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Comment 10 May 2015
Whole lotta WOW on this series. Great four games so far.
Comment 10 May 2015
Jameis Winston left because he was thr best QB available and a lock for the top pick in the draft. Cardale Jones had nothing to do with it
Comment 10 May 2015
Alabama. i refuse to buy Oregon until I have to which will be when they win a game that means something. They are and will remain soft in my eyes. Classic front runners. I also refuse to doubt a Saban coached Alabama team except when he opposes Meyer. Bama is always a tough team mentally. They had some issues this year that Ohio State took full advantage of but they were hands down the best team in the country not from Columbus.
Comment 09 May 2015
Little insecurity seeping in Cavs fans? Noah is a defensive player who can play some point forward but hes severely hampered by injuries right now. Regardless, he isnt the difference in the series. Id be more worried the Bulls pulled out a win last night with only 20 minutes or so each for Jo and Pau. No answer for Derek or Butler last night either but if Noah gets all this attention from Cavs fans, you have to wonder what that says Admittedly he hasnt been a huge factor in this series but hes the most talked about player in it. Meanwhile 21 and 1 sure seem to be worth some attention.... 2-1
Comment 07 May 2015

Dennis Rodman=probably the most selfless player of the 1990's but ok whatever. Look guys, I get it-Noah is dislikeable. But because he yells after plays? Everyone is looking at every player because in every game there are dozens of cameras focused on the action and the guy with the ball gets the focus. Most of the times Noah gets the ball (and the camera) he's down low, banging away in the post for a rebound or a block-a play generally followed by some outburst of emotion.

Clearly gives the indication? Or is it that he is an intense player who lets a little out from time to time? If he's on the team you love, he's passionate. If he's on a team you hate he's a camera hog.

"acts like a petulant child any time any call ever goes against him." also can be attributed to ANY NBA player ever.

So Cutler-yes. He has his following. I'm still part of it. We're almost cult like. Despite some of his shortcomings-and he has many-his play is the best the franchise has ever had at the position. Now that's probably a commentary on the sad state of Bears quarterback play but his talent is beyond evident. I don't think he's been used properly since his time here. He has great mobility and tends to be more accurate on the move yet everyone has tried to nail his feet to the ground. Sadly, Bears fans are stuck with him for at least a year. I say stuck because he isn't going to be a Super Bowl winning QB. He can be used better. The reasons he's liked are the reasons he's not. I LOVE that he's a little brash, a little aloof, a little dickish. If his play was more consistent, it wouldn't matter. Bears fans ALWAYS love the back up. We could have Aaron Rodgers and Bears fans would find a problem with it.

Comment 07 May 2015

I was referring to Derek with the 6'0 comment. Basketball is still a big man's game. Kyrie is a phenomenal player.

As for Thibs-whatever. I mean Bulls fans want him out and still blame him for Derek's ACL a few years ago but that's stupid. 1) Name me a coach without a ring that's better. Hell outside of Doc and Pop, name a coach in the NBA you'd rather have (if youre a Bulls fan). 2) Injuries could happen any time.

Thibs' problem isn't his style, he's run awry of GarPax. Reinsdorf always sides with upper management when things like this happen so his time in Chicago is coming to an end-and may be over if the Bulls don't take down the Cavs. But Bulls fans will miss him very quickly.

Comment 07 May 2015

Its such bull crap but they get the built in defense of "The mighty SEC schedule". Its as if those games are ok because they play Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, etc.

Comment 07 May 2015

You have no idea what you are talking about if you think Noah is a "Me" guy then. I'll admit he isn't likeable at all to the outside observer, especially for anyone who likes Cleveland-a city he has not hid his disdain for (correctly). Someone posted the picture of him and Stern earlier and that is a really funny shot-he was a total goofball coming out of college and that picture cemented it for a lot of Bulls fans that he was a terrible pick. Noah then bought a house, remodled it so the basement included a gym, court included, and proceeded to work on his game year in and year out. He is not a pretty player (both physically and talent wise) but his hustle, willingness to play defense and rebound, ability to play hurt (he's at about 60% right now) and passion for the Bulls can't be questioned. I won't take shots at anyone who dislikes him-I get it. He's in the long line of Chicago players who are disliked everywhere outside of Chicago-AJ Pierzynski, Jay Cutler, Andrew Shaw, etc.\

Fortunately for Cleveland, Joakim Noah is a lot like the guys in the mid 90's that simply played in the wrong era. He probably won't ever win an NBA title unless the Bulls get over the Cavs hump this season. That tends to happen when you share a conference with the best player in the NBA. Also happens when you put your faith in a 6'0 volume shooter who can't defend but that's a conversation for another time.

Point being, there is no one further from a "ME" guy than Jo.

Comment 04 May 2015

Not excuses, viable explanations Tenn. Bulls are substantially deeper than the Cavs even with Love and JR in. Losing those two kills. This series should be a good one but truth be told the only year the Bulls can get one over on Cleveland is this year. The Love\JR thing only helps what was already their only chance at them. I think the Bulls wear them out in 7 but this game was an absolute must for Chicago to have.

Comment 04 May 2015


60 gets its rep because of 90 and 120. Its certainly the black sheep of the family. I'm not in love with Dog Fish Head as a whole. Its certainly not bad beer at all but I don't see a huge drop off in some other brands I'm really partial to that don't slaughter the wallet. Anything out of Deschutes is pretty much appointment drinking for me. I'm actually a little turned off by their porter and stout as I've had some others lately that blow Black Butte and Obsidian clear out of the water but if hoppy is your thing, Deschutes is awesome.

Comment 04 May 2015

Jeter's offensive numbers in an era of mega juiced power sluggers and pitchers are beyond impressive. I'm not arguing that he is not Hall of Fame worthy. He isn't the best shortstop that ever played because that position specifically requires defensive prowess in some way shape or form. His defensive short comings-lack of range specifically-get illuminated on average to below average baseball teams but plays he doesn't make that turn into runs were always recoverable when his teams offense was so potent.

I will look into that but my hypothesis is that your traditional 'good' players will be near the top of the late inning list as they are near the top of other offensive lists.

Comment 04 May 2015

This Harbaugh thing is going to crash and burn. I was excited about the hire because I want Michigan to be competitive but he's a large bowl of fruit loops.

Comment 04 May 2015

All too easy.

Comment 04 May 2015

Derek Jeter played the most important defensive position in baseball poorly. His offensive numbers were fine, and HOF worthy, probably. Advanced metrics are not kind to Jeter either. He was a negative defensive war player over the entirety of his career. Without getting snobby about advanced metrics, that isn't good for a shortstop. If you get past the several high pressure spectacular plays Jeter made at shortstop he was a below average-almost bad major league defensive shortstop. So the fact that he is going to the hall of fame is fine but it is going to be entirely because of his offensive performance for the position.

As for clutch-doesn't exist in baseball. There is nothing that will prove a player is any better in a 'pressure' situation than a non pressure situation. Perhaps its just a good player doing a good thing. Derek Jeter and David Ortiz are the two players a lot of people think of when it comes to 'clutch' but those guys are simply good baseball players in any situation.

Comment 04 May 2015

That exact attitude is part of the reason he never broke a sweat or seemed nervous in the three biggest games in Ohio State's season. He is aloof like a fox and calm to the point that Ohio State fans should never worry about this man under pressure. What was over the line about Akron? Because it frightened Ohio State fans? It.Was.A.Joke.

Its also the offseason and he is riding very high right now. What is he supposed to do? Not enjoy it?

Ohhhhh wait. Are you one of those people that think football is to be taken so seriously that it shouldn't be enjoyed? Got it. Let me guess-you aren't a fan of the forward pass, endzone celebrations, facemasks, or field grass?

Comment 04 May 2015


I'm listening.....

Comment 02 May 2015
Correct and the variations of the system create more versatility but add the fact that he played a pure 4-3 for 4 years and he becomes less attractive to a 3-4 team. At the end of the day hes a guy with a great work ethich and motor. I really thought he played himself into some money this year, especially against Bama and Oregon. But hes got short comings and scheme issues. Just shows you how tight the bottle neck is from college to the NFL.
Comment 02 May 2015

I really like the Bears draft so far. Amari Cooper was the guy I really wanted but Kevin White is a nice second option at 7. The second round pick up was a total steal with Eddie Goldman. Added depth to the OL in the third. The bigger story for me is the Bears' ability to take best available and not fall in love with a guy at a position you think you need-Landon Collins is the example. Probably one of the best safeties but in a class void of great safeties. The Bears in the past would take the best player at the position they deemed the biggest need=bad way to draft.

Comment 02 May 2015

Happens every year. Anytime OSU players don't go 1-10 then the NFL has no idea what its doing. Bennett's availability is a bit of a shock but he needs to be picked by a team that needs him. He's a traditional 4-3 3 technique. So that eliminates about 15 teams who's scheme he doesn't fit. This also happens to be an incredibly deep NFL draft at DL so Bennett slips a little there too. Danny Shelton is the best DL available and Cleveland snapped him up-that should make them happy but since he isn't a Buckeye its not a great pick? I don't know. I do know Browns and Bengals fans alike have it in their heads that a team full of ex Buckeyes would be the best thing ever but other teams produce a lot of talent too.

Comment 01 May 2015

I'm cool with it. He shredded them and is talking smack about what he's already done. Bosa tore into Lewan last year too when he was drafted-again after he ripped him on the field.

As for bulletin board stuff, OSU is the defending champ. They are going to get everyone's  best shot no matter what. Might as well have a little fun with it. My .02

Comment 29 Apr 2015

As many times as I've been to the Shoe and as many times as I've been intoxicated a few hours before going to a game, I don't really ever recall thinking "Man I need another beer" while I was inside. I actually learned pretty quick that I didn't like being buzzed up at games my sophomore year in 2002. The Penn State game was a real classic and a lot of the first half was fuzzy. I never got hammered before a game again because I hated feeling like I was missing something on the field. I'd hit it hard early, slow down towards kick off and coast into the stadium. After the game tended to be a much different story but if I was able to go to the Shoe more, I'd be cool with beer or no beer. Wouldn't make a lick of difference to this guy.