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Comment 2 hours ago

His 'blood relatives' are a sister & five half siblings who are in a feud so vicious over who will get to dip their fingers the deepest into his estate that a judge was forced to appoint a bank to handle the trust.

When he passed away I made a comment wondering where the contents of 'the vault' would end up. Unfortunately the reality is about as close to the worst case I could have imagined.

Comment 11 hours ago

Well yeah, she was a runway model for a long time. That being said Travis is also a very sweet lady. 

Comment 20 hours ago

Just imagine the superbug that is likely to result from introducing chlamydia into such a staphylococci rich environment.

The end is nigh folks.

Comment 23 hours ago

/s Yeah, polygraphs are so worthless that the US government makes employees take them before obtaining some high-level security clearances.  

Polygraphs are almost impossible to cheat.  A college football player, with no polygraph experience, nervous about his future, cheating a polygraph?  Not possible.  Let's see the accuser take one.

I've maintained a TS/SCI clearance for my entire adult life. My initial SSBI was conducted in 1989. 

The polygraph is primarily a prop to keep interviewees off balance. It just helps give the screener an excuse to hammer away to see how the subject reacts to stress. Almost all disqualifying information obtained from polygraphs is given voluntarily by the subject.

Comment 27 Apr 2017

The fact that teams actually place weight on a polygraph is just another sign of that a clown show the whole process is.

None of the information we have available has given any weight to the possibility of Conley being guilty in my mind, but a polygraph in and of itself is about as useful as sending him to a palm reader.

Comment 27 Apr 2017

He met the tyrant’s brandished steel, the lion’s gory mane.
He bowed his head his death to feel....

Comment 26 Apr 2017

To put into perspective what Cincy is saying, for the fourth quarter last year people were talking about a 6.8% 'loss' (from the previous year) for the cable division of which ESPN is the flagship.

In real world numbers that drop from the previous quarter resulted in the division bringing in only $3.96 Billion in revenue.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

To be fair I still think Texas belongs in that very top tier of 'prestige' jobs. They're a lot like Notre Dame & TSUN in that their on field success hasn't matched up with the myth/potential/perception.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

And this is exactly why I stopped paying any attention to them years ago. The only thing I'll watch are games.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

Boy psychedelics really do make even the worst experiences seem palatable.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

Their fans are as loyal as OSU fans

Until you have a losing record, then they're setting fire to your house.

... and the winters are somewhat warmer.

....with a large portion of the rest of the year being a miserable steam room.