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Comment 19 Apr 2017

Came for the football commentary, stayed for the argument.

My take:  JT is the starter, no questions, and probably the best football player of the bunch, but his backups may be better quarterbacks. They have bigger and more life in their arms. That being said, JT should excel in this new offense. He can still run the option but now he has improved play calling at his disposal and another year of experience in front of him and catching his passes. Fingers crossed right!  He doesn't need to have a cannon, he just needs to open the field up 10-20 yards with the threat of the deep ball. If he cannot do that consistently, then we have Burrow seemingly ready to compete.

Next year, Burrow should get his shot at starting. Haskins might be the best pro prospect, but Burrow will be an excellent fit for this offense. He seems to have a solid grasp on last year's and this year's offense. He seemed poised in mop-up duty. Haskins will be stud after Burrow moves on.

Lastly, the JT bashing has been ridiculous. The guy will go down as the best OSU QB in history. Stats-winning percentage and of course leading the team for 80% of the year for the national championship. In my opinion, he is a much better QB than Braxton but gets 75% more junk tossed at him than Braxton ever did. The other recent QB, Cardale, had an unbelievable/legendary string of 3 games, but other than that proved to be very mediocre. Yet both of these guys get a pass while JT gets bashed.  "You don't know what you've got until its gone."

Comment 12 Apr 2017

I think a lot of teams and fan bases will down play the Wilson hire as "no big deal, they got that coach from Indiana." When you look at fit, personnel and experience in an Urban-like system, it is almost like hitting the coaching least on paper. The same can be said about Schiano. The guy made Rutgers a contender, went to Tampa, had decent success. People often don't understand how hard it is to be successful in the NFL.

Comment 06 Apr 2017

Good win. I worry that Thompson has looked tired down the stretch. I hope they rest him more. He is a big key. If Sanders can give us 10 minutes a game this goes a long way in keeping TT fresh. Need him to guard those GSW picks.

Comment 06 Apr 2017

I still watch because at its core it is a good show, with 5 or 6 characters I care about. Mostly I watch because the show has so much untapped potential to be better than it is. I wait for the switch to be flipped from a good show about zombies to simply put - a good show. I hope the ratings continue to fall a little bit so that AMC brings in some new writers. Gimple showed some progress early on, but hasn't maintained the level of storytelling needed for an aging show. His ideas are rinse and repeat.

Comment 05 Apr 2017

I loved the show, but am not very excited about a Mayan spinoff. Now the First 9, as Buckeyes01752 mentioned, would be very interesting.

Comment 04 Apr 2017

I didn't complain about the overall defense at all Osuflacco. We featured a top unit last year. On paper and in game action, the sack totals were indeed disappointing. The points you bring up are invalid to my statement; in fact, you point out highlights, not every down plays. I merely stated the sack numbers were disappointing. While I can pick out a handful of big play sacks, it doesn't mean the sack totals were good. We can argue that we played teams that spread the ball, teams that utilized play action, teams with running quarterbacks, etc. Regarding sacks, we were in the middle of the pack in the BIG. With this much hype and talent around our DEs we should be seeing more sacks, especially with the talent at corner last season delaying throws. Look at teams that surround us in the top 10 defenses, their sack totals were more impressive than ours. I am pretty dang pumped for our defense moving forward. No need to turn my comment into a negative.

Comment 03 Apr 2017

I loved Lost too. Lost is quite a few levels above this show in terms of character development, plot, etc. Lost made you think and when you thought, it got better. TWD makes you want to think less because if you think too much, the show gets worse.

Show idea - give me Benjamin Linus, Sawyer, Sayid and, of course, KATE, trapped on the Lost island. Now, its full of zombies in addition to polar bears, smoke monsters, hatches, pregnancy theories, electromagnetic issues, etc.

Comment 03 Apr 2017
One other thing regarding the battle sequence. Hilltop and Kingdom come in guns ablazing. How did they know who to shoot or that Rick was doublecrossed? They have only met a handful of people. Poorly edited in that regard.
Comment 03 Apr 2017

My wife and I were saying the same thing about the trash people. In a world of death and disease, lets go live in a junkyard instead of the thousands of abandon buildings. And their speaking. I guess living around garbage takes your back to talking like a 7 year old English settler.

Comment 03 Apr 2017

Here is a surprising bit of news. I liked the finale, well, most of it. I haven't liked much this season.

Flashback and individual Sasha moments dragged. This also made it so obvious she was gonzo. I like the coffin angle and the scene where she asked Negan for a bottle of water. Negan's cleverness caught up to him.

I was surprised by the garbage pail kids backstabbing. Once again Rick makes a bad decision.......trusting someone he doesn't know and then compounding the issue by giving them guns. I liked that Michonne met her match and nearly lost her life. This helps keep the show grounded. I am interested to see when the garbage gang turns up again. In the war or afterwards.

I don't like how every character can shoot a zombie in the head, even while hanging out of a pick-up truck going through a bumpy field, but no one can seem to shoot a human even with assault rifles and sub machine guns. Hardly any Alexandria deaths and only a few of Negan's men and garbage clan.

The fact that Rick was once again on his knees at Negan's feet and did nothing but wait bothers me. The same goes for Negan knowing Rick is attempting to kill him and does nothing but give a 10 minute speech. Very Scooby Do. Too Scooby Do to repeat 5 times during the season.

I didn't like hat Gregory didn't get what is coming, but loved Maggie coming to save the day.

Negan might get old, but I enjoyed his reactions to Shiva and Maggie during the fight scene.

Sasha zombie somehow making it into the woods where Maggie was traveling back to the Hilltop. Didn't like that at all.

Lastly, why didn't Dwight just kill Negan during the scrum. At least 5 times he was standing right behind him during the chaos.

Overall, some good surprises, some action and table setting for next season. Just what I expected.

Comment 02 Apr 2017
I think we get some battle prep, a visit from Negan, but only a small skirmish. This will lead to larger battles next season. All Out War was probably a premature tagline to be used this season.
Comment 31 Mar 2017

I look for James Clark to finally have his breakout season. Oh wait........

Comment 31 Mar 2017

Am I the only surprised he didn't transfer to a smaller school, perhaps even a lower division? I figured if he went to an Akron or even smaller he could make more of an impact. On one hand, he started at OSU (one of the best); on the other, he has like 5 career catches.

Comment 31 Mar 2017

Every year Urban Meyer is at OSU we should be favored to win the BIG. Funny thing is, it hasn't happened much. I favor us over PSU because we have them at home and I am not sure they will see sustainable success. I think they rode a few breaks, a soft schedule that allowed them to pick up momentum.  Oh yeah, that and OSU playing like a soft, scared, uncreative team trying to run a throwback 1960s offense.