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Comment 21 hours ago

I may or may not have selected my apartment my senior year because of its proximity to Out R Inn. I was right across Pearl in the first units before Out R Inn off of Frambes. Fell asleep many a nights to the sound of a lively college bar and clanking bottles being thrown in the dumpster. I may have spent a little time there too. Such a perfect college bar.

Comment 21 hours ago

Wow this takes me back. I was a sophomore in 2002 and this is how I remember Ohio State. I went back this year for that debacle of a VT game and was pretty shocked by what I saw. Its not so much that its worse but it just  had a different feel to it. I wasn't really into the bar scene early in my collegiate career and obviously post 2002, there wasn't much of a scene any way. Things got a little better in 2004 by the time I was a senior but I feel like I missed out a bit on that part of the experience. Having friends at Iowa, Purdue, and Illinois, I did have to admit they had me on one part of the college experience. Regardless, this was a really cool trip down memory lane. I always feel a little closer to the university I love so near and dear when someone from the same time frame as me puts stuff up like this. Good post.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

It doesn't matter. As everything that guy said proved to be wrong in the...what was it....ah yes championship run for the Bucks, he'll remain anonymous because who is going to own up to that ridiculous drivel?

Comment 26 Feb 2015

I'm just really really glad that Penn State took the time and effort to speak up about the wrongs done upon others by someone in a position of power.  Its really refreshing to see them stand up for themselves when attacked in a manner that they disagree with. Its their willingness to come forward and do the right thing that sets them apart from a lot of their counterparts. The fact that they are so quick to use facts to defend themselves is an even more enlightening sight. Its good to know that if anything ever befouls the name of Penn Staters, the Penn State nation will stand together to make sure justice is done. They refuse to sit by silently as they are attacked. Their actions should be commended because when some people were there just sitting around, letting bad things happen to Penn State at the hands of someone else, others took action and drove change. I can't help but think that this is how they would act if faced with the worst of any number of bad situations. You know those Penn Staters will do what's right. And if they were wrong, or if something they thought to be true wasn't, I would bet my life that they would own up to it and admit they were incorrect.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

No, but he isn't far off. He has a unique skill that is the best in the field. Whether its routes, hands, speed, or deep threat ability, being the best at something certainly helps his chances. He's not a great route runner, but that can be taught and worked on. He doesn't have elite hands, or great hands for that matter but not every great wideout in the league does. He's incredibly fast but not necessarily quick. I'd worry about his long term ability to separate from NFL corners outside of the deep ball. The way he plays the deep pass though is a thing to behold and what will land him in the league to have a chance to work on where he lacks. I could see late first round, especially Seattle (previously mentioned) because teams like that in that position can take a guy who they like but might be a little raw like Devin. They don't need him to be anything more than developmental. If you like what he does offer-speed, a nose for the endzone, and great deep pass skills, then he isn't a reach in the 26-32 range. Otherwise, the longer he falls past 33, the bigger steal he becomes.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Cleveland is gonna be tough man. That whole division is going to be. Detroit appears to have a window that's closing, KC is the defending AL Champs, Cleveland's arrow has been pointing up for a while now and my Sox might be the most improved team in baseball(though I don't think they'll threaten seriously until next year). I can see the Tribe coming out of the AL but they might have to win the  best division in the league.

Comment 12 Feb 2015

Not enough. Beat them by 100 and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE run that Bear front again. You won't have an inexperienced line or QB and questions at RB are 'settled' to say the least. Leave them lifeless in the middle of the field.

Comment 08 Feb 2015

All right Lane. You did it once and it was cool. Part of the problem is that Ohio State knew what was coming. Bell baited Sims into that throw. Go home and get your shine box Lane.

Comment 08 Feb 2015

I worry that Strong will face a similar fate that Randy Shannon faced at Miami. Took over during a bad time of the programs history, got guys back in class, started cleaning up the act but ultimately lost his gig because wins are really all that matters. Strong is a great coach and he certainly can do both-clean up the locker room and win. I just know which of those two things truly matter at the end of the day.

Comment 08 Feb 2015

Remember the scene in the Dark Knight when Batman starts wailing on Joker in the interrogation room to get him to give up Harvey's location? Its a subtle line but its one of my all time favorites in a movie full of them. Through full throated laughter Joker says "You have nothing to threaten me with". It was the very first thing I thought of when I saw Harbaugh's tweet. He's talking crap about a superior recruiter, coach, owner of three straight wins over his new team (no fault of JH) oh and the defending national champion. He has nothing to threaten Ohio State with.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Its am ambitious desire but if I had a million dollars I'd bet them all that he will eventually become the next head coach of the Texas Longhorns when that time comes. Charlie is up against it down there because hes going to put ethics above wins and will straighten that program right up but do it at the expense of 10 win seasons-he'll give himself enough rope to hang himself. I truly believe Herman will be a huge success in Houston. Right around the time he hits a ceiling at Houston, UT will be looking for a new coach. Heard it here first.

Still holding on to my Petrino to Miami prediction too.

Comment 04 Feb 2015

Be sure. It didn't. Nothing outside of that first game, if anything, should be attributed to a college coach talking to a bunch of pro players.

Comment 01 Feb 2015

Ok I have to chime in. The Cavs success is tied directly to LeBron James and has nothing to do with Urban Meyer. Can we just drop that notion already? The team is getting right, Love appears to be accepting his role as the third option and LeBron looks like LeBron. That is why they are rolling.

Comment 01 Feb 2015

The NFL Hall of Fame usually always gets it right. If a 5 time All Pro left tackle isn't a first ballot Hall of Famer, than I don't know who is. As much as I love Orlando, the bigger snub was Marvin Harrison. Both will get in but shouldn't have to wait any longer.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

Football. Again and again and again. Basketball is cool and all but come one guys. This is Ohio State.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

Chest beating aside, you really sell Braxton Miller short if that is what you think of him. But we're all glad you have a chance to say you told us that you told us so. I like this thread because everyone gets to talk about where the felt about the team after the VT loss and determine what camp they are a part of. The ones who foolishly wrote this team off after one bad came and are coming clean begging for forgiveness or the ones who said they never doubted this team for a minute.

Ohio State looked bad against VT but the fact that the national embarrassment was too much for some to see the obvious-young team on a big stage for the first time for a lot of the rosters-makes me sad for the fan base.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Grant always looked the part and I thought next to Vonn Bell, Curtis improved his play each and every game this year more than any other player on the defense. Didn't flash as much as you'd like to see with the explosive plays but he was a huge piece in the success against Alabama. He virtually eliminated the screen game and I don't recall  him missing many tackles. I thought the Alabama game may have been his finest as a Buckeye.