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Comment 14 Nov 2014

I guess that is my point though. What does it say if a one loss conference champ gets left out? When I  heard about a playoff committee, I was excited about the possibility of people watching games and determine who looks and plays the best. If a two loss SEC team gets in, its safe to assume the playoff committee is nothing more than a group of people who look at perceived strength of schedule. It is hands down the easy way out when it comes to discussing who is better than who. Ohio State is clearly one of the best teams in the nation but the immediate go to move is "Weak schedule". Sometimes great teams play bad schedules. Doesn't mean they are any less great.

Comment 14 Nov 2014

Forgive me for having the utmost confidence in Ohio State-the team that is playing some of the best football in the nation. I am fully aware that a loss to Minnesota, Indiana, or Michigan ends it. Just do me a favor, say the following statements outloud.

"Minnesota beats Ohio State" "Indiana Beats Ohio State" "Michigan beats Ohio State". Hearing the words should  make you realize how ridiculous it sounds. Ohio State isn't losing.

Comment 14 Nov 2014

For the record-I have not been able to read the site as much as I would have liked. If this has been discussed at all, Shame on me. You can all boo me and throw rancid produce at me after the 11W staff throws me in the stocks.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

That isn't true at all. Just off the top of my head, here is what Mack recruited...

Coly McCoy

Brian Orakpo

Earl Thomas

Cedric Benson

Jamaal Charles

Roy Williams

Derrick Johnson

Nathan Vasher

Aaron Ross

Michael Griffin

There are worlds more, some have had great success at the next level, some were some of the best at their crafts collegiately.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I also don't think there is any guarantee that Harbaugh would be successful at Michigan. He was great at Stanford but had nothing really to lose-pressure isn't exactly over whelming when you take over a terrible team. The turnaround job was impressive but Stanford isn't Michigan when it comes to football. If he is the next guy that is going to turn Michigan football around, paint me surprised. I will say this though-the guy is a damn fine NFL coach. Should he and SF part ways, he will immediately find himself at the top of every single coaching search in the NFL. For an NFL guy, pick of the litter choices at the highest level is a tough thing to turn down.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

That is where you and I part then. I despise a dual QB system. Nothing wrong with a few snaps here and there but 15-20 is quite a few. I like how Marshall and Dontre are used now, anything more than that for Miller if JT is a starter is an issue and vice versa and I think you run into continuity issues. Florida did it a little with Leak and Tebow and it worked but Tebow was generally used as a power back who threw occasionally. All in all, I think next year you will see a lot of what you would like to see. Should they go with a dual QB system of sorts, I would prefer it your way. JT is a good runner, but he isn't Miller. Let your thrower be the starter and spell him with the Home Run hitter. With that said, I just don't know how a three year starter loses  his job because of injury, especially one who is as good as Braxton. In reality, it is a great problem to have, one that can't have a wrong decision if you pick one or the other but I just despise regularly platooning both.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I thought that may cause some confusion. Let me clarify. He won't start next year, as great as he's been it will be Miller's job to lose in camp. This season I don't think he'll get the Heisman hype he deserves but year after next, when he is the unquestioned starter, his Heisman buzz will be rightful, justified, and at full steam.

This isn't meant to kick off a Miller\JT debate as this year still has a lot of fun left in it.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

When two offense resemble drunk college kids humping doorknobs anywhere else in the nation, its bad football. When it happens in the SEC, its great defense. Whatever. Bama and LSU looked human. They have good defenses, neither has an offense* worth worrying about.

*assuming one can tackle Amari Cooper.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Did anyone catch the not so subtle SEC push late last night? Herbie was talking about how OSU waited all year for this game and MSU needed it as well since they both lost in bad fashion in the same week. He made a comment about how in the SEC it happens every week but in the Big Ten you have to wait.

Even my wife asked what that had to do with anything. I also counted 10 SEC references in the 4th quarter alone. I've railed pretty hard on the SEC conspiracy folks and I still don't think it is as widespread or far reaching as some do but the ABC\ESPN thing with the SEC is akin to a gluten free Cross-fit doer. They won't stop talking about it, ever.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

He has to be considered. All told, I think it will be Gordon, Mariota and Prescott that head to NY as they don't seem to be sending 5 as much (please correct me if I'm wrong, it just feels that way). From a numbers stand point he is there but I remember a certain OSU LB who's numbers totally and wholly annihilated a certain ND LB's numbers but wasn't the better story (or the faker one for that matter) so didn't get any awards he had coming to him. Revenge is his of course since he has real girlfriends and actually matters in the NFL, but I digress.

Joe Thomas is going to have wait a while for his name to be called but when the job is his again, he'll get what he deserves.

Comment 04 Nov 2014

This is the closest Ramzy has come to duplicating the sheer liquid spitting humor of the Bollrus\Vraebel\Fickell Office Space piece a few years back. I've always been a fan of everything Ramzy puts together but in my mind, the Office Space one is his best. This rivals it closely.

Bravo. Bravo indeed.

Comment 28 Oct 2014

I hope the original poster has never once clamored or raved about Kenny Guiton because KG, for all of his strengths, had a rag arm.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

I love, and I mean LOVE, taking shots at Penn State but I just can't do it. That defense played a really good game and the offense did just enough to keep them in it. They put a legit threat into OSU tonight. Tough teams win tough games though.

Comment 25 Oct 2014

Its pretty simple for me. Penn State thinks they are a rival, if I think that they are it means I agree with them and simply put I just can't do that.

They are like that first cousin on the side of the family that you don't talk to as much as the other side of the family-the one you are generally closer to. Sure, you talk to him\her every Christmas Eve or what not but you don't really have much in common other than being in the same age group. So you fumble through some awkward exchanges because mom and dad want you to but you know that they know that you know you just want it to get over sooner so you can hang out with the side of the family you like more. That cousin is familiar more than family so you do what you need to do but by no means do you look forward to it.

Congratulations Penn State, you are our awkward cousin we don't like hanging out with.

Comment 23 Oct 2014
Last season, Allen Robinson could have caught five touchdowns in the fourth quarter and Penn State still would have lost be two touchdowns.
Comment 23 Oct 2014
Urban is doing and saying the right things. The refusal to be complacent trickles down from the top and for that we should be happy, but I think in the back of his mind Urban thinks "we are going to cut these guys to pieces and feed them to themselves". Happy Valley will be loud, then it won't be. Good Guys 49 Weirdos 10. Raise the statue my ass. Burn that place to the ground Urban.