In Defense of Kirk Herbstreit

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August 24, 2013 at 1:35p

     Of all the bias that seems to come out of ESPN against Ohio State, I have to say I don't hear it from Herbie.  I hear criticism from him, but that is his job as a college football analyst.  The fact that he was supposedly pushed out of Columbus by rabid fans is laughable and downright embarrassing for our fan base.  Is it true?  Who really knows, I've read conflicting reports.  What I do know is I have been on the Gameday set numerous times with our fan base screaming "F--- you Desmond" on national television.  On two occasions, Herbie got up when they were on commercial break to try to talk sense into those by saying things such as "I hate Michigan too, but we are The Ohio State University, and we are better than this." 

     People who think one of the best college analysts in the game today should only talk positively about his alma mater need to understand that while the truth hurts, it is truth.  Herbie was supposedly hushed during the '03 title game because he was so delighted in the outcome.  Herbie talks about parts of Pryor's game and the team's ability that need to be improved to compete with the best, and suddenly he's a "Fake Buckeye"?  I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen, but the person who called Herbie a "Fake Buckeye" is the same person who committed to "The University of Ohio State" and exchanged possessions of his TEAM's success for personal gain.  That's not what Ohio State is supposed to be about.  The Buckeyes are tradition, fighting for the person next to you because of the sacrifices of those before us who gave us that tradition.  Herbie has been a proud Buckeye since before he played for them.  Why does he get roasted by our fan base because he has an opinion on how they need to improve, when every other day someone wearing a jersey, who never stepped foot on the field, was calling for Tressel's head because his offense was too conservative?  Why is it okay for Meyer to call our boys a clown show?  They are our team aren't they?  It must be because he is a Buckeye. . . So is Herbstreit... and just like you and I, he loves his team.  But unlike you and I, if he constantly hammers home that tOSU is the greatest, he loses his legitimacy with the national fan bases, in turn potentially losing his job.  Cut the guy some slack and accept the fact that maybe there are some things that we, as Monday morning quarterbacks, might not quite get because we are blinded by our love for this team. 

P.S. - The overwhelming majority of us have never stepped foot on a field at the level of these kids.  Herbie has, therefore his opinion holds more weight in terms of "getting it".

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Much of the disgust of Herbie stems from him voting his alma mater (12 -1) Ohio State 9th in the 2010 final AP poll behind 3 2-loss teams and 1 3-loss team. There's something to be said for given honest criticism but only he and his ESPN pal Chris Fowler had the Buckeyes (which finished 5th in the final AP Poll) as low as #9.
On a personal note, I had business class with him at Ohio State his senior year. We were assigned a group project. He met with our group after class and let us know that he wouldn't be much help because he was too busy, we earned an A on the project. For some reason there was not a peer evaluation offered in that class. least he told up from the start that he wasn't going to do anything

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You forgot to mention the most important part: that in ranking Ohio State that low, he was dropping them from where they were before they went out and beat a top-10 ranked Arkansas team in the Sugar Bowl.  DROPPING Ohio State after finally beating an SEC team in a bowl game, a top-10 ranked SEC team at that, was his biggest offense.  I don't know if that makes him a "Fake Buckeye."  It definitely ruins his reputation, though.

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I don't see how any person that worked their ass off as a Ohio State player could be projected as a fake Buckeye. (Unless they transferred to TTUN)


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It just depends on whether you see transferring one's loyalty to ESPN as being < or > than doing so to TSUN.

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Amongst other things, like his statements about the fanbase heckling his family (I'd have to see that to believe it and I believe like others posted below, it was since stated that he outright lied about that just to take a shot at the fanbase on his way out).
There are very solid (and obvious) reasons that Spielman and Robert Smith are not hated by many OSU fans. They are not overbiased in their commentary one way or the other. Herbstreit has always gone out of his way to be a homer on local radio and seemingly anti-OSU on national broadcasts. He is a chameleon -- and essentially a shill -- modifies his "opinion" based on who is audience is and I do not respect that. I respect folks like Spielman and Robert Smith who say the same thing no matter who they are talking to. Personally, when I watch games where Spielman is broadcasting, that dude says some of dumbest things I've ever heard, but I respect the guy at the end of the day because he is consistent and won't change his "opinion" based on his audience.

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Although I do agree that Speilman doesn't necessarily have the best announcer voice out there, I've actually heard two exceptional points from him on the game through these last few years:
1. He stated that as a LB he rarely got caught up in play action because he would always listen for the grunts of the OL. If they weren't grunting, he knew that they were faking the run and he shouldn't attack the gaps and instead drop back.
2. He talks about how a zone defender should do their best not to defend grass.  In other words, constantly evaluate your zone and don't take the easy way out to just have a play off if they aren't attacking your zone.  Slip into other areas that appear to have more offensive traffic. You can essentially double team receivers and your numbers (11 Warriors, if you will) aren't wasted.
Granted, these don't have much of an impact on my real life, but the second has often made me an online victor in Madden - and that's worth something fo sho! 

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No worries, Spielman says many things that I agree with as well as disagree with. His low points of his commentary are just very low for me at times. :)
I remember one time though during the 2010 OSU / Indiana game he went ballistic on the air (and rightfully so in my mind) when Storm Klein was flagged for "targeting a defenseless receiver", so overall I like Spielman, there are just points during games where he has said things where I'm just left shaking my head, watching a replay and seeing the exact opposite of what he's saying, lol.

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Agreed. Although Matt Millen is by far the SMH champion when I'm watching. What's funny is that for as critical as ESPiN is on Ohio State and the Big Ten (and the shill they are for the SEC at large when really only Ala, LSU, and UF - in UFM's time only -deserve street cred), they hire Buckeye commentators in droves. We roll deep on that channel. 
Btw, my favorite by far is Robert Smith. The dude is always on his game and has great energy on camera.

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He went out of his way during the Tat fiasco to slam the Bucks, his ALMA MATER, and a person that "gets it"  At times, he could have kept his mouth shut and said nothing.  He built his reputation  during the darkest time in the history of OSU football.  For that, I will never forgive him.  I didn't see other OSU commentators stomping on us every time they had a chance .  Were they unbiased in their evaluation of the situation...absolutely.  The difference was how they said it and how often they gave their 2 cents.  

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A person in position has to remain objective - he can't always be raving about osu. Slamming osu when they deserve to be slammed makes him more credible and gives his opinion more weight when osu is campaigning to play for a national title or has a Heisman hopeful. 

- Respect the Rivalry -

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I have NEVER heard him rave about the Buckeyes at the national level.  Maybe locally, but that's about it.   And how credible was his ranking us 9th in 2010?  There was ZERO excuse for that.  That was the lowest rating given the Buckeyes

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No doubt. He was just mad because Pryor and his squad went out and did what no one before on an Ohio State team had done. Not only did we beat an SEC team in a bowl game, we beat one of the top ranked SEC teams in a bowl game located deep in SEC territory. Pryor had called him out publicly and Herbstreit was mad that Pryor went out and got it done on the field, not to mention the constant friction between Herbstreit & Tressel. So as a result of this little tantrum he dropped us on his ballot.

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You can be objective without going as far as Herbstreit does. You never see these type of threads about Spielman, Smith, Kellogg, or Jackson.

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we've all gone over this, no need to create another thread on it. 

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Wow, feel better? Herbie deserves much of his criticism as he seems to ride the tOSU hate train when it benefits him. And yes, as Norwalk mentioned, he ranked us below lesser teams, one of which we had just beaten in a bowl game, splain that Lucy. Now I do agree we can get a little too harsh with the guy, but he will get over it, just about the time he cashes his big fat pay checks.


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I know that TP made some stupid mistakes, but he is "our guy".  I hate all the ugliness that happened, but for God's sake, get over it.  He hasn't trashed the school like others (from what I know), and if he earns the starting gig for the Raiders it will be a plus for the program long term.  I can't say that anything Herbie does (and he is pretty good at it IMHO) has resulted in any tangible benefits

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I agree with squirrel master: we've been down this road... but I just can't help myself. I don't like Herbstreit. For all those saying (now and in the many past threads on this guy) that Herbstreit cannot be expected to be a "homer" for Ohio State while working as a national analyst, I agree. However, the guy goes out of his way to prove to his 'national' audience that he does not favor his alma mater, so much so that he often goes over board in his criticisms of Ohio State. The apex for me was when, as mentioned above, Herbstreit voted Ohio State 9th in his final poll after an impressive Sugar Bowl win and a 12-1 season. That was, in my opinion, Herbstreit sticking to the OSU fan base, and saying "keep pushing me and I'll push back harder". There is simply no logical reason why he would rank Ohio State 9th in that seasons final poll. He's too full of himself, and is too self important to have me believe that his ranking of OSU was the result of pure "exhaustion" as he stated on his local radio show after the fact. 

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I agree with most of this. 
Just feels like he's petrified to show any love (most importantly, when it's deserved).  On the other hand; he's so not timid at all to slam us if deserved...

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I don't think Herbie's  shoes are found in any of our closets.... We are less than a week away my friends, focus.... focus....

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Rod Smith = bigger Buckeye than Kirk Herbstreit..... Rod doesnt make excuse or shy away from his biased/pride of being a former OSU player, Kirk refers to it when it makes him 'seem cool'... enjoy Nashville, Kirk.

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You mean Robert Smith I assume?

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I can't believe how many people have "sided with" Pryor, so to speak, instead of Kirk Freaking Herbstreit. WTF.

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I was a Herbie apologist long before I ever heard of Terelle Pryor. I stopped apologizing when he claimed that "5 to 10 percent of the (OSU) fan base" was relentlessly terrorizing his family, forcing him to flee his $3.8 million Upper Arlington mansion.

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It's not about siding. It's about Herbie being 40 years old, not 20, and being in the position hat he is in. Have the maturity not to get into a war of words with a 20 year old in a national forum. 

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We all have had a disagreement with a talking head at one time or another. That goes for Kirk Herbstreit too. Many have debated whether Kirk holds back praise for OSU and give harsher the normal criticism to OSU to appear objective the masses. That stuff is what it is. I'm not going to get riled up about it.
I have two beefs with Kirk. 
First, I did not like his actions during the Scott Torgerson-Desmond Howard brouhaha last fall. It looked to many like Herbstreit had a major hand in the firing of Torgerson, a popular radio guy, at WBNS. 
Second, was the way he left Columbus. This is the big one for me. His comments on the way out of this city made this city look bad. He made the people here look bad. Now, has anyone heard about a specific incident where someone threatened Kirk and his family? I haven't. It makes you wonder if there was something else that was the cause of his leaving.

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Before anyone cites listing his address in the Dispatch, that had nothing to do with football. He and his wife lost an appeal to the U.S.Tax Court over a tax deduction of having the U.A. fire department  burn down an old house for practice so he could build his new house on the property. The Dispatch duly reported from court records.  

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That was a standard practice in Upper Arlington at least back into the 1980's. I remember the home of former Governor Jim Rhodes on Tremont Road did cause some controversy with some of the local folks and historians because Rhodes lived in the home as Governor of Ohio.
but federal tax law and policy changes a lot.

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I despise him for his double standards and his crapping on the entire city and tOSU fans while claiming to be such a victim. He flat out threw the city and fans under the bus by claiming fans harassed him and played the whole bs victim card. Doesn't like tOSU fans? I don't like him.
I have also never heard him calling for a coach's head except for Tress. He screams what a genius Chip Kelly was after the guy was guilty of paying recruits. Where's his outrage there? What about his bff Pete Carroll? But Tress? The antichrist according to little herbie.

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There was some rub with he and Tress. Had to be. And his man crush on Chip Kelly was annoying. 

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Suppose OSU is convincingly beating Nebraska in the B1G title game  on Fox at the same time Oregon is winning a close game with UCLA and he is doing the color alongside Brent. Both teams are undefeated along with Bama. Would he have the courage to campaign for OSU a la Gary Danielson?

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

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It's been confirmed, on record, by multiple sources, that he made up the part of OSU fans heckling him.

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I like Herbtreit as a color analyst during games, but that's about the extent of it.   Over the years my opinion of him has soured.  It isn't a single thing, its a culmination of things.   I think he tries too hard not to show bias toward Ohio State.    He came off as a whiny douche when he very publicly blamed part of our fan base for his departure to Tennessee.    Yes, we have our share of obnoxious fans, but every large, passionate fan base has them.  It didn't bother me at all that he moved, but there was no need to publicly rip Buckeye fans in the fashion that he did.    The 2010 season AP vote made no sense, other than his feelings were hurt.
Also, he contributed quite a bit to The Torg being fired from 97.1 IMO.  I realize Torg was responsible for what he posted on Twitter, but his statement about Desmond Howard was obviously hyperbolic.  The Torg was always saying hyperbolic things, it's what he does.  It's a brand of humor.   Torg's tweet was a poor attempt at a joke, but nothing more.  He removed it and gave a very public apology.  That should have been more than enough.  But no, Herbie had to very publicly blast Torg, who was already suspended.   Being a national figure, Herbstreit's stance carried wait with the station.   
Herbie obviously has a very thin skin, and as a Buckeye fan, I find him annoying.

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I guess I can understand Herbie not wanting to be seen as a homer for OSU, but he seems to have jumped on the Bama bandwagon big time and yeah that bugs me.  Anyone else get a little irritated during the last NCG when he declared that their dynasty was "just getting started"?

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The OP clearly doesn't know all that happened.
Tressel had given Herbie inside access to the program so Herbie knew exactly what was going at OSU and when one of his fellow broadcasters spouted some misinformation related to tatgate while broadcasting a game, Herbie chose not to correct him. Tressel apparently went ballastic.
Herbie also burned bridges when he said on GameDay that he would never allow his kids to play in an offense run by Tressel. 
The situation between Tressel and Herbie was so bad that supposedly Tressel lost his cool and was yelling and cursing at him in the WHAC at one point. 

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Sarasota, do you have any basis for this? I'm not questioning, I would really just like to see where this came from, as it would highly improve my view of JPT (although I already respect the hell out of him).

We can't stop here; this is bat country...

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I have heard rumors through the years that Tressel and Herbstreit were not on good terms. Some former players also were not happy with Herbstreit. 
Now, I have never heard about the incident you are referring to when it comes to Tatgate. Are you sure you are not mistakening it for the 2004 Alamo Bowl fiasco where ESPN did a three hour bash session of OSU football? 
I will always remember that incident. I was at the game in San Antonio. After the game, I was at dinner on the Riverwalk and on the TV all you saw was Mark May and Trev Alberts (haven't heard that name in a while!) bashing OSU and Tressel. The next morning, I was on the phone with friends who watched the game at home and were furious. I believe Herbstreit was in the booth for the game and didn't say a thing.
It did seem like after the Alamo Bowl that you did not see Herbstreit around the program as much.

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I has to do with the Bowl game Troy sat out, the Alamo Bowl. Herbie let the Tirico go off on OSU repeatedly without ever even trying to slow him down...

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I don't really care for him simply because of his choice to cheat on his wife. That alone bothers me. Other than that, I don't have a problem with his objectivity. I do however take exception to him voting us so low after we beat Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. 


The one question I've always had for him is why he goes through great lengths to not look biased whereas all his colleagues (Desmond Howard) can and are as biased as one could be toward their alma maters? Does he really think he does real journalism for ESPN? Does he honestly think he is the one true journalist of that tabloid network???? He's an announcer. Plain and simple. A very good in-game announcer, but still, he's just an announcer. That network has proven again and again it will 'kick the beehive' just to get more page views and mouse clicks, whether their news is relevant or even a story to begin with. Pay attention to their top stories on their website. Most are gossip/trolling, the Hernandez-Meyer connection being a prime example. Some days those types of "stories" push dramatic walk-off home runs or buzzer-beating 3-pointers off the front page altogether and Herbie still thinks he's a journalist????? If he truly thought of himself as a true sports journalist he wouldn't be working for ESPN, ABC or any other network for that matter. He'd be freelance and unaffiliated or even a newspaper/magazine sportswriter or just a blogger with no contract to dictate his views for him. The days of credible TV commentators died with Cronkite. All TV announcers are now are trolls. THAT is what upsets me the most about Herbie. Seeing one of our own turn into one of them.

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I have never personally met or corresponded with Mr. Herbstreit, and so my opinions are shaped and refined by...other people's opinions?   Woot woot
I purposely have not read any responses before mine, and will go back and read them, but just wanted to respond while your piece was fresh in my mind.
I applaud you for coming to the defense of any man, rather than the tendency of our culture to attack and devour its own, particularly when the "devoured" don't stack up with our vision for their life.
It is sad to hear about incidents like our fans yelling "***k you, Desmond!" on a televised set, and Herbie pleading with them to cool it.  I get the "hate Michigan" thing...but some fans do it simply to impress their friends that they indeed are rabid
Ok.  We get that. 
My contention is that you can be rabid without being, well...assholish.
The man put his time in...he is a successful BUCKEYE in a demanding profession, and frankly, I am just proud of him for that.  He may or may not be a lot of the things people call him, cause like I said, I don't know the man personally.
I just think people need to let the man alone, and live their own dreams. 
And that's my point.  Here you are, dear reader, on the cusp of history.  The Buckeyes are about to do something magical and historic. And you have a front row seat.  You get to enjoy one of the greatest stretches of greatness in all of college football history.  These next two years have been talked about in my time for...well, ages!
Lay aside your petty arguments, and encompass your season with pleasurable things, things entwined with the joyful sounds of sizzling grills, and flavors of tailgating, camaraderie around a table of like minded fans, and joy...yes, joy at the end of fourth quarters!
And then, at the end of the season, in what has been described over and over to the delight of... [timestream edit#4.27futureknowledgeviolation*redacted*]
So trust Buckeye in 2013 at the, yes, you...are in for a wild ride!
I have spoken.
Time Traveler

Not a Cereal Downvoter.  But I will downvote the Serial Trolls who lurk under our bridge.

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We can't stop here; this is bat country...

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Herbstreit is a passive / aggressive snake oil salesman opportunist.  It's a shame he turned into "that guy".  Really makes you appreciate by contrast what a class act and a real person Chris Spielman is.  I do wonder if we know the REAL reason he left Columbus.

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I like Herbstreit as an analyst and during games.  Every time I've seen game day he picks OSU over whomever they are playing.  Isn't that showing his support, what more do you want?  I'm sure he wasn't the only alum who publicly criticized the tat-5.  He was more concerned about the legacy of his alma mater than one football season.

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For everyone complaining about ranking us lower after the Sugar Bowl win:  Have you considered that he voted the way he did because of players he thought should be in ineligible?  I think any voter who drops Texas A$M because of looming Johnny Football penalties would be revered. I felt disappointed after that game and I bet a lot of you did as well. We all knew that the right thing to do was suspend those players immediately, instead of the next season. Had we suspended the players in question, and still won the game, everyone would be happy. 

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Disagree. Vote based upon what actually transpired on the field, not for what one's crystal ball says about what steps the NCAA might make in the future, or one's opinion of whether someone will be proven guilty of violations or not.

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Sounds great except ......he and every other voter had Auburn number 1 in their final poll.......Herbie didn't ride his high horse into SEC territory and use his vote to punish Cam Newton for his laptop stealing and church fund raising efforts. Everyone knew that he was bought and paid for before the final AP poll

brandonbauer87's picture

Sounds great except....The Auburn championship still stands while the Sugar Bowl win has been vacated. Ohio state had already admitted guilt by suspending the players for the upcoming season. 

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

Have you considered that he voted the way he did because of players he thought should be in ineligible?

You don't vote based on what should have happened, you vote based on what did happen.  The NCAA allowed those players to play, and coach Tressel made the decision to let them play.  And they beat a very good Arkansas team in that game.  You don't drop a team in the polls for something that they did legally that you're butthurt about.  The NCAA was the genius organization that allowed those kids to play - why they didn't just keep them out for the Sugar Bowl and only sit them the first 4 games of 2011 is beyond me.  Probably a ratings/$ ploy.  But they made their decision - and hey, the world of college football is very competitive.  Not everything is candy and rainbows when it comes to what programs do to win - you take advantage of every opportunity you get, within the rules.  Also, do remember that OSU vacated the Sugar Bowl in their self-imposed sanctions.  The NCAA wouldn't have made them vacate the bowl if OSU didn't self-impose it.
I am not a Herbie hater - but him voting OSU like that after that Sugar Bowl was BS.

Class of 2010.

brandonbauer87's picture

I agree it wasn't the right thing to do. That said, nearly all voters have filled out their ballots with personal agendas at one point or another. I don't agree with it, but I also don't agree with holding a grudge over it. 

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I was on the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer last February, as was Herbie and Robert Smith.  You could tell from Herbie's talk and actions that at heart he's a Buckeye through and through.  It has to be a challenge to separate your public vs. personal demeanor.  Sometimes he wins that battle and stays objective, sometimes he messes up.  Some of us watch and judge every word he says and make a bigger deal out of things than warranted.  It's just a job folks, and he's just a man like the rest of us.  Let's cut him some slack.


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True Buckeye? nuff said.


741's picture

Experiencing joy when a big play happens is not really the complete definition of what constitutes being a "true Buckeye" in my opinion, but I do love the photo of he and Eddie.

buckeyedude's picture

Well then, give us your definition of what it means "to be a true Buckeye."
I think Oakland posted those pics only to illustrate Herbstreit's love for the Buckeyes, which in those pictures is obvious, because so many have questioned it.



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Where was he when times were rough?

brandonbauer87's picture

What kills me is that there's more ill-will for Herbie than there is for Art Schlister or Jim Stillwagon. 

05Buckeye's picture

Where has anyone praised Schlichter or Stillwagon?
Schlichter is who he is: a scumbag who has destroyed countless lives. He destroyed his parents marriage, his own marriage, probably caused his father to commit suicide, and is a father who is not in his children's lives. He has stolen thousands of dollars from many people. He has stabbed many people in the back who have genuinely tried to help the guy. He has left carnage wherever he has been.
Stillwagon has his trial coming up. No one condones shooting a person the way he allegedly did. If he is convicted, he might be spending the rest of his life in jail.
I have not seen anyone praise Schlichter or Stillwagon. Virtually all people abhor what those two have done.

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Frankly, I have no problem with Herbie. I do think he has generally overcompensated a bit for not being seen as a homer. He actually seems to go out of his way at times and almost crosses the line between being loyal and objective. There are 3 occasions where I understand the disdain for him.  1) the 2004 Alamo Bowl. After Troy Smith was suspended, he went out of his way to rag on Tressel and the program the entire broadcast. It was a bit much. 2) his immature battle of words with Pryor. In his position and at his age, he needs to avoid this. 3) his blatant vote of #9 after the Sugar Bowl. There was no reason to do this other than wanting to send a message. Did he expect no response?  Hey, like any relationship, it has had it's bumps along the way. He's a Buckeye and I really don't have much problem with him. But I certainly see why people have issues with him. 

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Color commentators, ruin watching games for me.  As the games progress they engage the play-by-play guys into tangential stories and end up joking around with each other.  The more off track these guys get, the better the time slots and games and they get to broadcast.  If these "announcers" were on the radio their listeners wouldn't know what was going on, so their viewers depend on cameramen and graphics for detail.  That's when it's nice to have a 97.1 affiliate turned on and the TV on mute.
IMO, the two worst things about Herbstreit are

  1. he comes across as someone who dutifully does his master's bidding
  2. he is his network's best color analyst.                                    

IMO, the two best things about Herbie are

  1. his vanity license plate doesn't read KHK5H
  2. he isn't as worthless as Craig James.

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I've got no real beef with Herbie, but you contend that if he homers toward OSU he may lose his job. Yet Desmond homers toward Michigan, Holtz toward Notre Dame, and Mark May homers toward women's underwear and they have jobs.

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

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Herbie won twitter today:

Profile pic he is referring to:

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

He goes to Stanford(assumption), and he's in a picture with a girl. I say he wins.

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