Game Swap Wish, Genie Grants it, Aladdin style scheduling

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July 9, 2013 at 6:26a

So I have been thinking about our upcoming schedule.  The more I think, the more disappointed I become with the perceived lack of schedule strength. However, I did have a fun thought.  Suppose we had a magic lamp that housed a genie who was willing to swap the Buffalo game for a night game in The Shoe against any team in the nation.  Who would you pick, and why?

I suppose I should answer my own question just in case I'm the one who gets to make the wish.  The team would be tough.  It would definitely be Pac-12 or SEC, but I don't know if even a magical entity could get an SEC team to play a game up north.  Supposing it could, my top five teams would have to be an Oregon rematch of the 2009 Rose Bowl, Stanford, Texas A&M, Florida (REVENGE), and Georgia.  Alabama will have to wait their turn until January, because we all know that MNC game rematches suck.  

Oregon would be cool just because it would be a rematch of the Rose Bowl, despite the players and coaches on both sides being completely different.  I still think that would be a good game any year.

Stanford would be a great matchup.  Two very athletic teams; however, one runs a pro style one-back offense, while the other runs an up tempo spread attack which utilizes the read option extensively.  Their running game would pose a threat against our new front 6 of 7, but our secondary would lock down that passing attack.  Their defense will put up a fight but in the end won't be able to keep up, and I think the Buckeyes would take it by the score of 31-24.

Texas AM would most obviously be the incumbent Heisman winner against his primary contender for the trophy's 2013 edition.  Miller vs Manziel.  X Brax vs Johnny Heisman.  The atmosphere of a big night game at the shoe vs. a tried and true offensive line and quarterback.  This one would be a good one gentlemen.  I feel like the Aggies got lucky in Tuscaloosa last year in the sense that Manziel played the game of a lifetime.  Could he do it twice?  Maybe. But Braxton would match him stat for stat.  Eventually, I think The Shoe would eat the Aggies and spit them out.  This isn't Alabama, it's goddamn Ohio Stadium! Plus, I think that our offense is more complete.  OSU, 41-28.

Florida has an awful offense and can really suck on D, or at least be exposed, a la Louisville in the Sugar Bowl.  We know that our QB is better than Louisville's, and our coach would have a special reason to stick it to the Gators.  Plus, nothing is sweeter in sports than revenge.  Ohio State 38, Florida 17.

Now on to Georgia.  Now this would be a heavyweight fight for the ages.  Georgia was a play or two away from demolishing Notre Dame for the MNC in place of Alabama, and they return a good portion of that hypothetical Irish-thumping team.  Richt and Meyer have met before and although Urban usually demolished UGA, Richt never had the talent that he has now.  I'm not as certain about this one.  Home field advantage would be huge, but Georgia is one of the best teams in the SEC.  I will be optimistic and say Ohio State wins 21-20.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Obviously your responses can be much shorter than what I just wrote.  I'm just curious who you guys would want to see under the lights in a big out of conference game.


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Vanderbilt because that's the way it should have been before they chickened out

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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For the credibility of facing one of the three SEC giants (Bama, LSU, Florida). The other SEC teams aren't the champs. Don't talk to me about Auburn, that was a Cam Newton win, and Cam would have been at Florida if not for sticky fingers and thousands of dollars. 
I don't want to face Bama or Florida early because they both have a shot at a title game appearance next year. I want to save that possibility and not have a potential repeat game. 
Same reason I don't want to face the next tier- A&M and Georgia. Both are legit title contenders.
LSU is one of the champs in the string of championships, is perceived as a true SEC heavyweight, and in my opinion isn't going to present the threat of a rematch in the title game.
My second choice is Florida. Another of the big three and has less of a chance to reach the title game this season than Bama, A&M or Georgia.
Third choice? USC. I want to pummel them. Severely. I don't care if they're in an up phase or down or whatever, I want to see them beat by 40.
Fourth choice? Notre Dame. I want to beat them as badly as Bama did and let the talking heads chew on that for awhile.

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I like the Oregon pick, as a bonus I think they are the type of team with anyone, anywhere anytime mindset, so I feel it could actually happen.  Both the TAMU and Florida games would have great storylines (Braxton vs. Johnny Football/ Urban vs. his old team).
One game I would like to see would be Notre Dame. Just so we can put the talk of them being "back" to bed. And to see what what should've been the MNC game last season.

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They have already made a product for this purpose.


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I thought of the exact same thing when I read that headline. Bravo, sir.

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Notre Dame - because it's always a good day to stomp the Irish! And they need to be taken down a peg or three

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I did the same thing for bowl games a week ago. The teams I would consider in addition to the original list would be (in no particular order) ND, USC, Texas, Florida St, and Miami.

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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I just read your post.  I like how we picked almost all the same teams.  But clearly Buckeye Nation wants a shot at these guys while we have Braxton and Urban on our side.

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Right at this moment it would be nice to see the kind of serious ass whooping Urban and the team would put on FLorida.Aside from that I would take ND simply because it would help our midwest recruiting and knock them back down to reality.

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I'll start with any crybaby team from Florida - particularly, UFuss and Cryami, followed by Free Shoes University. 
Also on my list - USC, LSU, Oregon, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Arkansas (so we can embarrass Bert one more time), Vandy (because they bitched up), and Kentucky (just cause we can). 

Class of 2010.

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UF I agree with, but I think we have already soundly shut Miami up.  First we beat them to win the championship, then in 2010 we destroyed them when both teams had talent. 2011 was a terrible game for us because freakin Bauserman completed about 2 passes for 8 yards all game.

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I would love to play the defending heisman winner. 

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I'd pick Vanderbilt. 

Oh, wait........

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Ok, here's your sticker.  Now, I'll make a wish for Florida State.  Why?  Because they will be very good and will give us a great game.  tOSU 37 - FSU 17 to take the lingering sting off the '81 and '82 games.  Also, with the bowl structure won't have the opportunity to play them unless they make the playoff.  

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For OSU, I'd say UCLA to settle this whole Meechy situation.  OSU would probably beat them handily, but it would be on par for a solid Primetime season opener.
For Michigan, I really want to play Stanford.

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

~Bo Schembechler

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Why do you think that Stanford would be a good matchup for Michigan? Your offense isn't just quite yet what it used to be, and teams that try to outpace Stanford usually fail.  See Oregon game last year.  I think that Stanford is a tough matchup for anybody, including OSU.  I can't remember, did Michigan beat or lose to Wisky last year?

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My pick wasn't based on the match up.  There are just a lot of run-ins with Stanford lately in the recruiting world, the ties with Harbaugh, and the two schools often being lumped in together as fine academic institutions.  Notre Dame "beat" Stanford at home last year.  Michigan lost by 7 to ND and were -4 in TO margin.  Stanford at Michigan would be competitive, IMO.
Michigan didn't play Wisconsin last year. 

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

~Bo Schembechler

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Haha no wonder I can't remember. It's very unreliable looking at common opponents anyhow.  But I think it would be a good game if Michigan has made solid improvements since last year.  I remember thinking "Michigan is a year or two away from making a game out of this" just before they played Alabama.  It's unfortunate the UM-Bama game wasn't this year or next year, because I think UM would give them a much better game.  So yeah, I guess Stanford would be a good opponent.  I still see the score as something like 24-13 Stanford, but I'm of course biased.

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I like the choices but I'd have to say Arkansas.  Just to show Bert you can run from the Urbs but you can't beat him.  Also as an STFU to "SEC SEC!" guy, I'd take any other SEC team not named Alabama.  If we're going to play Alabama, let's do it in January not September.

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Believe me, I think that playing any SEC team would be dandy.  But if we curb stomp Kentucky or Vandy or Mizzou, ESPN and SEC fans will drop the whole "conference fandom" idea faster than you can say bee one gee.  
"What S-E-C chant?  I'm an Alabama/Auburn/LSU fan.  What, do you cheer for the whole Big Ten?"  
On the flip side, if we were to beat Arkansas or Georgia or Florida, we got "lucky" and we should just "wait till Alabama kicks our ass".  I would be super stoked to beat an SEC team, but we won't shut those redneck, PBR sipping, pit-stained goons up until we win a national championship and end their streak.  To be honest, it might take two crystal footballs.

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Your point is well taken.  I would not root for TTUN in a national champ game under any circumstances.  The only time time I can honestly say I wanted them to win in anything ever was LLLLLLLoyd's last game against Florida.  The stars really aligned on that one for me, Hate of Florida, SEC, home game for SEC in bowl yet again, etc.  And LLLLLLLoyd was a class act.
Folks at work were surprised that I didn't want them to beat Alabama last year.   I told them I detest the whole SEC but I hoped Saban hung 60 on the overrated Denard and crew.  Our rivalry is special and they just don't get it, which is ok.

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Would love to beat the Gators!  Would make for a great match up and storyline!
Go Bucks!

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LSU, UF, USC - All Revenge games, but all very tough early on. We are young on the D side, so a couple weeks of "warm-up" games isn't such a bad thing, THIS year.
With that said, maybe Kent State or Boise State wouldn't be horrible.

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At the same time, I wish we had a tougher game than Cal or SDSU to really put some pressure on our offense before we are thrown at Wisconsin; that game is in week 5 I believe.  Either way I'm sure Urban Meyer and Tom Herman will have them humming along, and Braxton is always Braxton, but I worry that a false sense of comfort will creep up on this team before B1G play starts if we are beating the OOC scrubs by 30+ points.  I hope they prove me wrong.

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Appalachian State- so we can show TTUN how it's done.

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Clever.  I like this choice.

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FLA at the Shoe on a cold November night.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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USC simply because there's a lot of bad history there and anything that we could do to make lane kiffin throw his players under the buss on national tv sounds good to me. 

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"This isn't Alabama, it's goddamn Ohio Stadium!" makes me very happy lol
I don't know if i'd say Braxton is better than Bridgewater though.. They're both very talented however.  I'd love to hear your opinion on why you thought this because it is definitely debatable.

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Bridgewater is an extremely accurate passer from what everyone is saying. Not that Braxton isn't on that level but he's going to have to show it first. Brax just brings a different skillset to the table, athleticism you can't coach up. 

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Agreed.  3700+ passing yards will be tough for Braxton to get to.  But his legs are something else lol it's quite amazing.  I wouldn't be mad if I had either quarterback on my team!

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And if i could play anyone it would be Florida, Oregon, Texas A&M, and I would enjoy seeing a game with either Louisville or Arkansas!

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What do you think it would be like if we played Louisville?  Our offense would be the best they have faced in the past two years, and a night game at The Shoe makes almost any other atmosphere look juvenile.  That QB would give us trouble, but of any top team I think we pile it on Louisville the hardest, maybe in the 44-10 range.

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Arkansas is obviously very beatable right now, and it would certainly be nice to ass whoop Bert again.  It's and SEC win against an ex-B1G coach, so basically it's a win-win.  The more I think about it, the more Arkansas sounds like a good opponent.