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  • SPORTS MOMENT: November 18th, 2006 - Hanging on to my student ticket when everyone around me was making hundreds of dollars by selling theirs. Attending the Game of the Century, #1 OSU versus #2 TSUN. Watching Troy Smith seal up the Heisman Trophy and the Buckeyes stamp their ticket to the National Title Game. Storming the field after a 42-39 victory and celebrating in the Shoe until the last few fans trickled out.
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Comment 13 Aug 2014

I know most of you won't like to read it on here, but the Steelers are going to have a very nice #2 receiver option in Markus Wheaton this year and he should be available late in the drafts or even go undrafted.  Some others:

Kyle Rudolph - TE, Minnesota (remember what Norv did for J-Cam?)

Cordarrelle Patterson - WR, Minn (see above, insert Josh Gordon...)

Andre Ellington - RB, Ariz

Comment 07 Aug 2014

Haha - good point!  I checked out on August 1st and have spent nary a moment doing anything at my desk outside of Buckeye Football.  The time draws near, my friend :)

Comment 07 Aug 2014

I actually purposely made the helmets look that way with an "Artistic Effect" on Power Point.  I thought it gave the helmets a water-color look and it helped to hide the inaccuracies of the cut-and-paste job.  Besides, wouldn't want to give the opponents too much respect on a Buckeye wallpaper, would we?  Either way, thanks for the feedback!

Comment 07 Aug 2014

Thanks!  Yeah, I am working on designing some sort of "stamp" graphic that will have the score and maybe resemble a helmet sticker that will go over top of the helmet of each opponent.  I want it to be transparent so you can still see who we played... not sure if it's within my scope of abilities but I will try and update accordingly.

Comment 26 Jun 2014

Very surprised A.J. Trepasso did not make this list after his glorious spring game hits and his fake punt for the Tennessee Titans in the preseason a few years ago - not to mention his monster leg.  Some other additions that come to mind:

Cameron Johnston (duh), Bradley Roby (speed and agility), Chris Gamble (endurance), and Anthony Gonzalez (1 - That leaping catch against TTUN looked a lot like a soccer header and 2 - what's a futbol team without a Latin American?)

Comment 25 Feb 2014

I'm right there with you man.  During my four years at Ohio State I can't remember seeing a recognizable athlete (football, basketball) show up to class wearing something that wasn't given to them for free from the athletic department.  Crisp, new, scarlet and grey NIKE gear.  You don't see the full-ride Business major getting that, do you?  What about the personal assistant that shows up to their classes ahead of time and texts/calls them to make sure that they didn't sleep in and weren't thinking about skipping?  Or the fact that they get to schedule their classes before ANYONE ELSE to ensure that they have the easiest professors and the best hours, allowing for practice time?  Or the fact that they somehow attain a study sheet before every exam... ever!?  I don't see the full-ride Pre-Med kid getting that kind of treatment...

Not only are these kids getting a free education but they are getting an incredible number of royalties on top of their tuition.  Let's say that the NCAA said this:  "Okay children, we will pay you $X per semester, but say goodbye to all those other little luxuries you've taken for granted."  Do you really think these same kids will be showing up to class every day?  Or going and buying nice duds to wear to class?  Or ensuring that their schedule is submitted on time so that their class doesn't overlap practice? (LIKE EVERY OTHER STUDENT IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSITY HAS TO DO ON THEIR OWN!!!!!!)  No - they're going to give all that money back and beg to be pampered like they used to be.

Paying student-athletes is an absolutely atrocious idea.  If you want some of the logical reasons, read the post above.  If you want a quick summation - I will leave you with this.  Take a look at the terrible decisions that professional athletes make with the million of dollars  they earn post-graduation.  (Pacman Jones, Big Ben, Mike Vick, Plaxico Burress, or just check out this list of 31 NFL arrests in less than five months in 2013)  Now consider giving a lump sum of money to someone who is 18-22 years old.  Still sound like a good idea?

Comment 11 Feb 2014

I'm with you there, but riddle me this:

Why in the WORLD would Haslam allow two guys that he's about to terminate take place in the hiring process of a new head coach?!?!?!?

The timing makes no sense to me - first fire the front office guys, THEN go find a coach.  Now you have a GM that had zero input on the head coach.  Not to mention all of the positive remarks that Pettine made about how "enthusiastic" the front office is about bringing a good team back to Cleveland...  Well go ahead and throw that shit out cause they are toast, bud!

The Cleveland Browns, ladies and gentlemen.