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Comment 2 hours ago

ECO - I have enjoyed your comments here.

The Strain - I actually think it got better in season 2 and season 3 has been great. They started to tackle the mythology of the show in season 2 with the origin of The Master and have introduced new characters.

Z Nation - I may have stretched the better characters line a bit, but the top 3 characters from Z Nation could hang with the top 3 TWD characters. Z Nation has no Daryl-level character. Warren is a better leader than Rick. Z Nation doesn't do the Big Bads instead focuses on the mission - a cure for the zombie virus in the form of a zombie-human hybrid. It has probably 1/20 the budget of TWD.  Look at it this way. Z Nation is to TWD as Vikings is to GoT.

Comment 3 hours ago

Alternatives to get your zombie/creature fix:

The Strain on FX - unique story about a vampire takeover of Manhattan

Ash vs the Evil Dead on Starz - silly, but fun modern day take on the Evil Dead franchise

Z Nation on SyFy - probably my favorite of the bunch; its SyFy but has some genuinely great zombie action, dare I say a better group of main characters than TWD, and these characters have a cause, good leadership and don't act 100% completely different from episode to episode. Again, its SyFy so don't expect everything to work. Some episodes are great, then others hit you with the silliness that is Sharknado.

Comment 3 hours ago

This show was never on GoT level although occasionally it aspired to be. I feel GoT has 1 or 2 just okay episodes per season and the rest are great, whereas TWD has just 1 or 2 great episodes per season and the others are let downs. Does that make sense? I know crazy things cant happen each episode, but if the writing improved it could take a mediocre episode and turn it into a memorable episode.

I love the The Strain. Others here should check it out. Fun show with a unique spin on the vampire genre.

I agree with your post above. The trivial things they have done with Glen made his death less impactful to me. I almost welcomed his death. Rick decision making should have gotten him killed both by humans and zombies years ago. Remember last season when he went out to face a horde of 5,000 zombies by himself putting others in danger. I care about these characters, but no where near how much I care about characters on GoT. TWD did that to themselves along the way.

Comment 4 hours ago
The performance of the oline was based on 3 factors. 1. The unit played poorly as a group especially in the 4th (performance). 2. Predictable play calling (coaching). 3. Not adjusting to help with keeping an extra TE or Weber near Prince's side to slow down the pass rush (coaching). Things I don't get - get your playmakers the ball. Samuel, Brown, Wilson especially. Install plays specifically for them. Samuel having only 2 carries, coming off back to back games where he also didn't get enough touches is asinine. Like, ridiculous. And it's bullshit we have to hear the same excuses. Samuel was our offense and he was still ignored. It's easy to blame playcalling, but outside of Oklahama, MI, Notre Dame and maybe VT it has been mediocre for 2 seasons. I am not counting MAC schools. What is the common denominator?
Comment 7 hours ago

I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but kudos to the show for finding its balls. I enjoyed the episode although I still hated the finale last season. The show always does premieres well, but then the writing slacks off.

I hope they confine Negan to 1 season. The show is morbid enough without seeing our heroes physically and psychologically tormented week in and week out for seasons. I don't like the idea of having Daryl separated from the group yet again. Heck, he was absent pretty much all last season.

Comment 22 Oct 2016
McSorley throws the ball on a loop 45 yards into the air and we can't knock down a pass. What happened to the team that played at OU? We are turning into last year's team. Playing not to lose, instead of to win.
Comment 22 Oct 2016
Reynolds is Deadpool, but Miller undoubtedly did a fantastic job on a rather small budget (relative to other blockbusters or super hero flicks).
Comment 21 Oct 2016

Unfortunately, we seem to always get burned by TEs, especially in the red zone. Baker and Worley need to be draped on him.

On a side note, how many times will we see RB screens this week? We got beat bad once last week, but stuffed it on WI's second try.

Comment 21 Oct 2016

I like Webb in run support and as a guy who steps up to lay a nice hit from time to time, but he seems lost and gets beat bad once per game. It just so happens when he gets beat they all seem to be for touchdowns. I would like to see E. Smith rotate in for a few series.

Comment 21 Oct 2016

To me, this game has frustration written all over it. The PSU crowd, night game, slow start, poor passing and I think PSU running for 4-5 yards on first down will make this game feel very similar to WI. Plus, the inevitable comparisons to the MI-PSU game we leave us pissed off in the first half.

I want to see the team that came out against OK, not the all-to-familiar team that seems to play down to their competition in games like this.

Comment 21 Oct 2016

Over at the O-zone, there is a Q & A article with a beat writer from Penn State. He believes all three PSU linebackers will play, but are still not at 100%. He also stated this is the healthiest PSU has been all season. It was a nice read.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Based off of last season I think Glenn could take the shots to the head. Get up and walk away unscathed. Hell, he might throw in a wink to audience during the beating.

In all seriousness, it has to be Glenn. The foreshadowing, the escapism, the pictures, the dumpster, the dodging rounds of bullets from Abe's automatic riffle while trapped up against a wall surrounded by zombies, etc. It has to be Glenn right? I can only think the writers saved him from the dumpster to die heroically to save Maggie.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Good catch. Although I think it is more of the commotion caused by the fire than the fire itself.

I do enjoy the show. Heck, I typically watch Talking Dead afterwards, but the show IMO continues to treat its fans as dumb TV watchers who will tune into to watch regardless of the product they put on tv. Without being political, it is the TV equivalent to Trump's comment about shooting someone on 5th avenue and voters still voting for him (please note although I mentioned Trump I did not offer an opinion about him or his party affiliations).

There are literally dozens of these moments each season. Last season just happened to be littered with them. The Glenn situation was like a slap in the face where they undid seasons of rules. This also diminished the zombie threat. I enjoy the zombie threat more so than the human threat. So to basically eliminate the zombie threat (i.e. 500 walkers trapping a small man on the ground and yet he is able to someone manipulate his body to crawl under a dumpster) takes away credibility. Even zombie shows need credibility.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

I think Meyer took the question out of context. To me, the reporter was basically asking why doesn't Dontre get the ball more. He has made plays this season and to me as earned more touches. The other WRs outside of Brown, aren't making plays. Those two non-catches in the end zone were huge. Get Dontre the ball in space.......screens, short routes, etc.

The play calling regarding passing always stumps me. While at FL Meyer utilized a ton of short routes that let his speed players make plays. Here, not so much, while he has recruited basically the same style of athlete. JT the Distributor would benefit from some 4-5-6 yard routes.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

TWD is a top 5 show for its catchy promos. I will give them that.

I haven't read anything mostly because the actors and the directors always give the "its the wildest season yet" or "you wont believe what happens next" comments. Then what happens. Our group of survivors walk into the woods. Acres and acres of woods, miles and miles of woods and just happen to stumble into a ring of cars who turn their lights on street fighter style. Bad, bad, bad writing. Ever walk into the woods. You can hear things for miles and get lost in an instant if you aren't familiar with your surroundings. It would be a 1 and 10,000,000 chance that would happen. Bad, bad, bad. Insultingly bad.

If you want another example, Carol just waking up one day and saying "F it. I killed too many people. I am going to leave the group. Forget my safety. Forget their safety. Who care if I am putting them at risk because they will probably come looking for me". Horrible. They built Carol up as the strongest and best leader for 3 seasons just to throw it away to move the plot forward. Bad, bad, bad.

What can fix the writing? My vote would be thinking ahead of time and remembering how each characters acts and thinks for episode to episode. Or remembering your own established zombie rules and not changing them whenever it benefits a story line - aka Glenn and the dumpster.

Comment 16 Oct 2016
I am still very irritated by the finale last season. So much so that I haven't read a single article or watched any previews. Really jaded by the poor writing and foolishness of the characters, but mostly by the show not paying off the viewers with that crap cliff hanger. Pair that with the Glenn fiasco and my excitement has faded. I will watch because I am a zombie nerd and have invested this much time, but the leash is short.