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Comment 15 Jan 2017
Great article. I remember thinking during the 2015 QB battle when Urban eliminated tempo from the offense that it was a mistake. This articles touches on it and how lack of tempo has negatively affected JT, the oline and even team confidence.
Comment 14 Jan 2017
I would poop myself if we had two 1,000 yard WRs. I would settle for two 500 yards receivers or hell, two 350 yard receivers.
Comment 14 Jan 2017
I like what you are saying, but JT is what then? Back-up QB? He might be our best running back, he is our best leader, etc. You can't leave that on the bench. Does he convert to H-back, does he play in a 2 QB system, or does he start? Benching is not an option.
Comment 13 Jan 2017
I stated above arguably the GOAT. I don't believe that. In fact, I actually disliked watching him fight, especially later in to his career. He was great. 49-0 ain't nothing to laugh at even though he is mostly defense. Gotta give credit when credit is due but I totally get and understand your statement.
Comment 13 Jan 2017
My 2 cents: This fight will never happen. 1. Connor wants a percentage of the purse that Floyd won't give up - last I read Floyd wanted it $100 million for him and $15 for Connor. 2. UFC will not let it's most marketable asset 'risk' his reputation. 3. I am not sure Floyd will move up in weight far enough for Connor to come down. If it does happen Floyd should win as he normally does by winning rounds. I think he frustrates Connor, Connor will miss a high percentage of his punches. Have you seen Connor box/ train for boxing? He does not look good enough to beat most professional boxers let alone arguably the GOAT. Floyd made a living taking away his opponents best punch and Connor has one punch. Please NOTE I am speaking boxing only. Xfactors - Floyd's time off, age; Connor's straight left, Connor losing weight, Connor being naturally heavier. For those downing Floyd because he won't fight MMA I hope you understand that you have to learn like 5 crafts to fight MMA.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
I think Arnette got a INT early that game and then basically got roasted by Carr. If I remember, one of our corners got banged up early in that game as well forcing Arnette to play much more than the norm.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
Webb, specifically, got picked on because he was out of position or got beat way too much. It was obvious especially in person at The Shoe. Ward played pretty dang good for his experience level. He got beat plenty, but rarely got beat bad. He seemed to get beat more than Conley and Lattimore because teams quit throwing toward at Lattimore leaving Ward/Conley to get most of the targeted coverage. Ward will improve and be a good CB.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
Was Beck his recruiter? Maybe he visited Indiana and didn't like Wilson? This does seem odd, especially with Curtis and Noah declaring and a seemingly more fast paced offensive philosophy coming in. Lots of opportunity to stake claim to a position if not this year next. I doubt a big time WR recruit would be scared off by a converted DB (EGW) and an incoming recruit with no 'set' position (White).
Comment 11 Jan 2017
Exactly MTrotB. EGW has promise on offense, but no more no less than most of our current WRs which frankly haven't done much in the catch, yardage or TD departments. EGW was a bit of interesting off-season news but odds are not in his favor of being a key contributor next season due to position change and depth chart.
Comment 10 Jan 2017
Urban ain't messing around. Big January so far. I look back at the last 2 seasons as seasons marked by missed opportunities and unfortunately, downward trends. However, by most standards still great seasons. It takes a great leader to not be content with 10-2 seasons and take risks to overcome barriers. Thanks for stepping up Coach Meyer and thanks to those negatively impacted by the changes. You helped us be what we are today. Great time to be a Buckeye.
Comment 09 Jan 2017
I think a large chunk of Campbell's yards came off pop passes and not legitimate catches. I am a huge Campbell fan. I feel he needs to touch the ball. A couple runs, a WR screen, a pop pass, end around, etc. Again, another guy our offensive play calling doesn't build up. He may never be a top pass catcher but as seen on kickoffs the kid can make plays.
Comment 08 Jan 2017
So far he is like the 89th player I have seen hypothesized to transfer to Cincinnati. At this rate are we sure we'll have enough to field a team next year? Let's start wondering how Luke will get Cincinnati under the scholarship amount allowed by the NCAA with all our players lining up to transfer to Cincinnati. Quick check twitter for any hair-brained Scooby-Doo-sized clues. If that fails let's check the student directory. Plan C - let's start contacting the kids parents or better yet let's go to their houses seeking clarity. If that doesn't work let's go to their professors and demand answers. Did someone pass out some bad punch yesterday around the 11W forums? People freaking out over the smallest details. I hope TG is a Buckeye, but the fact is he hasn't caught a pass in a real game and at this point it looks like he'll never play a down in a Buckeye uniform.