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Comment 11 hours ago

The way you look at stats is creative. If JT goes 15-0, thus winning the NC, and pushing his win total to 41 games do you know what else he becomes-The greatest OSU QB ever. That is hands down the weakest argument you've made to date.A guy with a proposed 91% winning percentage would be looked at negatively? No.

"Not being effective against decent defenses". That's a good, subjective word. Do the #6 and #8 defenses in the nation do anything for you? Because that year he went 29\47 for 476 and 4 TDs. Then Ran for 175 and 4 TDS. Beat the mitten state into submission and missed the end of the Michigan game-that beating would have continued. He also beat the number 1 defense in the nation that year on the road with a bad leg through sheer force of will and was the reason (along with Big Bear) they walked out of Happy Valley with a W. then in 2015 shredded the number 3 defense in nation in their backyard too to the tune of 9\15 for 113 and 139 yards and 3 scores on the ground. Has he had some bad games? Sure. But are those bad ones entirely on him? Because I don't recall Cardale Jones hoisting a Heisman.

You are now using Joe Burrow in High School to prove your point. I'd say you are grasping at straws but even straws aren't falling your way. High school man? HIGH SCHOOL? seriously, just stop. 

JT and JB have been in no comparable situations. NONE. JB has not taken a single meaningful snap of college footall and thus his experience can not be compared to Barrett's who has done and seen everything. Now I know there are plenty of cases of the backup exceeding the production of the guy that came before him-hell USC did that seemingly every year-but to say Burrow has any advantage over Barrett based on what he's done against no ones in blowouts, combining that with his performance in the Ray Small Bowl, and topping it off with high school stats? Just come out and say it, you don't like the guy who is going to win 40 games in his career by the time its all said and done.

Comment 14 hours ago

None of the above. Dantonio is successful relative to expectations. Harbaugh has yet to win the biggest game of his career at any stop since he beat a declining USC team. Paul Chryst is the only guy I'd consider but methinks Meyer's replacement when he does decide to hang it up is currently in the State of Ohio.

Comment 14 hours ago

Does anyone remember Ray Small? He always looked good in Spring games. Do you know what Joe Burrow's BIGGEST asset is right now? Do you know what he does so much better than anyone else on the roster? It's a lot easier than you are making it out to be. He's better at not being JT Barrett than anyone else. You are making stretch after stretch and only going back to the controlled environment of a Spring game. Its like getting jacked about a guy hitting 400 in spring ball. Sure it's against "real talent" but is it really?

I have an honest question for you-Urban Meyer calls you and has a panic attack because he can't pick a starting QB. Everything is the same-Line is what it is, Weber is going to start at RB, bucks are going to boast a championship caliber defensive line, etc. You have to pick who starts at QB for Ohio State. Right now-in this, a VERY open championship window. Who are you picking?

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Not smart at all.  $100 says this girl will now lawyer up and probably sue for sexual harassment. Will probably get a 6 figure payday out of it.  

These players never learn.  Probably why 80% of them are bankrupt within 2 years of leaving the league. 

You didn't not say it either. You said the girl would get paid then said they don't learn and that's why they go bankrupt. It's not my fault you can't properly put your thoughts, misguided as they are, together in a way that makes sense.

Since you also can't substantiate anything you claim, I'm gonna go ahead and make a big ol' leap of faith here that you can't in fact buy and sell anyone 100 times.

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Your initial claim though was that lawsuits because of this kind of behavior is the reason guys go broke. That 78% number is nice, since you eyeballed it at 80 but the article you posted doesn't support the reason you claimed. So really, you just threw an article linking a number similar to the one you said. Now you're going to spike the ball like you proved something? Not up in here. At best you supported your 80 percent claim to the guy that questioned it but I'm still waiting to see how you know guys go broke because of this.

Or you know, you're just full of crap and wanted to say something, anything.

For a guy who could buy and sell someone 100 times, you sure don't get how proofing an argument works. I'm hoping you aren't a lawyer.

Comment 03 Mar 2017

1000 thread sheet soft. Fournette is a classic front-runner. Someone is going to bet big on him and lose hard. He won't land in the great situation Zeke did and is going to get hit a ton. He's a very talented guy but is softer than 10 dollar toilet paper.

Enjoy that, Future NFL team. Hope you like runners with soft tissue injuries.

Comment 03 Mar 2017

That's an insult to Devin Hester who was 50 times the athlete Jabril Peppers is. Devin Hester might be one of the 10 greatest athletes to ever suit up in the league. The guy survived and has an outside shot at Canton based solely on his athleticism. He understood little to nothing about offensive or special teams strategy and simply out athleted you. Few guys in the league had that kind of staying power based only on God given talent.

For all of the hatred we love to spew at Peppers, he has great instincts and is always around the ball. Guy only had the one pick but he also played a lot of hybrid roles that made it harder to make plays on the ball as opposed to at the ball. I would have loved to see him make more impact plays but the talent is there. He's going to play Strong Safety and be a monster. Look at what GB does with its big safeties. If he can cover, he'll be a huge asset and play Dime LB Base SS. I know we are supposed to hate the guy but he can flat out play. 

Comment 03 Mar 2017

I am just devastated that I won't see my Bears take Hooker at 3. They have been turnover starved since Lovie left town and Hooker is the best ball hawk in this draft. forget this nonsense about positional value. Hooker is one of the best players available and would fit into Vic Fangio's system so well. But the Bears, being the Bears will say he's a FS and not worth the third pick. I already hate them for it.

Comment 02 Mar 2017

Went a long way to say you don't like JT Barrett! I get where you are going. I do. But I'll always trust the guy that has beaten teams consistently for three years over the guy who has the good spring. My hope (and belief) is that it will actually be the same guy. JT is working on a really solid crow recipe this off season. He's going to destroy teams.

Comment 18 Feb 2017
Because no douchebag ever gave money to a cause or an organization that was important to them. Nick Swisher is a douchebag. It's a universal truth in baseball. Sorry to burst your Brohio bubble. SOURCES!!!
Comment 18 Feb 2017 You're right.
Comment 17 Feb 2017

Oh I get it. He played at Ohio State and then was awful for the Indians but threw up an O-H-I-O so people have to defend him tooth and nail. Nick Swisher burned every bridge in every city he played for and lost a PR battle with Ozzie effing Guillen. Do you know how hard it is to 'battle' Ozzie and come out looking like the bigger A-hole? Hint-REALLY hard.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

One of the all-time great D-bag's in Major League Baseball. There's the door Nick.

Comment 14 Jan 2017
Not top 3. Just third. Not 1 or 2. Definitely third. No other pick makes sense for Hooker. JUST THIRD.
Comment 10 Jan 2017

In the eternal words of Dr. Pervical Cox. Set to the bells a clock makes when it strikes 12.

Wrong-Wrong-Wrong Wrong.

Wrong-Wrong-Wrong Wrong.

You're Wrong.

You're Wrong.

No to a 2 QB system. Ohio State does not have a quarterback on its roster that would warrant taking the ball out of JT's hands during meaningful times in a game. Everyone is ga ga over the guys coming in and some on the roster (who haven't thrown a meaningful pass to date) but the Buckeyes go into next year wielding the most important weapon in college football-an experienced QB. Don't mess with a good thing.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Somewhere in the 3-7 range. Not a ton of losses but the losses are pretty key. Returning starters at WR, QB, and RB will go a long way. OL is virtually intact, DL is solid, LB lost a big one as did the secondary but all in all I like this team next year.

Comment 09 Jan 2017


I came here today thinking "I'll check if Curtis has declared yet, surely the dudes at 11W will know. I was expecting this but every day I didn't hear it I got a little more hopeful. Oh well! Go get yours Curtis. THANK YOU for everything.