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Comment 8 hours ago

Tyvis Powell is already Cardale's dad. Maybe in this crazy world we live in, he's Rashan's mom too?

Comment 8 hours ago

If we made a play for OU I would think we would need to go after Texas (ideally) but if that's not possible, I could see another Texas school. OU (& Nebby) needs a Texas school for recruiting.

Comment 8 hours ago

There was a lot of smoke around Oklahoma during the last expansion round. They were being courted by the B1G and the thought was for a home run like Oklahoma, they might be able to forego the AAU requirement.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Ha, just realized that above. Makes me sound like my dating history is much grander than it actually was. This one brings memories of my aunt and grandma as they lived near the Roots factory. That and every high school graduation party, family reunion, and picnic had shredded chicken. The family reunion thing reminded me that I do have a story . . . admitting that around you is dangerous. Anyway . . 

I was talking with my aforementioned grandma a month or two ago and she mentioned that she met my grandpa at her family reunion. As I recoiled in horror and wondered if my children would have all their fingers and toes, I pressed her on that point and she clarified that her family and my grandpa's family had their reunions in the same park in neighboring pavilions on the same weekend every year and they met while attending their respective reunions. Shredded chicken was served at each.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Actually Earle, short, dark, and crazy was my type for the longest time. She was 5'0" and 105 lbs, brunette with a nice tan and nuttier than squirrel turds.

EDIT: Just noticed that I commented about girls I dated related to food twice in this thread. Your comment was more clever than I realized. 

Comment 30 Jun 2015

I'm lucky to have survived.

You and me both, Hove.

And have you tried the Atomic Wings which is the step up from Suicide Wings? Once was enough for me, just to be able to say I did it; but it was liquid heat and I was hurting for about an hour after eating them (and then again later as they made their exit). On of my friends ran out of the restaurant and puked in their bushes. It was a good night.

EDIT: Checks website. Wow, they've trumped me, too. They now have Triple Atomics at 500,000 SHU. No thanks.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

From my hometown.

Quick story: I used to date one of the heirs to the Ballreich chip empire. They changed the sour cream and onion recipe quite a few years ago and I was one of the taste testers who picked the new formula. So if you have ever had that flavor of chip of theirs and love it, you are welcome and I'll take about 1/1,000 of the responsibility for making it happen.

Comment 29 Jun 2015

Kinda looks like Superfly Snuka coming off the top rope . . .

Comment 29 Jun 2015

Yeah, I note they only count the total from 10 womens sports and 10 mens sports. Why leave out some sports and not others? Also, the sports that "count" occasionally change. I give the Director Cup as much credit as the Capital One Mascot Trophy.