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Comment 19 Sep 2014

Tell me again what the difference is?

The Ohio State student section has never been charged with rape (or decapitation).

Comment 17 Sep 2014

2nd Ed is before DJ's time, he's from the BAB generation.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

There's the various homoerotic (and occasionally misogynistic) traditions of the corps of cadets. Redpots are a unique brand of creepy. We can also never forget the ongoing decision to allow an insanely dangerous tradition take place on campus year after year without proper safety oversight from the University. I've heard more than one Aggie wax poetic over how perfectly the number of deaths dovetails with a certain football tradition.

A&M is one of the very few Universities where catastrophic where it is easier for events to quickly snowball because the usual internal audits are missing as consequence of an insular society (and yes this has changed somewhat over the past 15-20 years as the influence of the CoC has diminished). As we know PSU is also makes that list as does Notre Dame & BYU (which so far has managed to avoid catastrophe). 

...not to mention polluting my beloved 'Corps with dangerously incompetent officers, but that's a topic for another discussion.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Unfortunately with PSU it's even harder to separate the two (institution & fan base) as the nuts among the alumni are actively at war with the reformers & have succeeding in getting a number of JoeBots elected to the Board of Trustees.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west and Alabama in the middle.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

True, but can you envision a scenario where it's more likely a human ancestor would have to run ultra long distances regularly to survive

Yes and we don't have to look to our ancestors to find it. The Kalahari bushmen run their prey to exhaustion by pursuing them for upwards of 20 miles. Before the introduction of the horse there were various North Americans tribal groups whose lives similarly revolved around the ability to cover long distances quickly while on foot. A healthy Apache could travel 50-75 miles per day for extended periods of time.

There are numerous documented accounts of native peoples performing acts of long distance running that appear almost impossible to us today...90 (Sharp Shins), 120 (Big Hawk Chief), 150 (Charlie Talawepi) miles in a day.

There are very few animals that humans can run down in a sprint. A strong argument can be made that long distance running played a much greater role in the survival of our species.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

In other words, look back to what prehistoric people used to do to survive and thrive.

The prehistoric people where?

Human beings have been living in a lot of different environments for a very long time & employing numerous different strategies to survive within them.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

I believe that FSU is contractually obligated to give him a co-ed every time he yells that phrase.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

The four-year scholarship, still divisive today, was originated as a way to skirt worker's compensation claims, according to the NCAA's original executive director, Walter Byler.

I know I bust your balls from time to time DJ, but damn if this isn't modern journalism in a nutshell.

A cut-n-paste of a disingenuous interpretation of an out of context quote without anyone ever taking the time to check the actual name of the former NCAA director.

BTW I'm not blaming you for this one, the exact same passage is pasted on article after article.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Schweinhund! The only two I could think of before being forced to check online were:

"Big Ben...Parliament" & "Rrrrusty"

I can't remember a single line from Vegas Vacation.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

To add even more perspective. Prior to Gary Barnett's arrival Northwestern was consistently one of the worst teams in Div1A football. Their all time record was 361-509-41 (41.9%). Only Idaho, Wake Forest & Kansas St. were below them on the all time list.

Barnett invigorated the program & led the Wildcats to their first two bowl games since 1948 (their only other bowl game prior to that point). He was national coach of the year in 1995 & was a two time Big Ten coach of the year. His career record at Northwestern? 44-36-1 (45.1%).

Barnett was followed by Gary Walker who led Northwestern to three more bowl games & a Big Ten championship. At the time of his unexpected death his career record was 37-46 (44.6%).

Pat Fitzgerald may not be the second coming of Woody Hayes but he's doing a heck of a job at a program that's a very difficult place to field a successful program. Northwestern would be extremely foolish to let him go on a fool's errand of finding something better. No need to make the same mistake as Indiana (Bill Mallory) & Minnesota (Glen Mason).

Comment 15 Sep 2014

An argument could be made, and is likely the reason the sanctions were lifted, that the NCAA had no authority to levy punishment in this situation seeing as it was a criminal matter.

Sure the argument could be made, but it would have no verifiable basis in fact.

PSU was not punished because of Sandusky's crimes, it received sanctions because of the complete lack of oversight the University had over the Athletic Department.

Those stating it was just a 'criminal matter' are every bit as wrong as those who claim the Ohio State sanctions were due to 'trading personal belongings for tattoos'.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Why continue to punish players and coaches who did nothing wrong?

In other news Ohio State is currently under sanctions for the actions of Jim Tressel, Terelle Pryor, DeVier Posey, Dan Herron, Mike Adams & Solomon Thomas .

You punish institutions that fail in their responsibility to adequately monitor the actions of it's personnel. It's not exactly a new concept or one that should be exceedingly difficult to understand.