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Comment 6 hours ago
I want to add, TWD can go on for 5 more seasons if the story is there. Although, this season it hasnt been yet they decided to stretch the story line and in some instances secondary characters too thin. The result, instead of me geeking out for Sunday nights, now, I just have something to watch on tv.
Comment 6 hours ago
Repeatedly, shows have improved once an end date has been set. Hell, even Breaking Bad somehow managed to get better once the end game was in place. Lost was great, but it stalled out only to improve down the stretch, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, etc all got better once the announcements were made for end dates.
Comment 11 hours ago
Saw online today that show runner Scott Gimble would like the show to run for 20 years and compared it to wanting the longevity of The Simpsons. I think they should do the opposite and put a 2-3 timeframe on the show. I don't need to see Rick's grandkids.
Comment 24 Mar 2017

I think there would still be places left untouched simply due to the risk of taking on an unknown amount of walkers. A majority, however, would have gotten picked over early on when search parties still had ample ammo, weapons and numbers. As Elk's said, anything within a certain radius would be depleted. In our story, we have Alexandria, the Savior compound and associated mini-compounds, the Junkyard gang, Oceanside, the Kingdom, etc. all within a probably 50 mile radius.

I know it doesn't make for good television, but I enjoy the everyday struggles of the characters. I liked the 2 or 3 episode arch when Rick's crew was homeless, traveling and had no food or water. It seemed raw and real. Then, they stumbled upon Aaron and he took them to Alexandria. Now, besides Negan taking from them, they haven't had to worry about these things. This is why I hope they show Rick and Michonne returning with a truck load of that food they found. The show needs these moments to keep it real and to have wins for the characters.

Comment 24 Mar 2017

I think gasoline could be stockpiled by larger factions and I think people would figure out a way to preserve it. Stockpiled would be relative to the situation. Obviously, there shouldnt be too many joy rides. But yes, gasoline and ammo should be pretty dang scarce these days. I literally laugh each time they find random ammo and it just so happens to fit the weapons they have.

Comment 24 Mar 2017

Zombieland taught us about apocalypse conditioning.

I think a bike would be fine to travel short (0-15 mile) distances. You can take it off road and heck you could leave it in the middle of the street in most instances for fast, full-viewed getaways. Worst case scenario, you ditch it and come back later for it should trouble arise.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Simon and I believe his name is Gavin are the two best additions to the cast.

I could be wrong, but Gavin is Simon's counterpart that visits with the Kingdom clan. Where Simon seems to enjoy intimidating, Gavin seems torn by it.

Comment 21 Mar 2017
I really think the cliffhangers are unnecessary at this point and maybe doing more harm than good. I have mentioned it before, but the Glenn dumpster cliffhanger and subsequent shenanigans really tempered my view of this show. I still watch each week, but my enthusiasm hasn't quite recovered.
Comment 20 Mar 2017

I mean, they did wait in that building for like a couple hours. Shit! Scrap the plans, invade the compound by yourself. One women against 50 armed men. Sounds like a dang fine plan. Your life and the lives of your friends apparently isn't worth patience, planning and proper decision making.

Comment 20 Mar 2017

You know it was a let down when Elks' and I initially agree on something about TWD. I tend to be slightly more negative about the show.

A problem that has emerged is the need to give secondary and tertiary characters ample screen time. Eugene, Tara, Rosita, Morgan, etc are all fine characters when playing off the leads - Rick, Maggie, Daryl, Carol. When you give them too much to do, the shows struggles because the writers draw out the season's plot. They are giving them 45 mins of screen time for something that could easily fit into 15.

For example, Rosita and Sasha's sniper perch conversations about all things Abe. That conversation could have been had in route to the building, not take up 8 mins in the building. People can blame Negan, people can blame less zombie action (which there has been zero major zombie action sequences this season), but to me, it is intentional stalling and giving everyone screen time that has bogged down this season. I get that Negan has an extended story in the comics, but for this show, 3 seasons of Negan is not going to work. 3 seasons of stalling to get to the climax is not going to sit well with fans.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

Spielman was actively rooting for Michigan most of the season. Its a conspiracy. Its like Steve Rogers flipping to Hydra. He will take apart OSU from within.

BTW, I put the Spielman comment in italics to show sarcasm even though it seemed he was MI's biggest fan this past season.

Here is what I gather. Zeke is immature; immature with money and fame and needs to grow up quick. No excuse, however, for his behavior. Its harder work than most think to be famous. That limelight gets heavy. 105.7 needs the ratings and is playing on this to do so. Spielman probably shouldn't dig too far into fellow Buckeyes, but seems to be getting egged on. Let's face it, he can be a little too over-opinionated at times. I say that acknowledging he is one of my favorite in-game announcers but on the radio I give him a B.

Comment 13 Mar 2017

I get what you are saying about Morgan. He is a necessary light in an otherwise dark world. However, he is often, quite often in fact, naïve to the world in which he is living.  I also get the show needed something big to push Morgan toward fighting the Saviors  - the kids death. To me, killing Richard for a mistake, albeit a huge mistake with significant ramifications, seemed hypocritical of Morgan and his beliefs. Further, it didn't make much sense with all that is on the line. Instead of helping Richard overcome his issues and his mistake, you take out a second soldier.......the leader of your potential battle crew. No one else in the Kingdom seems battle tested. Lastly, I don't think the punk Savior intended to kill Benjamin. Based on the dialogue of their crew's leader, it seemed like an act of enforcement not of out right murder.

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. Your episodes are drags bro. You used to be cool back in your brief intro in season one, and then again in the 'Clear' episode. Since then, your passive nature drags the show down when the focus is on you.

I get Morgan's anger, but to kill one of your best protectors is insane. He didn't deliberately try to get the kid killed. To do it in front of Negan's men was doubly as foolish. As far as we know, the Kingdom has like 10 warriors, make that 8 now. You just lost your most tactical soldier.