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Comment 23 May 2016

I wonder if Meyer would have a hard time ever being on a Navy ship. Spent a day with my daughter on her Destroyer last month (about to deploy to the Middle East). They pretty much all wore their blue coveralls while underway.

I'll just leave this here so we can properly appreciate the Navy's fine fashion sense...
Comment 18 May 2016

Me neither. I just fail to see the any cost-benefit or any value in using energy to try and swing the opinions of Joebots. Think that energy is a renewable resource that would be better directed elsewhere instead of wasting it on them.

No one is going to change the mind of the cultists, but it IS important to stand as a bulwark preventing them from changing the public narrative to fit the whims of the Paterno family.

Comment 18 May 2016

When people were first trying to make a connection between the crimes in Happy Valley & the Gricar disappearance I had an opportunity to speak with a member of the Gricar family. The family believes Ray committed suicide in a manner similar to his brother.

There were signs of depression in the weeks leading up to the disappearance. There is also evidence of planning; he made made financial arrangements that ensured his assets would be available to his daughter & GF as well as made inquires about wiping data on his laptop.

Whether Ray jumped from the bridge & ended his life in the river or snuck off to Rio to live the high life with the babes of Brazil it's far more likely that the disappearance was a result of his own actions rather than conspiracies involving murder at the hands of a ring of child molesters. 

Comment 12 May 2016

Randy Johnson
Greg Maddux
Pedro Martinez
Phil Niekro
Nolan Ryan
Tom Seaver

Honorable Mention: Doc Gooden for 1985

Clemens gets bumped for PED rumors

Comment 11 May 2016

Money is driving this and the TV market is a bubble waiting to burst, then what.

Live sports will still draw an audience, there will just be a different method of delivery.

Note that in the recent contract with Fox that the B1G digital rights were not included & will be handled completely independently.

Comment 11 May 2016

If you and Jumar want to take shots at the MODs, be my guest, but personally, I think they are the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human beings I've ever known in my life.