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Comment 27 Jul 2016

OSU-James Cancer Hospital has an excellent blood cancer doctors/program. No need to travel to Cleveland if they are local to Cbus.

Comment 20 Jul 2016

I think one thing that hurts this year's team, and the OP referenced it, is that we have an unknown ground game. We don't have Hyde and we don't have Zeke. We could count on them to make plays, for consistency and more importantly we knew we could get those third and shorts to keep the chains moving. This is amplified with changes on the Oline. I do get a little worried we are setting Weber up to fail, at least in our minds. As a RS Freshman we should be happy with 500 yards and a few tds. However, he will probably need to be near 900 yards for us to have a great season (i.e. 10 wins).

We do have JT and I believe JT is in for a special season. With Dunn being done, if we can get Samuel or Dontre to each contribute to the ground game, we can make up for the lack of a mature, big time back. Some of the receivers will step up and have good seasons, maybe not great, but solid seasons. Because of these factors, I am optimistic that we will be in the running for the Big 10 championship.

Comment 15 Jul 2016

I was putting Sparty and Iowa above MI right now, not necessarily where they will end up. Sparty has cultivated a culture of winning and Iowa is a team on the rise and has a good bit of returning players from their successful season last year.....granted they are still Iowa.

Comment 15 Jul 2016

I always comment on MI threads. If you recall, my wife's family are all MI fans so I pay attention to MI probably more than the average Buckeye.

Michigan is experiencing some growth, but lets not forget this is only Harbaugh's second year and the first year with any of his recruits. If he has to play more than 1 or 2 freshman (outside of special teams) it will speak volumes to the overall talent and depth of this team. Outside of some national love, I think they deserve to be ranked 10-15 and behind OSU, Sparty and Iowa in the Big 10. Not saying they wont finish better than some of those teams, but to start that is where I would put them. They are more WI and Iowa right now than they are OSU and Sparty. That is just my opinion. The wife's family gets highly offended when I say that, but its true.

They have questions at QB, can only run the ball against lower level BIG teams, have some turnover on the Oline and have questions at LB. Their secondary is very good, Dline good and WR have experience, but do not necessarily wow you.

Sure they have momentum off the bowl win and a pretty dang good recruiting class, but lets not forget they played FL and FL had no offense whatsoever. The last time their highly ranked defense played someone with speed and talent it got absolutely torched by OSU in the Big House. They couldn't stop anything and we ran it right down their throats.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Lets slide Hyde into the FLEX position. He was a beast his final 2 seasons. Spoiled is right.

Lets slide Brax into All-Purpose position because I am taking JT as the starting QB. Tough call here since Brax didn't fit the parameters and was a straight baller. He needed to be on this list somewhere.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

I agree, but I did say maybe he reported it elsewhere and those individuals swept it under the rug. That was a huge part of this case. People knowing, important people knowing, but not responding. When push comes to shove, it will come out that he probably should have done more.

Another thing here, and this is weird to type, but how do we know the parties weren't of age and consenting in this particular case?  Sandusky probably took advantage of minors, but also of age young men, recruits and possibly players.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

These documents were seen in the court case and probably the university review correct? They are just now released to the public? If that is true, it is entirely possible that Schiano was interviewed/questioned already in the investigation. No charges were brought against him. The same goes for Bradley. If they did something inappropriate you would think that something would have came from it years ago during the trial.

While this is extremely gross, it doesn't sound like Schiano did anything wrong. He reported the issue. Plus, this was a different time. Who knows, he could have reported it to the Coach, the University President and to the police chief and all of them swept in under the rug. If you recall, that was a big part of the issue was everyone knowing but doing nothing. Whistleblowing is extremely difficult, even in cases when personal harm is done to another human being. Plus, consider his age at the time.

Not sticking up for Schiano here. Really, I am not trying to at all. I know he is our coach, but he hasn't coached a single down. My loyalty is to the program but we need to not crucify the man when so little details are out about something that happened long ago especially considering Schiano wasn't charged and appears to have done nothing wrong himself. I hope the facts play in his favor. I will hold my criticism until then.

Comment 08 Jul 2016
As others have added, too many lane cloggers. It is pretty much the direct opposite of what Lue is attempting to do. If he wanted 2 bigs Mozgof would have been adequate and much cheaper. On paper it looks nice. LeBron will eventually have to turn into a midrange jumpshooter or develop a post game as he ages. It's odd that he doesn't post now. When he slows, then a move like this makes sense. Love was great down the stretch and pretty consistent in the playoffs minus GSW. Let it ride. Add another big body and possible an athletic wing.
Comment 08 Jul 2016

The finale was a little boring, but the penultimate episode was one of its best.

I really liked the Caputo storyline this season, along with the guards.