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Comment 15 hours ago

Still feel like Urban occasionally gives off more of a cutthroat vibe than I'd like in my head coach. And sometimes what he says comes off as "fake open" as opposed to Tressel who was very obviously just not going to tell you anything.

I'm also less than excited about some of bigger decisions recently surrounding OSU - the ticket prices, the music, the whole band fiasco.

But I *love* *love* *love* this team and these players. This season has been the most amazing one I was witnessed since 2002, even ignoring the championship. So I put slightly lower... I'm not as full on obsessed as I was, but definitely still enjoying the ride.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

I have a feeling that if Urban Meyer was coaching the team, the Slobs were blocking, EZ was running the ball, and 12-Gauge was taking snaps from behind center... we'd still be a top 10 offense running a pro-style attack.

The big reason for the spread in college is twofold. 1) College defenses suck at tackling. 2) It's easier to find a running back who can kind of throw the ball than a pro-style quarterback.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Funny thing about the Tresselball narrative... our defense gave up 42 points in the first NC loss, 38 points in the second.. Those point totals would have made it a tight game for our current high-flying offense in both the Sugar Bowl and the National Championship. When one team takes the strength of your team and completely outplays it (see Oregon vs the Ohio State defense) you're going to lose the game.

Defense still matters.

Oddly enough, Tresselball seemed to work just fine in bowl games his last two years. And should have beaten Texas, too, if Beanie didn't get concussed.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

Liberty actually had the best mailer I got when I was looking at colleges. it was just a straight chart of ACT/SAT score to the scholarship aid you would receive. Really nice seeing that up front.

I never, ever would have considered going there, but I still remember their mailer, unlike every other one I received :)

Comment 15 Jan 2015

I kind of expect Lee to have the kind of season that makes one leave early.

Boren's going to be a late round pick, if at all. Have you seen the picks of the O-line? He doesn't have NFL size. He'll probably come off the practice squad somewhere and end up a pro bowler, but he doesn't have the measurables for a good draft grade.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Zeke is a beast... but spouting random numbers with no relevant context does not "science" make.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

If he's a 3rd or 4th round pick he should definitely go. He's got three years of his degree. Even one year at rookie minimum is enough to pay for the rest of his degree and then some.

He'll have a job doing tractor commercials or local real estate for the rest of his life in Columbus no matter he does.

The biggest benefit from a chance at a higher draft choice to a QB isn't the immediate cash - it's the sunk cost fallacy. You're more likely to be given second and third chances as a high pick.

Comment 12 Jan 2015

I don't mean to argue that Tress's S&C guy was better than Coach Mick. Hell, just the push for proper nutrition across the team is a big improvement.

Comment 07 Jan 2015

You don't win as many games or develop as many award winners as Tress did with an incompetent strength coach.