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Comment 18 Sep 2014

Not going to complain about free content -- but DJ, please find time to go back and proofread this post :)

Comment 13 Sep 2014

MDMA has almost zero dangerous side effects, aside from making you want to dance so much you forget to drink water.

It and pot are both safer and less addictive than alcohol, heck, safer than most over-the-counter medications. I don't use either, but seriously making them illegal makes no sense.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

I live next door to one of the people whose horse got robbed.

One of my coworkers shows horses and thinks it is for horse tail extensions. Apparently people put them on show horses, and they're kind of crazy expensive.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

That and the goddamn free parking house rule.

In a real game, everyone has a pretty reasonable chance to run out of money.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Slo mo is nice, but nothing beats the freeze frame GIFs some of the NFL sites use.


Freeze frame with text description and highlighting, followed by slow mo, followed by freeze frame... and on automatic infinite repeat. It's beautiful.

I have absolutely no idea how much time it takes to make, though. Probably a ton.

Comment 03 Sep 2014

I'd be so incredibly in favor of this.

Hell, they could even alternate sections, so it's not like one is better seats than the other.

I'd love to stand all game. Last year I blew out my ACL and for last season doing so left me in physical pain. I'd still do it, but I'm not going to make my grandma do it.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

It looked to me as though people were playing their assignments, but occasionally letting themselves be blocked out of the play. I thought Ross showed  a good example of that - the linebacker who was supposed to be coming across the field to get the pitch man had been blocked by the fullback and couldn't get there in time.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

The only "normal" TV I watch is sports. I'll go to the bar, the gym, the stadium, or a friend's house depending. A beer and an order of wings is cheaper than cable, and you get a free beer and wings out of the deal.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

More being upset that the networks who own both the over the air networks and the cable networks are consistently moving more and more sports content onto the secondary networks that require an additional charge.

I don't know why we even license OTA broadcast if they're going to put all of the content onto cable anyway :P

Comment 25 Aug 2014

I just don't see us blowing them out. We have too many kinks to work out on both sides of the ball. I think there's little drama and we lead the entire game, but a few missed opportunities and a touchdown in garbage time see Navy covering the spread.

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Confuses the hell out of me that they sell it at basketball games, but not football games...

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I vote no. I think it *could* happen, but I think it's less likely.

We have question marks all over the offense. We have a ton of young talent, but Braxton was the only proven elite weapon.

Our defense is and will remain a giant question mark until we see whether Ash fixed it. We have the talent, but we have nothing we're building on from last year. Usually even great defensive coordinators take a year to turn the system into something really great.

With Braxton, we've just lost a big part of our safety net. Could we still beat MSU and run most of the rest of the table? Yeah. But it's all question marks across the board now.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

On the other hand, recovery from this type of surgery is very much a process. There's a long time where you feel like 100%, even have a lot of your measurable strength back... but you should still ease into things to avoid re-injury.

I don't think it's hiding anything to mean that he was essentially right on schedule, but still needed to feel things out when he actually started putting heavy, live stress on the joint.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

I had as much fun watching hide on IZ last year as I have watching any pound and ground game we've had. I had less fun watching our passing attack.

I kind of hate the spread screen pass game, even though I get all of the good things it does for the rest of the offense.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

When/if Warinner ever leaves, I want Meyer to offer Bentley ANYTHING HE WANTS to come be our next o-line coach.