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Comment 30 Jul 2015

I agree. Air it out in one day. Kinda odd to me that it was all starters that were in trouble.

Comment 28 Jul 2015
Is the same rumor that was circulated here two weeks or so ago? So it sounds like all our best players got together and decided to all get stoned. That doesn't make sense. Boss is a top draft pick, that would be dumb. Marshall is a starter and this is probably C. Smith's last chance to make a dent in his football career. Kids are really dumb but this would be two steps dumber than dumb. If same rumor you would have think the truth would have came out by now.
Comment 24 Jul 2015
Stating Brax will be or can be a new deep threat is jumping the gun. Can he catch is step 1. Can he catch on the run step 2. Can he catch with a defender draped all over him. Let's start at one and work our way up.
Comment 23 Jul 2015

The American Flag scene just before the opening credits is now a classic tv moment. Well done, in a poorly done campy kinda way. The baby scene at the end - trainwreck. I enjoyed the movie. It was fun. Cant wait for the spin off Sharkacane.

Comment 21 Jul 2015
Keep in mind this is our first game of the season. We didn't evolve into a championship team until later in the season. Yes, we should have a leg up this year and we know we have Zeke to lean on, but this game will be a stiff challenge. OSU may not be the buzz saw they are projected to be in game one so I am projecting OSU by 10. OSU moves the ball, racks up the yardage, but stumbles in the red zone a few times leaving pts on the board.
Comment 20 Jul 2015
I would rather see TP catching the ball with 2 hands.
Comment 20 Jul 2015
I saw it. Besides Marcus Crosswords running about 60 minutes behind due to a power outage and poor customer service, the movie was fun. I will give it a solid B. Rudd was great, Pena was funny and Lilly was a treat. Starts a little slow, but all projects need character development. I will rank it behind Avengers, Capt America and Guardians and the first Iron Man. But ahead of the other adaptations.
Comment 19 Jul 2015
I am waiting for Ant Man to start right now. Due to power outage movie is running behind.
Comment 18 Jul 2015
Problems occur when we leave. Med sized cage toast, now small cage toast, thinking about going to the 7x7 kennel since it is free. Have tried doggy daycare, he loved it and did well. Cost becomes an issue.
Comment 18 Jul 2015
Cardale, but I would roll JT. I think one of these guys win and Braxton gets about 10-12 snaps a game. One guys gets 3rd string. That is the shame of this situation. From star to bench. From a top college athlete to getting no minutes. Shame.
Comment 18 Jul 2015
Thanks for the advice. I appreciate the tips. Lifestyle is not an issue. My wife is off on workman's comp and has been home since we got him. We have been dog owners since college - 15 years. Everything else with the puppy is gravy, just the cage time. His name is Thor, we have been calling him Thordini.
Comment 18 Jul 2015
We have thought of using Benedryl or some form of anxiety prescription. I don't have a problem with medicating him for the long durations but would hate to when putting him in his cage just so we can go to dinner.
Comment 18 Jul 2015
He is still being leash trained, but the kids play with him. Problem is those early mornings when getting him out is hard because we have to get out of the house early. Some times he does good, then out of no where bang. My wife and I are starting to have issues with wanting to leave him. I do have access to a 7 x 7 kennel (chain link) that I may take down and reassemble in our basement.