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Comment 57 minutes ago

Thanks for the info. Ford and Hodges will be players to watch. I believe if OSU can eliminate VT's TEs in the middle of the field and down the seams VT will have a tough time moving in chunks. In order to do so OSU's young DEs will have to cause enough havoc that VT's TE need to stay at home. The VT offense vs the OSU defense is a matchup being severly overlooked and under discussed. If VT shows out on D like last season and OSU's shows out on D like at the end of last season this could be a lower scoring game. I dont think that will happen and the Bucks pull away by 14-17 pts.

Comment 1 hour ago

Great song. I am sure it will get our players equally as pumped up.

Just like the WI "Jump Around". Our players seemed to enjoy the moment.

Comment 2 hours ago

I have enjoyed their comments. They have been classy and respectful. Just because you do not agree with someone's viewpoints doesnt make them wrong. I think they have added to the hype of the game and have provided us a good understanding of our opponent.

Comment 4 hours ago

I agree. I thought the same thing while watching it in context. Both guys will play Monday. My guess is 70/30 in favor of JT.

I would love to see both lined up next to each other with Zeke behind them for an offset snap of some kind.

Comment 5 hours ago

I wish this game was played in Novemeber in MN. I wish these southern teams would venture up north for cold weather game. Nice weather will nullify the home field advantage and TCU will have full access to their playbook. TCU by 14+.

Comment 5 hours ago


Unlike last year, if our QBs have time to throw we should be able to get plenty of short and intermediate openings regardless of how inexperienced our WR are or not. Inexperience comes into play when guys arent finishing their routes or running the wrong routes. I trust the our coaches will not put young WRs in a position to run multiple move routes. 

Comment 24 hours ago

This post actually made me feel more conifident and comfortable about the game. 96th in offense, lost to several teams that would be the BIG equivalent to losing to Rutgers or Maryland. I mean VT lost to some bad teams - Wake, BC, ECU and Miami and Pitt teams that were very blah last season. If we dont turn the ball over and tackle well we should win this game by a few scores.

I have gone from overly confident, to nervous and now appear to be more grounded. I stated it yesterday, OSU shredded Sparty, Wisky, Bama and OR. These were all teams with supposedly superior defenses. MI and PSU were damn good on D too. Our defense on the other hand played well against teams with high octane or at least pretty damn good offenses in Sparty, Wisky, Bama and OR.

More and more thinking last year was a fluke. A wake up call if you will. I think we should be thanking VT for that. Hopefully it wont happen again. To me, the game being week 1 is the only unknown factor, more so than the suspended players.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

I dont think they will every tell us. A). the idea will be picked apart, B). No one will be satisfied with it.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

I did not like Episode 1, but really enjoyed Episode 2. I thought it was actually pretty scary in some parts. I really liked the vacated suit cases left outside the boyfriend's house to show his parent made it home but maybe will never leave again.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

I get what KenYon is saying, although I do not totally agree with him. His point about if VT was playing MINN is valid. I would take MINN in that game if it was played in MINN. I would also take Sparty, Wisky and potentially PSU and Michigan over VT as well.

Week One + offseason slowness = too much worry.

JS3308 - has a great point about timing. If this was right at the end of last season OSU would be 21 point favorites.