McQueary Suit

How about someone at PSU remind this clown that HIS INACTIONS were inappropriate? I am sure that the victims and their loved ones are going to feel real sympathy for him, being as how he had a chance to take immediate, direct actions and follow up on them, but instead chose to not confront...
05 Oct 2012
by WC Buckeye

HorseShoe Night games

Hey buckeye fans, Who is all ready for this Nebraska game.  I want to destroy those cornhuskers and Bo Pelini, I am not a big fan of the cornhuskers but I am glad they beat Wisky because well we all know how buckeye fans feel about Wisky and their coach.  I am pumped for the game, a night...
04 Oct 2012
by m5987usus

Bo Pelini, no Buckeye stickers for you...

Jeez, could Bo Pelini be more of a debbie downer when it comes to coaching in the Big Ten or his homecoming to Columbus this weekend?  Pelini was a starting free safety for a number of years at Ohio State, as many of us know, and was a captain his senior year.  Yet, pretty much from the ge...
02 Oct 2012
by Bucksfan

Nebraska Uniforms

Hello my fellow buckeye fans, So this is my first time on the website and making a blogpost so here it goes!  This website has given me so much information that I wanted to somehow give back the buckeye family and community  So to everyone in this website, I thank you.  How about tha...
02 Oct 2012
by m5987usus

Have Your Expectations Changed?

With Ohio State out to a 5-0 start (though with less than impressive performances in some instances), have your expectations changed for this season and next?  Do you believe Ohio State is a top-10 team this season, and do you think they should rightfully get talk of being potential BCS champio...

Why Aren't We Baylor?

Holy cow did you see the Baylor - WV game? The Bears scored 63 points. Amazingly that is less than 10 over their season average - they've been lighting up the scoreboard all year. That might not have surprised us last year when RG3 was runing the show, but this year they're scoring 54 a game...
30 Sep 2012
by baddogmaine

The Michigan State Win in GIFs

Warning: This page checks in at around 25MB. If you're on a cellular network or dial-up, turn back! Turn back! Urban Meyer improved to 11-0 all-time in conference openers with Ohio State's 17-16 win over Michigan State in East Lansing. The Buckeyes didn't play a perfect game, but the wi...

Drink Too, Brutus 2012

If you plan to attend Eat Too, Brutus prior to the Nebraska game, get your weekend off to the right start by making it out for Drink Too, Brutus on Friday, October 5th. We're going to gather at Bernard's Tavern in the Short North (Map) at 8pm to eat, drink, talk football and celebrate the...

Step up for Stephanie Spielman

Not sure if this has been posted anywhere else on the site, or if this is the correct location, but I figured the cause is worth it. In July 1998, when she was just 30 years old, Stefanie Spielman was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her courageous battle, she not...
28 Sep 2012
by klfeck

Rod Smith is the next great running back

Ohio State has seen it's share of elite running backs in the school's illustrious history of playing college football. Names such as Eddie, Archie, Byars, Clarrett, Cassady, Harley, Johnson, Beanie, and Spencer jump out at first glance but others such as Pepe Pearson, Michael Wiley, Joe Mon...
28 Sep 2012

My Cat Disapproves of the PAC12

Guys, Yeah it's a down year for the B1G (again).  Yeah, the defense is a sieve.  Yeah, the B1G has less respect than Rodney (Dangerfield, not King). Sick and tired hearing the same hyperbole over and over again?  I bet all B1G fans are.  I live in Pac12 country (L...
28 Sep 2012
by ziplock007

Mystery Flip Player - per Alex's Roundtable Allusion

What we know - it's an offensive player committed elsewhere (obviously) that talks to the osu coaches daily.  hmmmm.. Candidates mentioned so far: - Taquan Mizzell (APB, Virginia) - Mike Heuerman (TE, Notre Dame) - Ethan Pocic (OL, LSU) - Josh McNeil (TE, Alabama) - Travon Chapman (QB...
27 Sep 2012
by hcazualcc