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Comment 18 Feb 2017
Because no douchebag ever gave money to a cause or an organization that was important to them. Nick Swisher is a douchebag. It's a universal truth in baseball. Sorry to burst your Brohio bubble. SOURCES!!!
Comment 18 Feb 2017 You're right.
Comment 17 Feb 2017

Oh I get it. He played at Ohio State and then was awful for the Indians but threw up an O-H-I-O so people have to defend him tooth and nail. Nick Swisher burned every bridge in every city he played for and lost a PR battle with Ozzie effing Guillen. Do you know how hard it is to 'battle' Ozzie and come out looking like the bigger A-hole? Hint-REALLY hard.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

One of the all-time great D-bag's in Major League Baseball. There's the door Nick.

Comment 14 Jan 2017
Not top 3. Just third. Not 1 or 2. Definitely third. No other pick makes sense for Hooker. JUST THIRD.
Comment 10 Jan 2017

In the eternal words of Dr. Pervical Cox. Set to the bells a clock makes when it strikes 12.

Wrong-Wrong-Wrong Wrong.

Wrong-Wrong-Wrong Wrong.

You're Wrong.

You're Wrong.

No to a 2 QB system. Ohio State does not have a quarterback on its roster that would warrant taking the ball out of JT's hands during meaningful times in a game. Everyone is ga ga over the guys coming in and some on the roster (who haven't thrown a meaningful pass to date) but the Buckeyes go into next year wielding the most important weapon in college football-an experienced QB. Don't mess with a good thing.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Somewhere in the 3-7 range. Not a ton of losses but the losses are pretty key. Returning starters at WR, QB, and RB will go a long way. OL is virtually intact, DL is solid, LB lost a big one as did the secondary but all in all I like this team next year.

Comment 09 Jan 2017


I came here today thinking "I'll check if Curtis has declared yet, surely the dudes at 11W will know. I was expecting this but every day I didn't hear it I got a little more hopeful. Oh well! Go get yours Curtis. THANK YOU for everything.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Not a great portrayal here. I don't doubt the guys coaching prowess and I'm sure his arrival (if it happens) will be lauded because Buckeye fans hate seeing their team lose. I'm on the side that wants to win but doesn't want the old, hardassed 'are you hurt or injured' approach. There is too much information out there now about the dangers football presents and I want nothing to do with the out dated approach Wilson allegedly takes towards the game.

Comment 29 Dec 2016

Man that Urban Meyer sure runs a renegade program. His team is always running their mouths!

I've been back and forth about this game, and I still feel that the winner of THIS game is your national champ. (Too  much 06 Buckeyes in this Bama squad). With that said, I think it will be a really, really good one but JT is going to wreck these guys. He isn't perfect but the man just has a way about him.

Comment 29 Dec 2016

There were flashes man where he sure looked the part. I'm still partial to Maurice myself but the sample size was just so small.

Comment 29 Dec 2016

well for starters, 6'2 230 and 6'3 240 are two different numbers. One of those was Jim Brown. One of those is Eddie George. Eddie was also a better athlete because he received better training-therefore he is quicker, faster, has better endurance, and is less susceptible to injury. That's not Browns fault but it is the exact advantage that makes it literally impossible to compare players across eras....which has been basically my point the entire time.

What part of the word "EXACT" don't you understand?

Comment 29 Dec 2016

Khalil Mack had 32 sacks in a simulated season in my Madden Franchise. It was the 2017 season. Sooo hide yo QB's next year.

Comment 29 Dec 2016

For a fanbase that loves to boast about its superiority they sure lose a hell of a lot to their rival and if it wasn't for games that predated the sinking of the Titanic, the series would be even more lopsided than its been. Buy hey, OSU spotted them 13 wins so they still 'own' the rivalry. See, this is why I wanted good Michigan. I was nearly tarred and feathered for celebrating the Harbaugh hire because I knew (as did most anyone with a pulse) that he'd get Michigan to prominence, and quickly. Now, when Ohio State beats them they aren't beating a group of guys coached by something called a "RichRod". They are beating a pretty damned good football team. You know what's better than beating a team who has no chance of beating you? Beating a team that thinks they should actually win. You know what's better than that? Nothing. The pain Michigan fans feel over this year's game is EXACTLY the sports high I have been chasing. When their arrogance has the slightest bit of foundation to it, the eventual Ohio State win is that much sweeter. And if you look at Ohio State's roster-its only going to get worse for Michigan. 

Comment 29 Dec 2016

It just really has to hurt doesn't it? The absolute best chance you had to beat Ohio State and Meyer and you gave it away. Were there calls that didn't go your way? Yep. But much like the PI call against the Hurricanes*, several calls against OSU were missed. Curtis Samuel's escape act and JT's subsequent first down (and it was) are not needed if Michigan gets called for JT getting taken down by his face mask on second down. Has that been mentioned once in all of the complaining? 

Side Bar-allow me to explain, Michigan fans. See Ohio State was in a national title game....shoot...allow me to explain Michigan fans. A national title game is a contest between the top 2 teams in the country and the winner of said game is crowned the 'National Champion'. Anyway, that game boiled down to 1 call that everyone remembers but doesn't remember the ton that were missed. Sound familiar?

Comment 29 Dec 2016

So let's have some fun here.

1) My claim is hyperbole. But yours is that Hop Cassady-a guy who played 70 freaking years ago compares favorably to the player that put up historic numbers (when healthy). That is what? Of course McCaffery is 2 inches taller, 17 pounds heavier, and worlds faster. We have no way of knowing how today's technology would affect yesterday's players.

2) Eddie George was bigger, stronger, and faster than Jim Brown. With that said, it does get back to  my original point in that football is impossible to compare across eras because if we look at it in a vacuum and the ONLY thing that changes is 1995 Eddie (as he was built then) playing in Brown's era would be criminal. He would have been the fastest and biggest guy on the field. There weren't linemen that were that big, so who, pray tell, would have stopped Eddie from scoring on every play? I'd say the same about Maurice Clarrett, Zeke, or Mike Webber. With that said, its impossible to know what Jim Brown in today's game could do because we can't extrapolate the non-measurable things (improvements to training, fields, nutrition, medicine, etc) to Brown and extrapolate that to Eddie's game-where everyone was bigger and faster than everyone JB played against. I'm comfortable making the jump that Brown, given the luxuries Eddie had access too would have been great also.

Regarding the person who said I've never seen players of old. That's also a fine assumption but its false. Grant it, I'm 33 so my football life is shorter than some but I'm approaching this logically. Today's athletes are better athletes for a lot of reasons. What we can measure-past players size and speed-is easier to analyze than what we can't-effects of today's advances on yesterday's players.

Finally, yes, running backs are getting shorter. They are also getting heavier and faster. So your point there is what?