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Comment 17 hours ago

Last are right. Cracked me up. So did the one with the dreads coming out random spots in his face. 

Comment 17 hours ago

No worries Bucks.

My point being Samual still has some question marks even though he looked good this season. It is important we land Weber, increasingly so if Dunn does indeed leave. 

Cant fault Weber for meeting with Harbaugh. Home town pull is strong. 

Comment 17 hours ago

We still do not know if Samual is a capable every down back. He has loads of potential, but may be undersized to be an every down back. 

Regarding depth, if Dunn leaves for YSU I would lean toward MI having more depth at this position.

Comment 23 hours ago

I have become a fan of boxing recently and box myself a few times per week. I hate watching Floyd fight. I get boxing isnt all about throwing haymakers, its about moving, countering, etc. All that being said, Floyd fights are pretty boring as he does his best not to engage. I much prefer watching the no-name, up-and-comers that are hungry than some of these top guys.

I was excited to see boxing coming back to prime time. Then I read the details. Very disappointed.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Is anyone concerned about Dixon's leg issues? First thing I thought of when he decided to shut it down for the season was "man I hope this isnt one of those lingering issues that leads to a young man taking a medical hardship down the road". Way too talented to not make an impact here in Cbus.

I am going to pick a few guys that saw limited action this past year.

O: Am I allowed to say Dontre Wilson? He missed half of last season. With Marshall's success I am thinking one of these two players will play more outside next season. I think he breaks out a bit next season perhaps hitting the end zone in a variety of ways - KR, WR, H-back, etc.

D: D. Munger. Someone needs to step in for Bennett or fill Washington's slot if he moved down the line.

Comment 24 Jan 2015
I was there. I heard a low chant but nothing crazy. Honestly sounded just like a few guys in my section. Cardale, Zeke, and Urban got rockstar reactions. Pres Drake received a good deal of boos.
Comment 24 Jan 2015

We will need two of these young men to contribute next season. My money is on Barrett or Cardale. I am leaning toward Barrett due to purchasing his jersey. 

Braxton will play a brand new position I have coined as the "all types of ill shit" position. Some H, some slot, some KR, some QB, and hell, some TE. 

In one of the many videos shown today I was impressed with a clip of JT commanding the troops in the locker room. 

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Count me a little worried about rb depth. Zeke is a stud, Samual has lots of potential. However, if zeke would go down we should remember Samual is still learning the position. Of course, bringing in Weber helps. Maybe we will see Urban swoop in and grab another rb since a few spots have opened up. Drawbacks to great recruiting is getting recruited over. 

If true, smart move by Dunn. Instant PT. 

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Imagine Braxton catching a pass in space with a DB or LB 5 yards away from him. This would be too easy for him to make a move, instead of having to make 2 moves in order just to get to this point to make your big move.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Can he catch? Can he run? Can he dunk a basketball with a defender within 18 feet of him, and finally, is he more aggressive than cuddly puppy? If the answer to atleast one of these questions is yes we will be in better shape.

I am impressed with his motor, ability to slide over on D and his shot block timing. If he develop a few post moves and take the ball up strong he can contribute.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

The NCG game has come and gone, coaches are receiving there well-earned bonuses and we Buckeye fans are anxiously awaiting the NCG celebration in the Shoe, National Signing Day and the start of Spring practices.

I posted this topic just before the NCG and wanted to revisit it now that season is complete.

Our defense improved greatly down the stretch. I think a lot of it has to do with maturity, confidence and progression, but I also feel an unspoken point is that as our competition improved so did we. Do we play down to our weekly BIG competition at times? Probably!!

The best thing about our D was the fact that they seemed to play as one unit.

Fickell - B+ - swallowed his pride, accepted help, linebacker play greatly improved; team played together; run D was disappointing at times up to and including the MI game; BIG had great backs this season.           

Ash - B+ - pass D was light years ahead of last season; team played together; still wondering who was actually the calling the plays on D.

Larry Johnson - B+ - D line, in my opinion, was somewhat disappointing throughout a heavy portion of the season, but they dominated WI, stiffled Bama, and took away Oregon's confidence.

Coach Red Bull - A- - special teams, especially kick coverage, was excellent this season. Punter was outstanding. No blocked kicks this year was disappointing as was no kick returns for a TD. Have to wonder if Marshall and his shaky punt fielding will be back there next season.

Apple - grew and has the makings of a great OSU corner; Bell - did what we all thought he could do; Grant - played well and shut down big time receivers when we needed him the most; Powell - has a ways to go, but is steadily showing minor improvements; Perry - no big plays, but a steady tackling machine; Lee - super impressed; C. Grant - did it finally click down the stretch, showed up big in the last 3 games; D-line - all these guys showed out at various points during the season. What started as all hype turned into living nearly up to the hype.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

I would like to state kudos to Fickell. I was probably one of theTop 20 most critical 11W members of Fickell the last few seasons. I was never wanting his job, but I did want him demoted. He did an excellent job recruiting these young linebackers and coaching them up. His best coaching performance to date in my opinion. Something else he was able to do, behind the scenes, he was able to swallow his pride and accept help. He, Ash and Combs did wonders this year, especially as the season progressed.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

No shit!  124 tackles. A very silent yet steady season. Besides the obvious impact that the numbers say, Perry had a pretty good, yet unspectacular season. He was in or around a lot of stops but unlike Lee, he wasnt the guy making the big play. He was just there. I am fine with that.

Very little teams have 3 stud linebackers. Next year we can see Lee really really breakout (at a Big 10 and possibly a National leve), Raekwon growing up and Perry racking up the tackles. Success on the field will lead to guys leaving early. All this young talent behind them is amazing. Someone said early, LB went from rags to riches in one season.

Comment 21 Jan 2015
Maiava held down a LB spot on my Madden franchise for years. Never a superstar, but a consistent starter and sure fire tackler. #fakefootball
Comment 21 Jan 2015

Not a Patriots fan here, but who cares. This game was a blowout. The Patriots controlled every aspect of this game. There are hundreds of NFL staffing personnel at these games. It seems to me that one of these people should do their job correctly so incidents like these can be dealt with in-game. For example, basketball officials are seen checking the ball regularly throughout the game. If I am not mistaken, doesnt a football official touch the ball after each play? Isn't there an official on the sideline that ushers in new balls?

Comment 18 Jan 2015

I want Gibson pretty bad. He is an electric playmaker, no matter at what position he ends up. That being said, he is the ultimate luxury. He is like the Porshe of this class. If I get an opportunity to roll around in a Porshe for a few years that is fantastic. If not I am fine with one of the other Mustangs waiting in the parking lot. 

Comment 16 Jan 2015
It will be closer than expected. On the road, a probable night game against a good defense. Hopefully we jump on the new season like we ended this one.
Comment 15 Jan 2015

No way Thomas should go pro. He had 3-4 really good plays this season, was pretty reliable, but the big day consistency was not there. He would benefit from more college football.