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Comment 22 Mar 2015

The question is about fast food dude. Don't let a few mouse clicks get your so up in arms. You typed a lot of words in response to a question designed largely to stave off the boredom between sports seasons but you just couldn't help yourself could you?

I'd LOVE to subscribe to your news letter.

Comment 22 Mar 2015

If we're talking on the field (court, ice, etc) success, and we're talking football, I'd have a hard time not saying Griffin. Being the only two time Heisman winner sort of makes that argument for you. Talking pure athletic ability? Terrelle Pryor. Could also get the award for most improperly used athlete in the history of sports.

Comment 22 Mar 2015

So Kewpee is a hipsters Wendy's. Got it. Look man, If I'm craving Wendy's I find one. I've never heard of Kewpee and as such won't go on a pilgrimage to find one. If Wendy's is a rip off then Wendy's is good enough for me. We're talking fast food here. If I want a real deal burger-not fast food-I'll make one myself but if we're talking quick and easy, Dave Thomas' empire is where I will head.

Comment 21 Mar 2015

Worst-Skyline. How is it legal to serve garbage to people and\or why do they pay for it? I think everyone who 'likes' it knows its bad but since its a Cinci thing they have to own it like it is something they love. Skyline is seriously the worst thing in existence next to Michigan Football (a VERY close second to Michigan Football, for the record).

Best-Wendy's. Dave Thomas is a national treasure.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Beauty of March isn't it? Most fans will tell you even their most optimistic outlook for their team involves a death march to UK and that may be the case but there is still basketball to be played. OSU has been up and down all year  but has one of the best players in the nation on their side-that gives them a chance. This time of year that's all you want!

Comment 19 Mar 2015

I was a freshman when he was a senior....he was former Iowa Hawkeye, Cincinnati Bengal, and Cleveland Brown Eric Steinbach. Though he was a great offensive lineman, in high school he was a tight ends and rush end. My freshman year, myself and several other team mates from our 9-0 sophomore squad got to continue our season as practice squad players for the varsity as the playoffs began. It was a pretty big honor, first playing on the sophomore team as a freshman, then being one of 15 kids called up. The FIRST day of practice leading into the first playoff game saw my school facing a team that ran a lot of zone blitz that involved dropping dlinemen into coverage. Our coaching staff thought to counter that by working on delayed runs and draws. I was asked to face a rush at the center and drop into coverage to get the QB used to seeing that. So I did. And the offense ran a draw. I looked to my left to see where the play was, then looked to my right, Interestingly enough the sun had been blocked out. Then I remember being on the sidelines. Then I remember coaches checking on me. Finally I remember the future NFLer asking me if I was ok. Finally I broke my silence-what happened? I asked to no one in particular. At that point Mr. Steinbach was kind enough to explain that we ran a draw, he released at me, I didn't see him coming and he flattened me into the ground. He said he went to help me up but I slapped his hand away, popped back up and proceeded back to the huddle-the offensive huddle. In today's atmosphere of head trauma and the like, I understand this isn't as funny now as it was then but I can say (after being informed of most it as the rest escaped my memory) that my greatest achievement was getting leveled by a future all American and living to tell about it.

Comment 11 Mar 2015

I spent the entire game hearing texts that can be broken down by 'wave' from my best friend who admits to being a Bama bandwaggoner.

1) Bama Jumps up early-the theme of the texts involved TCU, Big Ten awfulness, Meyer's over ratedness.

2) OSU storms back-Harkens back to 'fluke' TD to Thomas at the end of the first half.

3) Jones begins running through, over and around Bama "Turnover is going to get momentum back"

4) Steve Miller's TD-"Bama wears teams out in the fourth".

5) Zeke breaks away "Oregon is going to mash you guys".

I didn't respond. He's my best friend but he's a sports idiot sometimes. I'd like to think my silence was deafening.

Comment 11 Mar 2015
This is a really good discussion for the record. Thanks for engaging. Agreed on Washington. Perhaps they gave up on it too soon? I don't know. There are short term samples of success. Tebows Broncos we're another but that was out of necessity and is a testament to the coaches willingness to adjust to available resources. Oddly enough, John fox is a more traditional head coach and he was willing to make that change because he had to. glad the Bears got him. The Jones thing is interesting but a 6'5 250 pound QB with a big arm and enough mobility to be dangerous has never not been sexy. Oddly enough the strengths that got him in the early draft discussion we're all traditional QB ttraits; prescence, progression, arm strength and accuracy. This movement will probably live and die with Kelly. Should be a fun NFL season.
Comment 11 Mar 2015

Had me until here.

 A magical passer (like Brady or Manning) will no longer be needed

There will always be a need for that guy. As for the idea of Meyer's offense not working in the SEC-that was a legit criticism that was proven wrong but the SEC and the NFL are a different animal. There is a lot of short selling when it comes to describing the things t hat can\should\might work in the league. The Zone Blitz, the West Coast Offense, the Tampa 2, these are trends that changed the game and still have a strong foothold in todays game. The Read Option has gone the way of the wildcat. I'd ask your opinion on one team's attempt and whether or not that was a commitment or not-Washington. Did they go full RO with RGIII? Its at least as close to it as possible and the sight of a crumpled over RGIII should be enough to keep it out of the league-that and the league being smarter than people give it credit for.

Its an interesting argument and I'm not an old guard guy that thinks it will never happen because its different (that's how dinosaurs become extinct) but as the players get bigger and more athletic, asking a QB to take the extra hits is a tall order. As for this revolution you speak of, as long as there are a handful of players that are the 'magical throwers' they will have the edge over the interchangeable qb you forsee in the future. There will never be a full scale shift to the RO, and as a result the QB position's value will  never be diminished.  

As for Tebow-he had his moment in the sun but when his flaws as a passer got exposed, the offense he was suited to run faded as well. Again, my original point is that there is a serious underestimation of NFL defenses and just how much better and faster they are than even the best of the best in the SEC. It works when there are weaknesses to exploit. In the NFL those weaknesses become much more subtle.

Comment 10 Mar 2015

I think you seriously underestimate the speed and adaptability of NFL defenses. The variations of the read option had its moment in the NFL. There will be shades of it here and there but the fact that quarterbacks take so many more hits than in 'traditional' offenses should keep the Read Option as the gimmick that it is (in the NFL-collegiately it remains a very viable, productive offense). The bottle neck of talent gets so tight and the defensive ends that are targeted in many read option schemes are too athletic for it be a long term, sustainable offense. Its difficult to create numerical advantages when the players are fast enough to recover and hit hard enough to terrify owners, GM's, coaches, and quarterbacks.

Comment 10 Mar 2015

Might lose Fairley too. With the end drawing near for Wilfork, Ngata may assume the mantle of best fat man in football. Dude has been a beast.

Comment 10 Mar 2015

This vexes me. With the trade of Brandon Marshall, the Bears were in talks with Hartline. Hartline is no Marshall (who I'm glad the Bears parted with) but it does create the possibility that the Bears attack the WR spot with the 7 pick in this draft. Despite a glaring need on defense, it does create a need Hartline would have been able to stop for a few years in Chicago or at least to the point that they wouldn't be tempted to go WR at #7. The draft is loaded, however, at edge rusher and WR this year so it can't hurt my beloved Bears if they draft a wideout (Cooper is the name being floated). Regardless, good news for Cleveland. Hartline has been a very productive (though last year was a bad one) pro.

Comment 06 Mar 2015

That game appeared to turn on an air ball Dee Brown fired up. It could be my memory making more of a happy occurrence but I do recall him missing a shot badly, then being reminded of it each and every time he touched the floor by the crowd in attendance. 3-11 from the field was a real precursor for what would doom Illinois-the inability to hit the 3.

Comment 06 Mar 2015

That was a good one for me. It was the only game in 4 years I attended at OSU, it was the last time my dad and I had a sports moment at OSU before I graduated (that came off as him having passed, not the case-he and I spent 4 awesome years revolving around football but that was our lone basketball game. Mr. Brewster SR is alive and well), I sat one row in front of John Cooper-who by the way might be one of the coolest dudes I have ever met and I had about 15 friends who I regularly talked to that were at U of I. When AIM was a thing I remember Away Messages dripping with Illinois arrogance. As a matter of fact, I remember a few U of I fans who made the trek to Columbus walking up High yelling ILL after spending a while at 4 kegs before the game (as long as dad and I were there at least) and being greeted with the 1-2-3-4 chant of 'Lets Play Football'. I also remember thinking how under rated Terrance Dials was as I watched that game. Though I'd never been to a basketball game until this one, I watched every one. 21 and 8 for TD that day. Sylvester iced the game, Terrance baked the cake.

I also remember my phone being used to the point of exhaustion as I rapidly called my friends back in Champaign. Some took their lumps like good sports, some refused to answer, one attempted an insult that didn't land. "Ya, well, you'll wake up tomorrow and still be a Buckeye". They must teach "Strangleholds on the Obvious" at Illinois. To this day that still doesn't strike me as insulting. At any rate, thanks for this write up. I went to Ohio State at the start of a golden age for the football program but this game ranks near the top of my all time favorite Ohio State memories. As a caveat, much like the assassination in the desert in 2002, this game sent both programs in different directions. Its over simplified a bit since Illinois did make to the title game that year but that was their peak. They have slid backwards further and further each year. Not exactly the high water mark a self proclaimed elite basketball program sets-in case you haven't noticed I don't like U of I.

AIM may be dead, but Facebook isn't. I have some reminding to do.....

Comment 04 Mar 2015

1) Chicago Bears Football. As much as I'd love to say OSU ball takes its place, I've come to expect a certain level of greatness and sustained success out of Ohio State so for me they can only ever really just meet not exceed expectations. The Bears, despite being in a massive market and having the history of the league on their side have never been able to sustain long term success in the NFL. Even their greatest team could not duplicate its success from the 1985 season. They should have been the next great dynasty of their era in the mid to late 80's. Its my belief that I live in the greatest city in the world and even despite the runs of Jordan's Bulls and Toews' Hawks (runs many cities would love), it will remain a Bears town. A Bears loss however on a Sunday doesn't make me turn off sports in general the way an Ohio State loss does.

2) Partially  because of the importance of each game, college football's pressure cooker makes my love for OSU a close second to the Bears. Having not been born in Ohio, I wasn't born into OSU fandom. My dad was a huge fan of Woody but never spoke much about the college game outside of whatever teams we were watching. I didn't know until about age 12 that my dad was a tried and true Buckeye. Most kids follow along with who their dads cheer for but we both became OSU fans by our own choosing. The mutual love for OSU is the biggest thing my old man and I have in common.

3) Chicago Blackhawks hockey-There are two kinds of hockey fans in Chicago-the ones that claim they were at the United Center with 2000 other people watching bad hockey and the ones who wear green #19 or #88 jerseys, set "Chelsea Dagger" as their ringtone, and claim to be fans forever. I'm in the middle. I watched hockey growing up but Chicago Hockey was largely killed by old ownership. It went from one of the least to most fan friendly organizations in sports when Bill Wirtz passed. There is still an idea in Chicago that there are bandwagon hockey fans and somehow being around before they got good makes you a better fan. The logical disconnect is that a team that gains popularity because they win and sustain winning because they remain popular so in many ways, the hardcore fans (words that make my ears bleed) need the bandwaggoners. I'll admit I got away from the Hawks post Roenick\Eddie but its because fans were driven away. At this point, it isn't a bandwagon its a legit case of a team in Chicago being near the top of its league. I don't know if they have what it takes this year but you can't help but expect some level of success out of a team with 2 cups and four trips to the WCF during the current era. They are the standard in Chicago sports and their popularity becomes more intense with each season. For some reason, there is the largest dichotomy between its own fans in hockey in Chicago than any where else. Regardless, they are the toughest ticket in town because they mix Jordan era dominance with Wrigley Field atmosphere.

Comment 02 Mar 2015

I may or may not have selected my apartment my senior year because of its proximity to Out R Inn. I was right across Pearl in the first units before Out R Inn off of Frambes. Fell asleep many a nights to the sound of a lively college bar and clanking bottles being thrown in the dumpster. I may have spent a little time there too. Such a perfect college bar.

Comment 02 Mar 2015

Wow this takes me back. I was a sophomore in 2002 and this is how I remember Ohio State. I went back this year for that debacle of a VT game and was pretty shocked by what I saw. Its not so much that its worse but it just  had a different feel to it. I wasn't really into the bar scene early in my collegiate career and obviously post 2002, there wasn't much of a scene any way. Things got a little better in 2004 by the time I was a senior but I feel like I missed out a bit on that part of the experience. Having friends at Iowa, Purdue, and Illinois, I did have to admit they had me on one part of the college experience. Regardless, this was a really cool trip down memory lane. I always feel a little closer to the university I love so near and dear when someone from the same time frame as me puts stuff up like this. Good post.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

It doesn't matter. As everything that guy said proved to be wrong in the...what was it....ah yes championship run for the Bucks, he'll remain anonymous because who is going to own up to that ridiculous drivel?

Comment 26 Feb 2015

I'm just really really glad that Penn State took the time and effort to speak up about the wrongs done upon others by someone in a position of power.  Its really refreshing to see them stand up for themselves when attacked in a manner that they disagree with. Its their willingness to come forward and do the right thing that sets them apart from a lot of their counterparts. The fact that they are so quick to use facts to defend themselves is an even more enlightening sight. Its good to know that if anything ever befouls the name of Penn Staters, the Penn State nation will stand together to make sure justice is done. They refuse to sit by silently as they are attacked. Their actions should be commended because when some people were there just sitting around, letting bad things happen to Penn State at the hands of someone else, others took action and drove change. I can't help but think that this is how they would act if faced with the worst of any number of bad situations. You know those Penn Staters will do what's right. And if they were wrong, or if something they thought to be true wasn't, I would bet my life that they would own up to it and admit they were incorrect.