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Comment 22 Apr 2014

I was thinking the same thing. These in-state games can bite us. See Dayton upsetting the basketBucks. We have to show out and put Cincy in their place. 

Comment 22 Apr 2014
For those that criticize the hearsay posts, this past year like all of them have been true - EGW multiple mishaps, Noah Spence, Hyde, Etc. While we need to give these kids the benefit of doubt, please keep in mind sites like this exist to discuss Buckeye football and its players. Some take it too far and convict these young men, but others merely report rumblings from pretty decent sources within their communities. Many have broke news before many Buckeye sites.
Comment 20 Apr 2014
No need to rant, rave or rage, but it has been a disappointing start. We will surge soon enough and then add a few studs prior to NSD.
Comment 18 Apr 2014

It has been slow and frustrating to see us off to a slow start. I guess that is what happens when you recruit studs. Studs have more options, bigger egos, etc. I would love to see us with 10 commitments, but I will be happier when we have 10 of the nation's best commit just before signing day. 

Comment 14 Apr 2014
My grades QB - B+ for Braxton's ability to win games. RB - B for lots of potential but lots of unknowns. WR - C+ as stated by OP TE - B need the ball more to bump up OL - B- for lots of unknowns DL - A LB - B- just because we look better doesn't mean we are yet. CB - incomplete S - B- should be improved but Bell only has one start under his belt.
Comment 13 Apr 2014

I had high hopes for Rod, but have accepted that his OSU career probably topped out 2 seasons ago when he received 5 carries a game behind Hyde. He may have the most potential, but I have a hard time believing he is the best back. He will probably play mop up duty behind EZE, Dunn, Dontre and Samuel. I would like to see him get some run to see if he can break out but time is ticking. 

Comment 11 Apr 2014

The have had the event outside a handful of times, most recently wrestlemania 24 in Orlando, FL. Granted this is a warm weather state. The weather in Ohio could be 70 degrees or 14 degrees in early April. It has rained at multiple wrestlemania's, but I agree, too much of a risk to hold it in a midwest state.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

He hasnt played a snap of his sophomore season, and the team hasnt played an actual down, and you are stating he will transfer. We dont even know who the starters will be for this season yet. Then you associate Mitchell's situation to Johnson's and say it will have an affect on recruiting out of state kids. I dont get any of that.

We have three LB positions wide open right now. Sure, Perry seems like a lock to start, but just three weeks ago most of us here had Johnson taking Perry's place. To me, Johnson has a job for the taking - if he works hard enough and plays well enough. He was in the 2-deep last year before getting hurt.  If he doesnt play this year, he will still have two years of eligibility left and a good chance for playing time.