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Comment 4 hours ago

When your child is a psychopath...

I remember announcing my first baby buckeye on this website nearly 6 years ago. Things change once you have kids. I didn't realize I was holding my breath and tensing up my shoulders while reading this until I got to the end with a big exhale . . . . having a child who is wired that way . . .what a nightmare.

Comment 4 hours ago

I feel bad for Ohio State fans who lacked the confidence to "reach" for Thomas last year in computer football drafts. 

My best move of the fantasy football season. It allowed me to be the wild card in the playoff at 7-6 and end up winning the whole thing.

More importantly though, God bless America and God bless those who served, and those who gave their all so I can do something unworthy of their sacrifice.

Comment 21 May 2017

OP: A link woud've helped. 

This is neither an insult nor "whining like a little bitch", maybe I missed something?

Anyway, there are many songs that might make a good replacement but any would get old and played out if kept being played at every kickoff for a decade.

Comment 18 May 2017

Delaney has gone on record that had he known Missouri to the SEC was in the works, he would have moved faster to get them. Of course, I thought I saw something that their student population is down 14% this year. I personally like Mizzou, but we may have dodged a bullet with all the issues they've had in recent years.