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Comment 02 May 2016
This season could have several toss up games. Although the schedule looks tough, keep in mind PSU, MSU, WI, MI, IN will all be breaking in new Qbs and plenty of other talent around them. It will come down to are our young guns better than their young guns and which ones develop faster as the season progresses. 3-4 losses seems a bit high. I could see us getting upset by a team like NEB, losing to OK and maybe one of the MI teams, but no way Urban loses 4 games with JT at the helm.
Comment 02 May 2016
So are you saying he did not bring his best last year? Just giving you a hard time. The rhetoric will be the same coming into the Game this year. Like Zeke said, and I am paraphrasing, Harbaugh hasn't earned the right to talk about the rivalry. This could be the year, but I will take JT at home with a BIG 10 title on the line in this one.
Comment 02 May 2016
Whoops, I missed the WI game. Still, on a national level their strength of schedule is one of the easiest. Could not find an article referencing this since I am on my phone, but it is one of the bottom.
Comment 02 May 2016

The thing about Michigan in 2016 is that they and their schedule are fools gold. They will seem legit as they blast through one of the weakest schedules I have ever scene. Side note: I fully acknowledge the OSU 2015 schedule was pretty dang weak. But this MI schedule, is a flat out joke. They are not really tested until MSU and OSU, both road games. So it will seem like their young QB is progressing and their running game is fixed for about 8-9 games.

I am not hating. I also acknowledge that they are a top 15 team, a growing team and one to be dealt with in the next few years. To proclaim they are a top 5 team is a joke. On what grounds? Just because your schedule is weak and you will win plenty of games, doesn't mean that you are one of the five best in college football.

I would place them 4th or 5th in the BIG behind MSU, OSU, NB, WI. If not behind WI and NB, right beside them. To show that I am not just being a homer, I would place the Buckeyes at about 5-6-7 range until I can see how the O-line and the running games works.

Comment 30 Apr 2016
I feel really bad for Powell. I thought he made the right decision with such a young defensive backfield this coming season. Ultimately, it is probably his poor tackling angles that did him in. Good luck to him. Jalin - as others have said, poor decision. However, if his heart isn't in it, it was probably worth the risk to him. I feel he probably overvalued himself and maybe overvalued a team'so need for KR/PR. Let's be honest, he had ball security issues as well. Good luck to him.
Comment 25 Apr 2016
To avoid getting stabbed 97 times, how come Jon Snow didn't just hide underneath a Castle Black dumpster? In all seriousness, what is the latest behind the scenes thoughts on Dontre Wilson's foot?
Comment 22 Apr 2016

I loved the time jump as Ragnar's sons play a vital role in Viking history. Very interested in how the 2nd half of the season plays out with the King returning. Although he looked like a beggar, he appeared strong, clear eye and focused. I did read an interview with the director that stated they will tackle some of the unresolved issues in the back half of the season.

Interesting Viking fact - Bjorn is not Lagatha's son, he is actually Aslaug's.

Comment 21 Apr 2016
Some of the comments on this thread are gross. No down votes from me, but I hate seeing people play arm chair GM with college kids. I think we need to look at the bright side of this delemna. Sure schollies might be tight, but look at all the young and maturing talent we will have. In 2017, we will have a team full of juniors and RS sophomores chomping at the bit to play. Not every kid contributes early and at a place like OSU some of these kids are simply stuck behind great talent. For example, Paris Campbell and Terry McC. These guys look great, if not solid contributors. Being stuck behind Marshall, Thomas, Miller and CSam is not a bad thing. Those guys are all potential Sunday players.
Comment 11 Apr 2016
I tend to side with your opinion. I would love not to be 38 and still owe money toward my student loans. I would love all the exposure, connections and future business potential. I would love their experiences, their travels, bowl swag bags and their access to the best these universities have to offer. Don't get me wrong. I loved my college experience from my shithole apartment and $100 a week to live on, while eating crappy cafeteria food. I do get Cardale's points, but to me the scale tilts toward the opinion that they receive ample benefits on top of a free education.
Comment 11 Apr 2016
I am interested to hear opinions on this. I don't know anyone that has seen it so far.
Comment 05 Apr 2016
If they just didn't do it with the Dumpstergate 6 episodes ago I don't think it would be such a big deal. Now it just seems like they are being clever for sake of being clever.
Comment 05 Apr 2016
Doc - I heard this yesterday. Does make a strong case for Glenn. Although the distorted nature can be manipulated to think it could be anyone.
Comment 05 Apr 2016

One more thing. The way it all went down. Rick and his group look like the bag guys. So they kind of deserve the situation they put themselves in.

I will say that from a filming standpoint the final scene was great and acting was well done by Rick's crew as well as Jeffrey Dean Morris. My beef is with the shaky writing and poor characterization just to set up Negan. You know, like thousands and thousands of acres of woods and Rick's crew happens to wonder into a trap like that. Poor writing.

Comment 05 Apr 2016

Honest question. Why do you believe that was the best episode the show has ever done? Take away the final 15 minutes and IMO you are left with a mediocre-filler episode. Probably, one of the worst of the season. Its hard to pick just one since the last 3 have been subpar. I enjoyed Rick being outsmarted, but at the same time, I didn't enjoy Rick and gang being written as idiots the last 3 episodes. Daryl was so dumbed down. I didn't enjoy Carol going from badass to waking up and deciding I want to leave to keep me from killing again. Remember, the entire last few episodes were in a 2 or 3 day bubble.

IMO, they have to break free from the comic books. TV allows for in-depth characterization and story telling. Comics do not. Sticking with the source material is wrecking this show.

Someone put it very well in the other forum post on TWD. If you want to reward your fans and knock an episode out of the park go view the Red Wedding episode of Game of Thrones. That was an iconic moment brought to life. If you want to botch potentially your biggest moment, watch TWD Negan introduction.

This show has potential to be so good. Outside of 3 or 4 episodes a season, the writers simply do not know what to do with themselves. Again, because they lead up to comic book moments instead of letting the show create its own organic moments. 6 plus episodes. 6 plus weeks of reading actor comments about how "this moment is awesome", "I almost puked while reading the script", "The finale will deliver an unbelievable moment". Instead, we have to wait 6 months. Way to take away all the tension and all the build up and sacrifice 6 seasons for another cartoon villain.

Comment 04 Apr 2016

Broward - people are pissed about the cliffhanger, not because it was a cliffhanger, but because the show is steadily feeding the audience a dose of stupidity and constantly playing lame ass tricks to seem clever. They got called out for it during the Talking Dead. The twitter feed must have been blasting them pretty hard because they kept showing lame viewer videos. No questions from the audience.

In addition to this, all of the pre-finale interviews promised this and promised that.

Comment 04 Apr 2016

If you think Rick is dead then you shouldn't be allowed to post here about the show. Even if their was a small chance it was, you should have paid attention to what Negan was saying. "If he moves (meaning Rick), feed his kids other eye to him". Translation - while Negan is beating someone to death, if Rick makes a move, kill his son.

"Dang, taking it like a champ." - to me it screams Abraham. He ripped on Abraham's facial hair, Abraham looks the strongest and Abraham kept posturing up during Negan's speech. Plus, in the shape they were in Abraham would be the only one strong enough to take a ball bat to the head.

Comment 03 Apr 2016
Exactly. The last 3 weeks "our" best made rookie, uncharacteristic mistakes just to get us to the point of meeting Negan. To me, it backfired because now I think they deserve their fate based on stupidity and hubris. You don't sellout your main characters just to meet the agenda of the source material.