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Comment 16 Feb 2017
I agree with the assessment that Dontre should have been snubbed. Unfortunately, he simply didn't do enough. We all know the reasons. By seasons end, he hardly saw the field and was replaced at various positions. On the positive side, he will go down in Buckeye lore for his on field scuffle at TSUN plus a Championship and many gold pants. Good luck, get that degree.
Comment 14 Feb 2017
An important factor is Floyd's layoff. Look at Tiger Woods. Repitition, timing, mindset are all things that can be hard to get back with an aging body and time off. I am sure Floyd is putting in the work, but a year off is a long time in professional sports. Both on their respective games, I bet the house on Floyd.
Comment 12 Feb 2017
Hopefully, they pull it together after a bleak and fumbling first half of the season. As others have stated, I will be watching out of duty/habit. My recipe - contents contains mostly regulars, add a smidge of Negan and his crew, add a small dose of the other factions. Two key ingredients TWD has forgotten about, a cup of Carol (not Carol-lite) and a generous helping of Zombies.
Comment 07 Feb 2017
If 10 guys jump you chances are one of those dudes is of impressive size. In most instances, 2 or 3 guys could overtake an athlete. All it takes is one clean blow. I have a buddy that is 6 ft 3, 210 lbs. He was jumped outside a bar. He was running his mouth, but didn't deserve what he got. 5-10 guys jumped him. He didn't get in one punch or push. Ended up with his jaw wired shut.
Comment 04 Feb 2017
Good work. Getting JR back will be huge on both ends. This team misses Delly, he was a jack of all trades yet a master of none. But he brought effort, heart each night. I would take Olympic teammate Melo. This is the Melo that works mismatches, rebounds and plays some in the post. Dribble, dribble, dribble shoot Melo, hard pass. I like Stephenson from the scrap heap gang. Just 2-3 years ago he was giving LBJ fits. He can run the floor and supply some much need bench scoring. Not a fan of the others. Kirk Hinrich would be a great fit, 4 years ago Kirk that is.
Comment 30 Jan 2017
Totally agree. LOTR movies were far superior. To me, The Hobbit movies were fun, especially the parts with Smaug attacking the city, but it didn't hold the same emotional grip. Lastly, The Hobbit trilogy sometimes played too young for me.....the Dwarfs especially.
Comment 29 Jan 2017
A recent one - John the sequel comes out next weekend.
Comment 21 Jan 2017
I am on my phone, not in front of my computer, but someone posted a great article yesterday about Wilson's offensive planning. To paraphrase, my take was that Wilson never has used the H-back and probably would prefer not to. Two other thoughts the article mentioned 1. Recruiting the position was hard at Indiana as Wilson couldnt probably get the athletes needed to operate the position, and 2. How much of Urban's system will be married to Wilson's. Lastly, the slot receiver position played a prominent role in his system but never took hand-offs or lined up in the backfield.