Mascot Madness 2013: YOU PICK THE MASCOTS!!!

Here's something I'm trying to do to pass the time: Hypothetical. Mascot. Tournament. Yes, we can pit mascots head-to-head and determine which ones are the best. This is something I'm very intrigued in due to how others view mascots across the CFB landscape considering how strange and ...

So... You've Encountered an Internet Troll

I remember the first time I realized Mark May enjoyed goading Ohio State fans. I was sixteen-years-old, and Ohio State was on the cusp of its first national footballing title since 1968. Nobody knew that yet, however, especially Mark May. I'm too lazy to Google his exact quotes, but I remember h...
22 May 2013
by D.J. Byrnes

My Interview with Al Borges I didn't read the whole thing on MGoBlog, and although I'm sure it's interesting, I thought it would be more fun to make it up instead: "Well, let's set the stage for what is a normal week during the season: &...
21 May 2013
by Jones

2013: The WR Rotation

I know its been dead lately around here so I wanted to find something new to discuss to make the 3 months 11 days and 21 hours go by faster til kickoff. I found myself replying to some ones thread about Dontre Wilson and it got me thinking about our WR rotation next year with the starters and guys...
19 May 2013
by otrain2416

The Dontre Wilson Impact

'The Chase' leading up to National Signing Day 2013 was a very exciting one for Buckeye Nation. Urban Meyer's first full recruiting class, a full compliment of schollies, an undefeated season, and many of the country's top recruits on OSU's board. Many recruitniks&...
19 May 2013
by cinserious

Better know a ... Mountaineer?

I beg you permit me, my fellow Buckeyes, during this long offseason to spin a yarn about our neighbors to the east. Work takes me all over the country and on Friday morning I found myself in Morgantown, WV. While I will always bleed scarlet and grey, as a fan of college football I love it when I ...
18 May 2013
by Buckeyeneer

Joey Bosa = perfect OOS recruit!

In the short time Urban Meyer has been head coach of The Ohio State University, his first full recruiting class ('13) has been one for the ages. From the get-go, it started out with high level nationally ranked players from Ohio (Marshall, Burrows); followed by high level OOS players i...
17 May 2013
by cinserious

My Worst Ohio State Football Experience Ever

In a forum thread, someone was talking about how they were getting married the day after the first Buckeye game this year.   This got me thinking about the absolute WORSE experience I had with an Ohio State game... You'll see why it reminds me of this after I tell the story. I'm going...

Summer Reading: The Most Hated On

Eleven Warriors denizen and infrequent curator of the $10,000 Presidential Parlay DJ Byrnes has published his untold story of Blooming Grove native and 29th US President Warren G. Harding. The Most Hated On is an 89-year journey into Marion, Ohio's inner sanctum that follows...

Big Ten State Beer Consumption Rankings

Good Evening Buckeye Fans.  I know we're all enjoying 11W's own Johnny Ginter's Big Ten State Ranking list of... whatever it is state's have official things of.  It's nice to know Ohio is first in official state birds, state flowers, and state mottos.  There's ...
06 May 2013
by ziplock007

Coop was better than Earle

The two worst Ohio State football coaches in the last 60+ years were Earle Bruce and John Cooper. To be fair, Ohio State has only had five head coaches since Woody arrived in 1951 (not including interim coach, Luke Fickell) and the other two on the list are Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer. Earle and Coo...

Mark May To Be Indicted?

From the T & C Dept*: Pittsburgh Police authorities have arrested three Pitt Panthers for the possession of a bong, a quantity of heroin, and a deli ham and cheese sandwich (a former NYC officer who works in Pittsburgh now called it a "grinder").  Drew Carswell, Khaynin Mosley-Sm...

The Professional Failings for the Amateur Athlete

As a fan of the Almighty Cleveland Browns, the NFL Draft is akin to Christmas Day. Usually, the Browns are taking a Top 10 talent before the Browns chronic ineptitude ruins them by the end of their rookie contract. Other times, we’re spending first round picks on 28 year-old rookie quarterback...
25 Apr 2013
by D.J. Byrnes

Email from the Columbus Division of Police

I received the email below from the Columbus Division of Police via OSU regarding their investigation of an arson that occur a decade ago and tragically killed two OSU students and three other young people.  The fire was at 64 East 17th Avenue on on April 13, 2003 and occurred in the ...
25 Apr 2013
by OSUStu