant to me because even the most sure fire QB prospects miss.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

You're right on too. It's an ugly situation and there are sad cases of guys actually getting convicted of something they didn't do. The easy out for the admitted they lied threshold is "never admit you lied" and let things play out, fade away. I'm just not confident that someone can word anything that protects both actual victims from retribution and the falsely accused from prison. With that concern, my stance is 'risk the false allegations because there aren't a ton of them and don't risk an actual victim coming forward, the guy beating the case, and the girl getting classed as a liar and thus facing time'. The challenge would be determining at what point an accuser is treated as a liar and I have 0 confidence that can be done adequately.

The conundrum for me is risking an innocent man going to jail versus an actual victim getting punished.  

Comment 28 Apr 2017

That's not what's coming out. Pace might have played this a little better than he got credit for last night. He clearly wanted Trubisky but ran smoke screens all draft season and its being rumored he properly gagued that someone was going to move up to 2 to grab him so he made sure it was the Bears that got the guy they wanted. Price seems steep today. It might seem like a bargain 2 years from now.

Comment 28 Apr 2017

Bears had the 15th best O Line according to pro football focus last year and have a legit running game to take pressure off of Trubisky so this comment is inherently false. The Bears have plenty of flaws but it has more to do with skill players than the big guys.

At first I was a little bent out of shape about the pick, especially with what they had to give up because SF probably got the Bears to buy that someone was talking about moving up. With that said, if Trubisky is a legit franchise QB, then his price is irrelevant. The next argument is to bring up Glennon who's deal is basically a 1 year try out for bottom third annual salary packaged as a three year deal. After year 1, the Bears can get out.

Trubisky threw 80 something career passes in the redzone, none of them were intercepted. That is a far cry from my beloved Jay who killed the Bears in the redzone. I also like what I see. The guy can play. For better or worse, the Bears front office hitched their wagons to this guy and took their shot. If it pays off, they didn't pay too much for him. They paid him what he is worth because there probably was interest in Trubisky at two from either Cleveland, Houston, KC who all didn't want to pay what SF asked. 

And they didn't draft Jabril Peppers.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

I don't trust the powers that be to clearly define what a false accuser is. What triggers this investigation into the accuser? A guy not being charged? Because that's scary. An accused beats a case and now his accuser gets charged? Conley, like Zeke before him, will endure if they are innocent. Elliot suffered absolutely nothing once the smoke cleared. Conley may take a financial hit he can't recover from as teams will be scared of this until the issue is put to rest and if he is in fact innocent, that absolutely sucks. But he will be in the NFL and he will still move past this. I'm terrified of the precedent that gets set because sexual assault is already the most mishandled crime in America. I don't want to live in a world where actual victims are put at risk. Victims are already afraid to come forward. Throw in potential legal ramifications if the accused gets away with it and it gets even harder. If I'm a law maker, I'm willing to risk the select few falsely accused people's reputation will eventually recover. I'm not willing to accept the possibility of a single victim going to jail.

Comment 25 Apr 2017

Many? The 2% of allegations that are determined to be false? Is that your definition of Many, many false allegations?

Here's the part where you bring up Duke LaCrosse.

Here's the part where I educate you on what sample size means.

Here's the part where you bring up Zeke.

Here's the part where I explain what "Part not representative of the whole means".

End of discussion. Go away. You don't charge accusers because it makes it even harder for victims to come forward. You don't punish the very insignificant number of false accusers because it creates fear in actual victims and frankly, I'd rather see Garreon Conley get falsey accused than an actual victim be too scared to come forward. You don't charge false accusers, period.

Comment 24 Apr 2017

The Bears need help in the secondary in the worst way. I really really hope they talk themselves out of draft slot and look at the player, not the position he plays and when that player should be drafted. When a player gets favorably compared to Ed Reed, you take that player when you are able to.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I have always called the Hawks the unkillable hockey zombie because it seemingly takes everything a team has to finish them so I will hold out that I don't think a sweep is going to happen but there isn't much save for the second period in yesterday's game that makes me think this team is capable of winning more than one game against this Preds team. That's a really good hockey team in Nashville and they are taking it to the NHL gold standard. My pride says the Hawks take at least 2 but there's nothing outside of hubris that I've seen that makes me think that's actually going to happen.

Comment 30 Mar 2017

Verlon suffered a pretty nasty knee injury if I remember correctly, and did so as he was sort of kind of breaking out a little bit. Good to see him carving out a niche for himself still.

Comment 27 Mar 2017

Jack Daniels upvote downvote....

I mean I won't DV you because its not a DVable offense but me and Jack are not pals.