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Comment 14 Dec 2014

Enjoy the win over the Browns but Andy Dalton-much like my beloved Jay Cutler will lead his team to exactly 0 championships. The Battle of Ohio is the best either team can hope for at the moment.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Wideout, hands down. Its why it has a bust rate similar to that of quarterbacks at the professional level. A lot of top level talented receivers at the college level don't have to work on the finer points of their games because generally they can out athlete a majority of the competition in the amateur ranks. There is so much more to wideout than size, hands, and speed. Of those three, only one is a real requisite. Route trees, zone reads, soft spots, etc, are all things that can get overlooked if a guy can 'go up and get it'. When a receiver combines the great gifts with an understanding of the position, you see the Julio Jones, Dez Bryant's etc of the world shine.

Other than that, I'd say CB because the rules are slanted so heavily against you.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

It was a bad call that we have the benefit of seeing in slow motion. With that said I do get why the flag was initially thrown but after looking at that play, it was clear he went out of his way to turn and make the hit without  his head. It was a vicious, nasty, but otherwise legal block that got called poorly. The better part of that play was Cardale trucking some dude after Corey labeled a guy.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

I believe its latin for an old, old wooden ship.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

That is because he quit. I forget who, but an 11W poster suggested hitting him until he pulled a Roberto Duran and said No Mas. We saw him say it before the fumble. Dude flat our quit today.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Hey Art, there might be an opening soon in Columbus for a good Offensive Coordinator. Want the gig? I'm sure its better than Baylor.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

I texted my brother after Bosa's TD that OSU just threw Wisconsin off of the top of the Hell in the Cell. If any of you creative folks can make that happen....I might just love you forever.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Fast forward to Spring  ball, 2015.

"Urban, who is your QB this year"


Its a great problem to have guys and gals. Enjoy this.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Melvin who? You guys got to see a Heisman front winner quit tonight. The start of the last drive of the first half before the fumble sold it for me. This dude does not like people in his face, ran soft, and eventually lost the ball. What did Mike Tyson say? "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth". Melvin got punched in the mouth and shrunk up like a b$%ch

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Merciless beat down. The more this game got out of hand, the more aggressive Ohio State played. The only game that gave me more joy than today was what OSU did to PSU two years ago in the Shoe.

Comment 06 Dec 2014

A running back is gong to dominate this game and send the opponent home without a trophy but his name isn't Melvin Gordon. Ezekiel Elliot is a very good back who is getting better each week, runs with an angry demeanor and nasty intentions. He is going to pace this offense, take heat off of Jones and allow him to manage the game while sprinkling in some shots down field. Don't underestimate Cardale as a runner either. He's going to be the biggest guy toting the rock today as well. He isn't explosive like Miller and we don't know if he's decisive like JT but if he gets that big frame moving.....

Grind them into submission Urban. Ohio State 24, Wisconsin 3

Comment 04 Dec 2014

"Gene, I'm leaving"

"Huh? Cant hear you"

"Seriously, Gene, Urban, guys, I get it. I like it here but come on, its a head coaching gig"

"What? Sorry man, you are breaking up. What was that? I just switched carriers".

"GUYS, I literally see you talking to  me with you mouth, there isn't a cell phone involved here. I HAVE to go. They are expecting me".

"Bro, its Laurence. What the hell is there?"

"Vrabo? is that you?"

"Ya bro, you stayin?"

"You back?"

"Of course, Bro"

"Well then..."

BOOM, dream scenario. Warriner accepts KU job, Vrabo quits Houston, comes to OSU to prevent Ed from leaving and comes back to coach LBs.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Spence, Miller, and Barrett would be lesser losses than this one. Eventually this man will be a head coach but I don't know how easily he can be replaced.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

It all started out so well. Coming in and winning at a time Ohio State was down, landing big name recruits in OSU's backyard, beating OSU your first time out, inspiring (over) confidence in your fanbase (in some cases) and players, then watching as your two biggest rivals lap you several times.

As for the Harbaugh thing-how long will Michigan wait? If the 9ers make the playoffs, that is a minimum of 4 weeks before Michigan can contact him, no? I know their eggs are in that basket but Jimmy will have his pick of the litter of open NFL jobs should he and SF part ways. Rumors flying around Chicago here that the Marc Trestman experiment is going to be cancelled after this season leaving an open gig for a team Harbaugh played for. Now, that is strictly theory at this point but the larger point is that Michigan has to convince an NFL head coach to leave the league when he'll be at the top of every single list-if available.


Comment 02 Dec 2014

Please read before downvoting and dont confuse the pro with the college player. Cardale Jones looks every bit the player JaMarcus Russell was at LSU. I dont want to get into what was between Big Grimace's ears but stop me if youve heard this. Monster qb with elite level arm strength and high end deep ball accuracy, size and strength to shrug off defenders, enough athleticism to be considered a dual threat, ability to throw on the move. Now everyone knows Russell was the Ryan Leaf of our generation but that does cause one to lose sight of what his skills did allow him to do collegiately. All based off that high school tape but you can't fake a cannon . I'm very interested to see what Cardale can do.

Comment 14 Nov 2014

I guess that is my point though. What does it say if a one loss conference champ gets left out? When I  heard about a playoff committee, I was excited about the possibility of people watching games and determine who looks and plays the best. If a two loss SEC team gets in, its safe to assume the playoff committee is nothing more than a group of people who look at perceived strength of schedule. It is hands down the easy way out when it comes to discussing who is better than who. Ohio State is clearly one of the best teams in the nation but the immediate go to move is "Weak schedule". Sometimes great teams play bad schedules. Doesn't mean they are any less great.

Comment 14 Nov 2014

Forgive me for having the utmost confidence in Ohio State-the team that is playing some of the best football in the nation. I am fully aware that a loss to Minnesota, Indiana, or Michigan ends it. Just do me a favor, say the following statements outloud.

"Minnesota beats Ohio State" "Indiana Beats Ohio State" "Michigan beats Ohio State". Hearing the words should  make you realize how ridiculous it sounds. Ohio State isn't losing.