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Comment 11 Jan 2017

I have concerns as well, but I believe one thing about Ohio State above all other things: Ohio State will do whatever is best for Ohio State every time. They would not invite this upon themselves. I am sure that they looked at this 100 different ways because no school wants to hire someone who they feel has potential lawsuits hanging over their head. Only after they were certain he was in the clear was he allowed to be brought on. 

Comment 04 Jan 2017

I love how Boulware caveats his comments. If you disagree with him its only because you didn't play, or had no friends or were a loser. What a douche. Yeah, there were a couple of guys that I played with who did this sort of shit, but it was the vast minority. Their closest friends on the team thought it was funny but everyone else thought they were jerks.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Truly a coincidence, Michibuck. I never heard of the Bucket, but will have to look it up. The Peter Principle is a fairly common phenomenon in the business world, I was almost a casualty of it. My company tried to promote me out of a field that I am really good at into a field that doesn't fit my skill set so I declined. When I gave my reasoning someone mentioned that principle to me and I have been aware of it ever since. Luckily they thanked me for my honest feedback and it didn't hurt my career at all.

Comment 30 Dec 2016

That was my first thought. I was very excited when he got recruited. I had no idea he was that high, but I had heard about him and his stats were unreal. Oh, what could have been . . .

Comment 28 Dec 2016

We're just used to Tressel, who's meltdowns consisted of sideways frowns and head shakes

And quietly mutters curse words to himself like "darn it" and "shoot".