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Comment 4 hours ago
I agree with Hyde. Floyd more or less controlled the fight. The punch stats and the flow of the fight clearly displayed this. Manny landed 6 or 7 good punches and maybe the best few of the fight. However, Floyd more or less won on his jab, ring control and his patent right hand counter. I wanted Manny to win. But he chose to fight Floyd's fight. And yes, this Floyd's typical fight which is indeed boring, but it does have a certain art to it.
Comment 15 hours ago
Obviously a Buckeye fan, but I am trying to avoid homerism. Weird how teams like Washington, Miami, Washington State, etc all have more players taken than OSU - the National Champs. Granted, a majority of our talent is still young.
Comment 15 hours ago
Saw it opening night. Super fun. Very busy movie so I can see why critics aren't as high on it, but I am no critic and I had a great freaking time. The 2 hours and 44 minutes flew by. Vision and Ultron were both cool.
Comment 29 Apr 2015
Good job everyone. I havent posted on this thread in quite some time. I myself am down 14-16 lbs since January 1st. Not really dieting, but eating right mixed in with working out 4 days per week (boxing, weights, eliptical, mowing grass, repeat). I dont lift too heavy as my back prevents that nowadays. My goal is to take off another 10 lbs. I wasnt overweight, just not comfortable with my health and appearance. I eat often, but smaller meals. I cut out pop and try to drink more water. I indulge with some Powerade in the evening. I aim for 1600 - 2200 calories a day; depending on if I work out that day. I am 6'3" about 200 lbs. now, age 37. Breakfast - I run late every morning. Dang kids. I usually do a protein bar in the car and then a piece of fruit once I am settled in at my desk. Snack - nuts of some kind or hard boiled eggs Lunch - protein-heavy or a salad with chicken; sometime Chipolte (minus the rice), sometime Chic Fil A salad. Snack - fruit / yogurt Dinner - lean protein, veggies Snack - protein shake and a fruit bar popcycle or I will do Ezekiel bread with some peanut butter. Saturdays - I go crazy and eat what I want and how much I want. This keeps me in line for the week.
Comment 29 Apr 2015

With the lighter schedule at the beginning of the season it will be interesting to see who gets some early burn. I think it is important for the team and for recruiting that some of these frosh see the field this season, moreso than did last season. While it appears we are loaded, we are still quite young across the board and need to establish depth if we want to repeat.

Comment 28 Apr 2015

James Jones needs to step up. He has been getting the minutes. He couldnt hit one shot in the last game. I believe he was 0-7 from deep.

Comment 28 Apr 2015

I will be there Saturday or Sunday with my 10 year old daughter. She loves the comic stuff. I am pretty pumped to see it and have been trying my hardest not to spoil anything for myself.

Comment 26 Apr 2015
Turner had one good game all series. I liked the dude a lot, but he has been a relative non factor in the NBA. He came across as whiny and a tad bit cheap this series.
Comment 25 Apr 2015
Something else rarely touched on, assuming he is healthy enough to start the season as QB1. A). Will his shoulder hold up all season and 2). Will he hold up? He has been quite dinged up in his career. A side effect to being a running QB and a stone cold badass. Regardless of him starting the season another QB should be ready and undoubtedly will see the field in meaningful situations. Rest up 5. We are all pulling for you in some manner.
Comment 25 Apr 2015
This, to me, besides the bomb to beat WI at home, is the pass that jumps to my mind when I think of Braxton. He was on that night, especially in the first half.
Comment 25 Apr 2015

Braxton is a great football player. He is a great playmaker and was a growing leader. He had/has his faults as do all QBs. He needed to improve his reads and his intermediate passing. Both paramount to Coach Meyer's offense. I am not sure how he could accomplish this not being able to play and throw for the last year, but I cannot wait to find out. Braxton's greatest strength and his greatest weakness is his superior athletic ability. When he hits a hole he is deadly. However, lets not forget he had problems consistently finding holes and making reads, even behind pretty great O-lines, and had way too many 3 and outs. How many times did we see him keep instead of giving to Hyde?

The thing that I do not think is discussed enough is the fact that these new young players have been taking reps with Cardale and JT. In fact they have been primarily taking reps with these two since last Spring, probably since the bowl game against Clemson. That is a big deal. To me, that speaks volumes toward Braxton being 2nd or 3rd string next season.

All that being said, I cannot wait to see No. 5 on the field. The young man is too talented not to play, whether it is at situational QB, H-Back, or a new position creating specifically for him. We can call it the Brax-5 position. If he does switch positions or is forced to switch positions, I worry he is not going to have enough time to firmly grasp the switch.

Comment 24 Apr 2015
Me too. I was wondering how the show would be without him for a few minutes. Figured the Trojan horse scheme was coming. The goodbye at Ragnar's boat set up the Rollo thing quite well. Anticipating the Ragnar - Floki confrontation.
Comment 24 Apr 2015
This show is great on one tenth the budget of Game of Thrones.
Comment 23 Apr 2015

Braxton might not be able to throw hard enought to play QB this year, or ever again. Why would he transfer to not play or switch positions when he could do the same here and still be legend? He fails at OSU and we still adore him. He fails at Bama and has made himself a punchline. Plus, in the scenario where he doesnt know if he can go, why would he transfer as this would put extra pressure on himself. I doubt Saban would want the Tebowesque media circus.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

I appreciate you sharing. Sometimes we get biased and pull for our favorites in situations like these. An outsiders perspective is valid.

I have mentioned this before, my father in law is a season ticket holder for SCUM. He seems to agree with your description and he and his MI buddies view the situation this way. Seems like they are saying this -

A) Cardale looks like a QB and maybe plays like a typical QB. He is athletic enough for Urban's offense and stretches the field allowing our RBs to open up. He should start because of his post season success. Plus the offense hit a new gear with him at the helm.

B) JT is a distributor of the football. The best distributor we have. If OSU has all these weapons, JT is the best option to get them the ball. He is accurate, can make plays with his feet and doesnt make as many mistakes.

C) Braxton is a great athlete, but he may be the least QB of the QB bunch. However, he has won OSU a bunch of games and deserves a shot at starting. Is he open to switching positions?

Comment 22 Apr 2015

I dont like it when opinions are downvoted, especially if it is a valid opinion but may differ from the majority.

I only downvote off the wall comments, ganging up for the sake of ganging up, trolling and rudeness.