Met the James Laurinaitis yesterday

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July 4, 2013 at 8:25p

Thought I would just share this awesome experience I had yesterday with all of you! Being 21 and going into my senior year of college, I spent my high school years cheering my head off for this guy, and I am sure we can all agree he was and still is a beast. Anyways, I was working at dicks sporting goods when i see a great looming girl walk in, followed by some huge dude. And of course that huge dude turned out to be James. He was extremely nice! I went up and asked a few questions regarding the rams and buckeye football. He mentioned how he had been around the team recently bc he works out at the whac. He just said he doesnt lift with the team bc they do so at 6 in the morning, a little too early for him. He also mentioned how he is going to purdue soon to visit marcus freeman. I had to ask him about coach tress, and he said he does talk to him and has been trying to set up a time to meet up with him. However, their schedules have too many conflicts right now where they havent been able to find time. Overall, meeting him was a really cool experienced made better bc of how open he was to answer my questions and talk for a cple minutes

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He came into the pet store I used to work at a couple times. I was always too scared to say anything to him. His dad came in with him once--Jesus, those guys are huge. 

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Hodge, I hope this comes across as a compliment, because it's absolutely not meant an insult, but I had to share that I had a little [dumbfounded] chuckle reading that you used to work at a pet store. being the Rennaisance man/walking encyclopedia that I consider you to be, and all.

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I thought the same hail. I heard that pet stores were a great place to see tail. Maybe that was hodges hidden motive?

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Haha, not one, but two! From my sophomore year in high school through senior year, I worked at PetSmart (had Donte Whitner come through my line right after the 2006 ND shellacking...his dog was named Tatum), then I moved to PetPeople and worked there through my senior year in college. I literally know more about a dog's optimal diet than I do my own. 
And yes, my name tag read "Hodge" at both places. 

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Donte Whitner had a dog named Tatum? This is outstanding.

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Makes sense that both "animals" would frequent pet stores...

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Saw his dad at Eddie George's Grill during the first B1G Title game (Wisc-MSU). Bartender said he and a buddy killed a bottle of Jager between them. They ended up practicing wrestling moves in the private party room.
Sorry for no embedding, I still can't quite figure it out. Also for the vertical video. (I was new to smartphones back then)

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I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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Haha he looked every bit of the 245 pounds or whatever he is! I am sure his dad is around the same size, if not bigger

pat cozzens

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Very cool, big fan of both Animals....big and little. Tks for sharing, PC.

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Not a Buckeye celeb sighting, but I met TV star Gerald McRaney (Simon & Simon, Major Dad) this evening at an Irish pub in Baltimore... He stopped to compliment me on the cuteness of my little tyke (she is really cute) and we chatted about kids and stuff. Total coincidence, but it turns out he's even staying at our hotel, because he's shooting a new TV series in the area. Really nice, down to earth kind of guy.
And yes, I'd be totally geeked out to meet "Little Animal." That's awesome!

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McRaney is now playing the dad of the deputy sheriff on Longmire. Great show - check it out....

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Thanks for the tip!

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Also on House of Cards.. ridiculously good show.. only on Netflix though.  I think they are filming now too.. his part is pretty small though.

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House of Cards is actually what he said he was shooting in Baltimore when we met - I looked it up and asked some friends on Facebook, and they agreed it is ridiculously good. May give me a reason to try Netflix again...

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I watched a number of episodes, and agree that it is extremely well done. I stopped watching because it seemed to me that none of the characters had much in the way of redeeming moral qualities. Perhaps that is just gritty realism and the nature of politics (I have no doubt it is intentional) or my own naivete, but I prefer my characters to be just a little more likable.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Watched his dad wrestle a few years back at Pickerington High School.  He was there with Ted Dibiasi (spelling?) and others, using big time wrestling to, believe it or not, minister to kids.  Both dad and son are class acts.

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Yeah, Animal Sr and Dibiase are both born again Christians and minister across the nation. I drank scotch and smoked cigars with Dibiase's nephew in Chicago. He had million dollar tastes but he was not near the size of Dibiase and Dibiase Jr.

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That's cool man! I met my first player a few weeks back. I would like to meet more. It's great to just meet the guys we cheer for. And to just tell them thanks. 
Do you work at the one on Polaris? I just bought some new sights for my turkey gun there. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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Nah at the aurora one up in northeast ohio. About a 2 hr drive from cbus

pat cozzens

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Thanks for sharing, PCUZZI.

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I bumped into the Big Kat a few times in dublin.  he used the same gas station alot that would accept my fake ID when i was a young buck

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I want to hear more about the "great looming girl." You might get beat up next time he sees you (or maybe next time she sees you) for that remark.

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Haha thanks for the catch... meant looking* but yes, after that encounter i will make sure to watch my back if I see him again! Haha

pat cozzens

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My wife and I have good friends (husband and wife) who live in the St. Louis area and the husband is a youth pastor at a large church there. James and his wife attend their church and our friends say they are very active and generous with their time. The church has several services per weekend, one on Saturday night and a few on Sunday morning, and when the Rams are in town during the season, James still comes to one of the services, either on Saturday night or the early service on Sunday morning and then leaves for the stadium. My friend said James is such a good dude that he has even come to events on Sunday nights after games, win or lose. 

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James is one of the best 'high character/integrity' guys in pro sports.  I've never spoken to a person who has met him that has had anything but a completely positive experience with the man.  His parents deserve a ton of credit for raising such a grounded, grateful, charitable person.
I really enjoy reading 'great personal experience' stories such as these that involve current, future, or former Buckeyes.  THIS is the type of stuff we should be paying attention to instead of some wannabee journalist/attention whore who fabricates headlines and/or distorts reality on a daily basis in an attempt to attract viewers/readers/listeners.
Go Bucks.

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Met Archie Griffin my sophomore year of high school at an Easter Seals banquet that he was speaking at.  I went with my grandma, as she's part of that organization, and Archie talked football and school with me for about ten minutes.  I had never been more star struck.

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Go get your shine box, Gumar!

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The challenge about meeting Archie is that it is impossible to ask him questions about himself because he is so busy trying to get to know you. I got to eat lunch with him once at the Medical Center and I don't think I learned much about him, but he definitely knew what my role in everything was. At least I got a signed football out of the deal. He is an incredibly nice man.

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I talked with his dad once inside of the 'shoe while waiting for the ex outside the restrooms. Chatted for a few minutes about James and he was very down to earth.

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I've spoke about it before, but my Dad (OSU Professor Emiritus) met Woody Hayes by chance at a donut shop.  By my Dad's account -- and contrary to public opinion -- Coach Woody was one of the kindest, most thoughtful and most intelligent persons you would ever meet.
It sounds like James L. carries the torch well.
Go Bucks!

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based on the way this thread was titled, I was wondering if the Iron Sheik was writing it. 
Seriously though, fun story and thanks for sharing! 

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Sounds like James is a real class act!