A Classic Game

I was recently on the BTN website and noticed that they added the 2005 Mishagain game to their vault of "Football Classics".  I had not seen the game in years ("The Catch" not included) and thought "what the hell why not watch this while I have some free time?" My...
29 Jun 2013
by 303 Buckeye

B1G vs. SEC Arrests/Citations

Since all this Aaron Hernandez news has come to the surface, there has been a lot of talk as to who can be to blame in all this. It must be that thug Urban Meyer and his tolerance for criminal activity! *cough*cough* So I figured instead of speculating, I'd actually do some research to prov...
26 Jun 2013
by Stinson

Football National Elite - What teams stack up?

I've had several discussions with people on the boards I belong to about college football.  One of the topics that almost always come up is the SEC and how they are "great" from top to bottom.  I always call "bullshit" when that's mentioned.  But it brought...
26 Jun 2013
by dzig

BCS Pairings and Seeding Issues

While the BCS system as we know it is about to fade into that long goodnight, the discussion over its faults and foibles continues. Today, many of us have been chatting about the Big Ten's abysmal performance against the vaunted So Evil South Eastern Conference. When the discussion turned to the...
25 Jun 2013
by AndyVance

Ohio State At Northwestern

I just bought my tickets!!!!! I'm so freakin' pumped!!!!  I'm finally taking my wife to the Windy City on October 5th to hopefully watch my Buckeyes stomp an undefeated Northwestern squad.  Being an east coast gal, my wife has been bugging me to take her to Chicago and consider...

War As They Knew It

I just finished reading one of the best books ever. It is called War as they knew it. It is about our forever loved coach Woody Hayes and his creation coach Bo Schembechler's ten year war. It covers a wide variety of issues from that era. The watergate scandal. The Vietnam war. Behind the scenes...
24 Jun 2013
by pjtobin

Meechy77-Stephen Collier

I live in Cleveland. My greatest Sports highlight this year was Trent Richardson's comment(he of fine SEC education) "This is the goodest defense we faced all year!" Try getting over that! Anywho, I LOVE 11 warriors and the community that faithfully post the best content about my ...
22 Jun 2013
by Paul

The Time Traveler: Analysis of Anger

<poof> Greetings, time liners.  I have popped in to your present to assure you of the future.  It doesn't take a Time Traveler to tell you what's coming.  Just trust it.  I once told Ray, a friend of mine, "If you build it, they will come."  But that...

Gee, by the numbers

In one of the several posts and threads about the most recent, and ultimately tenure-ending gaffes committed by legendary Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee, someone asked for a succinct recitation of his many, many accomplishments. While the general consensus is that he is a "transformational ...
18 Jun 2013
by AndyVance

Heritage and Tradition Revisited

Forgive me for reposting this from two years ago with some minor update/changes.  If you read the original and don't want to read it again, I understand.  But with the aquisition of Phil Steele, I am now officially in ramp up mode.  And our summer of discontent isn't beca...

Would you let your kids go to scum?

After a long sleepless night, reading every comment, to every post. A thought of my kids going to scum crossed my mind. It crept up on me. Like those repressed memories of busting my parents that one awful night. I feel sick. I feel dirty. I just cried. What a horrible thought. My kids wearing piss ...
18 Jun 2013
by pjtobin

Meanwhile, at Penn State...

I was at Penn State last week for a work conference, and I had a chance in the evening to take in the town.  Now, I should preface this by saying I have a lot of friends who are Penn State alumni, and I found the campus to be very charming and the people to be extremely nice.  It was also ...
02 Jun 2013
by tommrkr

Gordon Gee is Ohio State's Joe Paterno

I grew up in Cleveland. I have always been a big Buckeye sports fan. I'm known in the Maine theater community as the guy who brought a TV into the dressing room if I had a rehearsal during an important Buckeye game. When our team won that was as it should be. When we lost I felt as if it were my...
31 May 2013
by baddogmaine

Perkins officially leaving OSU

Saw this on ESPN.  I was hoping this was not true. Now that he is out do we get a few more Line backers?  I thought he did a great job in the Spring filling in for Shazier.  I would think he would...