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Comment 30 Apr 2016

Shafrath graduated in 2006, he was 69. If I recall the story correctly, he had originally promised his mother that he would get his degree and wanted to make sure he fulfilled that promise before he died.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Lets go ahead and hop down from our high horses here.There isn't a chance in the world that Ohio State is running a squeeky clean program. 

Barney Farrar is an Assistant AD at Ole Miss. Feel free to step right up and tell us you believe Archie Griffin was arranging payments to players when he was an Assistant AD in Columbus.

Just about any football player at any school can find someone to put money in his pocket if he puts his hand out, but no the majority of Division 1 schools do not have an infrastructure within the University to violate NCAA rules by bribing players.

Whether you are willing to admit it or not there is a very large chasm between institutionalized cheating by schools & what happens with hangers on off campus.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

Ohio State's Degree Completion Program will pay full tuition for any returning student athlete who left school before completing their degree & meets certain criteria (2.0 GPA, 45 or fewer credit hours remaining etc).

As of January this year there are 173 graduates including 74 former football players. The first Buckeye in the program was Clark Kellogg,

LeCharles Bentley, Mike Doss, Rickey Dudley, Mike Vrabel, Butler By'not'e, Michael Wiley, Mike Kudla, Mike Nugent, Todd Boeckman, Marcus Green, Katie Smith, Tessa Bonhomme, Mitch Clark, J.D. Bergman, Mike Lockwood, Perry Carter, Dennis Hopson, Chris Jent, George Reese, and even Dick Schafrath all finished their degrees utilizing the program.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I feel for Tunsil too, it appears he is easily influenced (more so than your average young man). If he had come to OSU, I feel he wouldn't have had this mess. 

Kinda like Noah Spence eh? 

Let's not delude ourselves. Kids make mistakes regardless of where they end up. No the jOhio State athletic department wouldn't have been funneling money to Tunsil, but it is naive to believe that the act portrayed the video would have been less likely to have occurred.

The important thing is how one responds to adversity. Will Tunsil move forward & learn from his past mistakes? That is the true measure.

That being said I do believe that the coaching staff at Ohio State is far better when it comes to building a support structure to help young adults avoid pitfalls & achieve their potential as human beings as well as athletes.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

The "Linebacker U" moniker was coined in the early 70's after PSU had a string of All-American selections. It had zero to do with how they performed in the pros.

All-American LB's
2013: Ryan Shazier
2012: Matt Mauti
2008: James Laurinaitis
2007: James Laurinaitis, Dan Connor
2006: James Laurinaitis, Paul Posluszny
2005: A.J. Hawk, Paul Posluszny
2004: A.J. Hawk
2002: Matt Wilhelm
1999: Na'il Diggs, Brandon Short, LaVar Arrington
1998: LaVar Arrington
1997: Andy Katzenmoyer
1992: Steve Tovar
1991: Steve Tovar
1989: Andre Collins
1987: Chris Spielman
1986: Chris Spielman, Shane Conlan
1985: Pepper Johnson, Shane Conlan
1982: Marcus Marek
1978: Tom Cousineau
1977: Tom Cousineau
1976: Kurt Allerman
1975: Greg Buttle
1973: Randy Gradishar, Ed O'Neil
1972: Randy Gradishar, John Skorupan
1971: Charlie Zapiec
1970: Jack Ham
1969: Dennis Onkotz
1968: Dennis Onkotz
1965: Ike Kelley
1964: Ike Kelley

Ohio State:
James Laurinaitis (x3)
A.J. Hawk (x2)
Steve Tovar (x2)
Chris Spielman (x2)
Tom Cousineau (x2)
Randy Gradishr (x2)
Ike Kellyey (x2)
Ryan Shazier
Matt Wilhelm
Na'il Diggs
Andy Katzenmoyer
Marcus Marek 
Pepper Johnson

21 total selections, 13 separate players, 1 three time All-American, 6 two time All-Americans

Dennis Onkotz (x2)
Shane Conlan (x2)
LaVar Arrington (x2)
Jack Ham
Charlie Zapiec
John Skorupan
Ed O'Neil
Greg Buttle
Kurt Allerman
Andre Collins
Brandon Short
Paul Posluszny
Dan Connor
Matt Mauti

17 total selections, 14 separate players, 3 two time All-Americans

Comment 27 Apr 2016

All Big Ten selections since 1993 (the year PSU joined):

Ohio State
Andy Katezenmoyer (x3)
A.J. Hawk (x3)
James Laurinaitis (x3)
Lorenzo Styles (x2)
Ryan Shazier (x2)
Na'il Diggs
Joe Cooper
Matt Wilhelm
Brian Rolle
Ross Homan
Josh Perry

19 total selection, 12 separate players, 2 three time selections, 2 two selection

LaVar Arrington (x2)
Brandon Short (x2) 
Paul Posluszny (x2)
NaVorro Bowman (x2)
Dan COnnor
Gerald Hodges
Mike Mauti
Mike Hull

11 total selections, 8 separate players, 4 two time selections

Comment 25 Apr 2016

 Chillicothe serial killer.  

Thankfully, he's dead.

Comment 25 Apr 2016

It gets even worse, after the murder of Patrick Dennehy head coach Dave Bliss asked players to tell investigators that Dennehy was a drug dealer. He wanted to cover up the fact that he was paying players out of his pocket.

Dave Bliss is a special kind of scumbag.

Comment 23 Apr 2016

I'd skip OO & go with the fork, Libre Ofice. Most of the developers have moved over.

Edit: Good lord this is an old thread.