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Comment 28 Aug 2014

I know its not the point of this piece-which per the usual is a great one-but I love this line more than most things Ramzy has ever said..

"He now shows up unwillingly after every loss, however rare those may be.".

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Can't  help buy think of the biggest play a guy wearing number 8 made was against his own teammate. I may never forgive Roy Hall for tackling Ted Ginn.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Dontre. A lot of hype-some of it came to fruition last year. Anyone who watches the guy can tell you he has everything you need to be a game changing type player. He has all the talent in the world  and is capable of changing defenses by simply being on the field. Just needs to put it together.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

I don't know about 'fine' because you are losing one the premier players in the nation for the duration of the season but I will say, I'm not as worried given the faith I have In Meyer's system. If this offense lacked explosiveness, I would say Miller's loss really hurts. If he was the only home run hitter on the offense, then there would be need for real consternation. This offense is going to march out speed at every skill position, and are about 2 deep at said spots. JT Barrett's job might simply be that of a distributor. Find the open fast guy, get him the ball, let him do his thing and maybe make a nice run or two per quarter.

JT is the QB of the future, his future just came a little earlier.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

Oh man, where to begin. Deschutes Brewery from Bend Oregon has failed to make a beer I have not enjoyed greatly. One of their signature beers-The Abyss is on my bucket list, now I just need to find it!

Yeti Imperial Stout by Great Divide is a phenomenal beer, and probably only recently toppled Bells Two Hearted as my absolute favorite brew.

There is a brewery in Illinois called Two Brothers and they are making some seriously good beers as well. North Wind, Domaine Dupage, and Caine and Ebel are all solid contributions with North Wind  being among the best dark beers out there in my humble opinion.

I may need to stop on this thread, I can talk about this stuff for years. Great thread, OP!

Comment 12 Aug 2014

This really is a win all around. Good for the young man who chose one passion over another-which isn't an easy thing to do. Good for me so now the obvious Dane Sanzenbacher comparisons won't ever come to fruition.

Thank you times 10000 Frank. Or should I say Dr. In Training Frank?

Comment 07 Aug 2014

There's this theory floating around here that Chicago is the best team in the East and simply put I just don't see it. Even before this trade, Cleveland inserted itself into the conversation of best team in the conference. This helps them, clearly. As much as Wiggins might be something Love IS something. If Rose can come back %100 there is no reason to think Cleveland and Chicago won't be meeting in the ECF but I refuse to think the Bulls can stop LeBron enough to win 4 out of 7 times, no matter how much of a maestro Thibs is.

Should be a good season for the Cavs.

Comment 04 Aug 2014

Maurice Clarrett's first big TD run against TTU. That was something. All summer we heard about this kid. When he broke off that first big one, it was kind of like "Oh...ok he's not bad at football"

Will Allen's game saver in the 2002 tilt is probably the most engrained memory I've ever had the privilege of seeing live. That one play was the difference between the Fiesta Bowl and third in the Big Ten that season-that game truly was for all the marbles.

Ted Ginn's return against Michigan in 2004 was sort of bittersweet. It was the play that sealed what would ultimately be the last game I saw live while a student at OSU. As excited as I was, the feeling that my time was drawing to a close at OSU started to sink in right about the time he turned the corner on that one. It was as pretty surreal feeling. I had several months before graduation but it was clear football was ending.

Comment 04 Aug 2014

Growing up in that era every kid I knew knew that introduction word for word. I don't recall any of the words ever changing, its as familiar today as it was back then. One of the coolest things to experience live, and I was lucky enough to see Mike play 4 times, was the seconds after Ron Harper's name was announced. The buzz that permeated that stadium each and every time they announced Jordan's name was incredible. It left a lot of fans sort of wanting for more because during those runs, the introduction was often times the most exciting part of the evening as the games were glorified practices. I don't know if the NBA will ever see another team like that. Not just the 72-10 Bulls (who quietly went 69-13 the following year, losing their last game of the year to the Knicks to prevent back to back 70 win seasons). That was a perfect storm of ego, talent, coaching, and leadership. Can't be duplicated.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

I'm a firm believer that UM\OSU is the greatest rivalry in all of sports, despite Michigan's less than stellar performance as of late. Sure I'm biased. I guess I like the idea of it being at the end of the year because it creates the opportunity for the biggest game of the year to be the last. Its a romanticized notion in sports-let it all come down to one game. As many times as bigger and better things has awaited the winner of that game, it doesn't always happen. With that said, Miami\FSU had some pretty vicious, intense rivalry games that took place mid season, The Red River Shootout doesn't seem to lose any heat despite the fact that its participants play another 8 games or so after its conclusion. I'll admit, I'm torn because I'm biased. Michigan\OSU in the cold, end of fall, for the whole bag of marbles feels familiar but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be changed if there are good reasons behind it.

I do have to say, my personal favorite though is this beut. "It’s no more a safety issue than playing at noon at the start of September, but they’ll use it as an excuse anyway". Sort of hits along the same lines that football can be made safer with better equipment or different rules-it can't. Every snap of every game is as dangerous as every snap before or after it. Thank you for saying this.

Comment 30 Jul 2014

So it happens every year, we all start or participate in "Looks like" threads. I love them. Was pretty proud of my Cal one from last year. Can we all agree the Chris Carter\Rick Ross comparison needs not be made? I may even start calling him "Da Boss" or "ChRosay".


Comment 29 Jul 2014

Take a job that prevents regular posting\reading on 11W and I miss something. What happened with 9Route?

Comment 19 Jul 2014

I met Cooper at the only OSU basketball game I attended during my 4 years at OSU-just so happened to be against Illinois. Matt Sylvester did something of importance, I don't exactly recall.

Anyway, he was sitting behind my dad and I and I kept looking back to see if it was him, finally my dad (always the subtle one) just asked-Are you Coach Cooper? He responded "That's what they tell me but don't say it too loud around these parts!". He offered his hand and he talked with my dad and I for a good 15 minutes before the game. He was high fiving, participating in O-H-I-O's and was an all around cool guy.

I felt pretty bad about all the awful things I said about him years prior. He's a pretty decent dude from my only dealings with the man.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Big thanks guys-I guess I'll live knowing Hiney Gate is no more. Damn shame. Sox33OSU-You and me aren't so different, my friend. I lived right behind Out R Inn my senior year and practically lived there and at TS when I wasn't in class. Hands down the best bars on campus. I will cut anyone who says otherwise.

Damn, I can't wait. My group is in for a tour.

Comment 13 Jul 2014

Got it. Admittedly, the airport location info didn't come off as I intended. I'm not planning on keeping it near the hotel, I'll cab it anywhere I need to. I do plan on hitting the Arena District in the afternoon on Saturday and progressively heading north towards the Shoe. I mean, can't go wrong sticking to High Street and working north right? That much at least has stayed the same.

Comment 13 Jul 2014

As much as football adapts from one trend to the next, few things can be as impactful as a dominant front 4. If you can consistently pressure without blitzing and hold stout against the run in a 4 vs. 5 situation, your back 7 has a real easy job. This year has all the makings of one of the most dominating fronts in recent memory. Bosa and Bennett are going to be terrors, simple as that. Bennett is a double team every down type of guy-I'll venture a guess he's among the most DT'd players in the nation. With Bosa's versatility, it creates nightmare matchups. Add Spence's ability to come screaming off the edge and you have one hell of a start. The talent on the defensive front is too plentiful to mention all of it. Opposing offenses are in for a long season with the size, speed, depth, and strength this unit is going to have. They will need to be every bit as good as expected while the LB crew gels.

Nothing matters more than a great defensive line. OSU  has it.